Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

i didn't do anytihing on my to do list except give out halloween candy.

then on the news they talked to some pediatrician and she said kids should only have 1 piece of halloween candy every other day. and she was talking like that's a lot and that's if you want to get them fat.

lab reports

well you know how when you write a lab report and you're on the results section and after liek 3 hours you hate it. and you just want to quit. well imagine doing that 8 hours 2 days in a row at work. results section is 40 pages long w/ . also that it's hard work and you're totally confused. the more you look at it the more confused you are. it makes the day so tiring. ugh

Monday, October 30, 2006


i just cross stitched a christmas tree ornament for my tree (that i don't have yet). i went out and bought supplies. i need to get more. i still need to buy fabric to make my werath. this cross stitch job is plastic. i know you can do fabric ones but i'm not sure how to end those. well i wasn't sure how to do w/ the plasitc but it's plastic so it won't fray. maybe i should read directions.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

oh how easy it is to get up with an alarm w/o hitting snooze 7 times when it's daylight outside.


today after i was awake about 4 hours i started to get dressed. i put on a shirt but left on my sleeping pants. then a few hours later i decided i was going ot the gym and put on gym clothes. then i got home and ate and then showered and put on pajamas. yes it's not even 5pm and i'm in my pjs. these pjs are real clothes for some people but not me.

i'm up

i didn't sleep til noon today. i didn't even sleep until what noon would have been if the clockes werent' changed. go me. i actually only changed some of the clocks in the house so far.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


background info: from as early as i can remember utnil i went ot college i only got 3 headaches (i can tell you about them if you want). in college i got a few more. sophomore year i even had one that lasted about 2 weeks.

now everyday for the past week i've had a headache. i quit taking medicine for them. what is causing my headaches? sometimes in teh past week it's been what i thought might be a sinus headeache (right at my forhead) and now it's higher than that that hurts.


the test is over. 8 hours of fun. the pm part was much harder. i didn't know how to do the thermal or heat transfer ones. maybe i'm in teh wrong profession. pb couldn't do them either. the rest were ok. the morning part was so much more fun but i ran out of time.

Friday, October 27, 2006

FE exam tomorrow

i did some reviewing. all the stuff dealing w/ my major i had trouble with and had to look up the equations. when i got to the chemistry section, i got 90% of them w/o even having to look up an equation. i even remember molecular weights of different elements. i swear all the questions dealing w/ my major seem harder for me since i'm used to problems that take a half hr vs 2 minutes and so i dont have the simple equations memorized as much.
i took a half day vacation to come home and study. i ended up staying at work an extra 45 min . then i came home and showered. i think i might nap now. maybe i should eat lunch first. i'm a fatty but i should still eat. normally i eat at work but i didnt want to take a lunch and then have to stay 30 more min (even tho i did anyway). rick says i don't need to study/review. he says dave has the right idea. he doesnt know how stupid i really am though.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i'm home

the flight back wasn't so bad. the hardford airport sucks.

i can't believe how often the power goes out in our townhouse.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

business trip

i'm in CT now.
that flight was the worst ever. my ears killed me. the last half hour or so were the worst. it took about 20 min after i got off the plane for my ears to get back to normal.
the plane was so small. i had 3 seats across. the aisle was not wide enough for 2 people to pass. it was funny watchign a guy walk to the bathroom and then someone being in it so they both have to back up ot one of their seats in order for the other guy to go buy. the seats were sos mall they looked like miniature seats. the flight was also quit bumpy at the landing. everyone was talking about how it was the worst flight they've been on (the landing was). i've only flown 4 other times so i dindt have much to compare to but some of these guys are in their forties and have traveled a lot.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i've realized i dont' exactly remember how to do engineering problems. they are so familiar but i dont remember how to do them. now it's me being scared time.

tomorrow evening i will be on a plane to connecticut then do work stuff. then all day thursday (about 9 hours) i will be at training then spend about 5 or 6 hours doring the whole airport and flying back thing. then it will be bed time. i guess dinner will have to be in there. then friday i work. then saturday i have my FE exam. i need better self discipline. oh plus my project at work is behind so i have to work extra.

just curious

has anyone been invited to a wedding that they barely knew the person or didn't want to go but felt some obligation. they either went anyway or thought they had to give a gift since they were invited?

i had a coworker that complained she was invited to a wedding of her old roommate and that she didnt want ot go but since she had to get a gift anyway she might as well go for the free booze. do most people feel if they were invited to a wedding that they have to give a gift?


man i can't wait until tomorrow. another loan payment posts.

i've got to be the biggest loser ever. i wish i had more things that i could check the status of. i hope when i get my next RPI loan bill that they tell me how to check it online. at least when i can finally check that one it iwll be like christmas.

Monday, October 23, 2006


csi is going to give me nightmares. a rat just crawled out of this dead woman's mouth.

Westinghouse sale to Toshiba

Someone might be interested in these

http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06294/731776-28.stm - Post Gazette
http://pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/business/s_476062.html - Tribune Review

I have not read the Tribune Review one yet. I'm about to.


2 nights in a row we cooked a real meal with multiple food groups involved. i still have 3/4 of my chicken breast left from tonights dinner. iw ould take it to work to eat but i dont' want ot have to deal with the hastel of taking it off the bone. i'm too messy and take too long to eat.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


this CSI episode is going to give me nightmares. also it was goign to me my last episode of the night. i'd definitely have nightmares over it then. i might be forced to watch another one now. i've watched about 4 in a row so far.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

me = nerd

i'm so hopped up from exciement. the excitement is my new money file. i have ti add up all the food stuff and all the loan stuff (etc) and then put it in a new sheet in comparison to what i have in my budget. it needs some revamping since my budget is only 1 month worth but some bills are only every 3 months. on mine i have it divided by 3. maybe i'll make 3 month comparisons. also because you can go shopping right at the end of the month and it makes it seem like you spent more in that month and then less in the following month.

maybe i'll also add a pie chart of how my money gets spent. ooo that's what i'll do now. o man the excitment. i can't even sit still.

Friday, October 20, 2006


i put sponge curlers in my hair last night. i only curled the very bottom. my hair is so much smoothier and nicer today. too bad i dont usually get my shower early enough in the evening to have my hair dry enough to put the rollers in and still have my hair be dry in the morning

Thursday, October 19, 2006


ok this is a felicia only post. i hope i did it right.

so excluding this week because the meals have been crazy at work. i've been eating healthier lunches. i'd take green peppers and carrots with my lunch (if i had both. i run out of green peppers first) most nights i don't snack at all after dinner. i still need to work on healthier dinners. it doesnt' help that pb doesnt eat anything healthy and then i have leftovers forever and a year. he also doesn't eat leftovers on stuff he likes the first time. so if it's unhealthy i still end up eating leftovers for awhile. i've started doing crunches again. most of the time i do them while i watch tv. i brought my weights upstairs to start lifting. i've only done that twice. i need to put together my heavier barbell so i can do things like squats and have them mean something. i walk everyday at lunch at work. so that's monday through friday. usually i do at least 20 min of some type of exercise each day on the weekend even if it is only vacuuming that is hard work.

i need to work on what to eat for breakfast. i eat breakfast at work. i take it in. usually i have multiple honeybuns or something so i dont have to take something in daily. i can't think of what else now but i have to get downstiars. i have food in the oven (broccoli and cheese thing)


yesterday after work deer were crossing the street at the deer crossing sign. it was on the westinghouse driveway. the 6 deer waited until the cars went by and then they crossed. i wish i had my camera. i always comment how they never cross at the sign. some were standing before the sign and some after but all immediately surrounding the sign.

knowing things

did anyone every wonder about a person what it is that you dont' know about them or what MAJOR things you don't know about them. i do. i love knowing details about people and things about people even if they are minor things. i know some people don't care beans about that type of stuff. how can i make myself not care or as timmy calls it being nebby?

aparently i never hit post yesterday

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


this is not a fun line to read on my student loan website:
Expected payoff: 11/01/20
is it bad to get a certificate of completion for a course and then leave the class? the class was just about to start. the last class. we needed the certificate of completion for our manager so we didn't have to pay back the company.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I figured out how I got the big bruise on my knee.  It is from a support bar on my desk at work. I found out by hitting my knee in the exact same place. Timmy would sure have fun poking this bruise. A little touch and it hurts a lot.

Monday, October 16, 2006

another comment

i'm not just fat. i'm gutty. i haven't gained weight. this may seem odd. i've also had bloodwork and i have high cortisol levels. if you read up on it a side effect or something of it is being gutty. it's been a month or so since i looked it up so i forget all the details. i believe i have mentioned this before. but this is just something that shows that beign gutty isn't all my fault. my levels were WAY high. my doctor didn't say anything about it thought so just maybe it isn't affecting me at all. who knows . it' sjust an explanation that i remembered while laying in bed and thinking.


maybe i should give up on aim and livejournal reading. maybe i'd get more done and be happier (happier in more ways than 1)
i was told i shouldnt just say that i'm fat. since i'm not really fat i'm just fatter thanb efore and if all i did was eat all day and never exercise it's my own fault. i was told to say what i'm doing about it.

nobody cares tho so i'm not.


i'm such a loser that i'm more depressed at home than at work.

I think somethign is wrong with me but i dont know if it's good or bad.   Twice in 2 weeks I start sneezing and feel really sick and blow my nose and then 20 minutes later I'm cured. the good part is i did not get a full out cold for days and days but the bad part is why did i feel so sick for that short period of time.

today i ripped off part of my lip. well the dried skin. but you know how it's all dry and comes off easy and then you are at the point when it's not dry/dead and the last yank is the hard part. well that last yank today caused my lip to bleed for an hour and fifteen minutes. about an hour into it i researched on the internet and a few sites i looked at (all the ones i looked at but only a few sites) all said to see a dr if your lip bleeds for more than 15 minutes. it hindered my work for an hour becuase it is hard to type and hold a kleenex onto your lip. it was a pretty stead blead. if i didn't have a kleenex on it for a second there was a huge bubble of blood. then the lip rebled 4 times during the next 3 hours of work. it only lasted a few minutes those times though. of all days for me to run out of kleenexes at work. i walked to pb's cube a few times and grabbed a bunch of his, but i still ran out. it didn't help that i also sneezed a bunch of times.

also i have a gut. i'm sick of people telling me i don't. so i'm posting some gut pictures.

There are some before-ish and then now pictures.last year i had a little gut. i've never had a "flat" stomach but now i can't fit into my pants. if i eat i unbutton my jeans and unzip them.
Sept. 6, 2005
Sept 22, 2005
February 12, 2006
Sept 9, 2006
my birthday gut

note i did not resize the pictures so there is no significance to my huge gut picture being the biggest picture on the page. some might think that some old pictures i'm standing and in the new ones i'm sitting so i'll get a pic of me standing.
Sept 9, 2006. it is hard to tell because i'm in black but you can see how my stomach bulges out. too bad my butt isn't in this picture. my mom has told me from pictures that it looked like my gut was bigger than my gut.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

sometimes i'm not the nosiest person

timmy had me beat the other day.

then tonight he sends me this funny conversation. i was laughing for a few minutes.

TENroaches: so your dad didn't even divorce his wife before your mom until you were a month old?
other person: who told you that?
TENroaches: i found it online
other person: WHAT?

then timmy's away message: i rile people up. it's what i do.

well maybe i would be that nosey to look up divorce dates if i knew of people with a dovorce that i thought of on the top of my head. i tried to look up houses of people i work with. the guy with the last name smith was a lost cause. there were at least 10 people with the same first name.

my mood of fat is because i ate cereal a little bit ago so now my pants are way too tight and i'm sitting here with them unbuttoned and unzipped.


mallory just left! she was here she really was.

i offered her some practice candy and she looked confuse. doesn't everyone know about practice candy?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

a fun time

http://westmorelandweb400.us:8088/EGSPublicAccess.htm Then click on Real Property.


i'm a tag and mood slacker. i was doing so well for awhile. pages are so boring without the mood on there.

my parents just left. they commented on how we have more food than them in our fridge. it's so poorly organized that just having three things seems like a lot. also i doubt 2 of them will get eatten.

i'm doing laundry now. i vacuumed the living room earlier. i was about to do the stairs when my parents showed up.

mallory is supposed to come over tomorrow. what are the chances she will? her visiting isn't the onlyr eason i'm cleaning. the vacuum has been out downstairs for days. i always do laundry on the weekends. but since she is supposed to come i figure it should look kind of nice for her. her mom cleans non-stop so she's always known clean house. she probably won't show though. she'll probably call and cancel.

oops i forgot to post this from about a half hour ago. now all i have left to vacuum one flight of stairs. i vacuumed the rest of the house.


i made a new icon to show that my hair is shorter now. this is after about a month of it growing though.


i added a little tid bit to my calendar site. lets see if anyone notices what it is. it IS little. well 2 things are different. i'll tell you the one that isnt important. i put may, june, july on a separate link so it doesn't take forever to load.

Friday, October 13, 2006

o man

it's such a shame that i had to delete such a funny picture. a friend made me promise i'd delete it after i saw it. i dont like to delete pictures but i promised. man it was funny.

i've watched 4 episodes of CSI tonight. I should be cleaning or something. well really i just want to vacuum in front of this couch. the chip crumbs are really annoying. i don't do any of that because i'm too busy watching tv.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

fun times

you know what is extremely fun.

going to my loan website and looking at my montly payments and how much is principal and how much is interest and how much i still owe. oh it's so exciting right after my payment has posted.


i cut an inch off the layers of my hair. the bottom is still the old length. i didn't want to go too short but i wanted to get all the perm out. well there's still almost an inch of perm left. maybe in a month i'll do it again and then cut the bottom 2 inches.


i already got in 3 tv episodes and it's only 8pm. how exciting. i have time for 3 more.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


the 2nd night in a row i had awful dreams. 8.5 hours from the time i went to sleep to the time i quit hitting snooze did not turn out to be 8.5 hours of sleeping

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bad memory

i just thought of something i want to do tomorrow since it's so late now. then i thought i shoudl write it down so i dont forget. as i was picking up the paper, i thought of another thing to do. i wrote that thing down. now i can't think of what first thing was. i've sat here for a few minutes trying to think of it. that never works. it didn't work. i dont' know what i was supposed to do.


the oven burnt my arm. i hate how i always wish i had aloe yet i never have it.


the allegheny county assessment website is addicting. i learned fun things about different relatives houses.

Monday, October 9, 2006


i hope it doesn't rain overnight. maybe i should bring the vacuum cleaner back inside. i hate it though. i have a new one on my christmas list already. maybe if it gets ruined i'll be more likely to make it to the store and actually get one. but i'm afriad it will suck like the upright bagless that i have now. i hate bagless.

i'm obsessed. i still haven't eatten lunch yet. i did eat a snack at dinner time. i'm a big loser. i have such a headache.


oops. i just remembered I didn't eat my lunch today. i meant to put it back in the fridge when i got home from work. i forgot.

good or bad?

i just went downstairs and checked and at least half the lady bugs are no longer there. i'd go w/ bad.


and holiday park just called. the guy won't come tonight. the maintenance guy will come tomorrow or we can take care of it ourselves OR we can wait until the 3rd Thursday of the month for the bug-man (that's what she called him) to come and spray
we are infested with lady bugs. the maintenance guy is going to come sometime tonight. right inside the front door entrance there are about 100. then around the house there are only a few on each window or ceiling. the front entrance is the worst.

Sunday, October 8, 2006


i'm getting a headache. i think it's because i stopped watching TV. I better get back to that. Boy was it joyous to read LJ posts though.

My tongue is only a little bit swollen today. If i try really hard, I can speak almost perfectly.

I bought thread today so now i can fix 2 of pb's shirts and my suit coat (those buttons have been held on by pins for a year on October 13). I'm still not fixing PB's pants but now there is thread for HIM to do it.

It was hotter today than I thought it would be.

I also bought a hook so now i can hang up my robe. i almost bought a desk chair at staples but then the seat wouldn't raise high enough for my liking so i decided against all chairs. I spent a total of 6.59 today.

I watched some Scrapbooking shows that my mom taped for me. On the one show they were amking this silly ice cream cone out of paper. well that made me want kerbers. we went to kerber's. Oh how yummy. i also bought orange drink. too bad i forgot my orange drink at my parents house. i also watched "flip that house" and i was getting so addicted. i had to leave between shows so i didn't end up staying utnil 3am when they stopped showing episodes.

oh the reason i originally went ot my parents house was to go to a home show with my mom. we went to 1 in north huntingdon. the house was $500,000 and we kept finding things we didnt like about it. i think i'm going ot have a hard time finding a house i like when i buy a house. the basement was "finished" it was so funny. it was carpeted up to pipes coming out of the floor for a basement bathroom. how stupid is that. there were a lot of outlets in the basement but there was no cable jack. how stupid is that. the master bedroom walk in closet was as big as timmy's room at home. the bathroom was crazy. the rest of the bedrooms weren't that big but they did have semi nice closets.
oh how exciting. i checked my LJ after less than 10 hours and there are a lot of new posts.

Saturday, October 7, 2006


pb and i bought practice candy today.

i'm also practicing making different kinds of cookies and desserts for christmas. if anyone wants to taste test any with me, let me know or just drop by.

Friday, October 6, 2006


my swollen tongue still hurts. when i try to eat, the pain is so bad that it almost makes me want to pass out. it is a constant pain. when i talk my words are slurred. at work today 2 different people had to ask "what" when i was talking to them. I only talked to 3 people and one was PB. he's pretty good at deciphering me. many people were on vacation today at work. so pb and i decided to join the crowd and we took a half day vacation. the tongue and my cold were my main reason but i didnt' think i was sick enough to use a sick day.yet i thought i was too sick to get work done.

also i'm still getting lightheaded. it's not to the extreme as it was on 9/20 but when i stand talking to people at work after a few minutes i spend most of my time trying to stand and not fall over than paying attention to what they are saying. this isn't good when i am actually trying to get real work help. that was also why i wasn't getting any work done today. i can't remember all teh stuff uri told me for how to check what i was doing and make sure it was ok for this one thing and then if i twasn't do this other thing. i couldnt figure out how to check it so i was trying to do this other thing but i couldn't figure that out either.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

nobody on my friends page has updated since october 2. i can't take this. 1 days is bad enough to go without post reading.


i bit my lip today when i was eating my bagel. it got swollen that other people even noticed. then later i went to finish my bagel and i did it again! i threw away the bagel. i didn't want to be tricked into biting it again. my tongue is already swollen on the same side from biting it yesterday. it's tons of trouble to eat now.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

i turned off my computer last night for today and then the power didn't go out.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006


two days in a row the power went out here. today it was longer than a second because more clocks had to be reset. today it was while we were at work. yesterday it was a few minutes before we left. it went out today around 10am. the power also went out for someone else in the plan yesterday so its not just us. i wasn't around to spy out and see how far the power going out spread.

Monday, October 2, 2006


i watch tv from the time i get home from work until i go to bed. i'm such a loser. but tv is so wonderful. and veronica mars season 3 starts this week. oh how exciting

Sunday, October 1, 2006


mallory was supposed to come over today. this is like teh 3rd or 4th time we've scheduled and one of us had to cancel. she's sick (cold) so she called and canceled. i was sitll sleeping when she called. now i have to find something to do today.

sleep #2

last night i fell asleep on the couch. i was up an hour later tha normal. then i went upstair at 2ish. i fell asleep and slept until 12:13. i can't believe it was that late. well i got a lot of sleep this weekend.