Saturday, July 30, 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016


Ella woke me up. She was crying and yelling she fell out of bed.  Her little broom handle wrapped in a towel was not tucked under the fitted sheet so it is likely she really did fall out.  She was still tired and wanted to cuddle.
Ella wanted her watch. We found her stamp while we did it. She said she needed paper. She started stamping. She said it was for Gavin.  She asked me for more stamps/ink. Then it became difficult. She wasn't listening and getting ink all over her hands and then things. {I finally gave the paper to Gavin in July. I kept forgetting.}

She wanted cereal. She ate a bit but got up to try to get something and she spilled the entire bowl. We shared a donut. She was extremely difficult about it and wanted a big one not pieces.

I took my weekly pregnancy photos. I used a timer balancing the camera on something since Dave was trying to sleep.  He got a cold and decided to sleep all day since he can get that luxury.
Ella saw the baby play mat and lied on it and said she needed to be changed like a baby and then she took her undies off.
Dave was briefly awake so she wanted to sit with him. She got her iPad and spent maybe 10 minutes with him. I offered to make him shakeology so he got some nutrition in him.  I go to make it and a few seconds later Ella comes running to the kitchen saying "I want shakeology too." When I made me one, I poured some in a cup for her.  She was just too cute.  She drank it a bit in bed with Dave. Then she decided she wanted mine too. I told her to sit on the floor so then she was. She was trying to sit exactly like I was and it was funny to see her try to get her legs right.

Then it was lunch time. We went out to go cook. I get to the kitchen and realize I have to go to the bathroom. I tell Ella that I have to pee and she can pee too then we'll cook. Well as I come back from the kitchen, she tells me she peed on the kitchen floor. I feel like this was because I was not specific enough with her.  Then we were cooking.  I made grilled turkey and swiss (x2) and one with pepperoni, mozzarella, and parmesan.  Ell was eating it up. Twice I got up off the chair to get something and she stole my sandwich.  The 2nd time she took all I had left (2 quarters) and replaced them with 3 crusts.  I was shocked how much she ate. It really helped using a high top chair. She doesn't really manage to get down from those so it helps her stay seated. Halfway through eating, I gave her her iPad too so then that was something to keep her from getting up.  She ate more than 1.5 sandwiches.

I negotiated with her to get some sandwich back.  She wanted chocolate and I had told her she could have some after she ate. I asked her if i gave her 1 could I have a piece of the sandwich back. She nodded so she got one and I got a piece back. Then I asked her about the other piece.  She said 2 pieces of chocolate (not 1) but then kept counting up to 11. Then said "no. seventy-nine" and she was so proud of herself. I said no and we settled on a total of 4 pieces and I got my sandwiches back.

We went for a ride to get her to fall asleep.  She almost fell right to sleep.  Well before we left it was an ordeal. She had to go potty but had to take 3 different cups in there with her and had to line them up. Then she had issues getting on the step stool to wash her hands and she just didn't seem to want to do it. Then to leave she wanted to go out the front door and not the garage.

But at least she fell asleep. I got her to her bed. Then I was able to actually make some pregnancy collages and update my blog post.  It surprisingly took a long time since I hadn't done full body collages in quite a few weeks.

Dave still continued to sleep. He'd wake up for a couple minutes and get some water or juice and then back to sleep.  I cleaned up the bathrooms and master bedroom in preparation for the cleaners.  I moved the day they come from Friday to Monday so that I can have a clean house for meetups instead of a clean house for the weekend and then it just gets trashed with Dave home.  The kitchen isn't too bad since I worked on cleaning that earlier. Ella just is constantly making a mess.  I kind of like the weekend to try to pre-clean versus trying to do it Thursday when I'm wasting time picking Dave up.  We'll see if I continue to like it later though.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


 Another morning with Ella in bed with us.

 Ella helps make hot tea.

Ella kicked Poly out of the cat bed.
She was back into the cat bed.
On our way to a park before nap time I ventured to some different dollar stores.  I let her push the shopping cart in this huge Dollar Tree.  I spoiled her.

Then we went to the park.
She fell asleep on the way home which was the plan all along.
The bed transfer didn't go so well.

Ella was helping with crafting.

Onesies I made.
The highchairs are for dolls and not Ella apparently.