Monday, July 17, 2017


Miles was up once in the night. I was able to go back to sleep.  Ella woke me up at 8 AM. She said she wanted breakfast. I told her I wanted to sleep. She told me I could sleep for 1 more minute and she stood there while I closed my eyes again.  Then she said after I got her cereal I could sleep on the couch.
I got her cereal and lied on the couch.  I played on my phone instead of actually falling asleep. When Dave came down to get his shower, she told him I was asleep on the couch.  Then when my mom came down, she said the same thing. I was awake with Poly on me. Ella was good so maybe it was good she thought I was sleeping.

Miles woke up at 8:45. When he woke up, I tried to give him a bottle. I did it just to get him a little used to not nursing for when my parents have to watch him.  He only drank 1 oz that way though.

I really wanted to get a shower. That didn't happen until 2 PM. Miles was tired and wasn't napping or would have 15 minute nap. I almost got in the shower 1 time but Miles woke up and even though my dad got him, he was crying like crazy so I did not get in the shower.  Ella got a shower though.  I ended up helping her wash her hair while I had Miles lying on the bathroom rug.

Miles did a lot of playing on the floor throughout the morning. He was tired but his naps were short or not existent.  He liked to use my arms or legs to pull up from sitting to standing. He'd be so proud of himself. This is the 2nd or 3rd day of him doing it but he's gotten a lot better. I don't have pictures of it since he's using both arms at the time to pull up.

We met Dave for dinner at Burgatory. Miles was starving. Ella didn't want to eat at all. She didn't eat. She watched Peppa Pig on my mom's phone.  Once the food came, then Miles was easier to handle. The table right by us got sat with someone with a 2 year old. The mom seemed relieved to see that we were there with 2 kids so they wouldn't be disturbing a group without kids. We would understand. We did understand. And I liked that she was there versus someone else too.   Once Miles had enough to eat, then he just kept staring at the girl. It was cute.

When we were leaving, Miles needed a diaper change. Then we got blocked in while someone got their car jumped. They did ask if we were leaving right away but since we were doing the diaper change my dad said they didn't have to wait to jump the car. I'm pretty sure they ladies were using youtube or something to look up how to jump the car. They did it though.

Dave beat us home and didn't have a way to get into the house. My mom used her app on her phone and opened the garage door for him. That's a cool time to have the app. When we got home, the garage door started beeping and then closing. I thought my mom was showing Dave the app since she was already inside the house. But here she set it up to have the door close at 7 PM nightly if it's open and we just came home at the wrong time.

As soon as we got home, Ella wanted to eat. She had fruit. She then asked for more fruit. And more. And more.

Her bedtime was delayed. Timmy asked if he should come over. I said after Ella was in bed. He said she better hurry because he was here. Ha. What notice. It was after 9 PM. My mom was ready for bed but then she stayed up.  We got Ella to bed. Dave never even came downstairs to see Timmy.  Timmy and I ate chip n dip. I lied on the couch to heat my back with the heating pad and I fell right to sleep. I'm not sure when he left but I went upstairs after midnight.

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