Saturday, August 12, 2017

Shift Shop Week 2 (7.31-8.6)

Week 2 you increase your veggies and protein and decrease carbs and fruit. I wasn't getting my fruit in anyway so welcomed the change.   Since I was constantly getting lightheaded and you can have more veggies, I ate 6.5 instead of 5. I had the full 5 servings of protein too. Then I was no longer lightheaded.  It helped.

Week 2 was easier and harder than week 1. In different ways of course. I actually liked the increased veggies and meat. The workouts were better. But finding time to cook was difficult. I stopped craving the sweets and didn't really care about those but just seeing and handling snacks for the kids it felt harder to not grab a handful myself. In week 1, I was able to document my food better. I tried more new foods in week 2 so I stressed about them being awful or not before I actually made them.

Most of what I wrote below was taken from facebook updates as the workouts or food happened.


I got my first Speed :35 workout in the books. Sometimes Ella disrupted me or got in my way but I managed. I liked a longer workout this week!

I only kept my Fitbit tracking the workout an additional 20 minutes today. One of these days I'll have it track the actual workout. At least I didn't leave it tracking for 13 hours this time.

Ella seems me record mine so she sets up her iPad to record.
A few of the videos messed up.
It can be confusing going around a triangle with the markers

Sometimes you modify instead of quitting. Miles wanted to go to sleep so bad but I already started so we improvised. I had to do a few different then recommended but I kept going.

8/2/17 - Ok I got it in. It's pretty dark because the owl owners took the chandelier and we never replaced it.
I jogged in place during some explanations. I made it about half way before the Ella interruptions started. She is the one who dragged the gymnastic mat in. I was able to hop on one leg today on my left foot and didn't have to modify (left knee is bad). I also made it the full minute of spider planks with Ella on me just sometimes I had to pause.
My knee still bothers me after workouts and I still have to modify.
You barely got any videos because my phone filled out and I didn't realize. During a water break I deleted some stuff. Then I filled it again. One of the videos was from Ella's ipad because as soon as she sees me working out, she turns on the camera and sets up her ipad to record. I trimmed the part I wanted!
8/3/17 - I stopped my fitbit between videos when the 2nd wasn't loading and then I never started it back up       
Ella wouldn't stop playing around me. I kept telling her to stop. Then she went to dive under me and mid dive she hit my 15 lb weight. Her head hurt for awhile. 
I decided to quit being lazy and carried a 15 lb weight from the basement. I was going to workout down there so I had my other weights down so I had to carry up a lot so only carried 1 15 up so you will see me switching arms in the middle. I'm shocked how well I did with the heavier weights. 
Chris spends so long explaining even the 2nd time through that I tended to do the previous or the next exercise while he was explaining. But then I also missed seconds here or there because of Ella. 
I modified less because of my knee.
8/4 I decided I'm not working out at 10:40 at night for a few reasons. I will do a double tomorrow. First workout will be done before noon. Check in!
Various reasons
1 Miles was up super late. When this happens his sleep is crap and he's up many times
2 by the time I worked out it'd be really late then by the time I showered it'd be super late. 
3 not feeling strong because if inadequate fast food for dinner with our Power issues.
I can already feel myself making excuses tomorrow since we had to throw away food. We need to shop.
I will be meal planning tonight until I probably gal asleep with my laptop on me so tomorrow I can buy replacement food and new food


I told Ella I was going to workout. She asked me to workout in her room. She said she'd clean up the floor for me. She did. So I didn't it was a little tight!

I didn't record as much
I was so hungry and I pushed play prior to eating. This was the hardest workout so far. Going from ground to standing I'd get a rush of being lightheaded.

It was great weather tonight and I got Miles to sleep at a decent hour so I went for a run!

I'm sad to say it's been a few months since I even ran 2 miles. I miss running.

My breakfast on the left and Miles's on the right.
7/31 - I was lightheaded part of the day too.

6 ¾ Green - Vegetables(5)
2 Purple - Fruit (2)
5 Red - Protein (5)
1.5 Yellow - Carbs (2)
1.5? Blue - Healthy Fats (1)
0 Orange - Seeds and Dressings (1)
1 Tsp - Tsp food list (4)

8/3 NSV (almost too ashamed to share): my maternity shorts that I have been wearing for a long time are finally starting to fall down. 
( a long time and also they were too loose most of pregnancy. Miles is almost 11 months old now!)


I decided to make a weight graph of not just the past 10 days or so but also the previous few months including before the road trip. If you just look at recently it seems like I dropped a lot but right after Philly I was a couple pounds up from where I was before. Randomly once I had a low weight in June but I think that was after a workout and not just a morning weight.

My food yesterday. Plus I ate some of Ella's fries in the car. 
I feel like I ate more but didn't take a picture if I did and now I forget.
My delicious food today. That salad was too big. It took far too long to eat. Most of the time Miles was even asleep.   The pork wasn't amazing and then I ate more than I normally would.
Yay for over 5 servings of vegetables today.

5 ¾ Green (5)
½ Purple (2)
3 ¼ Red (5)
3 Yellow (2)
½ Blue (1)
0 Orange (1)

4 Tsp (4)

I liked having the soup for a 10 PM snack when I was just too hungry. The roasted potatoes were so good that it was hard to not eat a ton of them. (The leftovers were rough in week 3 too because I was supposed to have 0 carbs so just having 1 serving a day made them last and then go to waste.)

Miles has been eating all the healthy food. Ella doesn't eat any of it. Dave doesn't always try new food.

Throughout the week I thought I noticed my midsection being smaller but usually by night it was huge again so I wasn't sure I was seeing the progress. Some people from the challenge groups I was in were taking their measurements and losing quite a few inches already. I was not seeing that. I think it depends on what time of day and you can take a pic at night and morning and it could seem like a good before and after but really it's just time of day. I liked the workouts better than week 1. Week 1 they seemed too short. By the end of the week, my knee gets so sore with 0 rest days.

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