Thursday, October 2, 2014

9 Month Photos

We had Ella's 9 month photos taken on September 21.  Charlotte from Girl Taking Pictures took them for us.  You can check her out on facebook too. Her price was amazing and she gave us way more pictures than I expected too. She also spent longer with us than I thought too. If Ella wasn't fussy, maybe we would have even ended up with more.
OK this post has a ton of pictures. I had a tough time deciding. 

Ella picked out which shoes I should wear. I wasn't sure so I let her pick.

I requested a mirror for the photo shoot. I know they can be amazing and I don't have one to use. The photographer didn't have one either and tried to get one and it cracked in shipping. Then she made this with a frame and a mirror. She really went all out for us.

This is Ella walking up the slide thing. She loves walking up them and getting to the top. She feels so accomplished.

Ella is standing here at the landing of the little play structure.

Dave was throwing Ella up in the air just for fun and then Charlotte saw and said to do it again because Ella looked so happy. Is it me or does Dave's arm look really skinny?
If you want to see them all, look at my google+ album.


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    1. Beautiful Colleen. Happy that I will see her soon. Very happy indeed.

    2. Beautiful Colleen. Happy that I will see her soon. ..Very happy indeed!