Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Remembering the Little Things...

In the morning before Ella wakes up, Miles calls out for her.

When Ella first wakes up in the morning, Miles’s face lights up and he’s so excited to see her.

Ella came into the room on the Doc McStuffins car and Miles tried to leap off the changing table to get to it. He rode it while Ella pushed him. Such a big boy and a nice big sister. (5/27/17)

At target I was looking at donuts. They expired almost 2 months earlier. At the same time Ella asked me if she could get something. I said how they were expired. Meaning my donuts. She then turned around and said they were expired and was putting the popsicles she wanted back. She learned early not to buy expired stuff. I felt bad. So she got the popsicles even though normally I wouldn't have let her. (6/2/17)

Me: Time to wash your hands Ella
Ella: no
Miles: yeah

Ella has a yogurt smoothie
Me: Are you going to drink it?
Ella: No (as she’s continuing to give Miles some)
Me: is it just for Miles?
Miles: Yeah

Ella has had a tough time going to sleep. She hears a lot of noises and gets scared.
Dave asked her what scared her. It was this elaborate story about a flying car hitting the house and the house falling down and her bed breaking and she gets hurt. "And Mommy and Daddy get hurt."  "And Mummaw and Pap-Pap getting hurt too."  Dave asked her if something could help protect her in bed. She looked in her toy box and said a car and a Mr Potato Head would. Sure enough she did not come out of her room once scared! (6/7)

Ella had her first sleepover at Mummaw’s and Pap-Pap’s on June 13.

Dave was gone for 2 nights for work and when he got home, Miles was never so excited. He was jumping all over him. I loved seeing his excitement. (6.28.17)

I leave the room to Miles eating wearing a bib. I only grab laptop from family room couch. I come back and it’s off. As soon as I’m close to him he drops the bib on the ground so matter of factly (7/3/17)


  1. These are so cute. I used to work at Target and couldn't believe how much stuff sat expired on the shelves. I always check now. There is a monthly link up for this if you're interested. I don't do it because my blog is private now.

    1. My dad taught me early on in life to check dates so I always check everywhere. I yell at Dave constantly for not checking. He doesn't even check the milk he buys! He's getting better.
      Let me know the link up.

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