Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Ella woke up at 7. She was in her crib so I went in to get her.  She said she was done sleeping.  She wanted to eat right away.   She ate a ton of oatmeal and I got to shower.

We got Dave to work by 9 then went to Walmart. That trip was cut short. She wouldn't go in a normal cart but then went in a different kind where you can sit differently and see where you are going.  But then after barely any of the trip she was just too bad so I said we would leave.  She had a full harness that she was buckled into but she could manage to get out of it and then would run off.

Then we went to Trader Joe's after just to buy a couple things. Ella pushed a little cart so she was happy but man is it difficult to shop with her when she's in charge of a cart.

We stopped and got bagels at Panera on the way home.   She wanted to eat there.  We got home a little after 10 and she was starving.  We shared 2 bagels.

Ella played with play dough then she ate again.

I took her for a ride near 1:30 instead of trying to get her to nap at home. Then we went to preschool early and she slept in the car. I just played on my phone.  I think I did doze off. I hid in the backseat to not have the sun on me.

Ella was pretty good at preschool but she is so clingy to me. I am glad she napped.  She did so well singing and doing the hand motions. She's getting so good at that.  She did throw toys a few times. She also wouldn't sit at the table during snack time until I was right beside her.  She never used to be clingy so it kind of sucks a lot.

 We picked Dave up on the way home.  As soon as we got home he asked her if she wanted to go to the park. I thought he was just trying to get her out of the car but he actually took her to the park. They were gone like 20 minutes.  I was able to clean up a little and do a few things. It was nice just to have a few minutes.

Ella and I spent a long time eating. Ella was watching her iPad too. Dave ate on the couch very quickly. We watched the debate. It was so nice that Ella was so good. She asked for more a few times too.

I gave her a bath after dinner. She didn't want to leave the high chair until I mentioned the bath.  During her bath, she requested Daddy so he came in then she was so happy that mommy and daddy were there.

Then we played. She likes to play legos.

We started getting ready for bed a little after 8 but she took a little while and she left her room a few times. She finally fell asleep near 9.

I was going to go to bed when she did but then I just read facebook and played on my computer until after 10 then I started neftlix.  Dave was watching TV during this time. Poly was purring on my chest.  She made it hard to blog because I couldn't see the screen through her.  


Ella woke up at 7 AM. She was mad her OK to wake clock was not green so she started to take off the back to try to change the time to get it to turn green. She also knocked on the door. I ended up going to get her.  She said she was done sleeping.

She was not happy in the morning. She cried a lot over a lot of different things. It was just a bad time.

We took Dave to work around 9:30 and then took her to preschool. We sat and waited for school pictures. She waited patiently but then wouldn't do it.

Where the kids were posed!
I was waiting with her since I was taking the class (group) photos.  Things did not go well with Ella. I ended up in her class photo. It was just a bad time.   Some of the classes went so well. I also zoomed in and got some pictures of some kids that were just not having it posing for the real photographer. Too bad I could not get Ella to cooperate. It made it harder that I was around but not with her. I ended up taking pictures of 1 class while holding Ella.

I didn't leave there until after 11:30. I got home and loaded pictures and started trying to find the best ones.  Before I knew it an hour passed and I figured I better eat lunch.  I was also doing laundry. I ate lunch and watched TV. Then I lied on the couch with a cat on me.  I did some dishes. I wish I had more time but then Dave wanted picked up really early so then I got him and we just got Ella early too.

We picked up Panera on the way home. Ella didn't really eat. She wouldn't sit in her high chair so she wasn't getting her soup.

We hung out and played. She was jumping all over me on the couch. Finally I got her to play. Dave was working on his laptop the entire time. I was very impressed Ella actually played legos for a few minutes by herself.  Finally she asked me to join her so I did.

We got Ella to bed at 8:20 and she fell asleep in less than a half hour.  She told us she wanted to sleep on the floor but then she ended up moving back to her bed.

Then after a little bit I heard crying and she fell out of bed!  

Monday, January 30, 2017


 Some pictures from the park after our Monday Run.

Then I was off to my doctor appointment for my first appointment for the pregnancy.

Ella is a messy eater.
 She's so proud of it but the pictures are blurry.

 I was ready to pass out so I was doing my normal lie on the floor.