Monday, June 24, 2019

Raspberry Lemonade Bars

We get our Raddish Kids boxes and our kids love to make the food. They pretty much never like to eat it though. I often record cooking but then don't often compile them.  Here is a recent compilation. They made raspberry lemonade bars. They had to chill for 3 hours. I didn't take a picture of the finished product but they were pretty sweet so I didn't like them.

This was in our most recent box and we made the dessert on 6/18/19. We haven't made the main food dishes yet though.

They always get out stuff to use from previous Raddish Kids boxes. Miles loves to get his spatula. The whisks are also from raddish kids in a previous box.

Instastory 6.23.19

I've been using instastories more and I sometimes I save them to my phone in a compiled version. I like to see the day at a glance. I just feel like 15 seconds of a picture is pretty long. I think I'll post a few on here just to see them later. Most of the time my videos don't require sound or don't have sound.

Tummy Time
Chilling and kicking (original video was not cropped like that!)
Fire making in the smoker
Kindergarten play date comparison
Eating Ribs
Last year on the 23rd

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Comparison ~2 months

While nursing Liam at preschool, I couldn't very well leave in the middle of it so started looking at old pictures. I started to show Gio pictures of Ella at 2 months old. Then we decided to save one of her then find one of Miles.  We did 2 versions of this.  I was done nursing and wasted an extra 20 minutes looking at old pictures and then making the collages. But now I have 2 comparisons of them all at around 2 months old.
Both pictures go Ella, Miles, then Liam. In order of age.

Who do you think Liam looks like?  Ella's cheeks are much puffier but it's harder to tell in these photos.  Miles was so much bigger.  Body size Liam and Ella are more alike.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Liam's 9th Week (6.16.19)

This week was by far the hardest week for me. It was so exhausting. Or maybe the exhaustion is setting in. Almost every single night he doesn't sleep longer than 2.5 hours. He might have his initial stretch at 3 hours which is totally when I'm awake. During the day he is taking longer to get down for a nap and napping much shorter.  I have to wake him up almost every single time I have to leave the house. Or we go to school drop off late so he wakes up but at that point he's not swaddled since I knew I'd have to leave. That means he's not sleeping as well.  It kills me to have to wake him to leave or try to hold off a nap that fails because of appointments or pick-up time. 
Liam has started grabbing at or touching things in front of him. He likes to lie down and chill. He does not like tummy time but when he's on tummy time he just rests his head and doesn't lift it up. He kicks with his legs a lot. He coos a lot in response to talking to him.
On Monday, he went to PT. On Tuesday we went to a friend's pool. On Wednesday, he went to gymnastics. On Thursday he went to Father's Day dinner at preschool.  On Friday, he went to his 2 month doctor visit.  On Saturday, he went out for ice cream and to Safeway. On Sunday, he went out to dinner.  Everyday he did preschool drop off and pickup except Friday morning when Dave dropped off Ella and Miles.
Liam turned 2 months old this week and I'll have a separate post if I ever get to finishing it. He had his 2 month doctor visit and got his first round of shots.

Friday, June 14, 2019

2019 Week 23/52 Photo

Ella's preschool had an end of year celebration and graduation.  For some reason I like how you can see the teacher taking a picture with her iPad too. I could crop it but I like it.  Ella's entire class was graduating and half of the next class. They usually just have 1 class worth graduating but birthdays just happened to work out this way.

Photo Taken June 7, 2019

Here's a bonus picture. Miles wanted to wear Ella's Elsa gloves. She said he couldn't unless he wore her other Elsa dress. He said "OK!" and they excitedly ran upstairs to get changed. Funny neither one is wearing Elsa gloves. The dresses lasted about 2 minutes.

Photo Taken June 9, 2019

Thursday, June 13, 2019

LIam's 8th Week (6.9.19)

Liam will often enjoy his play mat and looking up at the lights for a half hour. (The mat is partially broken and the stuff doesn't spin anymore.)

Liam likes to look around a room now. He has a lot more head control. He will move from his back to entirely up on his side.

He still doesn't sleep for long periods at night. The only time he ever gets over 4 hours is when I fell asleep holding them then I get him to nurse before he's awake.
This week Liam has spit up a lot less. I can't think of a major spit up and he just had a few minor ones. I am not having an easier time getting him to burp though.

Liam will be fussy a lot more than he was before. He will be tired but won't go to sleep. Or he'll want to nurse but also doesn't want to. He gets fussy when Ella is holding him.

There are periods of being awake and pleasant. Sometimes even lying there for awhile observing. But then there are also periods of cranky unsure what he wants and feels like.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Ballet (5.22.19)

Ella's ballet class at school put on an open class.  The open class is just like a weekly class. All the kids were so excited to see their parents.  I was so impressed with everything Ella and the class did.  I took plenty of videos and pictures.  I compiled a video and here are some pictures too.


Sunday, June 9, 2019

1 SE May 2019

I spent May focusing on the It's Mom Challenge and then I didn't get videos everyday. I had quite a few days with just pictures.  It's so hard to do it all. I still love this app. These videos are so fun.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Random Goals Progress (May)

In addition to exercise goals I made some other goals for the year. I posted my progress in January, February, and March.  Now here we are catching up with April and May.

In 2019:
  1. 240 blog posts with a reach goal of 280. 
    • January - 30 posts ✅
    • February - 29 posts ✅
    • March - 23 posts ✅
    • April - 20 posts ✅
    • May - 20 posts (even though I would have rather had 21) ✅
  2. 2019 Photo of the week blog posts
    • January - got all backlog posted and caught up! ✅
    • February -  ✅
    • March -  ✅
    • April -  ✅
    • May -  ✅
  3. Weekly new baby blog posts for 6 weeks  ✅
  4. Monthly blog posts for new baby
    1. 1 month  ✅
  5. Complete 2 photo books!
    • January - ✅  2 books ordered already. They were mostly finished in 2018
    • February - didn't work on any
    • March - Spent more time than I'd care to admit doing the preschool yearbook (not complete yet)
    • April - worked on LACP yearbook
    • May - completed LACP yearbook (3rd book for the year finished)
  6. Read a personal development book
    • January - I didn't even find it or figure out which one. 
    • February - oops
    • March - oops
    • April - oops
    • May - oops
  7. Use to-do list notebook.
    • January ✅
    • February  ✅
    • March  ✅ 
    • April ✅ 
    • May ✅ 
  8. Finish watching 2b Mindset videos.
    • January - Oops. 
    • February - Oops
    • March - Oops
    • April - Oops
    • May - Oops
Reach goals
  1. Clean the kitchen 2x week
    • January - ✅ I have not kept track week but I've cleaned it at least once the first few weeks then I cleaned it EVERYDAY the last week which averages to cleaning it twice a week. 
    • February - Oh oh oh definitely not. My back was so bad.
    • March - I did at least once a week even though my back was so bad
    • April - Nope
    • May - Closer to 1x
  2. Make bed 2x week
    • January - ✅ I have made the med at least twice every week. It helps that I make the bed every time I fold laundry and I only have 5 pairs of pants I wear so I do laundry at least twice a week.
    • February -  ✅ I make it when laundry happens or when people will see it.
    • March -  ✅
    • April - Nope
    • May - Nope  I even just did laundry on the unmade bed. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019

2019 Exercise Goals Progress (May)

I posted 2019 workout goals.  I posted my January progress then February and March. Now here is up to and including May.

For 2019, here are my exercise goals and my progress:
  1. Run 36 miles
    • January = 1.01 (Garmin or 1.07 on mapmyrun)
    • February = 0 miles
    • March = 0 miles
    • April = 0 miles
    • May = 0 miles
  2. Run 36 times
    • January = 1 time
    • February = 0 times
    • March = 0 times
    • April = 0 times
    • May = 0 times
  3. Complete 2 Beachbody programs
    • January = 0 programs (and only half a beachbody workout)
    • February = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • March = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • April = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
    • May = 0 programs (and 0 workouts)
  4. Exercise in some form 156 times (that's 3x/week)
    • January = 12 times
    • February = 6 times
    • March =  19 times(I've marked 34 workouts down in my app for the year so I missed marking down 3 times)
    • April = 14 times
    • May = 12 times (I've marked 56 down on my app so I've missed marking down 4 more for a total of missing marking down 7)

For inspiriting others, I plan to
  1. Run 6 free challenges
    • January = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • February = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • March = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • April = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
    • May = 0 (or 1 if you count month long things as free one which it is)
  2. Run 3 month long challenge groups
    • January = 1
    • February = 1
    • March = 1
    • April = 1
    • May = 1
I am pretty disappointed because I WANT to be working out. I miss running so bad. I forgot how you can't run with a baby at first so even though I could run, I need someone else to be with Liam so it makes it tougher. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Liam's 7th Week (6.2.19)

He doesn’t seem to be smiling as much as he was 

Liam has had a growth spurt this week that lasted about 3 days. It is exhausting having him nurse for 30 minutes on then 30 minutes off.

He has gotten even bigger. I took out the little cushion in his car seat under his butt. I figure he’s big enough and he was sitting so high. He still seems so high but now I don’t feel like the straps are way to low behind his shoulders.
On Monday I don't think we left the house.
On Tuesday we dropped off Ella and Miles at preschool and picked them up. We also had a play date at our house after school.
On Wednesday we dropped off Ella and Miles at preschool and picked them up. We also went to my 6 week postpartum visit.
On Thursday we dropped off Ella and Miles at preschool and picked them up. We went to the dentist and had a play date at our house. The play dates Tuesday and Thursday were for Ella but he still was around.
On Friday we dropped off and picked up Ella at preschool and went to Yamini’s for a birthday party. We actually walked to school in the morning using the triple stroller.
On Saturday, we went to the park for a soccer event and then to Jersey Joes. For dinner we went to Chick-fil-a and then I nursed him him the car while Dave, Ella, and Miles got ice cream.
His sleep wasn’t as good but I feel it’s growth spurt related. I’m hoping anyway. I was so exhausted all week.

Liam's started being more pleasant just lying there on the couch or on a play mat. He enjoys looking around.

2019 Week 22/52 Photo

Oh man there were so many pictures this week. I felt like I could have done a photo of the day.  I went with this picture collage to get more pictures in :)  These were at Target.  We had a little jam fest at the toy aisle for awhile. Another little boy even joined Ella and Miles. The music put Liam back to sleep a few times.  Then Miles wore the drum around the entire time we shopped. AND we shopped for a long time. He was going to buy it with his Christmas money he has left.  Then we were about 10 ft from the checkout line and he said it was too heavy and he didn't want it. It was putting a mark on his neck. He was also trying to buy other things so his arms were full.  Ella was posing by some things she wanted so I could add them to her wish list for her half birthday party. (I still have to add them to it.) 

Photo taken June 2, 2019. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Cleaning Time-lapse (5.31.19)

I actually cleaned for an hour straight where I recorded it. I cleaned a little before and a lot after. It had been awhile since I did a recording so I wanted to do one.  Usually I set a timer and clean for 15 or 20 minutes. But this week with growth spurt Liam, I never had more than a few seconds.  It was a disaster and still the family room was still a disaster. I had gotten the kitchen table cleaned up after this but still had some dishes and things on kitchen counter.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Birth Announcement

I keep taking longer and longer to do these birth announcements. I went with Costco this time instead of Shutterfly.  I ordered them when he was 4 weeks old!
Costco had fewer options and none of them had a back but they were way cheaper and also ready the next day versus in a couple weeks. I wish you could adjust the clock graphic to have it be the actual time.

I had to keep changing the scheduled date for this post because it took me a week to pick-up the announcements, then it took me a week to get my address labels printed. Then I didn't have enough stamps. Then there was a holiday with no mail.

Ella's Birth Announcement
Miles's Birth Announcement

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

2019 Week 21/52 Photo

Before school, Ella had to hold Miles. She's wearing her shirt and medal from the race. She had me braid her hair.

Photo taken May 20, 2019
Ella had a play date at her friends house. The night before Ella picked out her Elsa dress wanting to wear it. I texted the moms asking if anyone would be dressing up. Because of Ella, they all decided to dress up. (Well almost all)  Ella had so much fun playing with her friends.
Photo taken May 26, 2019

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Liam's 6th Week (5.26.19)

5-20-19 Getting Miles to Nap
Liam started smiling this week.
5-20-19 Ella likes to stand holding Liam
His face is pretty broken out. His upper back and chest are too.

He's becoming more vocal. He will make noises back at you as you talk to him.
5-21 - I took him out of the Ergo.
He woke up in 10 seconds.
He's still not interested in rattles but he has started to grab my shirt or a blanket. My physical therapist noted how he's sleeping with his hands open now instead of curled up. His legs are also stretched out versus curled up.

I weighed him and he is 11 lbs.  That is 54th percentile for WHO. Miles was 13 lb by this point and Ella was 10 lbs. (So Ella gained 3, Miles gained 4, and Liam gained 3.)
Liam is awake even more but he still has times where he sleeps, eats, then sleeps right away. This week is the first time I had to stand and sway him to get him to go to sleep.
Monday, he dropped Ella off and picked her up from preschool.
Tuesday he went to PT with me. He went to gymnastics. He also dropped the kids off and picked them up from preschool.
Wednesday, he dropped the kids off and picked them up from school. He also attended a special ballet class that Ella's class was putting on.
Thursday, he went to PT with me. He also dropped off Ella and Miles at school and then picked Ella up. (We had a little jewelry making thing here with a couple of Ella's friends that he was baby worn during.)
Friday, he went to the park for Miles's last day of preschool. Then he picked Ella up at school at the end of the day.
Saturday we didn't leave the house.
Sunday he went to Costco and Trader Joe's. We also ate dinner outside on our back patio.
This week he slept 1 time 5 hours and 55 minutes. That's his longest by an hour and a half!  His naps are shorter during the day. He's getting a little better at sleeping longer at night but still has those half hour times when I didn't get him to burp.
On our way to gymnastics, he spit up a ton in the car seat. I'm shocked how it was so much it ran down the buckle hole and had a ton sitting in the base.
He grew out of his new born swaddles so my mom bought him 2 woombie swaddles. I don't think I bought them this young with Miles but also can't find Miles's small ones anyway.  They are great. It's just sad when he spits up all over them right away.

He hates the monkey bouncer but will chill on the bed for a bit when I have to run into the bathroom.

I still have ~30 lb to loose! That's double what I had to lose at this point with Ella.

Monday, May 27, 2019

1 Month Photoshoot Time-lapse

Before preschool we did our photo shoot. I had wanted to get dressed but didn't make the time. We took photos in Liam's room but I didn't record that. This is just the pictures in the loft. I took a lot of pictures that didn't turn out well but got a few good ones as you can see on my monthly post.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Liam 1 Month Update

I'm keeping the same headings that I did with Ella and Miles.

  • Weight: 10 lb 11 oz - 74th percentile 
  • Height: 23.5" - 99.5th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 39 cm - 93rd percentile
  • BMI: 15.35 kg/m^2 - 16%
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 0.7%
  • Diapers: Size N until we ran out and then size 1. We never actually bought our own size 1 it was just the bag from the hospital. 
  • Clothing: Newborn size, 0-3 months, or 3. A few are bigger based on the label but they are just as small as newborn size. 
  • Shoe Size: N/A
  • Teeth: 0
(stats using WHO. I never remember which ones I use each month.)

I never woke Liam up every 3 hours to eat. He mostly was up before that was up but at night he slept a bit longer. He slept 4 hours a few times.
He has napped in his crib, on me, in his chair thing, in the stroller, in his basinet, and in the car.  Mostly he naps in his crib but I also try to keep him around the noise so he will nap in his basinet too. Maybe it's sleep deprivation but I feel like he sleeps for longer stretches during the day when I can't be napping than at night.

He seems good at waking up and getting a diaper change then eating and falling asleep at night. During the day he maybe do that or he stays up for a bit of time.

According to my app he sleeps between 10 times a day in May and 9 times a day in April.  He sleeps 16 hours a day in May and 17 in April. (I often wish I had a kid born on the 1st so the monthly stats for the calendar month will also correspond to the age.)
He has a little over 2 hours of breastfeeding a day according to my app.
Mainly he nurses on 1 side per feeding. The only time I seem to nurse on a second side in one sitting is when he wakes back up after a few minutes and then instead of nursing on the same side, I nurse on the other side or if he spits up everything he just ate.

He's been given 3 bottles. The first 2 were from my mom. The third bottle was from Dave. He spit up all over Dave so I guess he didn't like that one!

He's had a little amount of spit up twice and a lot of spit up 2 times after/while nursing.  On the days he spit up a lot, he seems hungrier at the end of the night.

Sample Schedule:
I don't think I have anything for this now but in future months I'd like it.
By the end of the month he started being tired and wanting to nurse slowly and be rocked to fall asleep around 8 and asleep by a little after 9. Then he sleeps 3-4.5 hours before waking. Too bad Ella is awake for the first part of this so I can't enjoy his longest stretch of the night. Then his 2nd stretch is 2.5-3.5 hours long. Then the next ones tend to be closer to an hour!
In the evening he is cranky for a couple hours most nights. This will start when I have to take him in the car to pick Ella up from preschool. If I don't have to pick Ella up, the cranky time starts a little later.

I nurse on demand. Sometimes he wakes up after a short nap and doesn't want to nurse and other times he will wake up from a short nap and want to nurse.

Special Moments:
On April 16, at the hospital, Liam's diaper was half on. Then he had a big poop. It was so messy. Then cleaning that, he shot pee. (A nurse left his diaper on incorrectly. And the clean up took awhile because there were not enough wipes and there were no spare blankets.) The hospital paperwork keeps having our old address in Los Altos. They claim at registration I put our old address. There is no way. I filled out our current address and also corrected every nurse with the current address. Liam got hiccups for the first time.
On April 19, Liam had his first poop mid diaper change. It go on sleep sack because I didn’t have a diaper under. Liam went for his first walk (and first walk in the triple stroller).
On April 20, Liam had his first tummy time. He enjoyed it and just rested his head down.
On April 22, his umbilical cord stump fell off.
On April 26, he had a decent amount of spit up. It was his first changing table diaper change (in public). He also had his first sit in the front seat and nurse and that was at Home Depot.
On April 27, It was the first time all 3 kids walked in a parade. (Liam got in his first parade early. He also was in the Ergo the entire time and was nursing.)
On April 29, 2019 He spit up in the crib. (More than he has been)
On April 30, Liam had his first bath. He didn’t cry!
On May 1, Ella was holding Liam and he was hungry. He tried to nurse from her. He spent 4.5 hours at preschool while I did stuff. Liam stayed home with Dave while I left to go get pizza.
On May 2, Liam spit up everywhere. It was so much.
On May 4, Liam spit up all over us again. Nothing like a wake me up. I waited. Then changed him. Then he spit up again. At 7 PM he got his first bottle. Ella fed him. It had 1.5 oz in it.
On May 6, I fell asleep so long in chair that I woke him to nurse and it worked.
On May 7, It was Liam's first time in the swing. But he wanted food so didn’t enjoy it. Dave gave Liam a 1 oz bottle so quick that I made him recreate it for a pic.
On May 9, His face seems broken out.
On May 10, at 7:47 PM, Liam spit up so bad at park. He soaked 2 blankets and his clothes and me. (He seems to spit up a ton often but I only mark it down a few times but maybe I should stop.)
On May 11, I think Liam smiled. (He definitely smiled a couple days later and consistently smiled later so this was probably his first smile.)
On May 13, when I parked the car at preschool, Liam spit up everywhere in the car. He had two big spit ups.
On May 14, Liam has his first poop out of the diaper. It went to his shirt and sleep sack. Liam has a cold. I had to use the bulb syringe a few times. By the end of the day, he was so sick. It was hard to nurse. He cries a lot and chokes sand then spit up.

Other Tidbits:
He loves it when he's swaddled for sleep.
He likes to nurse on the left side.
He likes Ella.

He doesn't like when he's sprayed so much nursing that he chokes.
He doesn't like to tolerate a wet diaper.
He doesn't like spitting up and then I temporarily cut him off from eating.
He doesn't like it when I change his clothes after he soaks himself with spit up.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 4 hours 16 minutes  
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 0
Diapers used (from April 14-30): 8 per day 
Diapers used (from May 1-15): 10 per day (I forgot to check before the 15th data was there)
Time spent nursing (from April 14-30): 3 hours 35 minutes per day 
Time spent nursing (from May 1- 15): 4 hours 1 minute  per day  
Time spent sleeping (from April 14-30): 17 hours 6 minutes per day
Time spent sleeping (from May 1- 15): 16 hours 5 minute per day    
illnesses: 1
Doctor visits: 2 (well check visits)

Favorite Toys
none yet

Favorite Songs
none yet

Favorite Books
none yet

Other Tidbits
I can't believe how often I have to do laundry because Liam will spit up so much that I have to change his clothes and my clothes. Liam will get the hiccups after he spits up sometimes. Lots of times his spit up is just a small amount but sometimes it is so much. I try so hard to burp him and fail 90% of the time. Then I have to prop him up a bit for a bit. 

In the middle of the night (most of the time), he wakes up and cries but he's almost asleep while crying. I change his diaper and nurse him. He will fall asleep nursing right away and I have to try to get him to eat longer or he will just wake up shortly.  If I don't get him to burp and lie him down right away, he will spit up. 
By the end of the month, I could no longer nurse him while in the carrier because he was too big. 

For 3 days this month, Liam had a growth spurt and was nursing all the time. It was exhausting. 

My recovery
I was taking 3 Ibuprofen 2x a day because I forgot a lot. It should have been every 8 hours.

My ankles were so swollen for awhile. They still sometimes get swollen if I sleep in the rocking chair.

I lost 17 lbs in the first month. In the first 8 days I was down 2 lbs. That's insane to me because I gave birth to an 8 lb baby! The swelling was just that bad. 

I don't even try to shower everyday but when I want to shower it takes me about 2 days before I even get to shower!

Dave was home for 4 weeks and then sick. When he was sick, I was sick. I definitely over did it.