Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I slept until 8:30. I was so exhausted. Ella woke up at 9:20 and I was still lounging in bed trying to do stuff on my laptop.

I emptied garbages. I unpacked boxes 84 and 100. Too bad I've lost my list of what is unpacked and not. I did laundry.  Ella mainly colored and drew. She did get in my way a good bit though. Dave played his game.  This was all done by 10:30 (except laundry hadn't finished).

We went out to lunch then the grocery store. Ella was not cooperating. She was yelling a lot. I told Dave this is what I deal with when I try to go.

We got home and I put away laundry. I did a few things since she didn't want to go for a ride. Then we went for our ride. Ella liked the hills and kept asking to go on one more hill. She liked the steep hills. She talked about going up and down them. Finally she fell asleep when I left the hills and that was at 3:40.

Dave and I did a few productive things. I did a few productive things on my computer (like sending out our address to the people coming over for bootcamp).  Then we went into the pool. It was very different to be able to swim and not have to hold Ella. I didn't really swim but used a pool noodle to swim the lazy way. After Ella was asleep 90 minutes I went in and woke her up asking if she wanted to go swimming. She did. But once outside you could tell she was still waking up. It took her awhile before she wanted to go into the pool. Then she likes the hot tub better. She likes the little pool. The temperature is the same since it's not heated and we didn't turn on the jets.  She then got brave enough to jump in while holding both my hands. Well that was a lot of twisting because she jumps far so I ended up hurting my back. :(   Overall Dave and I were in the pool 75 minutes.  Ella sat by the pool awhile so was probably only in the pool a half hour.

We showered then started cooking dinner. By the time dinner was over, it was 8:45.  Dave cooked but I was in the kitchen the entire time cleaning up, doing dishes, putting away dishes.  He made meatloaf and mashed red potatoes. Well I did clean and cut the potatoes.  This was the first time I ever tolerated more than 2 bites of meatloaf and I went back for seconds then went back for thirds. I ate so much I could barely move after though.

Then we hung out in bed a bit. I used the heating pad on my back. Ella wanted to wear my ring so I found another ring for her that was not my wedding ring.  Then discovered my necklaces from my jewelry box were all tangled. Those took awhile to take care of.

We didn't tuck Ella into bed until 10:50.  She ran out once but stayed after the 2nd tuck. I tucked her into the rocking chair! She seems to want to sleep in a variety of places. It just depends on the night.

I planned my bootcamp for 6.1 then went to sleep. It surprisingly took longer to plan than anticipated. I wanted some of the same stuff and some new stuff then it was too long so narrowing it down took awhile!

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