Thursday, July 13, 2017

Miles 10 Month Update

  • Weight: 23 lb 9 oz  - 92nd percentile  
  • Height: 30.6" - 98th percentile (he was impossible to measure. It was just above 30.5)
  • Head Circumference: 47.6 cm - 96th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 77% 
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothing: I've been putting him in mostly 18 month onesies. He wears some 12 month t-shirts. Pants are 12 or 18 months. He's worn some 18 month and 2T shirts. The 18 month pants are too long but they fit better in the butt. 
  • Shoe Size: N/A
  • Teeth: 6  
(stats using WHO)

He consistently wakes up 2 times throughout the night. He may fall back to sleep on me so maybe it counts as 3 but I just count the half hour more in the morning as bonus not really a wake up. Sometimes he wakes up 4 times. Sometimes he's asleep on me in the chair and quickly wakes and starts nursing again and back to sleep and I haven't even been marking those down as a wake-up.  He became so much worse this week with being distracted and not able to handle distractions. he sits up all the time in the middle of nursing.

He eats 4 meals a day. He nurses morning, before nap, after nap, 1-2 more times, before bed, and middle of the night probably.

He loves to feed himself. If I try to feed him mac n cheese he won't eat it but if he has some on his tray he will feed it to himself.  He loves fruit, broccoli, and meats. He definitely prefers fruits and veggies over crackers.

I feel like he spends 15-30 min eating breakfast but then will spend an hour at dinner.  Each meal progressively gets longer throughout the day.

Sample Schedule:
Start bedtime routine pretty close to 7:30.  Routine is Benadryl, diaper change, and sing him ABCs while I put him in his scratch sleeves and sleep sack. Then I nurse. Asleep by 8:30.   Wake up sometime between 10 and 1.  Wake up sometime between 2 and 4:30. Maybe wake up 1-2 more times.  Wake up 5:30 for the day but maybe cat nap on me while he nurses.  Play a little, Nap (8 am or so) Play. Eat breakfast,  Play.  Cranky, Nurse maybe 15 min cat nap on me. Eat. Play, Eat. Play. Eat. Sleep.
He gets Benadryl before bed at night and before nap most days.

Special Moments:
On June 11, Miles had a slight fever. It was a miserable morning.  He rode his first slide without Ella.  I gave Tylenol twice throughout the day for his fever.
On June 12, Miles still had a fever and got Tylenol for it.  I attempted a bath in the big tub with Ella but  he hated it. He had a fever most of the day even with Tylenol.
On June 15, I gave Tylenol again.
On June 16, he crawled to me with his belly on the ground.
On June 17, he pulled himself up to standing. He wanted to be closer. He took steps holding on.
On June 18, he ate pepper jack cheese.
On June 19, he pulls himself up to standing constantly. He went to stand not using a table. Instead he flipped.
On June 20, I slept 5 hours in the rocking chair and he nursed off an on!  He hit his head on the dining room floor. He was on the floor and slammed his head down himself. He had a bloody nose and a mark on his head.
On June 22, I noticed his 6th tooth poking through.  He stood without holding on.
On June 23, he spit up.
On June 26, he took his first footy PJ nap. His first nap without scratch sleeves.
On June 27, he said Pap-Pap. He drank from a straw.
On June 28, he blew bubbles into a straw cup.
On June 30, he peed in the potty.  He turned over for the first time in his crib where he propped himself up. First time lying then turned over then leaning up then sitting in the crib.
On July 2, Miles opened his first dresser drawer. He peed on the potty.
On July 3, he started sitting in the crib and he does it all the time when eh wakes up.  He peed a ton in the potty. He somehow became a fast crawler and gets into everything.
On July 4, he woke up and went back to sleep on his own.
On July 5, Miles rotated in his crib. It's the first time he did this. He shot pee on his way to sitting on the potty. (He would have made it, but Ella kept stealing the potty.) He said "bye bye" a few times to my parents as they were leaving.
On July 6, he kicked at the wrong time and hit my hand and knocked the Benadryl out. It splattered on the floor.
On July 7, he unrolled TP today all over the floor.
On July 9, first time in the middle of the night he cried as I put him down and I didn't pick him back up.
He started crawling and crawling pretty well. He crawls and then pulls himself to standing. He stands and reaches for things and pulls them toward him.  He leaps over me when I'm on the floor. He tries to climb onto the mattress on the floor and sometimes succeeds. He can manage to drink out of a straw 1 in 10 times. I tried the trick to teach kids how to drink from a straw and he can do that but then not drink from the straw in a cup. He sucks his medicine dropper so he can suck. I can't believe he used to do so well with the straw cup and the baby food and now he can't do it. I've resorted to carrying him upstairs to change his diaper since he moves around way more on the ground and if I give him something to hold at his changing table then he doesn't flip all around. He sits often in his crib. He's pulled himself to standing while wearing his sleep sack in his crib.  He has sat on the potty and peed 3 out of 5 times. For some reason he loves to sit on it. He's pretty good at giving Dave a high five.  He walked behind his walker once so far.   He figured out how to put his hand in the snack cup to get out the snacks after one time of using it.  He is good at tilting up the sippy cup to give himself water.  He loves ice water. 

Miles has said a few more words. I think he's spoken a few sentences here or there too. He tends to say something new and say it a few times then not say it again for awhile. He said Bye Bye to my parents when they were leaving. 

Other Tidbits:
He likes to be the weights in bench pressing and overhead extensions (while lying down).
He likes me around. I better not be putting him down or walking away.
He likes to eat!
He likes to talk.
He likes to play.
He likes Ella!
He likes to look at Daddy.
He likes to help give himself Benadryl and even suck the medicine out of the dropper. Then likes to disassemble the dropper.
He likes to be held on my left hip.
He likes to dance and likes music in general.
He likes his toys that play music.
He likes to try to get anything that he should not have.
He likes to take stuff out of the shopping cart when we are at the store.

He doesn't like being itchy!
He doesn't like when we put the scratching sleeves on him.
He doesn't like when I put him down on his changing table.
He hates when I try to change his diaper on the floor.
He does not like it if I talk while he's nursing. If I yell because Ella is calling me that is even worse.
He doesn't like to nurse with any distractions.
He hates when I leave the room. I also better not be walking away from him.
He doesn't want anyone but me to greet him when he wakes up.
He dislikes putting water on his head in the tub. As soon as you do this, he stands up screaming to get out. I save hair washing until the end of the bath and then quickly wash it.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 9 hours 53 minutes  (593 minutes) (decrease by 10 min)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 26 (increase from 24)
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 14
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 5 (decrease from 9)
Diapers used (from July 1-10): 6.2 per day 
Time spent nursing (from July 1-10): 173 minutes (2:53) per day  
Time spent sleeping (from July 1-10): 13.7 hours per day
Doctor Visits: 1 (9 month visit)
Illnesses: 1 (Again I thought it was 0 until I saw my notes. I have the worst memory)

Favorite Toys
musical instruments
toy food

walker (sitting at it and playing)

Favorite Songs
ABCs -- This song is his favorite by far!
Mr Miles - made up song Dave sings to him
Whatever Ella sings to him

Favorite Books
none yet 

Other Tidbits
I give Benadryl 2 times a day but there were two times this month where he was extra itchy for a day or 2 and then he went back to his normal.  I still have him sleeping in his scratch sleeves but I don't use them any other time of the day.

I've been noticing lately that I read to Miles less than I read to Ella. I go over body parts less with him.  I play music much less for him. 

Miles has fallen asleep on me a few times after nursing but not actually while nursing. I really need to get him into the crib drowsy but awake more. 

He seems a little bit better at letting anyone else hold him at all for more than a second. It used to be he'd even reach for people but after 1 second want me back. Now sometimes he lets people hold him for a minute or more. And a few times he let someone hold him longer. I think my dad held him almost 2 hours the other day. 

Miles bit me at least once but maybe twice this month while nursing. 

My Recovery
My knee hurts a bit. I'm probably getting too used to it. My back ends up hurting a lot too.  I'm not sleeping nearly what I should be.
Something has got to give. I am sleeping about 5.5 hours of sleep a night broken up 3 times. I cannot sustain this so I need to do some sort of sleep training for Miles but then I just can't seem to bring myself to start it.

The pictures in the leather chair were because Ella wanted his monthly photo in her room too. She took all those photos. I took a picture of how she was shaking a rattle to get his attention to look at her. That was entirely her idea.


  1. He's going to be 1 so soon! Time flies. I love Ella taking pictures and shaking the rattle. So cute. Hope he gives you some more sleep soon!

    1. Ella had to go to his room to get the rattle so she did good!

      It's more a combination of Ella + Miles. I'm trying to get Ella to sleep earlier. I need a little time to just sit with no kids bugging me before bed. I wish I could fall asleep right away but I can't