Friday, July 28, 2017


 Uh oh. Miles has a blanket over his swaddle sack and it seems to be covering his face.
 Miles wakes up a lot!

Little Miles is leaning on the play table and holding himself up. I'm impressed.3.5 months old!

 Since Miles had so much fun on the table, Ella wanted to carry it around the house.

Showing how Mile's skin does not look very good.

Ella quietly sits in her chair while I nurse Miles.

I got a present in the mail.
Ella went in Miles's exersaucer. Her legs are a bit long for it.


 I was tired.

 Look at Miles looking up at Ella. These kids are too cute.

Poor Miles. I tried to make a doctor appointment but he has to wait until January 4. So he just looks like this and suffers. (Later, I learned it was eczema and how to sort of treat it.)

Ella loves Miles. Miles loves Ella.
Ella is telling Miles to look at the camera.

Ella likes to play with play dough.