Sunday, March 31, 2013


Shoes: Zappos, Skirt: F21, Shirt: Express, Necklace: Target 
My alarms started going off at 8:30. At 10:30, I woke up. Not only did I have 4 alarms set and hit snooze on a few but I was afraid I actually turned them all off so I kept setting my timer on my phone for 10 minutes or 20 minutes and each time that went off, I reset it.

I ran an awful 6 mile run.  I sat in front of a fan. I showered.

I went to Google to take Dave his belt and eat lunch. I get there and realize I forgot his belt. He had to walk holding his pants up.  I had salad and french fries at Google. I wanted a hot dog but they didn't have any.  The salad was good but I put too much dressing. If we weren't outside, I would have gone back to the salad bar and gotten more lettuce to mix in.

After I got home, I took my daily picture and Poly sneaked out the door. Then she started following some fuzz that was blowing. She got 5 ft from the door even with my yelling at her. Sigh. Poly never walked outside when we lived in Valencia.

I did some crafting. Or perhaps you should say I made a huge mess of our office with craft supplies everywhere.

I had leftover Spaghetti and salad for dinner.  We watched some TV.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I slept until noon. I went into bed at midnight and was tired. I did stay up until 2 so I was awake 14 hours.

We worked on our taxes. I was starving but we kept working.   I had 1 piece of leftover pizza for lunch. It wasn't nearly enough.

At 4:30, I made macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.  Then I ate some cheetos.  I watched some Saving Grace. Season 3 is better than Season 1.

At 9, Dave finally finished watching Starcraft so we watched Grey's Anatomy and Hell's Kitchen.  We made brownies. I ate 3. Then my stomach hurt.

Friday, March 29, 2013


I started watching Scandal in the morning. I pretty much watched it all day. I got out of bed after 7 episodes since only Season 1 was on Netflix. Luckily I had recorded Season 2 so far.

I didn't take pictures of my food so I don't know what I ate. I probably didn't leave the house since I also don't have pictures of myself.

I know when Dave got home I watched TV with him and only got back to watching Scandal after he went to sleep.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

November 2012 Outfits

Here are some outfits that didn't get blogged in my daily posts.

November 11, 16, 18
I kept on yoga pants but put on a real shirt. I thought it looked a little better than a t-shirt.

I got dressed to go out to dinner. I had on 2 different animal prints. The shoes are animal print but it's hard to tell.

I wore bright colors.


I only watched a little TV.  I had pizza for lunch. I had mac n cheese at 5pm. I was so hungry I decided not to wait for Dave.  I did a ton of things on my to-do list but I thought of even more to add to it than I was accomplishing.

I went into bed early and was watching Netflix. Right when Dave was ready to go to sleep, it stopped working. I tried to reboot my iPad and no luck. Then I tried on my laptop. Sad times. I played solitaire a little and went to sleep early. It was around midnight. I couldn't even believe myself.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TV Show Rant (Part 2)

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviors - They never said any of the agent's names so it was too hard to get to know the main characters.  It almost made me not continue to watch the show.   I was lost because I didn't remember the characters from Criminal Minds. It felt weird that they kept Garcia but that she was never anywhere in person (until the 6th episode or so).  About halfway through the season, I think they realized their errors and tried to introduce everyone and also tried to give us a personal connection to the characters. It was just a little too late so then they were cancelled.  What really makes me mad is ending a season with a to be continued. Those are awful in general but really bad when they show isn't on anymore.  They should have done a 2 minute segment online like Greek did that showed us after the show. Greek gave me a little more closure. Greek was even on for 4 seasons and they still added more closure.

Another show that I realized I don't know any of the character names is Carrie Diaries. I read the info about it and realized the only name I knew was Carrie. I've already watched 6 episodes, too.  In general, I'm not as big of a fan of this teen drama but there aren't enough teen dramas on so I'm giving it a shot.  I never watched Sex and the City so I don't even have that comparison.

In general I wish you could search Netflix for only the US shows. Even if other shows are in English sometimes the accents are rough so it's harder to watch. I wish they had better filters.

I realized shows I watched months ago are no longer available on Netflix. I guess that isn't a rant about a show in particular except when I wanted to go back and get some screen shots. While I'm complaining about Netflix, I also wish I could rate a show on a partial star. The average goes to a decimal place and so does their guess on what I'll think yet I can only rate on whole stars.
Freaks and Geeks was only around for one season so you'd think there must have been a good reason to cancel it, yet on so many different sites, people were claiming it was one of the top 10 or top 15 teen dramas.  I almost didn't finish watching the show but the second half of the series was a lot better than the first.  Almost nothing built off of one episode to another which was rather annoying for me though. It's from 1999. I think I continued watching it because so many of the actors are in other things now (Cougar Town, Bones, How I met your Mother, 127 Hours, etc.).  So many of those actors made it big.     I actually want to see more of the show now.  They also didn't do any story buildup in earlier episodes. So if someone had a new crush, they were only mentioned in the episode that was the focus.
Pretty Little Liars recently showed a clip in the recap in the beginning that they didn't show in the previous episode. I used to think Pretty Little Liars was so good but I think that was just at the beginning and when I could watch all the episodes back to back.  I swear there isn't that much happening in each episode now.   In the last episode I watched Spenser's sister had fairly long hair and in this episode it is way above her shoulders. I often notice how hairstyles change on characters between episodes and they make no mention of it. It's often quite shocking. On some shows they will have 1 comment here or there about the haircut or ask about it. It's always a weird thing.  I also notice between seasons they change a lot even if sometimes one season ends and the  next one begins on the same day.
On Monk Season 3 they had a mid season break for a few months. The last episode before the break was normal.  Then the first episode after the break, there is no Sherona. They said she left but there was no lead up. It just seemed so odd. They updated the intro/theme song and kept most of the segments in it but they took Sherona out of them. You can still see her hair in it.

On Season 5 of Monk, you could tell they showed them out of order because in some Natalie was pregnant and some not. They were trying to hide the pregnancy but sometimes it was quite obvious.

So it took them a year to work the music video into the Cougar Town script  Josh Hopkins was in Alanis Morissette’s 1998 music video for her song “Unsent.” At the time, Josh was 27 years old.  Wow I got to the end of the episode and learn Ian Gomez was in one too. This is just too weird.
Do you ever notice mistakes on TV shows? I noticed one recently on Glee. They were using the pottery wheel. The one person leaves and the scene shows the pot prior to them working on it. Then a switch of the camera angle and the pot is the worked on version again.

I ranted before about TV if you want to read that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I meant to do my long run but I was not feeling it. I skipped my long run Sunday so then I just felt like I was a huge slacker so I continued to be. I watched a ton of TV.
I made spaghetti for dinner for me and raviolis for Dave.  Dave and I did go for a run/walk after he got home from work so I did at least exercise.  I watched more TV.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 14 of Half Marathon Training (3.18-3.24)

Previous Summaries 
Planned Mileage: 5, 5, 4, 5 (for a total of 19 miles) (but since skipped long runs on Week 13 I am going to try for 3, 6, 3, 11 like I should have done last week)

Monday: I meant to do my long run. I did run/walk with Dave for about a mile. 

Tuesday: I went for a speed workout. I was going to do a tempo run but couldn't keep up so I changed it to mile repeats. My goal time for the repeats was the time that my middle 4 miles should have averaged. Man was it hard. Lately all my running workouts are miserable. I don't know why they are so hard.  My original goal was 10 minute warmup, 9 minute pace middle 4 miles, 10 minute mile cooldown. I didn't quite do it. Then I updated my goal to 10 minute pace for all recovery and 9 min for fast 3 miles. I was still 40 seconds too slow for that.  My mile repeat pace should have been 8:35 or so if I was setting out to do mile repeats from the start. I was far from that.  Why am I falling apart so bad? 

I did an ab workout in the evening. 

Wednesday: I did abs and some weights for my legs.

Thursday: I went swimming. I only swam 1/4 mi. I consistently swam 4 lengths then took 12 breaths break then repeat. I started off doing more freestyle.  Then I thought of doing 1 length freestyle, 1 length breaststroke, 1 length backstroke, then switched up the 4th length but meant to do freestyle.  It took less than 15 minutes to swim. I wish I had a better way to time myself swimming. 

After 45 minutes I went for a run. I was going to do 5 miles but it was just too difficult. I cut the run short. 

Later in the evening I did abs then did some upper body weights. 

Friday:  I biked to and from Google. It was about 14 total miles. We went slow on purpose but I was still sweaty. 

Saturday: Dave and I went to Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve and hiked about 5 miles. Downhill was sure a lot easier.

Sunday:  I took a rest day. My glutes were quite sore from the hike up the mountain. I thought I'd do my long run close to dusk but then decided not to. I decided to do my long run on Monday instead so it was like this week. (I did do that run but I'll post it in the week with the correct day even thought I sort of counted it for this week)

Total Running Mileage: 9.53 mi (10.64 if you count the run/walk with Dave)
Total Biking Mileage: 13.71 mi
Total other things: a few walks (including a hike up a mountain),  1 swim, some weights, 3 core workouts.

Summary: I slacked off yet again. At least I did some weights. The hike up the mountain was tough. Running hills is tough too. Both of those things make me realize why my butt was a lot more fit back in PA. I didn't realize how much hills help that. At least I finally biked. I also swam once. I finally did some weights. I guess this was a pretty well rounded week. Maybe I wasn't such a slacker. 


I woke up and watched Scandal. I coded in Ruby while watching. Then I watched Psych and a few other shows once I caught up on Scandal.  I made a Turkey melt or grilled turkey and cheese for lunch.

I vacuumed the master bedroom floor. I needed to vacuum but Poly was on top of a box that I had to move. I decided to pick up the box with her on it and put it on the bed. She stayed on it too. She only got off of it when I got too close to her with the vacuum then she ran to the living room.

I went swimming and running.

I picked up Pizza Hut for dinner.  Dave and I watched Golden Boy. We love that show. We had 5 episodes and watched them in 3 days. That's quick when I have to watch a show with Dave.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Shirt: Loft, Jeans: Mudd (not sure which store but from college), Shoes: Brooks, Necklace: Target
Dave woke me up at 8. We did a little coding in ruby. I went back to sleep until 9:15. Well I kept waking up  but making myself to back to sleep.

At 10, I had an interview with Dev Bootcamp. The interview was via Skype. Partway through Poly got between me and the computer then decided to take a nap on my lap. As soon as we said bye, she got up off of me and went over and napped on the cable box (her cable box since we never seem to turn on the TV). (I had to make a video for my application for Dev Bootcamp and Poly got in the way in that too.  It was supposed to last a half hour but it was only about 20 minutes. After that I started talking to Hilary to decide what workout to do. We decided to bike to Google.
We ate lunch with Dave. Then we headed to chairs under a tree and sat there. Dave got his work computer and started working. His coworkers were going to join us but we decided not to spend ALL day there.  Then we had to bike home. Biking in jeans is kind of awful but I didn't want to be walking around Google in workout clothes.
After I got home, I was working at my computer.  Around 5, I ate leftover Pizza. Around 8, Dave got home and we ate dinner. I only had a little bit since I already ate my first dinner.  We watched TV and  both fell asleep before 10 PM.  Dave and Poly actually ended up sleeping like they are pictured with Dave resting his head on Poly.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


I watched some TV in bed. I did sleep in so there wasn't a lot of TV watching.
I ate breakfast (well it was lunch but breakfast food) and Poly decided to join me.

I watched more TV in bed.
I went for a run. I had to do it on my own so I kept putting it off. I finally got back near 7 and made macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. We also snacked.  We watched TV.
Dave went into sleep early (and so did Poly). Then I watched some more TV.

Friday, March 22, 2013

To-do Lists

I love lists. I love crossing things off of lists. I work better when I write down the list. If it is mental, I don't get the same satisfaction of completing anything.  When we first moved here, I had a sheet of paper for every day and if I didn't complete something I rewrote it on the next day. I loved crossing things off. I put the time when I completed something too.  I was so productive. Then I stopped writing things down and started watching TV all day. I don't think it's a coincidence.   Some days I had over 30 things on my list.
I even kept a table in excel for a few months with how many items were on my to-do list and how many I did. I had it calculate my completion percent. (Note those couple days in September only had a couple things on my list so I was able to complete 100% of them.)

I did start using my tablet again later but not to a sheet a day. I finished the entire tablet and have recently started a new one. The pages have more lines so I don't do a sheet a day but it has helped me be more productive.  Does anyone else love a to-do list? 

Sometimes I get so focused on following my list that I skip meals because I didn't have on my list about eating.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 13 of Half Marathon Training (3.11-3.17)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 3, 6, 3, 11 (for a total of 23 miles)

Monday: I was on recovery from my really long run. My hips could really feel it. I did walk to Sprouts and Trader Joe's though. 

Tuesday: I went swimming and then running.
For swimming I decided to try to do the zero to a mile type of training to get better. I stuck to only 12 breaths recovery. I swam a half mile. I swam 100 m (or maybe this pool is in yards), took 12 breaths, and repeat. But this time I did a lot more back stroke. Back stroke is a huge recovery for me. I think I did about half my lengths in freestyle, a few in breaststroke, and the rest in backstroke. The zero to 700 suggested switching to backstroke instead of stopping.  I had to get out to go to the bathroom so I did that at 1/4 mi. My first 1/4 was in just under 15 minutes and my second trail was 15 minutes. Granted I get into the pool and take awhile to even get under the water so it was probably more like 14 min or less for the first 1/4.    I'm getting better and doing more freestyle. I noticed if I tried to breath every 3rd stroke instead of every other stroke, it really helped me. But sometimes I screwed that up and choked on water. 

As soon as I was done swimming, I changed, and went for my run. It was really hard. I was fighting just to keep at 9:30 pace. I was burping from the water I choked on.  I could also feel the water in my chest.

I know that for a triathlon you go from swimming to biking to running but I will still be tired when I start to run so I figured it was OK to go from swim to run.  At least I was doing something. I was shocked at how hard running was. Granted I'm awful at swimming and I hope by July, I'm not so awful at it. I really need to swim more than once a week or once every other week and maybe I'll improve.

The triathlon is a half mile swimming, 16 miles biking, and a 5k running. Today I did a half mile swimming in 29 minutes and 5k running in 28:52. I still haven't even biked 16 straight miles. My longest was 14.3 miles. I don't tend to bike with Dave on the weekends because he is trying to bike more to work so then I just don't go biking. I'm not as concerned with biking but I should try to bike after I swim.

Wednesday: I took a rest day. My legs were fatigued in the morning.

Thursday: I walked  to get my blood at 8 am. I almost went swimming but went to Safeway instead. 

I met Hilary to run at 5:15. We tried a new loop that involved the hill we ran before. This was a much longer way up. It took a quarter mile to get up instead of .05.  Man was it tough to run up the hill. We ran the hill 4 times then ran around a small loop. The mall loop started with running the 5 mile loop but then instead of continuing we turned where the 4 mile loop joins up with the 5 mile loop. That loop ended up being 2.75 mi. 

We were originally going to do 6. Then I said if we did the hill we should do 3. Then we thought we'd do 4. Then when we finished the loop 4 times and the lower loop and it was 5 miles, we decided to run the hill going the other way twice so that we got to 6 miles. 

Clockwise is .34 to get up the hill and counterclockwise is .24 to get up the hill. 

The last two loops were rough. I could feel it in my glutes. Hills are hard. I could only run the hill at about a 10 minute pace and it felt tough. I wish I realized that loop earlier. Granted it's only a little over a half mile so it would get boring to do too much of the workout that way. I cannot believe how a year with running only on flat surfaces ruined me. 

While we ran the hill, I ran on the outside of the loop. Then I ran on the outside of the flat loop. Yet my watch was still a lot less than Hilary's. I'm using her number for marking down my monthly mileage.

Friday:  I took yet another rest day. I'm a slacker.

Saturday: I took another rest day. I thought I was a slacker before but it got worse. I did do abs at night.  

Sunday:  I was going to do a long run but then postponed it then when I was about to turn it into a short run, Dave wanted to go out to dinner so then I didn't run. I had another rest day.

Total Running Mileage: 9.52 mi 
Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi
Total other things: a few walks,  1 swim, , 2 core workouts.

Summary: I really slacked off this week. This is a bad bad trend. My race is only a couple weeks away. I was going to do my long run on Monday so I held off posting this because I would have felt justified if I did that but then I didn't. Once I fall off the wagon, I really fall off.  The week did start off well. On Monday I was still sore so a rest day was justified. On Tuesday I had a tough workout so a rest day on Wednesday was justified. Then on Thursday I had a second tough workout. But after that I did nothing.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I accidentally woke up at noon. Changing of the clocks ruined me. I turned off my alarms without realizing it. Poly even slept with me.  Then I talked to my mom on the phone for over an hour.

I ate leftover PF Chang's for lunch.
I noticed a mistake on Glee. They were working on pottery but when the guy gets up to leave, the pot thing is like it was at the beginning. Then the girl turns around and the pot is back to having been worked on.
I put on workout clothes but never worked out.

I walked to Sprouts and Trader Joe's. I spent $35 but never did buy hamburger buns.

I cooked burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner. The fries were so good. They were just a frozen bag from Trader Joe's. I wish I had more. The bag is smaller than the size bag we used to get of regular fries at a grocery store.  I watched some TV and entered in Sachi's Stampin' Up Order.

The day flew by. I only watched 1 full episode plus the last 15 min of a show through out the day. Then I only watched 1.5 political shows with Dave.


I woke up around 8AM which makes no sense since I stayed up until 6:30.  I watched some TV.  I like Dance Academy. Then I kept trying to go back to sleep. I was supposed to do a long run with Hilary but had to cancel because I was weak.

Lack of sleep really did a number on me.  I tried to eat but it was a slow process. It was so draining. I tried to sleep but had trouble falling back to sleep.

Around 2 I finally fell back to sleep and slept until around 5.   I was still weak and exhausted.  I barely ate any dinner.  I went into bed early and watched TV.  But I ended up staying up late again just not as late.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Jeans: VS, Sweater: Limited, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Purse: Target, Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Dave woke me up early. He wanted his hash browns and was upset I never went to Safeway to buy them on Friday so apparently he can't eat anything else for breakfast or go buy his own so I had to get up and go.  I walked over and saw nobody was at our apartment pool. I texted Hilary about it.

After a few texts back and forth we decided to meet at 11:15 to swim. I hadn't eaten anything and was still a tad weak from the day before.  But I swam anyway. I didn't do all that awful. I swam a bit less than both Hilary and Wes but I was weak so I figure it was OK. I think I swam a little under a half mile. I did keep track when I swam but then immediately forgot.   That swim got me motivated and I told Hilary to text me if she wanted to run later. We never did though.  I did put on running clothes after my shower. Too bad I never went.

I watched some TV and Dave played Sim City all day.

2.28 - Stampin' Up

Pants: VS, Shirt: Limited, Earrings: Target (new), Shoes: Famous Footwear
(These earrings are nice but if I turn my head while talking, I tend to hit myself in the teeth with them.)
I start off my day waking up early. I did hit snooze a bunch but anticipated that so set 4 alarms. Close to when I was going to get up, Poly decided it was time to nap on my chest.

I left and headed out the door to walk to my MRI. As I was leaving I was looking for my BodyMedia fit display. I couldn't find it. I start texting Dave about it and how I couldn't find it. I was already starting to hate my day thinking I lost it. I did think maybe it was on the pants I wore the last time I remember having it out at dinner, but then I was afraid I already washed those pants.
I was walking to get my MRI. I knew the address was 325 Mathlida. I get there and can't find it. After some investigation with Dave I realize it was 325 North Mathilda. So I continue on. Then I get to an overpass that has no sidewalk so I can't cross it. I have to walk blocks out of the way. I try to call the MRI place as I'm booking it but I'll be too late and they say I have to reschedule. I would have had to walk another mile or more. If I didn't double back 3 times trying to find the place initially and didn't walk 2 blocks extra before realizing I couldn't walk across the overpass, I might have only been 5 minutes late which wouldn't have been bad.   So now I have to go on Tuesday. At least this time I know where it is. I won't let Dave take the car to work. I thought it was so close. In advance I had typed in the incorrect address and saw it was only .6 miles away. Dave said I should have biked. I don't like biking on busy roads.

I walked to Target on my way home. I had a list so that trip wasn't so bad.  I was walking in a tank top and other people had on winter coats.
I got home and started looking up some stuff online and that was when I realized I forgot to pick up my inhaler prescription at Target so I guess that trip was also unsuccessful after all.

I played with Poly and made a huge mess while finishing to plan for my Stampin' Up party. I sat on the floor with Poly while I watched some TV too. Well Poly was in a bag of bags and I sat near her. She probably didn't care that I was there.  The floor got uncomfortable so I went into bed and watched the last 2 episodes of Freaks and Geeks. The second half of the season (also series since it was only 1 season long) was a lot better than the first half. They had me wanting more yet early on, I almost quit watching. The only reason I didn't was because there were only 18 episodes and so many sites said the show was awesome. Oh and because so many of the actors are in so many other things now that I enjoyed watching them when they were young.

At 4, I hopped to finishing to plan for my Stampin' Up Party.   I finished.  At 5, Dave got home and made me clean out the car with him. I left for Hilary's at 5:28 but I meant to leave earlier. Traffic was bad that it took 6 minutes to get to Hilary's.  Then it took 16 minutes (I think) to get to Sachi's even though the GPS said 4 minutes. There was just too much traffic.

There were supposed to be 5 people including me. After we ate dinner 2 more people showed up and I got asked if I had enough supplies. I managed to have enough but I couldn't finish the 2nd card. I couldn't believe I wasn't given a count for those 2 or that I managed to have enough supplies. I'm normally bad with names but with them I was really bad. Nobody had a name that I ever heard before so there was no way I'd remember any.  I even have them written down on door prize forms now and I still can't tell you what they are. (Poor hand writing and names that aren't common to me)

The party lasted 3 hours. I couldn't believe it.  I did sell some of my old retired stamp sets so that's good.  Two people wanted the same set. Sad times.   I hope a few people order. Three people are interested in classes for a fee so maybe I can schedule one of those and everyone could bring a friend so maybe I could make the time planning worth it.

After I got home, I couldn't stop looking through the Stampin' Up catalog.  Classes and parties always put me in the mood to stamp more.

Dave works with Sachi and started calling her"B" since her last name starts with B. I'm not sure how she likes it. He then told her she can call him PB. He told her this before but I guess she didn't do it.  She asked what PB stood for. She thought it was Protocol Buffer.
Dave: Most normal people think it's Peanut Butter
Sachi Well we aren't normal people
BTW PB stands for Polar Bear. I keep thinking about this conversation and just burst out laughing.  Who hears PB and doesn't think of Peanut Butter?

I spent a little time cropping pictures. I still have 14 draft posts that I have to populate with pictures.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I watched TV.

I did clean the kitchen a little but not even enough to make a dent.

I went to our apartment complex gym to do some cardio.   Then later when I went to Sprouts, I ran there.  I walked back since I had groceries.  I was highly disappointed with the vegetable selection and chicken prices though.  Chicken was 4.99 lb and last time it was 3.49 and before that 2.99 and 2.49.  The broccoli was cheaper than it has been but it was pretty gross looking so I didn't buy any.  Not buying chicken and not buying broccoli caused me to be disappointed and then end up buying junk.
After Dave got home from work, we went to the gym to lift weights.  I only did 2 sets since Dave was already weak from biking home.  We got Boudin's on the way home.  Calling to order as soon as we leave the gym puts us way ahead in the line. We got there and the line was 10 people or more and the same lady was ordering the entire time.  When you call ahead you can just go to the other counter and pay and pick up your food. Sometimes your food isn't ready but most of the time it is. If you go there, wait in line and order, then you still have a long wait for your food.

We watched American Idol.  I read in bed after. Dave was shocked I was reading.  I read on the exercise bike too. I finished reading Born to Run. Now I guess I need another book to take months to read.  Then I watched TV on my iPad for hours. I think I fell asleep near 3 am but it could have been closer to 5 am.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I started hitting snooze around 9. I woke up around 10:30. I watched TV on my iPad until 1. I got up and ate lunch. Then I watched more TV. I used my laptop at the same time.
When I was heating my phone, Poly got comfortable on my lap. I ended up letting my food sit in the microwave. Finally I had to get up. I put Poly on my chair and told her I'd be back. She stayed in that spot. Then I had to boot her again. Poor Poly .

I had Wendy's with Dave and watched American Idol with him.  Then I used my computer a little and watched more TV.

I didn't workout for a 2nd day in a row. I'm a big slacker.


I hit snooze a lot. I watched 2 episodes of Monk. Then I got out of bed.  At 11:45, I had an interview with App Academy. I was a little lightheaded before it started so I should have gotten something to eat but I didn't.

After I ate tuna noodle casserole for lunch. It was my 4th meal in a row of it.  I didn't eat much but then snacked.
I watched TV. I cannot handle waiting until Fall for more White Collar. All I do is think about that show. Pretty soon I'll forget though and next year will roll around and I might forget to watch it. I also watched Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game.  Then I watched Kitchen Nightmares while I fell asleep. I slept for awhile. I woke up once to restart the show.  Dave got home with Arby's for dinner but I didn't like the chicken or the potato bites. I miss the loaded potato bites. These hash brown ones suck by comparison. I ate 1 chicken finger and 1/2 a potato bite.

Dave and I watched American Idol but I read r/tall the entire time. I'm addicted to that subreddit. Today I actually left a few comments. Someone wanted to know where to get long inseam yoga pants and I love my Victoria's Secret ones so I had to say that.

Then I went to use my computer and was going to finally make some collages to post my March posts but instead I read many blog posts. I probably read more than I have for the past 3 months combined.

I stayed up late and even took a picture of Poly in bed. Sometimes I see her at the foot of the bed and lean forward to pet her. Well often I do this. Often I know she's there and just keep checking as I watch TV. But rarely do I take her picture.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I kept hitting snooze even though I had a tough time sleeping past 8am. I could hear a ton of construction going on. Later I realized it is because they are redoing the apartment directly below us so it has new everything.  I finally got up around 10.

I got dressed and headed for my MRI. They took me in before my appointment time. After years of getting MRIs I figured they would call me in an hour or so late. I took my iPad and a book expecting to be called in late. I wasn't. It was nice to have everything done on-time.  Most of the time they put a blanket over my body/legs during the MRI just so I don't get cold. They didn't do that today and I wish they had. I was pretty cold. I've noticed that most of the time I'm not told to remove my shoes but today I was. A few times I got MRIs they put a pillow under my legs at the knee just to make it more comfortable to lie still but here they did not.  I also remember them wedging my head in so it would be tough to move but today they had barely had any support if any at all and I was just told to be still. When I was young, they would put tape over the sponge things and my forehead to keep me in place.   This is the first time I remember them moving me back and forward a few inches between each of the tests. They may have done it in the past and I just didn't notice. I felt fatter today because when they'd move me, my arms would be rubbing against things on the side.
After I got home, I ate leftover tuna noodle casserole. I couldn't figure out what to watch so I chose Biggest Loser. I ended up watching 3 episodes. I did break down boxes and put together an Ikea table while I was watching. I also partially went through our food in the cupboards to see what junk was expired.
View from the top of the hill

I went to run with Hilary at 5:15.  After I got home, I immediately showered. Then I ate more leftover tuna noodle casserole. We watched some of Rachel Maddow and some of American Idol.  I did some laundry and worked on some things on my to-do list at my computer.  I almost caught up on making collages of all the dates in January. I skipped 2 because  I took too many pictures and didn't feel like spending the time narrowing them down.  I have 17 draft posts and 10 scheduled posts.