Thursday, June 29, 2017


Ella put bandaids on the floor
I slept until almost 8. It was great. I did wake up a couple times starting at 6 but went back to sleep.  Ella woke up a few minutes later. She was so happy when she woke up. She came in telling us something and we couldn't understand what. I thought it was "time clock" and Dave thought it was "tunnel clock" and since we didn't understand her she took my hand and said "I'll show you." She led me to her room and pointed to a sticker of Donald Duck and then said it again and I felt like she was saying it the same but I knew what she was saying this time.
Everything was so slow in the morning. She was just slow at everything or didn't want to do it. Dave put air in his tires and was yelling at her because she wanted to help.

We didn't leave until almost 11 AM. I had to get some stuff ready for the post office. We were going to go to the park. I asked Ella if she wanted me to invite her friends. She informs me she was going to make new friends at the park.  But then she was bad and mean to Poly a few times and not listening so no park for her.  We still did other fun stuff.

We went to the Post Office. Then we got Dave and went to lunch.  After lunch, we went to Mountain View Dollar Tree. It wasn't as good as Sunnyvale and didn't have what we wanted. I let Ella take in her own cart that she had us put in the back of the car.  So we got to the Dollar Tree and I told her we were going to go into the back of the car to go potty then go into the store.  She tried to cut out a step and just peed right there in her carseat. I walked around the car and got to her and she said she already peed. I think she thought she was cutting out a step. But then I had to change her so it was actually longer.

Ella kept saying "I buy this." and putting stuff in her cart.  I asked her how much she brought to buy all the stuff. She said, "I left my money at home."

After the Dollar Tree, we went to Target. We got some hair clips and some rings. Ella has been wanting rings. Rings are hard to come by. I bought an 8 pack (I think) for $15. That was the best deal.  We also bought lollipops.

Ella fell asleep on the way home. I did have to drive a little extra.

I transferred her to her bed and got down to business. I barely had an hour before people started showing up. I put in the gate so Ella could wake up and find us but then at 4:30 decided to wake her.

After Ella was done being groggy she had fun with her friends.  Then 4 of us had a planning meeting for the carnival and the kids were a bit nuts.

The meetup was scheduled 4-5:30 for Toddler Pictionary. The time flew. At 5:50 I was trying to put stuff away since I had chairs, tables, an easel, paper towels, garbage can, and probably more outside. I got a comment about putting the easel away because they still wanted to play again even though it was about an hour of not playing it and just playing on the swing set.   So our meeting was started late and it went only a little late.   We moved inside since it got chilly so the living room got messy too.  Fun times!

We ate dinner as soon as people left. I had put a frozen lasagna in the oven.

Once dinner was done, I started using my computer to update carnival notes, do carnival action items, do other meetup action items, plan other meetup events. Before I knew it, it was 1 AM.  Ella was up until 10:30 but she was mostly good and I worked with her climbing all over me. She only left her room 3 times after being tucked in. The first time she wanted milk. The second time she wanted to go potty. The third time was for no good reason and Dave sent her back to her room.  I tucked her into her toy house twice. I wonder if that's where she slept.

I ended up staying up past 2 am!    

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