Monday, January 31, 2005

so yesterday i only did laundry and read a little mechanisms.  i didn't do the rest of what i planned.
i think i'd rather have a 6 ft or 8 ft banquet table than a desk.  i need to spread out too much.
i ate faster than pb. the "spaghetti and meatballs" for tonight. except i didn't get meatballs and it wasn't spaghetti it was like egg noodles.

It's Monday

security clearance is filled out and ready to be mailed.  i'm leaving in a few min to go mail it.  i scanned in the important pages. i didt'n waste my time scanning in the pages where I answered no to all the questions so I didn't have to explain myself.  I have class at 12.  Then I have work study 2-5.

Tonight I'm definitely doing my EMD homework, doing some laundry, depositing my checks, and doing some mechanisms reading.  I hope to be in bed by midnight.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

today at work tom said "before you told me you were leaving for the summer dave payne suggested that i take shift manager training courses so i can shift 1 day a week and waitress the rest. but i wont be there in the summer. but tom still asked if i would be willing to do that and shift next week. dave payne is the big head guy in charge of 9 pizza huts. so i guess i'm well liked.
i can't believe it.  i finally attempt to go to the bank and the atm is out of order.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

somtimes i hate my decisions and choices.

i'm crazy

today i made the suggest that i could work all day on sunday so rachel could have the evening off since tom told her she could and then he said she couldn't becuase it was the super bowl.  we are going to be crazy busy.  i dont think i'll be that busy as a server.  i would suggest doing production and having only one server be on but i dotn want him to count on that becuase even thought scott is going to be fired if he doesnt show up.  he calls in off  the day of every football game. they all hate him.  aparently he's going to college but still feels the need to get hotel rooms with his girlfriend. he also claims women pay him to have sex with them. everyone hates working with him and they all want him fired.


Thursday night I had a bunch to do.  I didnt' do it all.  I spent forever doing my one subject of homework. i still didn't figure anything out. I was so mad and upset htat i couldnt figure it out. I coudl barely even go to sleep.  so I decided to read a lttle of the sexual homocides book for psych class.  it sure made me feel so much better.  it's crazy.  i'm so messed up in the head. the more i read the more i think that dave's brother is gonna kill someone someday. O and today I learned that he's in rehab again. Dave's mom called him to talk for awhile.  She would not tell him any more info.
Last night work was crazy.  I didn't get to eat when I first got there.  I didn't get to eat until about 11pm.  I was starving and getting a headache from not having anything to eat or drink.  We were so busy.  Carry-out and delivery were soo busy.  It was taking 50 minutes for people to get their food.  Pizzas were made but weren't able to fit into the oven.

I still have my errands to run that I did'nt get to wed or thurs or fri.  I still have to fill out my security clearance and start writing my report for msl.  I have to meet my group tomorrow at 4:30 aka right after work. 

Tonight I worked 8 hours.  I had a part of 37 walk in w/o calling in advance.  They told me it would be 20 to 25 people.  They were a little off.  They took over half the place.  I didn't wait on any other tables while I had them and then I got a 6% tip off of them.  They were so messy.  They took food from the salad bar to mix with their drinks.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

still so much to do. i wanted to go to sleep by midnight. i also didn't do any of my errands today.
I got the job at Bechtel.  They offered me the job yesterday.  I have to finish filling out this security clearance now.  I have all this homework to do.  I have errands to run and laundry to do.  It's crazy yet exciting.

update: I had the interview November 24. I would told I would find out one way or the other within three weeks.

Monday, January 24, 2005

I went to sleep at 10:30pm last night. around 7am the sleep started to not be as good.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


pizza hut closed early today. the only people that went there were in SUVs or trucks. the driver there loves driving in the snow becuase there are better tips. even though he can't nearly deliver as many pizzas. he warned me before i left that i should drive 2 miles an hour. it took about a half hour for me to clean off the car and drive home. usually it's about 12 minutes. i had 9 tables today. 1 didn't tip me and they were very mean and i had to do tons and tons of stuff for them. I tried to park in the BARH lot but it was full. I went to the field house lot but the guy was still plowing. He didn't wanna stop for anythign. I parked where he already plowed. He almost ran me over when i was trying to get from there into BARH. Dave's car is totally plowed in. Probably up to my waist or at least my thigh. the roads weren't that bad. i think my snow tires helped. it was slick and ok yes the roads were horrible. i keep forgetting how i had to stear.

Friday, January 21, 2005

well it appears i did'nt mark down getting a paycheck from dec 8. maybe i never did. i looked like everywhere for it.
i made a decision but not a big enough one. i hate this.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


i've made a decision
i need new shoes.  i want some brown ones or black ones that replace the brown ones i had to throw away last yr and the brown ones i had freshman yr

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


i slept 10 hours last night and i'm tired now. today i only had one class. we got out an hour early so i only had one hour of class total today. it was nice. before class i was busy talking on AIM so I didn't quite make it to lunch. I ate after class. Well right after class I got my parking permit. $62.50 charged to my student account. Later we went to Sam's Club to pick up my pictures but I didn't specify which type of black and white film it is so they sent it back and I have to give it back to them with the correct kind. It's non C41 incase anyone cares. I had to e-mail a photoclub person to ask. He tried to talk me back into joining the club. My head hurts now. I thought maybe I wasn't feelign well because of hunger.

I borrowed a space heater today. It helps a lot. myroom went from 57.something up to 66. o man 66 felt warm. it was great.

I want to go to the mall to buy some sweatpants that are long enough w/o the crotch being halfway to my knees.

The apartment situation isn't looking that great. I dont know what to do. I wanted that 4 bedroom with 2 other people but it appears I dont have friends that it would work for. Too bad I can't find 2 people like Pip that would stay in their rooms all day. Also a sorta bad thing is the 4th bedroom in the apartment is in the basement. I dont konw how that will fly with 2 other people wanting to live together that live with us. Heh for all I know the apartment is already gone. Dave hasn't bugged me at all today about it.

My Pizza Hut schedule consists of 12 hours this week. Saturday 12-8 and Sunday 11-3. I kinda like that. I'll make a little bit of money but I'm not overtaken. I bet they hired a bunch of new people while I was gone. I should probably contact work study about hours. I think I will wait until next week. I'll talk to Pizza Hut this weekend and see when they might make my regular hours so I can work around them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

absolut citron was good

more ways

another way is to have the highest temperature your bedroom gets at 61.

here's how to get sick

windchill below zero outside then go into class where it's 78 and stuffy then go outside then go to dining hall where it's really cold


my gut is so huge i put it up on the desk today.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

i'm hungry

i'm such a loser. i was going to sleep at 2am. i'm hungry i've been up so much longer than i was supposed to.
o wait dave tells me i claim he hates me half the time too. hmmm
everyone hates me but daisy and dave and daisy's dead so that leaves one person.
i should get myself a plant to be my friend.
the jacket i bought pb is too tight.

live journal was broken and i could not post.  i had so many things to say.  i can't remember anything that specific  now.

i just called pizza hut and talked to tom.  i will get him actual availability later.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


check this out
it's crazy

how are we even related?

my dad comes home from work with the christmas party pictures and asks my mom "do you want to see these before i throw them away?" and she says "no" and he threw them away and took out the trash already. I wanted to see them and keep them. How can we even be related that they would THROW PICTURES AWAY? my dad did ask if she would want to see the other people in the pictures and she said only if he cuts her out of them first.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

it's late

i just hardcore scrapbooked. I got started too late and got too into it. For one event i had one picture twice and one not at all but I did the rest of the page and cropped it so i know what size it will be. I'll take pictures of the pages tomorrow. I really do need to start scrapbooking at a table. It is very hard to work on my bed w/ no real hard surface.

It's 57 degrees right now. Dave says there was ice up at school.

I just changed the time my alarm is set for. I'm so not tired right now. I only slept an hour and a half on the train too.

I am home now

3:15 – We pull away. There are TVs on this train. They are up above in the place where u put luggage. There are 6 on the side of the car opposite me. I had to walk down three cars to find one with power. I helped some lady in a wheelchair move to not be sitting in the wheelchair. Some gay guy was talking to me asking me if I knew if there were any single seats available. I’m in the very front position by the bathrooms. So the seats are facing the opposite was as last time. The car is different though. This one has darker blue seats and has curtains. My light for my seat is like behind my seat. It would only help if I reclined. There are people standing in the back because they don’t want to sit with other people (well that might not be the reason). The conductor just went over to yell at them. I’m trying to consume both seats so nobody tells me to move to share a seat with them. That’s mean of me but I sat with someone else the whole way last time when only about 3% of the people had to sit w/ someone else.
3:22 – Nobody came to collect my ticket yet but those people finally got seats. I should knit while it’s daylight.
3:28 – I’m about to write a cover letter to apply for an internship for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
3:33 – I need to get on-line to look at my transcript before I can update my resume. Also I need to make sure that I have senior standing before I put that in the cover letter. I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t but I need to make sure. Also it makes me sad that my GPA didn’t change this semester even though my current GPA was higher than my average.
3:37 – I got a message from Dave so I called him back. He was at exit 7. This wheel chair lady keeps talking to me. I’m busy over here. She asked me if she could use my cell phone later to call her son because her cell phone died and he won’t know what train she is on. But she is going to LA so she has plenty of time to get a hold of him.
3:46 – Paole stop. Crazy lady is talking to me again. She goes to school. She starts Jan 24, but she won’t be back until January 26.
3:50 – I just let crazy lady use my phone. Ok its dialing. I’m timing it if I remember. Now she told the lady on the phone to hang on a minute because she has to look up her son’s phone number. She should have done this already. She just tells her to “hang on a minute” then she muffles under her breath “she better not hang up that bitch” 909-425-9614 is her son’s number. She can only use one of her hands or something. Craziness. Luckily this is a new month. Ok well her phone didn’t die they cut off her service until she pays 50 bucks she says.
3:55 – She’s off the phone. I just checked. Last call was 4:49. “Thank you. You are a life saver. God will bless you.” Her train is to arrive in LA at 8:20 tomorrow night. She was already on the train before Philadelphia too. Man no wonder nobody else sat here before.
3:58 – I wish I had the train schedule with me. I wished that last time. So then I knew how far off schedule the train is. I just want this lady to go to sleep or me to go to sleep so she won’t talk to me. Now she is singing crazy-like.
"4:00 – I forgot to mention I dropped my scarf but the gay guy from earlier picked it up for me. I didn’t even notice it fell. It fell right near my seat.
4:01 – Oh my… that lady is here that disciplined her child last time. Oh man what a coincidence. He seems to be very well behaved now. I thought that little kid looked familiar. I just saw the mom now though. I wonder if he will start getting smacked around before I get off.
4:05 – Can I fake sleeping? I wonder how rude it was that as I talked to her I typed about (which meant I was typing while she was talking). So she said she would give me 2 bucks to use my phone and she didn’t. I haven’t opened photoshop yet.
4:09 – I just got out my knitting. I just counted to make sure I didn’t lose a stitch in the travel. I have 19 stitches. I can’t remember if that is how many I need or not. It might be but at first I thought it was 18 that I needed.
4:13 – One row complete. I would put my laptop away but I don’t want to miss saying anything. I’m getting kind of tired.
4:17 – Another row complete. I’m so tired right now. I just realized again that I haven’t put reclined my chair yet. The one beside me that nobody is sitting is is reclined a lot more. Mine is straight up. Time to recline. Haha I only reclined like 2 inches. Now I reclined 3 more. I still have about 5 inches more to go before I’m as reclined as the one beside me.
4:29 – Lancaster call. Also the reason it’s so hot in here is something is broken and they are going to fix it in Harrisburg for us.
4:31 – Stopped in Lancaster. Harrisburg is in less than 40 minutes. I learned this because people wanted to smoke.
4:33 – Someone is listening to headphones so loud it’s loud enough for me over here. Actually it’s crazy wheel chair lady listening to it so loud.
4:36 – Ok we aren’t leaving right away because we have to wait for some train to pass. So now the conductor just went back and told the people they could smoke. Someone got out just to walk around. I wouldn’t be doing that because of all those smokers being right near me.
4:40 – Leaving Lancaster... ok maybe not we’re stopped again.
4:42 – Actually moving. The train feels very tilted right now, like I’m leaning to the right. It’s actually quite weird.
4:48 – Now we actually picked up speed. I haven’t done much of my scarf at all but I think I’m gonna take a short nap.
4:50 – I put my feet over the feet rest and rest them on this box of metal that is part of the train. At first I thought it was a heater, but it’s not. I don’t know what it is.
4:51 – I can’t sleep reclined this much. The person behind me probably thinks I’m crazy.
4:52 – Sitting up is better. I’m hungry. Good thing I get to eat in about 4.5 hours. I ate 4 bites of rice krispies this morning and that is all. I do have water here and one tasty kake krimpet. I didn’t’ even go to the bathroom at all today.
4:55 – The metal seatbelt on the wheelchair keeps rattling.
4:57 – Someone closed the door that was making it colder in here. Now its tons quieter and I can hear the lady’s music again. HAHA someone left and left it open. The kid got up and closed it again.
5:00 – Someone just left the door open again.
5:03 – We’re randomly stopping. Now we are going again. That lady woke me up to get a bag for her. Well I guess I was typing so she didn’t really wake me up. The reason we slowed down/stopped must have had something to do with us and this other Amtrak train that just passed us. Now I’m not as comfy as I was before.
5:05 – Someone just asked me if someone is in the restroom. I hate that. I don’t pay attention. I was just kinda sleeping. Even when I’m not sleeping I don’t pay attention to what people do. The wheel chair lady is trying to talk to me again. I definitely need to fall asleep so I quit getting bothered.
5:08 – I sleep like I do at night. That’s probably why people don’t think I’m sleeping. My hands are on my keyboard.
5:14 – Sweater time. I just got offered a sandwich.
5:21 – Harrisburg stopped
5:28 – Moving
6:02 – My feet are asleep. How I was laying was not good.
6:48 – Now it’s warm. My hand is asleep. I musta drooled before. O man I can’t type w/ my sleeping hand. It’s starting to wake up.
6:59 – Lewistown
7:03 – I got back to knitting. I had to take off my outer sweater. It just got too hot.
7:12 – These needles sure are slippery or my hands sure are dry or maybe a little of both.
7:39 – Time to start the next skein. Too bad I have to put the skein in a ball first.
7:43 – Stopped somewhere. It’s the place with the pretty painted building right by it and the train station right near some road so traffic had to stop. Apparently the train is to arrive in Pittsburgh at 10:30 or 11 tonight. It was supposed to be at about 9:50. It is Huntingdon. I wish I had scissors.
7:53 – New yarn is on. I keep thinking that I didn’t do the last 4 stitches the special way so I take them out and redo. But 99% of the time I was actually doing them the right way. Word is that we are 1 hr behind schedule. Dave should be arriving up at school soon. I should paint my nails. I haven’t painted them since Freshman year.
7:57 – I can’t believe I haven’t marked any of my purchases down over break. I was keeping that file for over a year and a half. I still have my receipts. I could catch it up.
8:03 – I should probably call Pizza Hut to let them know when I’ll be back and stuff. I never gave them my next semester availability. I just don’t know that let either. I don’t really want my manufacturing class at all. Boy someone is trying to fill up their water bottle and it is going so slow. He only filled it less than halfway. I bet that water is colder than the water in my backpack, especially since it’s so hot in here. I am so amazed by the amount of people that walks around in here without their shoes on.
8:07 – I just changed the format of this log so all the times are pretty on the left and there aren’t any words below the time.
8:08 – Boy I’m hungry. That crazy lady keeps looking at me so I avoid looking over anywhere near her direction. I am going to get up to get water just for the sake of trying out that contraption.
8:11 – I’m back. It was scary. I couldn’t get the cup out at first. There is water on the floor so apparently other people had a hard time with the water. I got 2 of those cone cups worth. Now I gotta go to the bathroom. Four miles until we are somewhere. They told the guy to stand right there. The guy didn’t listen.
8:26 – I just finished helping that lady to and from the bathroom. I stood there at the door because she couldn’t lock it so people didn’t know she was in there. But then, here’s the worst part, she couldn’t get her pants all the way up on the moving train. Now the train is arriving at a stop but I forget what they said it was. They told me while I was guarding the door. My hair feels really dry and yucky.
8:29 – I’m calling home. I had two missed calls from them.
8:39 – Altoona stop sometime while I was on the phone. I’m still on the phone.
8:41 – 12:46 on the phone.
8:44 – I’d say my scarf is about fifteen inches long so far.
8:45 – My bookmark is not in my book anymore. This is horrible. I haven’t read since August. I know I read some of the chapter “Selling a war” but I don’t know how far I got. My ears keep bothering me. I think we are on some hills or something. Somehow I think I read more than 1/3 this book.
8:51 – I’m going to look at my scrapbook magazines instead of reading. I read about a page. Also the people behind me keep talking so I can’t pay attention.
9:16 – I finished reading one magazine. We seem to be going slow. I wonder if we are about to stop soon. I don’t know where we are but it’s a town.
9:27 – I got about halfway through the 2nd magazine I brought. I don’t know if I will even remember half of this stuff.
9:29 – We are arriving at some stop. I don’t know where it is. Maybe I will be able to find out shortly.
9:31 – This girl got a degree last December and she works at a bookstore and is a waitress. Her degree is in theater and sociology. She says she’s not using her degree yet. She went to NYC to hunt for an apartment. Both of her jobs will transfer her. She said $1200 for one bedroom and $2000 for a 2 bedroom. She said she wasn’t looking in the city. She was looking more in Long Island or New Jersey.
9:33 – We’re about to arrive in Johnstown. I’m starving. So I keep getting confused and think aim windows are blinking.
9:45 – The crazy lady goes to school for music.
9:52 – A few minutes ago her book fell and knocked over her Pepsi can and then the book landed in her cup. As she was picking up her can the book totally fell and same w/ her full glass of Pepsi. She wanted more ice but the cafĂ© car closed.
9:54 – I brought 4 scrapbooking magazines and made it through 1.5 of them in an hour. Yet I can go quickly through them in like 5 min or less. I sort of like to read the stories so I’m not skimming the rest or I won’t go back. I really hope angel hair is ready for me when I get home. Last time I was on the train they turned off the main lights before this time.
9:57 – I would have to say I should be arriving soon since if we arrived now it would already be 50 minutes late. On the internet when it updated before Johnstown it said it was running 1:19 behind and that it expected to arrive in Greensburg 1:13 late.
10:00 – I started to play spider solitaire.
10:02 – I actually got annoyed with it so I closed the game before I finished.
10:05 – I didn’t even open Photoshop. I think I should because I could knit on the way up to school. Well maybe I can’t if I don’t have knitting needles. And we are stopped right now.
10:08 – Photoshop is opening. I don’t know why we are stopped.
10:15 – I’m getting scared that they aren’t gonna come back here to tell me to get off.

10:27 – We arrived. And I was right I wasn’t warned."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

man these scenes for the next amazing race sure make me want to watch it.

i'm trying to not be a posting slacker

i'm going home tomorrow and hopefully leaving for school thursday. i dont wnat the semester to start. i'm having fun doing nothing. yet i wish i was doing something. i was in the mood to clean up but there's nowhere to put anything and these boxes are the wrong sizes to fit stuff w/o it hanging out. i did clean up a little and pack up my stuff.

The amazing race is crazy. This one guy was running w/o shoes on.

i need more tank tops! well i want more.
i also want to buy a laser printer now. it would help with keeping up on scrapbooking.
i've done nothing all day.

i know this song on this commercial!

Friday, January 7, 2005

now it says 5 hours and 44 minutes late
my train is estimated to arrive in greensburgh 4 hours late. last report it was 6 hours and 33 minutes late. looks like i'll be at my house a little more before pb's.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

after i did a million pages of scrapbooking i find some hidden scrapbooking supplies.
people need to wear more colorful clothes so the scrapbook can be more colorful

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

i'm so tired. tonight i went out with laurel for her 21st birthday. i didn't get carded. she wouldnt have if she didnt' state that it was her birthday in 5 minutes or something. to that effect

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

my closet sure is messy
i should probably get dressed for the day now.

i'm so sick of how poorly the wireless works in my bedroom.

sleep schedule

i wanna wake up at 5:30am again like i did on Sunday. that was more fun.

Monday, January 3, 2005


roseanne will be good at 2. i caught 2 min of it at 11. but i don't get ot watch what i want down here anymore. timmy turned on metal at 11 and then nobody was down here. he left. at 11:10 he walked down and said "u r still watchign metal" then i responded with "i knwo i've been down here 10 min watchign metal myself" so he walked upstairs and i got up and go tthe remote and 2 min later he came down and took the remote and changed it back to metal

Sunday, January 2, 2005


i'm quite disappointed. kristin is still here but i wanted to watch roseanne at 2am and i came upstiars and it was the ones i saw earlier today on oxygen. mad eme mad. i already came up here. then i had to take my dirty clothes downstiars to be washed and my dess pants need washed so i had to change into pjs first but i only brought one pair home and they r in the basement from my shower. so i had to dig and i foudn old sweatpants but they aren't comfy. at least i took cut out the elastic at the ankle so my shins dont have rings on them in the morning. and now i'm up here missing the fun of downstairs. and granted it's not all that much fun but it's better than doing nothing all day everyday. i used timmy's camera to take a lot of pictures and he took some too. sara was also here earlier. i was the only friendless one.

i think this might be one of the longest times i've stayed up striaght with no nap or anything. it hink 8th grade i stayed up longer then i got really sick and missed a week fo school. then for the next 2 weeks i took a 3 hour nap each day i got home from school from being so exhausted.

Saturday, January 1, 2005


maybe i should go back to sleep. it's mighty boring down here. too bad internet doesnt work well in my room. i did buy new glue last night. maybe i should scrapbook. i'm not hardcore in the mood though. hmmm
now i'm watching power rangers.

i've been up for almost 2 hours now

it's so boring early in the morning. there is nothing to do. it's almost like i should go to sleep or something. i'm watching rugrats now.
i just spent forever hunting for a link to a certain picture. i didn't find it. who i sthis new character on rugrats? i think they said kimmy.

what's sad is my bed was already cleaned off last night so i wouldnt have had to waste time cleaning it off. last time i slept on the couch was because my bed was just too messy and i was too lazy and tired.

note: i made a subject and a mood for this post. wouldnt it be the day if i actually made a music?

i woke up for the day.

why is there nothing on tv at 7am on a sunday morning?


I have participated in a few fashion related challenges since June 2010.

Summer Blackout - Went a week without wearing black
30 for 30 (Summer Edition)

Color Rotation Challenge - Round 2 starts March 15. Let me know if you are in.

30 for 30 (Fall Edition)

About Me

Hi. I'm Colleen. I'm a 27 year old Engineer.  I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but I don't do much engineering at work anymore.  I graduated December 2005, but graduation wasn't until May.  I started working in March so I had to take a vacation day to travel up to my graduation.
 In August 2006, I got engaged.

In August 2007, I got married. (I donated my wedding dress to goodwill so someone else could afford a wedding dress.) In August 2008, we moved into our new house.

I scrapbook and make greeting cards. I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator on the side. I'm bad at this because I buy so much that I never make any money. But at least I still love it. I actually probably still love it because I do it for fun and not for all the income. It does take a lot of time to prepare for all my classes though.

I workout 5-6 days a week. I aim for 6 days but it does not always happen.

I had knee surgery on Friday the 13th (February 13, 2009). In April 2009, I ran for 5 minutes.  I ran a half-marathon in May of 2010. I hope to run a full marathon this year.  I have plantar fasciitis. I have extremely flat feet. I have exercise induced asthma. I don't let any of that stop me from working out and running.

I started taking my daily picture in May of 2005.  I was so young back then. I only discovered fashion blogs this summer and ever since then I have no life and read hundreds of blogs.


my mom is making icing for the cake now. it's for timmy's birthday.

i'm no longer super full. but i bought oreos and i started eating them. now i have 8 or so less to cover. these are double stuf oreos. only the best. there's no point in oreos if they are the regular kind.

i hate my internet! it keeps disconnecting... to emphasize the first time i tried to post this I could not contact the server.


i bought glue sticks. i also bought oreos so i can cover them w/ chocolate. i just need to buy that chocolate. i also was falling asleep in the car. boy car rides are nice.
i'm so full. someone let me eat too much potato soup.
i thought i must be really crazy. i thought someone was walkign on the roof orsomething which is what woke me up. I would have to go with I was not insane and it was my dad takign down christmas lights. but it sure was weird to wake up to that.