Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Jeans and Sweater: Limited, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Lia Sophia
The only things I know I did are based off the pictures and you can tell just the same. (The spaghetti is different than angel hair from a few days earlier. The cheesy toast was made on ciabatta bread and the crust was too hard so I didn't like it very much.


Necklace: Target, Sweater: Limited, Jeans: JCP, Boots: DSW
I hung out with Poly. I also went shopping. Poly tried to sneak out.
I cooked dinner. I love angel hair. I wish Dave did. I have to make him another type of pasta when I have angel hair. Usually I make him raviolis. They don't have the awesome cheese raviolis here that I liked so now I never want any raviolis.


I hung out with Poly or she hung out with me.
I had some of the stuffed pepper soup I made awhile ago. I was so happy I froze it because it was delicious. It was a bit thick so I added some water and then it was nice. I had a soup sandwich. That probably isn't common.

TV was probably involved a lot. I know playing games on my iPad was involved because I took some screen shots.

1.12 - Biking

Dave wanted to go biking at 9am. That didn't happen because I didn't get out of bed until 10:30.  We wasted a little bit of time and headed out near noon. We went to Bay Trail but didn't like it so much because it was too rocky for our liking.  We still biked a couple miles though and even stopped at one point to take some running pictures of me.
We went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch then went to Guadalupe River Trail and biked 8.8 miles there.  We saw a dog on a bike. It was so shocking that I was delayed in getting out my camera so I didn't get a good pic. I came home and decided to google "dog on bike" to find out if anyone else has done it and I found a picture of the guy with his dog when the dog was younger.  Man it was so cute. (By the time I stopped my bike, took my glove off, got out my phone, and snapped a picture, the owner was standing by the bike. This would have been a nice time to have google glass. If I wasn't so in shock I could have had my camera out 10 seconds sooner)
We got home and looked at data. I also looked at pictures.  I was hungry and eventually figured out dinner. We had Caesar Salad and Taquitos. We watched some TV but I only got Dave to watch 1 real show (Gray's Anatomy). Then we watched The X Factor.  On our 2nd episode Dave fell asleep so once he realized he got up to go to bed and turned off the episode.

When he got up, so did Poly.  She was sleeping on the couch by him.  She climbed on me and was so cute. I didn't have the Apple TV remote so I watched TV shows on mythTV. Well I was almost out of shows so I just had 90210 left to watch. I watched all 9 episodes. 1 episode messed up so I had to watch it online. Why is it always the 1 episode that is messed up is also the episode before the episodes that are conveniently on hulu.  This happened with 90210 before and with Gossip Girl.  I did fall asleep near 2am so I had to rewind and rewatch. Btu then I got a second wind and finished watching them all and didn't go in to sleep until a little after 6 am. Dave even woke up near 5 to yell at me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Sweater: Limited, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Necklace: Limited
Poly hung out with me in bed and on the couch.
My new BodyMedia fit arrived.  This time I got the core. It is smaller but I noticed the Velcro is stiffer than my old one. The old packaging was much better. It was just in a box and now it was in these stupid plastic things you can't cut.  The old and the new charging cords are different too. I guess I won't have a charger per room now.
Poly hung out with me again on the couch and at my computer.  Some days she hides under the bed and others she hangs out with me. I prefer when she hangs out with me.  I also like to use her as an excuse as to why I don't get up.

I went running with Hilary.  I went to Trader Joe's twice. Once on my own and once with Dave. Each time we used coupons for free bags.  The new Trader Joe's opened near us. This one we can see from our apartment. Trader Joe's used to be right next to our apartment complex on the other side so now instead of it being about .25 away it's probably .15.
After dinner, Dave and I went to the gym. Every time I lift weights, I document in it on my phone. I took a screen shot to show how I do it. I should get an app of some sort. It'd be easier than adjusting weight, reps, and sets. I would love it if I could do them in order since I copy the previous time's data but the gym is always so busy I never can do them in the same order.  Sometimes I put dashes before all exercises and then when I do them that day I delete the dash but it is so hard to select text right at the beginning of a line that I waste so much time doing it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 7 of Half Marathon Training (1.21-1.27)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 3, 6, 2, 11 (for a total of 22 miles)

Monday: I took a rest day by accident because I took a couple hour nap in the middle of the day. I did walk to and from Sprouts for ~20 minutes of walking. 

Tuesday: I went to Body Pump at the gym and ran to and from class. I wanted to run 2 miles but slacked off. I got lightheaded on the third track for Body Pump and I should have stopped but I didn't. I also didn't back down on weights. 

Wednesday, 1/23: I took a rest day. I was still somewhat lightheaded when I was moving around. 

Thursday: I went for a 3 mile run. I was going to do mile repeats but with the rain I wimped out. I almost didn't run at all. I actually went back inside in the morning when I went out but at least I ran eventually. 

A few hours later Dave and I went to the gym and lifted weights. We walked to and from the gym and spent 40 minutes lifting. (I did my first set on assisted pullups at 60 lbs and for the 2nd set I did at 54 so I went down to 48 lbs of assistance on the 3rd set. I could only do 4 on the last set though. This is an improvement.  I used to keep it too easy without realizing. I need to push myself so that I can get to actually doing a pull up some day.)

Friday:  I met Hilary at the gym and we swam. I really suck. I did 800 meters. She did 1000 m in about the same time. I did a lot of back stroke to recover. Man it was hard. Also we were slowed a bit because people don't seem to know how to work lanes.  We didn't remember to look at the clock but I think we were done in a little under a half hour. Near the end I kept timing lengths. I would do the breaststroke in 40-45 seconds and back stroke in 40-45 seconds yet the backstroke seemed so easy. Half the time I didn't even use my arms when on my back for some recovery. My arms were quite sore from lifting. I never remembered to time myself doing freestyle. I also did that a lot at the beginning so I basically couldn't do it anymore at the end. I'd get halfway across the pool and be super exhausted so I'd switch strokes. Sometimes I'd wait at the end of the lane for Hilary to talk to her and tell her how slow I am but that was also soem good recovery time.  

At 11 we left to bike to google. We ate lunch there then biked home. We biked a total of 14.29 miles. 

Saturday: I accidentally took a rest day. 

Sunday:  I ran 9 miles. Originally I wanted to do 10 but would have been happy with 8. I ran the first half with Hilary. Our first mile was pretty fast that I got tired early. Also I was dreading the run. I meant to eat breakfast first and I didn't so before I started I thought the run would suck. I ran 9.1 miles and then walked to get to 9.25.  My pace was 10:10 but with the walking at the end the overall average was lower.  My pace was so much slower than last week but at least I did the long run. I was hoping for 10-10:30 pace but also didn't really want it that slow since last week I was a lot better than a 10 minute pace. 

Originally I was going to do 10 miles. Then, I really wanted to quit when Hilary did at 5 miles. Then I thought I'd do 9. Then 7. Then 8. Then 9.5 then I had to cut that short because my hip started bothering me just like it did all last spring so I didn't want to push it. 

The last few miles were tough. I felt like I was running in slow motion. I was trying but still running at a 10 minute pace. I did the entire thing at 4:1 intervals but when I stopped at water fountains I didn't pause the run:walk app so I did miss out on some running time here or there.  The water fountain was ~1.15 miles from the start.   I ran out to 2.5 and turned back. Then at 4.75, I turned around and Left Hilary.  Then close to 6.83 I turned around to head back. I was going to turn around at 6.75 but it was right at a park and I was looking for a water fountain. I did not find one but ended up running a tad long before turning around.  I am glad I didn't end up quitting at 5 or 7. 

Total Running Mileage: 13.13 mi (I actually had to limit running because I had been increasing too much but then I slacked off extra.)
Total Biking Mileage: 14.29 mi
Total other things: a couple walk,  1 Body Pump, 1 bike ride.

Summary: I purposely decreased my mileage but I decreased it 2 more miles than I wanted. I slacked off this week.

Friday, January 25, 2013


For some reason I didn't hit snooze and I just turned my alarm off. Then I ended up sleeping until after 11. I stayed in bed until 1. Poly hung out with me.  I was productive a little. I finally ate lunch at 3.
I cleaned up some but apparently I just took before pictures. Look at this mess. It just makes me want to throw up looking at it.
I took photos of my recent purchases and as soon as I unwrapped my necklaces Poly jumped right up onto the tissue paper. She napped there for awhile. I decided to take pictures of my dress thing that holds jewelry. I still have a jewelry box. I didn't move everything over. I also still use my bulletin board with push pins in it with necklaces hanging off of that.
I managed to go for my run at 4:30. I had to get out the door to get the 5 mile run in before dark. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I got back. loaded data, showered, and cooked dinner.  Dave and I watched Person of Interest then he spent a few hours teaching me about coding stuff.

We went to our computers and I did a little stuff. I got tired. I went into bed and watched TV on my iPad. Then 4 hours later, I was still watching in bed.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1.22 and 1.23

The day started with the claims guy calling to say he was here. I was still in bed.  He was early. He thought he was late so apparently the lady who scheduled it didn't tell him the correct time.  This was so the guy could come over to look at the damaged stuff from when we moved.

Then I watched TV all day besides when I went to Body Pump. I stayed up until 7am watching TV. I finished watching Dirty Sexy Money and started The Lying Game. I was just putting down my iPad when Dave's alarm went off. I slept for less than an hour and started watching again. I caught up on the series so now I have to wait more new episodes to air.  It's a good show.
I took a little nap then watched other shows until Dave got home. Then we watched TV.  Around 11, we went into bed. I played games on my iPad until about midnight. I finally went to sleep at a decent hour.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garmin 405 Laps

The Garmin 405 will end up filling up the data with the laps.  Once it gets close, you get a warning with each split telling you that the database is almost full and to delete old laps.  This is rather annoying mid-run because it blocks you from seeing your actual splits unless you time it perfectly to look after the warning goes away for the second or two that the lap split still shows up.  I don't see why it has to warn you each split for the rest of the run. I haven't tried to delete laps during a run yet. I am always too afraid I'll end up doing something to my current run or losing the data I already have.

I have only had to delete my old data twice so far but I did get a new watch when my original was still under warranty.

To delete old data:

  1. Hold down on Menu. 
  2. Highlight History (if not already selected) and tap the bezel to enter or hit the start/stop button.
  3. Scroll to Delete and tap the bezel to enter or hit the start/stop button.
  4. Scroll to Old Activities and tap the bezel to enter or hit the start/stop button.  You can also choose "All Activities" but I prefer to just delete the old ones. 
  5. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Select Yes and tap the tap the bezel to enter or hit the start/stop button. 
If you delete All Activities you can review the deletion by tapping Reset, then selecting Activities.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze again so I didn't wake up until a little after 11. When my alarm went off at 9:22, I thought I was getting up too. I thought I only closed my eyes for another second.  A few months ago I used to have my alarm set for 8:30 everyday. I changed that to 9:22. Now I'm not even getting up anywhere close to that.

Then I stayed in bed until 1 or so.  I checked my email and finished watching the last 2 episodes of 18 to Life. The show is 2 seasons long and there are only 25 total episodes. And it's a half hour show so it wasn't that long to get through the series. But it wasn't that good either. At least it made it so I wasn't addicted to it nonstop.

I got up and did a ton of dishes. The kitchen sure gets messy right away.

I ate leftover spaghetti again for lunch while watching the Biggest Loser. I wasn't even going to watch the entire thing because I had things on my mental to-do list but then I got sucked in.  With 5 minutes left in the show, Poly climbed on my lap. So I decided to watch the Mentalist. I really like that show. Before that was even over, Dave called to say he was leaving work. Oops. I didn't get anything done I wanted to.  He brought home McDonald's. We watched some of the first episode of American Idol.  Then we went for a walk and went to target.
After that we spent a few hours coding. Dave was teaching me about linked lists. I got almost everything done he wanted me to get done before he got home from work. Too bad I just got it done by the time he went to sleep. And as soon as he went to sleep, I didn't finish coding but started reading facebook and blogging. Dave said he couldn't believe I didn't do the coding while he was at work. I honestly asked him if he didn't believe that because I am constantly doing that (aka not doing what I'm supposed to).

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 6 of Half Marathon Training (1.14-1.20)

Previous Summaries
Planned Mileage: 3, 4, 3, 10 (for a total of 20 miles)

Monday: My legs felt pretty fatigued from my busy weekend. Jen called me and wanted to know if I wanted to run while she walked and we talked on the phone. I was up for that so we did it. I was even only halfway through my lunch when she called but she had to hurry to finish her walk before dark. She walked her neighborhood loop and I ran 4 miles. It made the run go by so quickly. It felt great. I did run a little slower because of being fatigued and being on the phone. We could mostly hear each other. Every now and then it was a little tough. But man was it fun. Too bad she didn't leave work earlier so I could have done my entire long run with her on the phone. Because now I still haven't done my long run from almost any of the weeks.

It's amazing how it was 49 degrees 2 days in a row that I went running and one day I was freezing and the other day I had to take off my long sleeve shirt and I was still warm. I also wore pants the day I was cold. It all had to do with the sun but still it is tricky.

Later in the day I did a core workout, foam roller, and stretched.

Tuesday: I took a rest day. I was going to go to Body Pump but I spent a few extra minutes at the mall.

Wednesday, 1/16: I did a 5 mile tempo run with the same route as last week. Since I missed my goal of 9:04 last week, I made that my goal again even though the train plan suggests 9:02. It was challenging but wasn't that bad at all. I can't believe I survived it so well and blew my goal out of the water. 

Thursday: Dave and I went for a 2 mile walk plus walked all around Target.
Friday:  I ran with Hilary at 4. We did a 4 mile loop near my apartment. Last week we ran near her so this week we ran near me since we weren't running far we didn't want to drive somewhere to run. I felt like I was running so much faster than we were. The last half involved more crossing of streets and paying attention to cars always slows me down.  We were fairly consistent. We started out a bit too fast but I tried to hold back so we didn't kill ourselves on the first mile like we usually do. 
After dinner, I ran to the gym, lifted weights for my arms (40 minutes), and ran home. It is quite a short distance to and from the gym but I thought I'd run rather than walk or drive. I have not driven yet and don't plan to. I ran holding my phone, wallet, and lock. That was a little challenging. At the end of my weight lifting workout, I did the assisted pullups. I did 2 sets of 8 at 66 lbs assistance and did my 3rd set at 60 lbs assistance. Last time I did 72 lbs. I could have probably gone down a little too. I better push myself instead of dogging it if I ever want to get to the point of doing a real pullup someday.

Saturday: I accidentally took a rest day. I even fell asleep at 8pm and slept the night. I wasn't even sick or anything. I was sore from my weight lifting on Friday.

Sunday:  I went for a long run with Hilary. I thought we'd do 7-8 miles. She thought she'd do 5 so she planned to turn around early. Well she didn't and we both did 8.6 miles. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. 

We were doing 4:1 run:walk intervals. They are usually easier than straight running but we were flying right along. Hilary said she was struggling the second half. It was both of our first long run since early November but lately I've been getting more miles in with a few shorter runs. She only ran twice since before Christmas. 

I also ate breakfast for the first time ever before a run. I had 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast. I was up since 6:30 and ate from 9-9:30 and then we ran at 10:30. I thought we'd run between 10 and 10:30 and figured that was an OK goal. I still can't believe how fast we ran. Maybe it was that breakfast. I should probably try it again. 

Our last 2 long runs were Nov 4 (8.61 miles at 10:23 pace) and Nov 11 (10.01 miles at 10:06 pace). My last 8mile+ run was August 24 where I ran 8.11 miles and I was extremely shocked at how fast I ran that (8:53 pace). I was 125.9 lb back in August, in November I was 134 and 136.9. Today I was 137.1 so August should have been faster because the more weight I put on the harder it is to run.  On August 24, I ran continuously and the 3 more recent times, I did run walk.
You can see my BodyMedia fit data. You can kind of tell where each walk interval was, but you can definitely see the 5 times we stopped at water fountains. We also stopped for much longer on 2 of them. (oops)

Total Running Mileage: 22.77 mi (I actually had to limit running again because I would have gotten way too many miles and I still increased by more than 10% each of the last 4 weeks.)
Total Biking Mileage: 0 mi
Total other things: 1 walk,  1 foam roller, 2 core workouts, weights.

Summary: I ended up with 2 rest days this week. I would have preferred just 1.  I was extremely happy with 2 of my runs this week. I wish I would have lifted weights more.


Sweater: Target, Pants: Limited, Boots: DSW, Necklace: Gifted, Earrings: Target, Purse: Target, Coat: NY&Co  (I heard it was cold so I wore my winter coat so it could get a use but it was too hot.)
I woke up and chilled in bed with Poly on my laptop for almost 2 hours. Then I got up and got dressed and headed to Sprouts.  Sprouts has got to be my favorite store.
Their broccoli price is so high compared to normal that I decided not to make broccoli cheddar soup. I spent a lot at Sprouts compared to normal. I spent 5.54 on chicken, potatoes, broccoli, and an onion. The only time I've spent more is when I buy a loaf of Italian bread and that is 4.99.  I discovered that Sprouts gives out coffee samples. I've been to Sprouts a lot but never pay attention to the coffee. I'm always learning new stuff at Sprouts.
I got home and made a frozen Boston Market Chicken, Broccoli, and Cheese Casserole and added a half lb of broccoli to it. I don't even know how I used to eat it without adding all the broccoli. (Note the broccoli isn't just sitting on top but it's mixed all through but that's just how much I add.) I ended up only eating half of it because Jen called me to see if I wanted to talk to her on the phone while she walked and I ran. I said OK.  We did that and I ran 4 miles.
I got in and started looking at my data. I took a break to do core exercises, foam roller, and stretch.  Poly purrs like crazy and gets all up in my grill when I'm doing ab exercises. Then it was back to the computer looking at data, updating blog posts about my exercising, and researching races. Before I knew it, Dave had left work so I had to start cooking.
I wasn't quite done when he got home. I had probably 20 more minutes. But not bad since he never warned me when he was leaving.  I made roasted potatoes and chicken and then I was about to make some frozen vegetables when I remembered that I had some green beans so I quickly made those. The meal was pretty good. I enjoyed it even more after I added up how much it cost.  (Less than $4 plus ketchup and spices)  While we were eating Poly dragged in her string for us to play with. It was caught on her bag so she dragged that in from the office too.
After dinner, we went to Target. We spent $123 there mostly on groceries. I love sprouts but I can't buy everything there. I didn't buy myself any snacks but it just all adds up quickly.
Update because I forgot to mention: Dave fell off his bike on his way to work.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Scarf: NY&Co, Sweater: Express, Jeans: JCP, Boots: Famous Footwear 
I wanted to wake up and run my long run. Instead I slept until noon. Dave attempted to get me out of bed a few times but staying up until 6am really made me want to sleep in.  Dave cooked himself breakfast. I heard him cooking but went back to sleep.

We watched some TV. We had chicken nuggets for lunch. We made an entire bag. I ate 18. I said I had to eat them in increments of 6 because that was a serving.
We took a test bike ride to the Steven's Creek trail. This is where I get on with Hilary when we run. It makes it so he'd be on the trail longer when going to work and that his trip would be longer but that the trip would be nicer than going to Evelyn. Dave timed how long it took so he didn't stop his timer at red lights. We missed a turn on the way but turned around shortly after. It took 20 minutes to get there and 10 minutes to get home. Dave went a lot faster on the way back that I ended up way behind him. He also made the light crossing Mathilda and I did not. I took out my phone and got a nice picture of the shadow of the bike while I waited though. Too bad you can tell I'm standing. Maybe someday I'll manage to get a cool picture.

I used the computer for a bit and knew I wanted to run. After I crawled in bed for a bit, I finally went for a run and got 3 miles in just before dark.
We went to Outback for dinner.  The waitress talked to us so much, I couldn't handle it. She was so nice about everything too; I just didn't want all the interaction. We ordered their Aussie Cheese fries and she said she'd put in 2 half orders at the happy hour price. She claimed it was cheaper. I questioned this but didn't look at the menu. I was going by memory but thought it was the same or close. She said it was 50 cents or a dollar cheaper to do 2 half orders so I caved and said OK. After she left, I got up and found a menu. The half order was $4 and the full order was $7.99. Looks like I was right. I didn't even look at the menu when we were there because I knew what I wanted so I was going by memory from a few months ago when I had looked at a menu.  The fries came on 2 plates and I feel like it was actually less than 1 whole order would be but Dave says it's not.  I took a few bites of Dave's baked potato. I also had Baked Potato soup.

After we got home, I watched TV in bed on my laptop and Dave read on the couch in the living room. I watched the 2 episodes I missed of Pretty Little Liars. I watched on Hulu and get annoyed with their commercials. I just played Donut Popping during the commercials and a little during the show.  When I watched all the episodes back to back in a week's time, I feel like the shows are better.  Once Dave came to bed I watched 2 episodes of 18 to Life and fell asleep.

Friday, January 18, 2013


I woke up planning to meet Hilary at 9 to run. As soon as my alarm went off, I texted her saying I might be late. I wanted to give her warning and I pictured myself not getting out of bed after I hit snooze. I was accounting for hitting snooze once and being on-time but not more than that.  After I sent the text, I checked my email and saw an email from her asking if we could meet at 9:30 versus 9 so that worked out well. I planned to be late like 9:05 so now she gave me 25 extra minutes. So I set a new alarm and went back to sleep.

We ran at 9:30 but I also ran to and from her apartment.  We talked for about 20 minutes.
I got home and looked at data and she got home from swimming and asked me about going biking with her. I said I would so I figured I had to eat lunch. I barely ate 200 calories worth then we left to go bike to google. We biked over 14 miles. It was split up by about an hour long exploration and smoothie drinking at Google.

Dave showed us the Nexus 17 and he took my picture (even though I looked like crap) and made it the background image.

Hilary had to bike 16 miles so we went further on the trail and came back that way. She still had to bike a loop near her apartment to get to the 16 miles.
After I got home, I looked at my data and debated signing up for the triathlon that Hilary is doing. If I'm going to be biking and running, maybe I can bring myself to swim and not hate it. I am still afraid when biking too. I'm also not fast. But maybe I should do it. Do you think I should sign up? The race is in July.

I was so exhausted at the end of the day. Dave went to a bar after work with coworkers because it was someone's last day in the group. I had tuna on club crackers for dinner since he wouldn't be home.  I watched a bunch of TV. Once Dave got home, we watched TV together.  I was pretty tired but waited for Dave to be ready to go to bed so we ended up staying up past midnight. Dave is so weird. He goes to sleep on NYE at 10 PM but stays up until midnight on some random day.

Shopping (1.15.13)

I went to the mall to use my coupons that were spend $50 get $25 off. I had 2 of them. I also bought 3 necklaces at Charlotte Russe. I could only find some of the links online.

Charlotte Russe - $12.99

Style: 301374590
This dramatic statement necklace is perfect for a royal evening! Long chain design features dangling gemstones and beads with intricate filigree accents. Fits with a lobster claw and extender; 14" long. 

Faceted Bead Statement Necklace $6 (2 for $5) (similar)

Orange Casual Necklace $6 (2 for $5) (as you can tell I didn't find this online so I don't have a good name for it.)

Limited Necklace (bottom right photo) - $4.14 ($39.90, on sale for $12.99, then all sale priced items were $40% off, then on top of that I used my spend $50 get $25 off so everything was prorated)

Marled Dolman-Sleeve Sweater

ITEM# 5773206
  • Extra-soft and lightweight cotton blend
  • Boatneck
  • Short dolman sleeves
  • Wide ribbed hem
  • Acrylic, Rayon, and Wool Blend
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle.
  • Import
Limited - $12.74 ($49.90, on sale for $39.99, then all sale priced items were $40% off, then on top of that I used my spend $50 get $25 off so everything was prorated)

Black Boyfriend Cardigan - $7.96 ($54.90, on sale for $24.99, then all sale priced items were $40% off, then on top of that I used my spend $50 get $25 off so everything was prorated)

Mesh Peasant Henley Top

ITEM# 5056933
  • Soft, sheer stretch mesh with banded collar and split V-neck
  • Functional placket with metallic buttons
  • Chest pocket
  • Soft shirring at front and back yoke
  • 3/4 sleeves with buttoned cuffs
  • Soft Nylon Mesh
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle.
  • Import

Polka dot Mesh Peasant Henley Top (in the new arrival section at the store but it is not online)
Both tops were 39.50 originally and all tops were buy one get one half price. Then my spend $50, get $25 off was pro-rated. So they were each $15.89 (pretending that each was 1/4 off instead of one being full price and the other being half off)
All tops were a size small. In the past all tops from Limited were an XS. Above you can see what they looked like in the dressing room. They have weird lighting around the mirror so these look a little odd.

I think I got some pretty good deals. Have you gotten any good deals lately?