Wednesday, August 30, 2006

birthday cake

I forgot to mention the birthday cake we got my dad said "Happy Birthday BigJCJC" I took a picture of it. It's still on my camera.

veronica mars

i can't wait until veronica mars starts again. too bad it's still over a month away. i have a borrowed season 1 dvd here. boy is it good. i watcched deleted scenes tonight first. someof them i didnt know which episodes they went with so they weren't as good. then i watched the episode called "leave it to beaver" it made me cry even though i knew what was going to happen.
i'm wondering if the wireless thing in my computer is broken because i can never stay connected.

today was a long dayi even slept in until 8.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i stopped at subway today and showed mallory my ring. she's busy now with school and work.

Monday, August 28, 2006


nobody responded to any of my long LJ posts so maybe i shouldn't be so descriptive.

i'll give it another try.

today i slept in until 7. I got to work at 7:45. i forgot to walk at 11:30 so I ate lunch quickly at noon and then walked afterwards. I worked until a little after 4 and we headed to Kenny Ross to drop Dave's car off. My mom met us there and picked us up. We went back to their place and watched some TV until my dad got home. Then we left in my car. He had my car at work. as soon as we got home we made rotelli with meat sauce. we have just enough left to have some in our lunches tomorrow. well we both kind of stopped eating to make sure we had enough.

We watched 1 episode of Bones then I gave Dave a haircut. I showered and now I'm here posting.

I might get to go to Kansas City, MO for a SWE conference in October. My manager talked to me today about my interest in going. I was asked if i had interest. I just didn't think up about the conference on my own. I learned today I'd have to make a trip report for the conference. I also learned that I will have to make a trip report for my Radtrad training in Las Vegas next week. I still need to find out what a trip report consists of and the format and style of Westinghouse.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

another thing tonight

at the tail end of dinner, we were really low on ketchup. i said it was time to get the spare out. nobody believed me that i bought a spare. we couldnt' find it in the cupboards. dave and my mom say they checked every cupboard. i said it would be hidden in the back behind things. they couldnt find it. i found it hidden behind the rice krispie treat box. well i didn't find it until i was going to eat some leftovers a few hours later. but i knew it was there. sometimes my memory is right.

oh and

last night the pain of my ring being too tight woke me up in the night. i couldnt 'geti toff so i kept going back to sleep. i couldn't get it off for about an hour after waking up. i couldn't get it on again utnil about 5 hours after i woke up. well maybe i really COULD have if i really reallly really pushed. i did not want to do that.


Today I went into work for 4 hours. Then I went and had my ring resized again. I also talked to them about mothers rings since that’s what Dave’s mom wants for a gift. I can’t believe she’d ask for such an expensive gift but I decided to ask while I was there. I ended up killing enough time that it was ready. They tell you three hours. I didn’t want to have to leave and come back. It was ready after an hour.

Then I came home, cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and cooked dinner. I invited my parents over for hot dogs and hamburgers and roasted potatoes. Earlier in the week I originally wanted to have work people over. But then I knew I was so busy I wouldn’t have time to clean for them since they’ve never been here, I thought it should look nice. So then I invited my parents over. Originally I told them 1. but then I changed it to come at 5. Next time I’m cooking, I’m not going to do laundry at the same time. It wasn’t any fun. I got my dad a birthday cake. I only thought of it yesterday. He said he guessed I’d have a cake. I asked how he knew when I didn’t. He said he thought that’s why I invited them over so close to his birthday. I bet if I didn’t have a cake he’d be disappointed. Dave isn’t a big fan of cake and I eat like a bird so I saved me a piece and sent the rest of the cake home with them. It was three layers. 2 of chocolate and 1 of yellow. I only like yellow anyway. I didn’t order it in advance and my dad likes fudge icing. That was the most yellow I could get and have fudge icing. It was the hugs and kisses one so it had the white icing too in stripes. They stayed for a few hours and talked. While my mom was here she wanted to check her e-mail. I was downstairs talking to my dad. After about 20 minutes I wondered what she was doing. Finally she came down and said she looked at her church website and learned stuff looked so different on my computer so she started updating her website. I was telling my dad about how Westinghouse does things. He was surprised we get paid straight overtime once we finish our “casual overtime.” But he was also surprised we don’t document how much time we actually work a week. I said we only put down 40 hours unless we get our special permission to put down OT.

A new guy started in my group to replace the girl that quit at the beginning of July. So he didn’t even apply with Westinghouse until July. Then he had 2 interviews and was given an offer all within 2 weeks. Then he started 2 weeks after that. That’s all the time the background check took. He was surprised at how long I took. He graduated from Pitt this past May.

So my mom’s van has kind of been in the shop since April 20. She had it back for a little while while she waited for a part. It used to be drivable. The mechanic keeps putting new parts in and making it worse. Now it’s not even drivable. He has to take it to Kenny Ross Ford for something since he messed up. He has to have it towed there. My mom is hoping to have it this week. If not she said she’ll just have to quit her part time crossing guard job. She said they can’t afford a new car now. My mom feels awful borrowing my car. We can make due with 1 car. But Dave never works Overtime so if I ever want to I have to know in advance and drive separately. He won’t really stay late (he’s ahead of schedule with his work). He also won’t come back and pick me up. I have a TON of work to finish in the next month. All for 1 project. I’m a little behind and we started it over a month late so we’re cramming a lot in. I’m also helping the new guy get all the training and everything he needs. I remember when I started having a million questions, so I’m trying to help and tell him things so he doesn’t have to go wondering for months like I did. Some new hire things it’s hard to know unless you just went through it.

should i post like this often?


Friday night I slept 11 hours and 45 minutes.

Saturday we tried making an appointment for Dave’s car. We also tried to do this Friday. Nobody ever answered the phone. We tried going up to see if they could fit him in. They couldn’t because the guy that would check out the electronic seat is only there Mon-Friday. He was going to make the appointment for Monday but we can’t since I lent my parents my car this week until my mom’s van is fixed. She’s a school guard for a month or so until they find someone. It’s not where she used to be so she can’t walk there.

Then we went to Ponsi’s to get some insoles put back in my shoes. That took over an hour.

Next Dave went home and I dropped in on my parents to help them plant trees. They did not know I was going to do this. I even bought a change of clothes. I knew my mom said she was worried about my Dad doing it. Well they are paying to have the hemlocks put in but they were planting some shrubs. I helped with that. They had just gotten home from buying the plants and dirt when I got there. They were going to wait until it got. My legs are a little sore today. I wasn’t really heavy enough to stomp on the shovel to get it down in. So I used this other tool that I keep forgetting what it is called (maddock or mattock or something like that). I got so sweaty that I showered at my parents house and then left there by 5pm.

I came home and ate a little since I hadn’t eaten since breakfast and that wasn’t much. I felt a little weak from all that hard work and lack of food. Then we went grocery shopping. I think I just watched TV after that.


Friday I got to work at 7. I left at 5pm. I also worked through lunch. I went right to a jewelry store to check into getting my ring resized. They could do it. Next I went to Kohl’s to get my dad his birthday present. Then we went to Olive Garden for a little engagement dinner celebration. We hadn’t had time since Sunday to do that. Then at 8PM we went and picked back up my ring. Well the worker miss-sized me and it was too small by .5. I wasn’t sure if I could live with it or not. But it was so tight in the mornings I couldn’t take it. (I took it back today to be resized back up. But now the band is way thinner :( )


Thursday I slept in and got to work at 8. This was a planned sleep in because the Engineering Services Picnic was Thursday night and I was on the committee to help plan/decorate/etc. I left work at 2 to help with that. At 10 pm I gave up waiting for people to leave so I could clean up. Normally I am in bed by 10 and play gameboy until about 11. They bought way too much beer, pop, and snacks so I took some home with me.

Monday, August 21

i just sent Melissa an e-mail and Dave said I should post things like that in my LJ. So I'm going to break up the e-mail and make a few posts.

I invited myself to my parents for dinner because I loved what my mom was going to make. She made the mistake of telling me she was going to cook it. She didn’t seem to mind though.


people in the jewelry store are so impressed by the quality and clarity of my ring. and by people i mean 4 people (or was it 5).
we canceled our cable and our replay TV. i'm not sure how much money will be saving. i know replay tv was 13 bucks a month. we had digital cable and had 2 boxes before. i hope we still get local channels without the cable. i wonder if there was a basic package like in Troy that you could get for 7 bucks. it should at least be saving 60 minimum and that should help.


my parents were here 2.5 hours for dinner. before they got here i called them twice telling them about things i didn't have but they might want. both items i don't use and neither does pb really. lettuce and rellish. my dad expected a cake. he thought there would be one since this was so close to his birthday. i can't believe that. i thought i was so good coming up with the idea 2 days after inviting them.

i'm so old

i forget to eat. and sometimes i forget that i ate.

friday at 9am i realized i hadn't eatten breakfast. then i went back to my cube. i seem to have forgotten to eat. at 10:30 i e-mailed my mom telling her how i forgot to eat. i was going to eat right after i sent the e-mail but i forgot.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


i keep waking up in the night because of my ring being too tight. i can never win. the jewelry place doesn't open until noon today. i called yesterday and the lady that answered said i'd have to talk to the manager about getting it resized free of charge since i just had it sized there. i got the feeling that they wouldn't do it and i'd have to complain like nobodies business. the thing is i wanted a 6 and the sales lady kept teling me a 5.5 would be the best and i would be so happy with it after i got it. i kept saying "i dont' know"

update: also she said it's guaranteed for 30 days. she said that right after i said i thought the 6 would be better.


i'm so depressed. i keep realizing how i'm spending beyond my means. i can't wait until this furniture is paid for. but i have a feeling i'm in too much of a bind before that point. pb's depressed that of his 700 loan payments about 500 of that is interest or some crazy amount like that.

i need a boarder to live in the 3rd bedroom here. i should try to sell the old 27" tv, the end table/lamp from walmart, and the coffee table we spent 80 bucks on and used for 3 months. even this dresser i have sitting here from target.

my mom told me i should get married in vegas (next month when i go) and then just have a reception back here.

gram thinks i'm rich now (vs poor when i'm at school). she has it backwards. but she stopped giving me money here and there. i saw her give timmy money at the family reunion last week.

go me

i surprised my parents today by showing up to help them plant bushes. there weren't as many as i thought. i even took a change of clothes. i didn't expect to get so sweaty but i took a shower there afterwards.
so i've been so busy that my new ram was delivered like 3 days ago and i haven't put it in yet.


we slept about 10 minutes short of 12 hours last night.

Friday, August 25, 2006

i got my ring resized. pb's too paranoid now i'm paranoid. i dont like being paranoid. it makes me think . "pretty...or is it?"

(for those of you that don't know, i wouldd always say pretty looking at my ring prior to resizing)

Thursday, August 24, 2006


i want to have a picnic saturday. i'm afraid this is too short of notice. if you read this tell me if you would or would not be able to come. i'm not "planning" it yet because i don't want to be disappointed if nobody is available. make sure you let me know if you are or aren't


today at hte picnic word got around that i got engaged. people congratulated me. pb was beside me. they didn't realize i was engaged to him. he even said at one point "i think they are missing part of the equation"

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i just made 2 new LJ icons

one was just my aim one. it was small and i realized it wasn't at that good of an angle so i made another. since pb got me the paid membership for valentine's day i might as well use usome of the 34 pics i'm allowed to upload.


i'm so tired. i kept having nightmares last night and thus didn't get much sleep. i wokred 10 hours and went to class for 1.5 today too. well i also worked through lunch.

so i learned that i can get my ring resized for free from the company the ring is from but it will take 2 weeks. i think it'll be super nice a half size smaller. but it's super nice to look at now. i can't decide what to do. i dont know how long a resize would take a store around here or how much it will cost. perhaps i should find that out before i get all bent out of shape of having to part with my ring for awhile.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


i keep getting distracted by this super nice ring. at work it just grabs my attention and i stare at it. i swear i don't get any work done any more.


how come everyone says "nuh uh" when i tell them pb proposed via aim?

Monday, August 21, 2006

i only specifically told 2 people at work. it's awkward to jump out and say it.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

facebook has been updated

Polah Bea (8:58:35 PM): better update our facebooks
SmilinColleen (8:58:42 PM): good idea
yes he asked me online. we talked about it years ago saying how funny it would be to ask online since we always talked on aim especially when we first started going out. sometimes we were in the same room and still talked on aim.

more info

our family reunion was yesterday. too bad he didnt' show up at the reunion to do it. he did not go, because he didn't want to. our last family reunion for that side of hte fmaily was 15 years ago.

the ring arrived yesterday. i have no idea when the wedding will be yet. i didn't pick it out or know what it looked like. he knew what style i liked and i did specify i wanted 6 prong. it's platinum. he had the ring delivered to work. during the family reunion he went to pick it up. he knew it was there because of tracking it online. i'm thinking about a wedding next october or november but who knows. i dont know how people pick their dates or know their dates right off the bat. i also don't know where we should have the wedding.

when i told my dad about it and when pb got the ring. he commented how he could have showed up at the family reunion and asked me. that would have been embarrassing.

post other questions you may have so everyone else benefits from my answer on here.

I'm engaged

Polah Bea (8:28:32 PM): will you marry me?
SmilinColleen (8:28:55 PM): yes

check his post for some more details

Update: then after that aim convo he said "then i guess you want this ring?" and opened his hand.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


pb was stupid putting up the mirror. he hid in the closet after i yelled at him.  come over if you want to see some extra holes in our wall.

Friday, August 18, 2006


i'm laying in bed and then i hear the bathroo door open and close. i ask dave "did you just read my live journal?"  "uh huh. hey this bathroom door is broken"

he's not on top of things like i am. it took him a whole day to read my live journal/notice the door.

then i told him i was comign to post this becuase it was so funny. then on my way to my comptuer he jumps out of the bathroom and scares me.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


i'm a nerd. my nerdiness level increased today with my new knowledge. it would have increased yesterday if i paid attention to my class.

i need mike to correct my door terminology here

i just noticed today 2.5 months after living here that the main upstairs bathroom doesnt close properly. the part on the door (by the handle) that goes in and then goes out ot make the door "closed" is about a centimeter lower than the little whole in the wall. the little metal plate in teh frame is set too high.

my dad informed me the first weekend he was over after i lived here about the den (middle sized bedroom) closet door being the same way. well it's only set about 1/4 of an inch too high here. 

the door from the garage has something wrong with it too. i think the hole is set too deep or something. it's sooooo hard to get it to click into place.

update with the terminology from mike: the part of the lock that sticks out is the latch. the metal part on the jamb of the door that covers the hole is called the strike.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


my cholestorl is 220 so i told pb i'm going on a diet, which is only eating 3 snacks a day. he asked "plus 3 meals" and i said yes.  he didnt' think that was much of a "diet"

really i said the diet thing cuz i have this gut  not cuz of the results.

also i have high cortisol. i'm not sure what it is. my mom looked it up and was getting all worried. my doctor didnt' tell my anything about any of my bloodwork results being abnormal.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

i learned today that my laptop battery was recalled.

yesterday i ate a wrap. it was my first one ever. it was the worst think ever.

Monday, August 14, 2006

i'm cold right now from the a/c here but it's no where near as cold as it was today at training.

Friday, August 11, 2006

i need to amke a new LJ icon. my hair is shorter now and so my icons seem so out of date.

loser = me

all i've done since i got home was read big brother forums.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


i put clothes in the washer before i left today. dave was still home. i made sure all the clothes i put in went in the dryer of mine. dave was to put them in the dryer then fold them/ hang them up. well he hung up a few things and just threw the rest of my stuff in teh laundry basket. ther were 5 shirts in there that i hang up. 4 of which i wear to work. well they are more wirnkled than i've ever seen clothes before.there were also 2 tank tops and a pair of pants that are all wrinked now.  he thought that because they are tank tops they don't need folded. what does he think i do with them.  it's not like i can wear them now w/o rewashing them or ironing them or something.  things just make me so mad. earlier today at lunch everyone at work even agreed how he was in teh wrong and my manager said they gave me permission to beat him up.  i'm sick of it. can't have manners /common courtesy and be smart enough to know better.  maybe someday i'll explain lunch. i dont feel like typing it all now.
i'm so exhausted from walking in teh woods tonight. timmy took me crazy ways in the beginning. i didn't get to warm up walk in the woods.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

y is it that i get in th emost mood to exercise right after i take a shower. then i know i wont' exercise becuase i dont want to have to shower again. i need to start eyeing up my gut pre-shower and exercise then.

we did not walk at lunch today.


i'm stressed because of work.  well my one code got an error. it's obsure and i have no reason why. i could spend 5 more minutes fixing it since i now have it deduced. pb wouldnt' stay any longer. it's not even like i'm going to be late or anything with any of the work. i'm just mad that i changed something in the code and the error is in anothe part. it's in the title it outputs. i dont' know why. i'm just gooing to change it. but the titles are identical except 100% becomes 80% becomes 50%  and they all work but the 50% ones. it just burns my toast.  i would be fine if i was able to stay and change it.    i also have class at 6. i don't want to go. i may skip again. 

*i'll probably be back to normal in a few minutes. i just got home now so i'm all riled up.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Sunday, August 6, 2006


oh and is it sad that today i went from pj's to gym clothes to pool clothes to pjs? and i'm in my pjs and it's not even 6pm.
gym and pool in one day. amazing. too bad it was more jagging around in the pool than exercising.


pb made me pancakes for breakfast.
why can't pb just like his job?

Friday, August 4, 2006

*shakes head*

i should be shot in the face.  i left those things at work again. i still can't fill out my forms.

Thursday, August 3, 2006

i'm so mad. i can't do things on my to do list because i left the forms at work. well i hope the one form is there, but i know the other 2 are.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

calendar site updated
did anyone see me on any of those recent days that i'm missing and then happen to remember what i was wearing?


my gut is so big that i not only unbutton my jeans to sit down but i unzip them too.

here's a pic of me 4 days short of a year ago in shorts that are no where even close to fitting me now.