Thursday, July 20, 2017


I have to get my act together. This was in draft and I didn't realize and I posted a brief summary of the day already. I'll leave you with the details here and click the link for some pictures.

For the first time in the middle of the night Miles was up for a long time. He just didn't quickly eat and go back to sleep. It took over an hour to get him down. Then I had to go pump a little because he didn't nurse on the 2nd side.  I was up so long because being up that long make it hard to go to sleep.

Then around 8:30, Ella was waking me up. Dave told her not to wake me but she kept talking to me. I shockingly went back to sleep a few times once she'd leave me alone for a second.

Dave got her ready and left. Shortly after Miles woke up. He nursed and went back to sleep. During that 20 additional minutes, I got dressed to go to PT. I knew I had to get dressed early. I try to start getting ready 2 hours early now to make sure I'm ready.

I managed to also get laundry in, make a shopping list, and eat some carrots before we headed to PT.  I also weighed and measured Miles. He's 13 lb 9.5 oz and 24.5 inches long.

I got there at 11:41 for my 11:45 appointment. Yay for not being late.  Miles was restless right away in his stroller.  I took him out to hold him until they called me back.   I didn't get called back until after 12.  I had to wait for an available room.   They start with the ultrasound. Then I had to wait more for the therapist to come in and do the tissue massage.  While waiting, Miles was too restless and I started to nurse.  Then she came in. She loved how he was staring at me and smiling at me. He was almost asleep so we took a little break so I could finish nursing before starting my exercises. Of course he woke up while I was transferring him.  Then we attempted to do my exercises but he cried if the stroller wasn't moving. The therapist was showing me new ones on the ground and trying to move the stroller at the same time. I got them to email me the exercises so I remember them. I go once a week so will probably get new ones each time.  A mom of a kid getting therapy offered to push around the stroller. That helped and he fell asleep after a couple min. Then he just chilled there while I finished up.  Then he continued to sleep while I got e-stim for 15 minutes. He was still asleep so I went right to safeway.

Sadly he only stayed asleep for 10 minutes in the store. He was awake and quiet at first and then was not happy at all.  He was in a stroller with the carrier. I was holding bags of groceries and putting heavy stuff in the bottom of the stroller. I can carry a lot but then it hurts. I can definitely buy more this way than if I'd put his carseat in the main part of the cart like some people do. It just looks funny and is too much weight for my knee. I didn't buy snacks or go into the frozen aisle because I knew I couldn't carry all that too.  I cannot wait until Miles is big enough to sit in the cart. I remember that made everything so much easier once Ella got to that age.

It was 2 PM by the time I got home. Miles was crying. I carried groceries in while holding him and put away the food that had to go in the refrigerator. I left all the rest out.  Then I changed his diaper and nursed him. I thought he'd go to sleep right away. I was mistaken. He did a lot of crying and not a lot of sleeping and I was in his room with him for 2 hours like this. I was starving. I grabbed 2 cookies after I got home from the store but cookies and carrots are not enough food.

Then I took him and put the clothes from the washer to the dryer. I put away the rest of the groceries. I started cleaning up the kitchen a little. Sarah dropped off food a little after 4:30. We talked a little.

Miles had a blowout so when I changed his clothes, I put him in 6 month pants and a 6 month onesie.  They fit him so much nicer.

Then I went to get Ella.  Ella fell at school and cut her chin so they told me earlier. But I knew she had a scab on her chin that bleeds easily so I wondered if that was what it was. (Later I looked and looked and think she didn't cut herself falling but just made the old scab bleed.)  The kids were excited to see Miles. When we were leaving a dad was holding his daughter and she pointed out Miles to him on a picture on the wall. Then they notice actual Miles there and get excited.

We got home and Ella wanted her Halloween candy. I let her have a lollipop and was going to go nurse Miles. He didn't seem in dire need when we walked back so I went and got the laundry from the dryer.  I only got a little folded before he was whining but I managed to do it all. Then I was putting it away. As I was in Miles's room putting his away, I hear him start to frantically cry. I rush in and Ella is up beside him trying to jam a pacifier into his mouth.  I could not calm him down until I nursed.  I thought he'd fall asleep but he didn't.

Ella came in asking for food. I told her I bought grapes and she was all excited.  She said she wanted grapes and carrots. I gave her both and she ate both.   Once I was done nursing Miles, he was a little content in the swing and I heated up the dinner. I asked Ella if she was going to eat hers and she said she would after she ate her carrots.  I ended up having to hold Miles but was able to manage with 1 hand. He was a little whiney and very tired.

I finished eating and went to get him ready for bed. Dave wasn't home and he always swaddles him before bed. I did that. He actually went to sleep fairly quickly without eating for a long long time.

I was just getting out of his room and Dave gets home, near 8:30. I'm about to eat some dessert while Dave eats but decide to clean up a bit. Before I know it, he's done and gone and I'm still cleaning.

I clean all the way until 9:35 and have no idea how it got so late.  Then we do a little more in the kitchen and go to the big bed for stories.  Ella and Dave read in the big bed while I'm there too. This goes on until 10:30. When I do bedtime, it's just me. When Dave does it, it's both of us. But it's a start.

Finally at 10:30, I start cutting up the peppers to have them ready to make soup. It was 11 by this point. I cannot believe how time flies.

I went to my computer to blog but got distracted on fb. Then I finally did some blogging and it was after 12:30.

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