Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I woke up at 7 because I had to pee. I decided to get up and shower before Ella woke up.  She didn't get up until a little after 8. It was nice to get my weekly photo taken before she woke up.

I went and got bagels. We had bagels, cream cheese, and bacon for breakfast. It was closer to 10 AM.

We hung out in bed and I actually fell asleep using my computer. But Ella was jumping all over me so it didn't last.

I gave Ella a bath. That got her in the mood for a pool and she started talking about going into the pool with her friends.  The bath sure made her run around like a nut.  By this point it was 2 PM!
Baby room progress

Ella and I have headbands

 Trip to Michael's for canvases and craft supplies for some crafting meetups.

 I created a collage to advertise a 5 day challenge group!

 Ella is just so stinking cute pretending to be on the phone.


  1. Weird seeing a day without Miles now. Doesn't life seem so much easier looking back? Haha

    1. So much easier. Like it was all fun and games back then.

    2. I have 111 draft posts so I need to get pics added to some old posts. Since I didn't want to type and wake dave up last night I just inserted pics on another old post too.

    3. I often wonder what I used to do back when it was just one kid, because I remember feeling so busy but I was definitely not!