Tuesday, November 30, 2004

both of my checkbooks are balenced. i found my previous error

Monday, November 29, 2004

i forgot about project write up due this friday (which also means finishing the project) and hw due tuesday and another experiment write up due next week
i forgot ot mention i have about 5 weeks of journal entries to catch up on for politics and i also have a thermal test on friday of next week. so i hve tests tues wed thurs adn friday of next week
well my deposit did work out perfect once i got the correct amount from gravester. so now only that missing check from gram and how much i made last sunday and how to fix a dead car battery and how to get through the next 2 weeks seem to puzzle me

SmilingColl: but test tomorrow stuff due wed and 30 min presentation thursday with a paper and then also a 5-10 page paper due in that class (which we sorta just got assignment for today) these 3 thigns r worth over 60% of our grade then next week major tests tues and thurs and then a final wed and also have to write a major lab report technically due monday
SmilingColl: then classes are over friday
SmilingColl: o crap i forgot exam friday too
blueroseslm02: oh jeez
blueroseslm02: i think my head would explode
i'm a failure at life. my money file is wrong.
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i'm such a slacker. just look at how little i post now adays.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

7 thank you cards down.  time to start my homework.
on most days when my checkbook isn't balanced thats' the worst of my problems.  not today!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

back at the poly. time to clean up. too bad i didn't figure out if i work tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

i have to plan a half hr presentationt his weekend in addition to studyign for modeling and control and redoing that thermal hw (we got an extension)
half rh presentation that includes tons of research
and also a 2 page paper and 5 page paper dealing w/ presentation
i'm so tired. i never post anymore. i spend my tiem reading other live journals. I'm typing this with my eyes closed now. I think tomorrow I will be forced to do ohmework.
Which stores are open tomorrow that I can shop at? I need to get a flat panel monitor before Friday afternoon too.
I dont know if my interview went over that well today or not. I wish I knew how many people they were inteveiwing and for what and stuff.
I should make a shopping list of what I should buy.
word is daisy can't see anymore
my interview is over.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

tonight not only did i have 2 tables not tip me but i had one of those tables leave w/o paying their bill. it was for over $50 and Hollie said that they come in often.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

jcal called me a stalker (not of him)
magazines i let timmy borrow about a month ago mysteriously reappeared in my doorway a few minutes ago.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

My guess is a C in thermal lab unless they way curve it. but it's really ahrd to tell cuz they dont really give us back any graded stuff so we dont know how to improve before we do the next assignment.

modeling and control

if i get 100s on my homeworks and labs (which hasnt' happened yet) then i only need an 87.5% average on the next test and final.

what i do instead of my homework
it is possible but highly unlikely that i will get an A in modeling and control. I will most likely get a B. If i get a C it will be because i get super sick or something.
i roughly have an 83 so far in Modeling and Control
at least i'm practically guaranteed an A in EI this semester.
what i hate is that now since i work so much at Pizza hut I know more regulars and it bugs me when i see a regular comign in that tips poorly or doesnt tip at all. it just makes me mad. it really makes me mad that peopel rave about how good everythign is and how wonderful the service is and then they dont tip at all. argh

Friday, November 12, 2004


how can i get that ink spot out of my pants? it's about the size of a pea. hairspray didn't work a few times and then rubbing alcohol also didnt' work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

my group is stupid and won't send out the report before they turn it in. sometimes they won't send it out after they turn it in. i dont get to see it until i see that we lost points cuz they didn't attach all fo the stuff. it annoys me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2004

yay for a 3.5 hour nap. and if i would have fallen asleep right away it might have been a 4 hour nap.
i realized it disturbs me when someone else has the same font as me on aim. well the same font and font color. the same size just adds to that.

Monday, November 8, 2004


i guess it's time to start my homework. life is crazy. over half of my tissue box is gone and i saturate each tissue before deeming it unusable.

today i woke up, got ready, took the rest of my tissues with me, went to breakfast and ate 4 bites of my bagel and put the rest in a napkin for later, went to EI and sat outside in the hall and talked to the TA, went to class where i could barely handle all my sneezing and runny nose, went to my next class where i didn't think as hard and my nose only ran half as bad, then went to lunch but left before even having my card swiped, then went ot the shuttle, went to price chopper for more tissues, went to dunkin' donuts, got back ate 3 donuts, took a nap, woke up, went to dinner, came back, watched some tv, talked on aim, caught up on LJs, took a bunch of quizzes on mewing.net and now it is now.... i have liek 5 hours of homework or something. but not all due tomorrow. i have it due like wed. ok i have a little more due wed that i didn't even start. i wanted to e-mail my ta about it cuz i was reading it before and it seemed hard. but the ta info is way over across the room along w/ my notebook that has the lab so i can at least know what i'm asking. man i have a lot of reading to do too for politics class..but most of that was due today or last week or the week before.

What will you get for Christmas? | mewing.net. bah humbug

What will you get for Christmas? | mewing.net. bah humbug

take the "are you pittsburgh, miami, or hoboken NJ?" test.

and go to mewing.net. NYC represent.

this is what i do instead of my homework

take the virgin-whore dichotomy quiz.

and go to mewing.net. where we're all studs.

take the "are you a democrat or a republican?" test.

and go to mewing.net to love or sass.

and i changed all my answers becuase i thought it would be funny and look it is

take the "are you a democrat or a republican?" test.

and go to mewing.net to love or sass.

my kleenex box is already down an inch. i bought it at 2:30 and took a 3 hour nap in there. it's surprising how much stuff can come outta this nose i got here.
there is a direct correlation between how hard i try to think and how much my nose runs/ how much i sneeze

Sunday, November 7, 2004

i actually accomplished my goal. time to see if i can accomplish my next goal. we will find out this friday or next.

Saturday, November 6, 2004

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Friday, November 5, 2004

Thursday, November 4, 2004


i feel like a posting slacker since I just spent over an hour and a half reading other people's live journals.

just a few minutes ago i was thinking how i was the biggest slacker in the world becuase i didn't start studying yet. now posting slacker is added to it.


mechanisms was closed.  so is general manufacturing processing.  i regiesterred for classes at 10.  i got one of the reminaing 3 seats for pd2.  then at 12:04 when i was looking into e-mailing the professor to get written into mechanisms, there was 1 seat remaining.  i snagged it  up.
now i have 11 credits.  i need 17or 18

Tuesday, November 2, 2004

my group things i got the "easy part" but i had to do the lab because they decided it was easy. and now they think data is off and stuff. well that is cuz they wanted to leave lab session way early and not do it together which is always the better thing.
o it felt so great to not go to work study today and to rest.

so far Bush has 39 electoral votes and Kerry 3

Monday, November 1, 2004

i have a 23% out of a possible 30 in thermal 2 so far (this is out of the grades we have back)
30 bucks worth of halloween candy is a lot


i hate themal and fluids 2 lab... i hate it. i hate it. i hate.

i'm sick. it sucks.

i think i'm e-mailing work study and telling them i'm not going to work tomorrow.

i'm starving. i want halloween candy. my gut is big again.