Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:32:53 AM - @LaurelHeather Allergy shots helped a ton. They take awhile. But I'm not even miserable and I used to be so miserable before.
01:12:32 PM - About to mow. Then weedwack and pull weeds. But I don't want to
02:10:33 PM - this post has the lengthiest comments ever so now it is my favorite. comments make me happy.
02:35:37 PM - I don't know where I should go to run. Flat and straight was recommended but there isn't any of that around here.
03:01:43 PM - As soon as I get to the track tons of kids are showing up for something or other. Now I want to leave.
03:22:24 PM - My endurance is so gone that 1.5 miles was hard
10:18:03 PM - I ran 1.5 miles today and it was hard.
10:31:24 PM - @stinachristina on a lazy day (i was sick with a cold when I first got my @BodyMediaFIT) I burned less than I thought.
10:31:51 PM - @stinachristina and days I worked out super hard core with double workouts I burned less. I've had it so long now, I can pretty much guess
10:47:50 PM - @stinachristina 77 min vigorous activity is amazing for spinning. My spin class is 45 min and I'll have 10-15 of vig.
11:04:58 PM - our neighbors are having a loud party. I'd think they were too old for this. They have a 1.5 yr old.

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1.5 mile run (4.30)

Today I ran. It as my first run in what feels like forever. I was limited to 1.5 miles due to what the 2nd physical therapist said.

I ran it at the track.  I ran in lane 4. I ran 3 laps then turned around and ran 3 the other way.

I assume my garmin was off but I was in late 4 versus 1 so it says I ran 1.63 miles in 14.01. That's an 8:36 pace.

The first 3 laps were pretty consistent and the last 3 laps were consistent but slower than the first 3. I tend to run slower the opposite way because I don't have the straight away to pick up speed  at the end of a lap.

I iced my knee when I was done.

My knee didn't hurt but it because sore. I'm not fully sure how to describe it. I definitely felt like if I ran on it more, my knee would have been in some bad pain.  I stretched at the car and then I went home and iced my knee.

My endurance is gone. I was struggling with my run. I guess with 8:36 pace I had reason to struggle. The last time I ran was April 7 and before that April 3.   My muscles are still sore today from abduction and adduction machines.

I really wonder who I will have at PT on Tuesday. I'm hoping for a repeat of one of the people I already had at least.

I was scared to run. Just as I got there and was turning on the satellites on my Garmin, car after car showed up of high school boys. I didn't know what was up but didn't want to run around them. I sucked it up and ran. The kids were practicing soccer. A few other kids were practicing high jump.   I sucked it up because I was only running 1-1.5 miles so I could handle the stress that maybe they are watching me for 15 minutes.

This morning Dave and I went to the track. We walked 1 mile. We jogged (slowly) 50 yards at a time 4 times and then 20 yards once.


Skirt: The Limited ($60)
Shirt: Express ($40)
Shoes: Famous Footwear ($20)
Belt: Target ($13)
Necklace: Sears ($10)
Earrings: Kohl's ($10)

This is my new skirt. I got compliments on it. It is a dressier fabric so then I didn't know what shirt to wear. I was asking Dave. He didn't know. I said white and he said "Boring" but I wore it anyway. Someone at work even walked fast to catch up to me to compliment it.
This outfit makes my ankles look skinny.

I had issues with my cami staying tucked in. The shirt would stay tucked in but the cami wouldn't and it would be really annoying.
 Poly was a cutie in bed with me.
I tend to wear my pink necklace and everyone thinks it is red. It doesn't photograph well. Here you can see it next to my red necklace. It kind of looks pink but I still can't get the color to photograph properly.
This morning Poly was on my scale. I wanted to take her picture but my camera was on my nightstand. I figured she'd move. Well she moved to the other scale. So I went and got my camera and took her picture.  I think Poly wants a spot on my weight graph.
At work, I took a break in my work day to do some yoga.  I went over to class at 4:00. Only 2 other people were in attendance. I think it is because it starts at 4. When it started at 4:30 there were about 15 in class.  I have to go back to work after and it gets annoying. I lifted some weights when I was over there before yoga but mainly because it is hard to time walking + changing properly.  Then since I'd be back at my desk at 5, I have to put back on work clothes versus just staying in my workout clothes.
After dinner, I changed into my workout clothes but Dave didn't want to. He was going to watch his lecture first. I played gameboy but then went to sleep at 8:30. I guess I needed my rest. Well I know I did but I always hate to admit it. If I go to sleep that early, I never get anything done.

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:03:28 AM - 2 hours for a PT appointment is ridiculous.
12:33:12 PM - PT details from today: Anyone have any advice?
08:31:44 PM - @stinachristina What is your @BodyMediaFIT data like for the rest of today?
08:56:55 PM - @stinachristina are you burning more or less than you expected. I was less than I thought.
09:32:44 PM - My muscles are sore from PT today. My shoulders are still sore from strength training yesterday.
09:43:55 PM - @mikecherepko why did you paint?
09:46:24 PM - @TENroaches you need the a/c
09:48:15 PM - @LaurelHeather allergy shots
09:50:56 PM - @TheNewChrissy it rains daily here. That's why my grass is a foot high.
09:51:33 PM - Why? RT @briecs: Yay, I get to make up 2.5 hours.
09:56:49 PM - @FashionMomma22 I just copy and paste. What do others do? (re: signature on blog?
10:01:59 PM - @ADayinLifeToo I didn't eat either. And those at my table ran out of breadsticks.
10:04:18 PM - @katy_rose1 if only I was local to you.
10:07:12 PM - I agree. RT @polahbea: @briecs because most parents are inept and children deserve better
10:08:30 PM - @briecs and many kids suffer in the process? I still say there need to be rules about no smoking around kids (even in your own home)
10:11:05 PM - Yup RT @stinachristina: Loving my new @BodyMediaFIT. It told me a lot about how hard I work out vs how hard I THINK I work out.
10:13:09 PM - @DaizyCh funny you said that. Thought it was like mine too. Also jen made fun of it having sleeves :(
10:14:22 PM - @TheNewChrissy I don't even know what QILF means
10:19:12 PM - @TheNewChrissy I want to get new running shoes. Any suggestions?
10:21:42 PM - @mikecherepko I'm sick of white and need to paint but I'm lazy and don't know what color (bedroom, hall upstairs and down, powder room)

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Friday Friday: Fitness and Fashion

This week Katy asked some questions about Fitness and that is one of my favorite topics so I couldn't miss out.
I already answered questions about fitness one other time.
1. Do you keep some kind of fitness routine? Why?
I do. Because I love exercising. I always mention what exercise I did in my blog posts but there have been plenty of times that I dedicated an entire post to a workout or workout goals. I keep a routine because I like data and I like to keep track of things and why not be consistent with something so important as your health.

2. Has working out, maybe training for a marathon or something of that nature, helped with your own perception of body image?
I don't think training or working out has trained my perception of my body image. I never really thought about it though. I have ups and downs but mostly ups but I was the same way before I started working out. Back when my knee was bad, I didn't exercise at all and didn't think anything different about my body image.  I think I analyze enough in my life that I haven't had time to dwell on my body image.

3. When you are hitting the gym or just going out for a long walk what do you wear? Is it about functionality or fashion?
I totally wear things for function. If you ever saw me you'd know I don't go for fashion. Sometimes by luck the stripe on my carpi pants will match the tank top. I have all solids besides 1 or 2 tanks and then the stripes on carpi pants so nothing is too bad.
When I am hitting the gym or doing anything outdoors I wear a tank top. At the gym I am in capri pants 90% of the time. If I am just running, I may wear shorts or a skirt thing.  If it is cold, I may wear pants.  If I'm running outside in the winter I wear my pants from Target and may layers on top. Usually the outer layer is a jacket. Now I think the jacket is trendy or something but I only bought it because the sleeve length was longer than the cheap jackets at target.  Usually I start with a tank top, then go with a long sleeve shirt, and then the jacket. Then I wear this neck warmer thing and a headband. If it is really cold I add a  hat on top of that.  I wear gloves that can cover or uncover the pointer and thumb so you can use your smart phone while running.
I wear champion socks (from Costsco)

4. Do you feel there is a cultural perception of what you ‘should’ be doing for your own physical fitness?
I feel like their is a perception. People thing girls should do cardio and guys should do weights or something like that. When I lift at the gym outside of Body Pump class there has only ever been 1 other female lifting at the same time. There are 20+ guys lifting each time I left.

5. Dream big… what would be your ultimate fitness goal?
I don't know. I change my mind.  I have a few goals but no ultimate fitness goals.
Short term goal: get knee better
Prior to my knee injury I had a goal of running a marathon but it wasn't even so much of a goal as just something I was doing. I never considered it a goal. Perhaps that is why I slacked at a lot of my training.
I did have a goal to get 24:30 in a 5k. That is a goal of mine. I do not know if it is an ultimate goal or not. My best race was almost 26 minutes last year so I have a ways to go. I did run in 22 or 23 minutes back in high school.
I have continuation goals of working out 6 days a week with cardio, strength, and yoga mixed in.
Last year my goal was to get a medal from a race. I ended up with 5. 1 was a finisher medal from the half marathon and the others were from placing in my age group (3) a 1 was winning a team race.  I also got a trophy.  My goal for this year is to place overall for females. I need to get or beat 24:30 for this at even the smallest of races locally so I need to work on it.
I want to be able to do 50 normal pushups in a minute. I never time myself so I don't know what I can do. I did 33 over a year ago in a minute. I do 70 or so girl pushups in a minute. I just need to move faster to get more.
Or can my ultimate goal actually be a goal for my husband because I have made a training plan for him and I ensure his form is good and keep him lifting?

PT update (3rd visit 4.29)

Well I had my 3rd PT appointment today. It was at the same place but with a 3rd doctor. It is so annoying. I have to explain my troubles and issues and that I'm a runner each and every time. It is getting annoying. A few other things are getting annoying too.
PT attire
I got there for my 8:45 appointment and went right in.  I started with 10 minutes on the exercise bike.  The room is so hot and that is annoying.

Then it was off to the machine similar to a leg press.  I think following that (but I forget my exact order), I did this other leg press thing but it was a game. It was 3 different 1 minute games using the press and then repeat the three games. 1 game was harder than the other two.  You had to dodge things or follow a path by moving the leg press.

Then wall squats. The wall squats are too easy.  Then it was standing IT band stretch.
Then it was adduction and abduction exercises.  Abduction is harder for me with the same weight.  But I also start with adduction so that could be why that one is easier.

Then  they added another new exercise. It was a bridge but with a theraband around my knees. I was to hold each bridge for 5 seconds. I love bridges.

Then I had to wait for the doctor to come over to do whatever with me. But after some waiting (annoying) the guy came back over and had to go hold a bar and do some squats so he could see my form. Then he told me I was fine after doing a few things.  Then it was back over to the bench to wait for the doctor.

But after some waiting (which was annoying) she sent someone over to do laser treatment (instead of ultrasound).
Later she told me that ultrasound isn't effective on IT bands (but that is what they did the past 2 PT appointments  which is annoying)

Then the doctor finally came over and did this cocoa butter massage thingy.  Then she stretched me out a little bit.
She told me running on a track is stupid. But she also said I need to run on the level. I don't understand how there is level around here w/o a track.  It was annoying.  She said I am not to do any lower extremity weight lifting on my own (opposite of what I was told before) (annoying).  She said swimming would aggravate my knee too and not to do that.  She said not to use an exercise bike either.

These doctors can't get anything straight. I have no idea what is right or wrong.
She told me that I can run the marathon and just quit early.  She said it will aggravate my knee and it will be harder to heal it the 2nd time but that I should have no problem running at least 10k of it.  Except the fact that I haven't run or done cardio in 3 weeks.  My endurance is gone.   So I'm not supposed to do anything basically at home. How can I get my cardiovascular strength back? Well Tuesday, I'll see a different PT guy and get different instructions that I may like better and maybe I'll do that.   She said the only work on my knee should be running from  here until the marathon.   I'm allowed to stretch and do yoga.  Well by allowed I mean that is her recommendation. Mike's (guy from Wednesday) had a different recommendation.  Diane (lady from last Friday) had a third recommendation.  I think this lady's name was Licia or something. The guy who shows me the exercises is Brit or something but I don't know how you spell it but it sounds like that (but I think Brit is a nickname for Brittney not some guy's name.)

Overall the appointment was 1:55.  So much for my appointments being an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I'm going to miss so much work. This is going to suck so bad. They make me wait too long between things and I also do a lot of different exercises/stretches/etc.

I have learned that they take me more seriously when I wear race shirts. Time to wear them from now on.

Have you ever had an IT band injury? How did you fix it?

(Did anyone count how many different things were annoying? I did not but it sure was a lot.)

Update: I forgot to mention that the doctor said my strength doesn't need to improve at all. My leg strength is good.  I already knew that but was glad to hear it... except she contradicted other doctors in other things so who knows if she is right.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:46:57 PM - Olive Garden was slow and annoying.
01:32:24 PM - @stinachristina I can't wait either... I have a mental countdown. When do you get home?
01:35:01 PM - @stinachristina oh man. Knowing it is there is torture. 4.5 hours is so long
02:28:21 PM - My computer us the worst.
06:13:32 PM - @stinachristina a couple hours. But you can probably use it before fully charged. Wear it a few hours then upload the data.
07:58:40 PM - @stinachristina is your @BodyMediaFIT charged yet?
08:01:28 PM - @stinachristina mine is on my arm. just synced it. 3:37 of physical activity so far today. (but only 3 min vigorous activity)
08:02:59 PM - @stinachristina You better email me specific details. I can't wait!
08:07:03 PM - @stinachristina I can harass you if you need it. I like people to harass me. Just talking about this makes me want to go exercise more.
08:09:20 PM - @bradp211 this time just a small hole. nothing like on April 21
08:09:53 PM - @FashionMomma22 I'm confused by what this is.
10:25:49 PM - @FashionMomma22 styling like you did with me and that necklace?
10:30:31 PM - Lifted weights with Dave for 45 minutes (well 43 for him and 47 for me)
11:52:39 PM - The wind blowing makes me feel like a model:
11:54:26 PM - Now I want Frosted Flakes. RT @briecs: Arrrgh! I hate this! Stoppit!

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 This was try 1.  Then I looked at a few pics and even though I was running late, I ran upstairs to grab a belt.
It was far too bright at 7:30 AM for outfit pictures in my standard location.
Skirt: Express 2009 (or so)
Shirt: Express (2009)
Jacket: NY&Co (2008 or earlier)
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Belt: Kohl's
Earrings and Necklace: Target (2009)

It was so windy. I don't even know how I ended up with so many decent pictures.

I needed to wear blue for Take your Kid to Work Day.

I like it better with the belt because without I looked too straight under the jacket. Do you like it with or without the belt? Someone commented to me today that they noticed I've been wearing a lot of belts. And then gave me a compliment about it. :)  I wore the blazer again since I got so many compliments on it the last time.

Today was so busy.

The morning was Take Your Kid To Work Day activities.  We had a new maximum and we had to keep 7-12th graders occupied for 3 hours. I really think the kids enjoyed it. Some years they get bored by the activities, but not this year. One of the volunteers told me how she read my blog and then commented that I really do take a picture of myself everyday. She wanted to know why. Then she questioned my reasoning for my weight graph too. We were discussing my weight graph while I was eating a doughnut.  Since there was a photographer at TYKTWD, I figured I might as well spend the less than 5 minutes to curl my hair. I always like it curled but am lazy.  But then I don't think I made it in a single picture in the 3 hours of TYKTWD. Or if I did, I didn't know, so it is probably awful with me making a weird face or talking.

My shoes were not made for standing and walking. I barely made it back to building 4 after it was all over. These shoes are definitely made for the trash. They used to be good but I have worn them a lot over the past year.

Then it was lunch with Jason.  We went to Olive Garden. The service was so incredibly slow.  I couldn't believe it.  It makes me never want to go back again. Poor Jason sat there without soup or salad for many minutes and then his second soup was even the wrong kind. He didn't bother complaining. He thought there was no point.

Then it was back to work and almost immediately to a meeting.
After the meeting my computer wouldn't work right and I had to reboot. That took a long time. It wasn't that bad because I read an RCA while it was working.
After work it was off to Jersey Mikes for dinner. Then we went to Costco. We bought far too much.
Our grass needs to be cut but instead of doing that, I watched The Voice.
Then Dave and I lifted weights. We did upper body. I got 1 set in of a ton of different things which makes me happy. One muscle was still sore from weights at the gym 2 days ago so I didn't do those hardcore. I did a few things 2 or 3 times.  There was very little rest involved. Dave did better than last time. He got more in.

My muscle shots aren't as good as they look IRL :(

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Twitter 4/27

07:27:38 AM - At PT waiting for the doctor to show up
07:38:42 AM - @FashionMomma22 bummer. I have yet to notice my name removed from blogrolls. I'm still trying to find myself added.
07:39:49 AM - @DaizyCh why won't they perform it?
07:45:24 AM - @kendieveryday reminds me of the sign i saw last year about hay, straw, and cats for sale.
09:27:57 AM - @stinachristina Did you get BodyMedia Fit or some other brand?
09:30:44 AM - @wrkngmomscloset I always coordinate the gift in my groups so it forces others to remember. Waiting for my manager now to give gift
09:36:30 AM - @stinachristina Great! I'm going to email you about it constantly I bet. look at and
09:37:13 AM - @briecs Well I got dressed at PT and realized I forgot a slip! (light colored skirt too)
09:38:06 AM - @wrkngmomscloset AND we have 1 admin but another admin heavily supports us so I collected to give something to both of them!
10:01:44 AM - Just realized that since I went to sleep immediately after dinner last night I forgot to make cookies for the admins. :(
12:27:55 PM - @FashionMomma22 You're on mine too. But I bet I'm only on a half dozen or so blogrolls. :(
01:36:58 PM - @ADayinLifeToo I almost linked it with vest as the unexpected thing. But I branched out further with the bright colored shirt with it.
05:31:46 PM - @briecs how many vacation days do you have?
05:36:50 PM - My shoe is hurting my bunion. Ugh.
05:38:52 PM - Snagged my pantyhose. They don't make them like they used to #ifeelold
06:03:11 PM - I weighed 60kg today. Last appt it was 59kg. Why don't they just tell me pounds.
06:32:24 PM - @ADayinLifeToo we recorded it. Still need to watch it though.
10:51:56 PM - I keep hitting post when I meat to schedule a post for tomorrow morning. Sigh.
11:01:15 PM - So far 1 friend got a @BodyMediaFIT anyone else considering it? You should. Plus I can then talk data with you.

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4.23 Outfit

While we were out buying vegetables, I had Dave take my picture.
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear (2009)
Shirt: Loft (2009)
Jacket: NY&Co (2008 or earlier)
Scarf: Relay for Life booth (2009) ($5)
Earrings (Heart stones): Valentine's Day gift (2007)

I threw on this jacket because if I got cold I could wear it and if I got hot I could take it off. I hate being out and the AC is freezing and I'm suck. I ended up wearing it the entire time. My mom commented that it was warm and I didn't need it.  Then it got cold after dinner when it rained. I'm glad I had it.

I haven't worn this in awhile because 3 or so years ago Dave told me he didn't like it. He thought it wasn't long enough or hit my hips wrong or something so then I got discouraged from wearing it. I only wear it as a jacket that matches my clothes not as part of my outfit all day. I liked it. Now I want to wear it more. Now I'm made that I gave the black version of this to goodwill.  This is why I never go through my clothes and give them away... because later I might want them.  My closet is too full though. Also I tried on the jean jacket from 2002 and it is very very boxy so I should just get rid of it. I haven't worn it since 2003. But I'm scared so back in the closet it went.
I couldn't handle it that Timmy was watching. I couldn't relax in my pose.

I haven't been labeling my photos with where I got them. I need to get back into the swing of things.

4.27.11 - Appointments

Shirt: Loft (2009)
Skirt: B Moss (2005)
Shoes: Aldo (2011)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (2009)

This skirt is longer than I want it to be.  Today at work I tried to pull the waistband up how it is in th left picture. I like it much better. I need to spend a weekend altering my clothes instead of watching TV and shorten this.
The colors of the necklace and shirt seemed more similar before seeing it in this picture.  I have only ever worn this skirt with this shirt, another blue one from Loft, or 2 different green ones that are the same shade. Today I decided I think I could wear my bright pink shirt because the brightness would go.  I still might be too scared to try to wear that. We shall see.
I wore blue today. I forgot that I am supposed to wear blue tomorrow for Take Your Kid to Work Day.  Time to figure out what other blue shirt to wear tomorrow.
While getting ready to leave the house, Poly thought it was time to take a shower and weigh herself. She is cute.

My day started with PT at 7:30. It was my 2nd appointment. I had a 2nd guy (and Friday I'll have a third person).... I think they should try to schedule me with the same person. But what do I know.

I got there at 7:20 for my 7:30 appt. They call me back at 7:40. The doctor was late. I saw him walk in at 7:35.

I did some exercises and the room was so hot. It was not a good idea to wear my work shirt there. I was definitely sweating like crazy just on the bike for 10 minutes. Then I did other things. I kept making them have me do more weight than they told me originally.
The guy really stretched me out. It was crazy.

I was told that the last therapist didn't really have to limit me to 10 minutes on a bike and I can go longer, which is good.
Also I asked him how long until I can run. He said I can try 1 mile this weekend. If I feel good at 1 mile I can go 1.5 miles but no longer.

They didn't specifically give me exercises to do at home. Most exercises were on gym equipment but luckily I have access to that or I wouldn't know what to do at home.  Some of the equipment was different but the same type of thing. I used an abduction and adduction machine. I also used something similar to a leg press but it is lying down versus sitting.  They still don't have me doing many exercises and it still was 80 minutes back with the guy. I only got to work at 9:05. That was with a 7:30 appointment. Next week when I have an 8:15 and an 8:45 that will suck.  I miss my old PT where they had 7:00 appointments.

I had a normal work day. I was busy and had meetings. Since it is Administrative Professional's Day, I had cards to give my admin and the admin that also supports us. I had trouble tracking them down all day. My admin really liked the homemade card. It made me feel nice.

Then I had to leave work early to get to Monroeville for my allergy shot and allergy / asthma appointment.  They were running way behind. It was not cool.  I go over the same things. i have no idea why they want to see me every 6 months for an appointment. All we do is talk about the races I run and my injuries. I tell him how I don't fill prescriptions he gives me and how I don't take any of the medicine.  I surely could be seen yearly for that. I do get free samples but I barely take them anyway.  When I was leaving they commented that 3 people were late due to traffic. I mentioned the bad traffic too (but I wasn't late). Then I said how I was coming from Cranberry and someone said the others were too. I mentioned the only traffic was really getting out of the work parking lot. The rest of the traffic wasn't bad.  But 15 minutes to get out of Cranberry Woods would sure put a damper on anybody's travel time.

On my way home, I picked up KFC. Then I ate and watch Community. Then we watched The Event and American Idol.  Now it is bedtime.

4.23 - Pretend Easter

Saturday was my fake Easter with my family.  But I did a lot of other stuff too.
I woke up at 6:30 like I'm getting old or something.  I watched TV and did laundry.  I thought I should be productive but wasn't. At least I did some laundry.  My parents came a little after lunch to hang out and then go to dinner. 
My mom showed me the new dress she made. I showed her the fabric I bought. Poly wanted to see too and started going after the bag. Timmy and Poly hung out while my mom pinned my pink shirt in the back so it won't be loose.  She told me how she learned what ti is called when you butt is big. Apparently you need to alter patterns when it is big and your waist is smaller. But I can't remember what it is called.
We went to the local place to buy vegetables. I saw they are selling bags and I had to have one since I love local vegetables.
We dropped the veggies off at home then headed to Kirkland's Home so my mom could buy new pictures for the bathroom. Dave found this picture. It was crazy. My brothers always called my grandma Gram-monster (or maybe it was grandmonster) and I can't believe it was some sort of real thing.  For dinner we went to Houlihan's.  I got lettuce wraps and french fries. They barely gave me any fries and they gave me a ton of lettuce.  I probably gave Timmy half the stuff for my wraps.   We tried to go to Costco after dinner but they had closed 20 minutes earlier.
After dinner we went to Yum. It's a frozen yogurt place where you pick any of 10 or so flavors + a million different toppings and then you pay by the weight.
I got vanilla plus buttered fingers.
Liquid bandage is on Dave's skin here in this picture. After my parents left we went to buy mineral oil to remove it. Online research indicates not to use liquid bandage. Well I think reports were conflicting. Dave was worried about an infection.  I don't think his finger looks too bad.  You can't tell from this picture but from an angle his finger is flat where the skin is missing; it looks a little odd.
Timmy's macro lens took some really nice pictures of Poly. I may blow one of these up and frame it for the wall. Which one do you like the best?

My dad took his nap that he always takes when visiting
I was saying bye to my family and before we left for Walgreen's I wanted to find Poly.  She was sitting on the cedar chest looking out the window saying bye to us all. 

My parents left and we went to Walgreens. Then we snacked, watched TV, and wasted time.  Dave and I lifted weights then he stopped so I only went a little longer. I thought he was waiting for me to watch TV so I didn't lift that much longer.