Friday, July 21, 2017


Miles woke up at 5:45 but after nursing for over a half hour he was back in his crib and slept until 9:45. I got to sleep in. I would have had over 8 hours of sleep if I wasn't up until 1 am.
It was a good start to the day.
Miles sat on the floor for a long time playing with his toys. Poly even came to visit.

By the time I fed Ella and Miles breakfast, it was lunch time.

Then Miles sat on the floor and played again. This time I heated my back with the heating pad and my mom played on the floor with him and Ella.  My back has not hurt so bad!
When I was sitting up, Ella ran over to me and really hit her head on my mouth. My tooth made my lip bleed. It really hurt. Falling over groaning in pain made Ella tell me it's OK and give my lip a kiss.

I got Miles to nap.
Ella was playing in the box. She was being so loud. She would "hide" and tell us to count. She loved it.  She hurt her back. She immediately told me to take a picture of it. My mom was confused why. I said so she could see it.

When my mom was putting on makeup, Ella joined her. Ella loves the makeup.

Ella was so noisy that it woke Miles, but I went up and nursed him again and got him back to sleep.
I was hungry but Dave wasn't so I made a sandwich.  A few minutes after I was done he said he was hungry. grrr. I wanted to go out or get food from somewhere.   Before, during, and after I ate, I watched Dumbo. Ella sort of watched and sort of watched her iPad.  She didn't nap.

When Miles woke at 4, I said we were all going to Famous Footwear. It took a bit to get Ella ready to go.  I shopped so quickly and found shoes. Then we all went to Target. We browsed too much. Ella did not stay in her cart seat.  She kept adding things to the car.  We got her some new clothes and Miles some new clothes. We bought a few other random things.  I bought little dress shoe pantyhose socks to go with my new shoes. Now I'm set for the wedding. Well maybe my mom would lend me a necklace and I'd be set.  I should probably try on the dress I brought.

We got Wendy's on our way home. They shorted us the Spicy Chicken Sandwich again! This time we checked and I went back in. I don't know their problem.  3 of the last 3 times at 3 different Wendy's they shorted us the chicken.

Once we ate, Timmy visited.  He brought some gifts.  But then he planted with Ella.

Ella loved planting.  They planted a strawberry plant first. That one is a gift for Ella so I guess we have to remember to water it.

Then they planted 3 basil plants in my mom's planter.  Then planted 2 flowers. My dad got them at church for the mother's in the house.  Ella had a blast. She got a little messier as time went on. I carried her inside to wash her off.

I got Miles to bed. Dave got Ella to bed.  Then Timmy, Dave, and I had some chip n dip.  I got my camera stuff for Timmy to borrow. We sat and chatted for a bit. This time my mom fell asleep when he was over. I fell asleep the previous 2 times.  I guess someone always naps when he visits!  He left around 10.  Then I lounged and watched TV and used my computer. I probably spent too much time on facebook and too little time catching up on blogging.  My dad and I quit watching TV at midnight and I went upstairs and typed this post. Dave was already sound asleep by this point.  I tried researching preschools but my computer was so slow I just went to sleep. It was after 1 so researching on a slow computer took a long time.

It was Mother's Day. It was pretty good except the middle of the day when I got fed up I didn't get a meal.  Also Dave was lounging in bed using his laptop while I was dealing with Ella.  I got my gifts Saturday night. I gave my mom her gift + cards Saturday night. (My mom came downstairs while Ella and I were making the cards so we just gave them then.)

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