Wednesday, January 31, 2018

16 Month Comparison

Here are 2 collages. Ella and Miles were both 16 months old in them!

I used to think Ella looked like Dave.  Then I thought Miles looks like Dave.  But I'm not seeing how Ella and Miles look alike.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


So I guess the "day" can start after I went to sleep a little after 11.  Well at 12:35, Dave woke me up because Ella was crying from under our bed. I was so so so so confused.  I thought he saw her walk into the room and go under or something.  We have no idea how long she was under there. Or why she went under.  I asked her if she wanted to come in bed with me. She cuddled and fell asleep on my arm.

Then at 1:15 Miles woke up.  Man was I tired.  I got him into his crib by 1:45 then I went to Ella's room and cleaned up all the toy food she had out to make room for her on the bed.  Then I carried her into her room and went back to sleep.

At 4:20, Miles woke up and I got all the way in there but he was back to sleep. So then I went back to bed yet again.

At 5:30 he actually woke up .  Then this is when the awfulness started. Surprising the rest of the night wasn't considered awful. ha!  So he'd fall back to sleep but then as soon as I put him in the crib he'd break out of the swaddle and wake up. He also wanted to nurse a lot while he slept.   I tried to get him to his crib twice. It just failed so I chilled in the chair holding him and slept. But he'd wake up every 45 min or so and nurse a bit.   It was so exhausting. But then we ended up in this pattern until after 8:30 so that was much later than my normal.

We woke Ella up close to 9 to get her to preschool.  I gave her a bath so she looked somewhat decent for her Christmas Concert.

Once Ella was at school, I meant to be productive but after being so tired it's so hard to be productive. Miles napped on me until 11 then I got him in his crib. I ate lunch/breakfast since he was asleep. (I had leftover pasta first then bagels next. ) Then he woke up and I nursed him again and he fell asleep but on me.  He slept a lot when I let him sleep on me and I just watched Netflix. Then we went to go pick up 2 things I bought on various facebook groups. Traffic was awful and that took forever.   Before I knew it, it was after 3 PM.

When Miles slept, I went through a little bit of stuff in the garage. But then he woke up before I got far enough for it to look like progress.

I left early to get to Preschool for the concert because I wanted plenty of time to calm Miles down before it started.
The concert was fun. (Separate post)

Once it was over, we had snacks with everyone. Santa was there but Ella didn't want to sit on his lap. It's funny because one of the older kids saw him and said "Hey that's not Santa, that's Paster Tim."

When we got home Ella was using the nativity scene stickers they gave. I asked if she wanted to read the directions or go with the flow. She responded "Go with the flow."  I'm surprised how well she did. She even had the face on randomly and took it off to actually assemble it.
Dave got home and we had Jersey Mikes. I got Miles to sleep.  Then I played Legos with Ella for 1.5 hours. Then she hid in all the pillows and kept having me find her.  It was after 10 PM before she was in her room winding down for bed.  I got so tired! Then I realized why. My sleep was crap!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Christmas Concert (12.16.16)

The first group that went was the oldest class. Then they worked their way to the youngest group.  Ella's group sang 2 songs. I didn't know either song.  Ella didn't see us at first. I couldn't see her from my seat so I moved to the aisle at one point to take a picture. Ella saw me and yelled "Ms. Dana, my mommy's here."  Dave and I looked at each other and laughed.  Then a minute later she saw Dave and said the same thing about him.  Once all 4 classrooms went individually they all sang together. Well Ella was back sitting with us at this point so she didn't sing with the group.  Ella didn't actually sing at all but was with her class at least.   She didn't flip out when she saw me so that's an improvement.  I was trying to use my fancy camera. Then I swapped to my phone. Both were difficult while holding Miles.

There was an agenda but I lost mine so I didn't know the song list after. I wanted to list it here.