Thursday, July 6, 2017


It was the best night's sleep yet.   Ella even slept in until 9 so I got to sleep the last stretch Miles slept too.

From the time I got up I started getting ready to go to the Fall Social and we were still late. It started at 10:30.

Miles fell asleep on the way there and slept the entire time. Ella had a blast. I took a ton of pictures.

Ella closed her arm in the car door so then she was crying over everything for the next hour.

Miles and Ella both napped at the same time. Miles was up a little and then back to sleep.

I can't believe how much Miles slept today. Of course he's easier a day Dave is home. A day he's not home, Ella is always around me and somehow his naps are only 10 minutes long.

---That's what I wrote on the 22nd!

Ella the photo bomber
 Miles in his skeleton footie PJs.

I can't believe how high up the branch was in the tree.

There were over 20 kids at the event. It was a fun time in costumes and they got treats of some sort.  I'm glad I made Dave go. It was easier.  Miles was so good though so it was easy for me.

Ella made a friend. She loved playing with Paige.

It's hard to get a picture of Miles showing off all the bones so I just took a lot.

Ella in her cute nightgown.
Ella got a present!  Miles got a little one too.

Ella tried out Miles's new teether to see how good it was. :)

It seems we got some packages.
My phone got full!!!

My photo booth stand arrived!!!

I was testing it out!

Look at the big group at the meetup.

Apparently I already posted this day. Here is the old post.

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