Thursday, June 29, 2017


We went to the beach and had an afternoon smoothie making meetup. It was an exhausting day.

Ella slept in a little. We left a little late for our day.   We left around 9:20 and drove Dave to work.  I didn't get that far though. Traffic was awful. He got out and walked the rest of the way.   I picked up Maie and Susu and then we headed to the beach.

We carpooled. We hit a bunch of traffic.  We saw a helicopter. Then later saw it again and saw a guy getting out of it as it was hovering. Too bad I had to keep driving and couldn't see what would happen next.  We had checked meetup and saw to take an exit and we happened to be right there at it. I was glad I was able to take it. I wish I could have stopped the car to see what was happening with the helicopter. I did try to google after but failed.
Ella slept in her chair

So much stuff for the beach

Ella and Logan

I had another mom take some pictures. I was in them. YAY proof I was there. Also they were better than the ones I took while holding Ella's hand.  (Thanks Laura)

Napping on the drive home.

Then it was time for the smoothie meetup. I had various fruit, water, juice, and ice. Then Divya brought some other things to add to smoothies too. We had so many options and so few people!

The kids loved them. We also used some dixie cups to share each others creations.  It was a good time.

 Look a picture of me taking a picture :)

 I used a timer to show how big my baby bump is!
 Uh oh. I didn't put sun screen on my back well enough (or at all).

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