Thursday, June 22, 2017

Father's Day interview.

I gave Ella a little interview to give Dave for Father's Day.  I gave it to him but might as well post it here too.

All About Dad
By Ella
Age 3
Year 2017

My dad’s name is ___ : Dave
My dad is ___ years old : 4
My dad has ___ hair and ___ eyes. Black, black
And is favorite treat is ____ : broccoli (followed by laughter), doritos

My dad’s favorite color is : red
My dad likes to wear : red shirt
My dad laughs when : being silly
My dad is happy when  “I don’t know. In 2 years”
I asked her "When is daddy happy" and she answers "I don't know. In 2 years"
My dad gets mad when “In 2 years” (I think she said in 2 years again since I got such a kick out of it on the previous question.)
My dad likes to watch on TV (turns and points at the TV says “THAT”  -- MSNBC is on) Mommy: Daddy likes to watch politics - Ella: Yea. Daddy likes to watch politics.

My favorite thing to do with my dad is:  “nothing” (Dave said this is true. They sit there and do nothing together.) I'll note he had a red shirt on last time she saw him.

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