Monday, July 17, 2017


Miles slept all night until 7:20!  He was so pleasant after waking up in the morning. He liked selfies.

His first nap started at 9:30 but he only napped 20 minutes.
My mom had my dad get a box for all the toys to go in that are in the living room. Well Miles sure liked that box. He played with it for awhile.  Ella liked to play with balloons. It always stresses me out that they will pop. They didn't though.

He napped again 11:15- 12:55.
Miles had some lunch. I made him a half a peanut butter sandwich as part of lunch. He sure mangled that sandwich. When he was eating my sandwich the other day, he sure ate it all and didn't mangle it all up.

Miles played with boxes again!
I had issues getting Ella to nap. I kept trying. She was no nap Ella.

We decided to leave early to go to the preschool to tour so that she was a little rested and would nap in the car. Well she didn't fall asleep until we were 2 minutes away from the place! She stayed in the car with my parents and slept while Dave, Miles, and I toured the preschool.

 I didn't like it. It was small. I thought it felt cramped. The play area was super small outside. The parking lot was packed and busy. Her class would have 10 kids in it and 1 teacher.

Miles napped 4:10-4:30 but this was in the car.

We got Wendy's on the way home.
Ella played in the box this time!  Ella and Miles played in separate boxes.  Ella told Dave to get in the box. He got his head and arm in.

When it was Ella's bedtime, Dave was doing a few things in the bedroom so then she found candy. Based on her own admission, she had a starburst, butterfinger, and 2 peanut butter cups. She hid in the bookshelf as she ate these things.
For some reason Miles woke up at 10:20 even though he was in bed for the night at 8.  But I was still up at that time so I guess that's better than a few hours later.

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