Friday, June 30, 2017


I was so tired so I tried to put Miles in the middle of the bed and let me sleep a little. Miles didn't tolerate it long but I still try all the time.

Every time he sees me taking his picture, he starts to crawl to me.

I stood on a chair to take pictures of the mommy bird feeding her baby birds.

I heard Miles struggling and then I look over and see him like this. I left him on the other side of the chair on the rug.  I guess he can move if he wants to.

Here's a better picture that shows where he got to.

Not only does Ella love her new petticoat but she likes to wear multiple dresses and multiple tops over it.

Here are some pictures of the nest by our front door.

I put Miles in the den when Dave was in there. He liked all the toys in the pack n play.
I got a pic of Ella during quiet time. She stayed in her room and the little bit of quiet time helped.

My parents went to Ikea for us to buy the dresser we wanted to save us time. Then my dad and Dave started putting it together. They didn't finish so that my parents could be home to watch the Penguins game. They still left later than my mom thought they'd leave. I think they missed some of the game.

Miles loves food.
Ella was a helper while they put it together.

The drawers weren't done but it looked more like a dresser. They did mess up on all the 4 little drawers and installed some things backwards and then had to use a drill to make new holes. (You can tell. The drawers don't work so well.)

Once they left I got Miles to sleep.
I didn't take pictures after this screen shot but I know I was up late with Ella and when I got Ella to take off her dresses, she just wanted to wear more dresses.

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