Saturday, June 30, 2007

someone broke my scale. it says i way 3.2 lbs less than it should.
somebody also put a bug on my wash rag to try to give me a heart attack while in the shower. the big bug was alive. scared me to death. i was about to just grab washrag to wash face. this time i turned around to grab it so i saw it. then i threw it in the trash. the whole wash rag. i saw the bug crawling around. then after shower i got out wash rag. no bug.

record for shortest run

today i have the record for the shortest run. 4 minutes. i got lightheaded. so going in the morning isn't good. well morning to me. after 12 hours of sleep and being kind of hungyr last night and lacking energy wasn't good. i should have eaten last night when i was hungry. so i guess for me running at night is better. i need someone to run with.

Friday, June 29, 2007

we saw artie lange tonight. the parking garages were full and traffic was awful once we were downtown. we were late. but they started late. so we didn't miss anything. we were over a half hour early but then no where to park. stupid city. he wasn't as funny as i thought he'd be. some of the people who opened for him were funnier than i thought they would be.
my cousin knocked up his girlfriend. he's 26. they kind of broke up like 3 weeks ago or so and got back together a week or so later. i wonder if that's why they got back together.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

so i'm cat sitting this weekend. then i get the key and learn i have to go in the morning and evening.


angie canceled so i have no plans for tonight.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i keep trying to clean off my table. it doesn't work. i get distracted.

i bought center pieces today.

i'm thirsty.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

busy bee = me. but next monday through friday i don't have any plans.
i'm so mad. i bought birhtday cards and father's day cards well in advance this year. i can't find them. note father's day has passed. i'm still looking. i'm still looking for the card i wanted on june 1. i bought 5. and if i don't find 1 by tomorrow then they will all be late or nonexistent. i tried to be fancy and have real cards. i like to get ccards so i thought others might. grr to buying cards in advance. everytime i do this i mess up.
well at least someone liked the cookies i made yesterday.

today we went to the post office. i had to wait in line. while in line a couple was there weighing their wedding invitations but they didn't put the map in yet. silly people. i learned in 2 days wedding stamps are coming out but only in the 58 cent ones. then we went to paintertown fire hall to meet the caterer. i called my mom on the way and asked the best way. she told me to take school hill 1 and if i missed that i could take school hill road 2. that's pretty funny. i made the first one. we were like a minute late. the meeting was awesome. they provide way more than i thought they would.

then we went to bubba darius for dinner. dave loves their pizza. we got fries first then pizza. then the table next to us did the same thing. i guess we aren't weird.

then it was off to target to return the broken fan and try to buy a new one. well they all sucked. but i did buy a purse, some insoles for my shoes, and a new wallet (2 actually. i'm so bad. really i am. i can't afford this now).
then we went all the way down 30 to 66 and took that to delmont and went to that walmart. they had a fan that dave likes. yay. we tried to go to dairy queen on the way back for dave but they closed at 10:30. we got there at 10:28 and they locked the doors as we were pulling in.

Monday, June 25, 2007

i don't get nearly enough e-mails throughout my day.
today was not a good day. then it got better. this evening was good and th en it became awful.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

i can't print out the maps. the picture of the map disappeared from the file my mom sent me. it only has the words directions. now i might have to visit them tomorrow evening to print them out.
oh and i thought i'd have time friday but we're going to see artie lange at heinze hall. so i guess i will have "free" time on saturday so i can talk to a baker.
so today when my dad was giving options about picking up timmy and mike in brooklyn and also moving timmy out of brooklyn right at the time of my ceremony, my mom started yelling saying she didn't have to go.

i'm sick of it. i know why people give the advice of just eloping.
after going to a million stores in the mall, i bought shoes for the wedding. i hope they don't end up hurting. they probably will.
i think i forgot to mention how yesterday my mom made me add eat to my to do list today since i forgot yesterday since i didn't write it down and i just went boom boom boom through my to do list.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

oh boy

so today i went for a run, showered, ate a muffin, went to the jewelry store,michael's, bed, bath, and beyond, sam's club, joann fabrics, kmart, then back home to drop off the stuff, then to my mom's. we worked on the bussle for my dress. i got lightheaded and was blacking out so we had to stop. i ate a granola bar and drank a small glass of milk. then it was off to spy in erin's new house that she bought. then joann fabrics, linen's and things, famous footwear but it wasn't there, so i went to marshalls. then kohls, famous footwear, world of values, and payless. then it was 9pm and time for dinner or lunch or whatever. we went to pugliano's. oh yummy pizza. then it was back to my parents house. i did the 2nd half of the shopping with them. we then looked up white shoes since i failed at finding white shoes at stores. well it was not easy to find white shoes while online either. now i have to hit up the mall and see if some of the stores that we found white shoes at actually have them in the store. so now my tomorrow plans are changed. so i got home like 10 minutes ago.

tomorrow i have to go to the mall, go to pat catan's, then go to my parents to actually make the bussle with the ribbon, then it's graduation party time 3-7. after 7 i will put stamps on the invitations. i didn't get to do that today. i have 3 new addresses so i can actually print those ones. i'm still missing at least 2 addresses though but i think i'll mail the rest without them.
so i just returned home. left the house around 1pm. so last night was my early night returning home. i got home around 10:20. i forget what i did monday or tuesday. so they may have been early nights. i'll check into that now. ok tuesday i was out until like 10:30. i forget what was monday.

more plans

while i'm thinking about it, i'll post. Thursday Angie is coming over to scrapbook and make cards. we've had the plans for awhile. they were originally for last Thursday but I postponed them to this week. that means prior to Thursday i need to print some pictures and also make / find some card examples.
there were too many people out and about today so i stopped my run incredibly early. my face was red i could tell. i didn't want people eying me up.

so 10 minute slow jog for me today.

Friday, June 22, 2007

upcoming plans

saturday (tomorrow): jewelry store, sam's club to pick up pictures and buy kleenexes, Bed, bath, and beyond to buy the other tv tower, Joann fabrics to use my 50% off coupons for wedding stuff (expires tomorrow), get bussle put on my dress
Sunday: graduation party
Monday: work then dinner with Adam
Tuesday: work then meeting with the caterer at the reception hall
wednesday: work then dinner with my mom and Kris to discuss wedding decorations.

oh and i have to make a map and directions to the reception hall, print them, put them in the envelopes, print a few more envelopes. put stamps on the envelopes, and mail it all.
i really want to get in a run every other day at least. i haven't run since monday. i'm going to run at least 1 5k this summer but hopefully 2. i have to research where and when.

and thursday is too far in advance. i probably have something.
i'm such a girl. we looked at wedding bands today. we are going back tomorrow. dave's ring size is big so they aren't sure of the cost so he was checking online and he couldn't find prices either.
i just napped for about an hour. it wasn't nearly long enough.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

busy bee

well i got home today at 11:13. so that's earlier than it has been. plus i was home for about 5 minutes after work and before i left. time to shower.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

i think i'm going to die from being so busy and not being able to sit and rest and never being done.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

we went ot dave and busters. it was fun. but it was too crowded so we didn't cash and buy anything w/ the tickets. so now i have to keep this dave and buster's card for next time. it actually wans't as fun as before. it was too crowded andd i didn't' get to use my favorite games.

Monday, June 18, 2007

i only ran 18 minutes today but th eworkout was way harder than the last time i ran at 15 minutes. i went on northern pike and then the 2 housing plans. i should have done the dead end first. that hill was rough. i also ran around the plan a little before northern pike.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

3 loads of laundry done. well the last load was just a comforter. i didn't put it in the dryer. it's hanging over a shelving unit to dry. my hands are so dry from the laundry detergent.

last week i picked a place for the reception and picked a caterer for the reception.

this week i hope to talk to the florist and also talk to a few bakers (or maybe just one baker) about the wedding cake and cookies. i will also mail out invitations. if i am still missing a few addresses, i'll catch them the next day. i'm also still deciding if i should register and where. i thought i should but my mom thinks i shouldn't she said you do that for a sh ower. well i'm not getting one so i think i should do it anyway. i've already had someone ask what to get me.

things that bug me

so i gave dave's mom picture from April 2004. these pictures had Dave, Justin, their great Aunt Florence, and their mom. well what bugs me is that dave's mom only makes a big deal about loving hte pictures with justin and she wants me to get her 8x10 of them. she doesn't say anything at all about the pictures with dave. doesn't say she likes them. doesn't take a second look at them. granted justin died but shouldn't you like to have pictures of your living son too. grrr. should i be letting this bother me as much as it does?
how is it already 9pm. i have os much that i want to do. i also have ot do laundry. i have to clean up.
worst bed ever.

the bed we lseep in when visiting pb's family. it's the worst.

Friday, June 15, 2007

i just finished making pizzelles. the first few were too thick and fluffy. i learned to cook them longer. the rest were more like gram's. some are a little darker. i got about 3 dozen with 3 eggs worth of ingredients. my gram gave me the recipe today for 6 eggs worth. that's the only ingredient she measures. i mostly followed her recipe but i didn't put as much anise in it. i probably only put 1/8 of what she puts in.
the loop in our apt complex is so small i get so bored with it. i even switch directions and do different turns to do the circle and i do all ways and it's 15 minutes. that's what i did today. it was too dark or i was going to run on the main road to a different complex.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ack. i missed posting yesterday because i left at 7am for work and then didn't return until midnight.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i don't have enough time after i get home from work and before it gets dark. it's so annoying.
i just ironed 6 shirts. i hate these new shirts nowadays that you have to iron.

Monday, June 11, 2007

we went to the pool tonight. it was tiring.

i'm sick of my shoes. my shins hurt.

i went to target with Haley. i got what i forgot to get yesterday. tennis balls and bleach for colors.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


i bought invitations today and a tiara. i also bought a bra for under my wedding dress. i looked at shoes.

i spent an hour trying to decide which invitations to get.

i bought new chocolate for work but forgot to buy bleach for colors. pb and i went to gateway high school track to walk.

now i'm doing laundry. i need to do some westinghouse work before the night is up.

i just took out the tiara to show dave and a little bead came off. i could glue on a new one but stupid thing fell off. i can't find where it bounced to.
15 min run today. i had to spit so i returned.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Friday, June 8, 2007

i hate vonage. i always have. i dont understand why/how pb loves it. it always breaks. now i'm going to go way over on my cell this month because that one sucks.
i guess things are better now. there are more choices. i decided not to give away dates just yet because things seem to change every time i do.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


hate hate hate

hopefully tomorrow it will all work out but i'm not even going to get into it that's how mad i am.

but it does involve a paragraph in my previous post.

a few things

so why does david's bridal keep sending me post cards about their gown sales. i already bought a dress through them. yes through them. that's how they got my info. do they think i need 2 dresses or something?

today dave said "look there's a hottie" and when i turned to see who he was pointing out, he was pointing to me.

i booked our ceremony place and honeymoon today and moved up the wedding a few months. so the wedding is in about 10 weeks.

i made dinner tonight. 2 kinds of spaghetti because i'm a good gf. i made angel hair for me and regular for pb. then i made a separate sauce for him too with tomato chunks.

our cable keeps going out here so i didn't get to post this earlier.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

i unpacked a box today.

and by unpacked i mean i took all the junk out of the box and put it down on the carpet beside the box. the junk also blocks the doorway to the den (not sure what we are calling the room, it's computers, scrapbooking, and my old bedroom furniture)
i went running tonight.


i made dinner for 5 people tonight. i sat on the back of the couch to join the table. not enough chairs. dave was originally going to sit on the couch but decided to join everyone else. brian complimented me on my potatoes. some guitar hero was played and then once everyone ate they left. i wanted them to stick around a little.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Monday, June 4, 2007

this was such an awful weekend. everything went wrong so then i didn't have time to do other stuff.

at least dave discovered that if he moves the really really old cable wire away from the power strips then the internet works again. but i doubt that was the problem but what a coincidence that was.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

the dryer now works. the washer does too. the washer liked to drain onto the floor. we learned that the floor is sloped in the exact opposite corner of the drain. sucks
i've spent about the last hour playing guitar hero. i can't even believe it.


i sent my mom my link to yesterday so i wouldn't have to retell her. then she complained about how she wont read my journal and i said to read it. then she sends me an e-mail correcting all my typos. she copied the post into her e-mail and changed all the words to red that she changed. if she only knew every post was like that then she wouldn't get on my case. she told me not to get mad in the e-mail.


also it makes me so mad that jason and haley won't ever drive and always want dave to drive. they never ever pay for gas. they dont pay for parking. i had to pay for parking last night. they even comment that they don't really care about money but they never pay enough when we split a bill. friday night at dinner they only gave us enough money for an 11% tip. i call them on this and they say that's all they give. but if he was putting it on his credit card he'd give more.

this is continuation from last night because i had to pay for the parking. so it was like one thing that made me mad after the other.

pretty much the worst day

I didn’t get any unpacking done yesterday. We spent forever trying to get our vonage phone. well mainly dave did it all. i didn't do much except help him plug and unplug things upstairs. he even called their customer support and talked for what seemed like a half hour when i was upstairs. they finally fixed it but through that ordeal happen to break our wireless router so we had to go buy a new one. he broke the router by plugging the vonage power into it. it did something to the wireless but it would still work as a router if you could plug in. but vonage doesn't work now because he moved vonage to upstairs before realizing that he broke the router.

while we were out buying the router, we also bought a 3 prong cord for the dryer instead of our 4 prong one. now i can do laundry. not that i want to but i need to. *

we had plans to go to a baseball game. there would be 5 total. dave didn'' want to drive since he felt like he was getting a cold and had be taking cold medicine and he felt that he shouldn't have to since he always does. well nobody else would so if he didn't we weren't going. he was mad. he drove. we left at 3:40 to go to fuddruckers before the game. It took us an hour and a half to get down to Fuddruckers. i was in so much hate of all the traffic and waiting 20 minutes on the bridge to even turn right and then also people going fast in the left late (the wrong lane) and then cutting over at hte last minute, that i wasn't even hungry anymore. Then off to the game. the ride to the game wasn't as bad as to fuddruckers but i still think it was worse than theride down used to be a few years ago. at the game i bought food near the end of the game that i would get to finish by the end but stupid 9th inning, we had to get the other team out in 3 fly outs so it was over so quickly and then since we were ahead we skipped the last half inning. i still had half my nachos left. it made me mad. i got up to carry them out and eat while walking and got cheese all over my shirt. they were impossible to hold w/o using my thumb which had a splint thing on it. so i held them like a waitress holds a tray. my arm was frozen in that positing. then while getting into the car i notice a note under the windshield wiper. the note said that they watched someone back into our car and leave and gave the plate number but they didn't sign it. so all four of us have to get out of the car. dave made me call the cops but after he was already leaving the garage. we had to wait for the cops. It only took them 2 hours to find us. We weren’t exactly at the spot we said we were, we moved down to the end of the block to pull over and not be in everyone’s way. But it was at least an hours wait before the original guy tried to show up. I think more like an hour and a half.

also jason deletes pictures from my camera. gravester and pb probably still remember the time they did and how mad i was. and they deleted one of mine in may of 2003 and it was only 1 picture. jason is never touching my camera again.

* update: i tried to hook up the new 3 prong and it's the wrong kind of 3 prong. who knew there were even 2 kinds. now i have to go out again. this sucks.

Friday, June 1, 2007

i just made a car appt. i described my problem and then the guy just started busting out laughing. sigh

i also made an apt for an oil change since it's been a year. the oil reading thing still says 53% but since it's been a year i shoudl do it.

the problem w/ the car is that i thought the turnsigal light was out. but then it'll work again. then the next time i drive it won't. i assume this means it's electrical. how should i have explained that to get the guy to not laugh at me.

well if i even knew how to get ot the turn signal i could change it myself but i don't. i wont ask people becuase they'll think i'm stupid. also it may not be electrical. i just think that they'll find nothing wrong and then laugh at me again.