Friday, June 2, 2017


I actually got a decent amount of sleep. Miles was up close to 5 and actually just ate and went back to sleep.  Then he slept until almost 8. That was wonderful. I slept over 7 hours!

We lounged around at home all day.

Miles had some long naps. I guess he was making up for during the day on Friday.

We took 3 month photos for Miles but they weren't very good. So we took round 2 after his next nap.

Miles was even pretty pleasant at night when he was up later than normal.

Miles woke back up and before I knew it, Ella was climbing into his crib to join him before I got in there.   At least he went back to sleep after a little nursing.

Everyone was in bed by a little after 10 and then I had to get to finish planning and prepping for the meetup. I don't know how I end up taking so much stuff.  We had to move the party twice due to rain and all of the set-up and clean-up volunteers are no longer going and the other event host also can't make it. This is sure gonna suck.

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