Thursday, November 29, 2018

20 Weeks (November)

Well I'm way more lightheaded than I have been. When I eat, if I don't lie down right after, then I'm lightheaded and it takes hours and hours to recover and still the rest of the day I'm still not good.

At the anatomy ultrasound the fetal HR was 143.
Fetal Biometry
BPD 44.7 mm 54% 19w 4d Hadlock
HC 164.1 mm 29% 19w 1d Hadlock
AC 147.2 mm 65% 20w 0d Hadlock
Femur 29.8 mm 34% 19w 1d Hadlock
Humerus 29.0 mm 52% 19w 3d Jeanty
EFW 301 g 53% Hadlock
EFW (oz) 11 oz
MVP 5.3 cm
FHR 143 bpm
Lots of information was provided and it basically just said "normal" for a bunch of body parts.
In person I was told the size of the baby was 53rd percentile.  My blood pressure was 110/70 and heart rate was 59. Since at previous blood work I had a low PAPPA number of 0.38, I need an additional test at 32 weeks. (0.4 is the low cutoff.  Basically they are worried about low birth weight because of a low number but it only happens in a small percentage of cases.

I feel like this was my worst week with awful pregnancy symptoms. But the exhaustion of the first trimester was also bad. But at least I could function during the day back then.

My plantar fasciitis is still a little bit bad. It's slowly improving. That's been limiting my exercise too.

I can't believe this is the halfway point.

My harddrive died. I wrote this a few days late but then held off because I didn't make the collage and went to make it and the harddrive was dead. I guess the pictures didn't auto back up or maybe I didn't even load them from my memory card but I'll just post one now and maybe update it later. I have to take a new picture in 2 days anyway.

Size of baby: Banana, 6-6.3 inches long from crown to rump. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I gained 0.4 lbs this week. That means I'm up 0.9 lbs overall. (But I'm writing this 3 days late and am already up 1.7 since that weigh in.)

Maternity Clothes:  I wear maternity tops everyday.  I sleep in regular t-shirts. If I want to wear something other than workout clothes then I put on maternity jeans and I hate them. 

Gender: Boy

Movement: At my doctor appointments I'm always told how much he's moving. But I'm almost never feeling it anymore. He is so down low so maybe that's why. 

Sleep: Sleep sucks. Dreams suck and sometimes if I'm not awake for an hour in the night I still wake up exhausted from my exhausting dream. 

What I miss: Being able to eat healthier food without being lightheaded. I miss not needing juice and sweets and feeling lightheaded.

Cravings: Nope

Aversions: None

Symptoms: Vivid dreams, going to the bathroom all the time, being lightheaded.

Best moment this week: Ultrasound telling us all the sizes of things were normal.

Looking forward to: Holiday stuff, getting new orthotics, relaxing at some point. 

Exercise:  I only worked out 1 time the entire week. :( :( :( 

Same this time: I miss peeing less often all times. When I see myself in a mirror, I'm always shocked at how pregnant I look. I feel like I'm not this far along. Time is flying. (This was at least the same with Miles not sure about Ella.)  I mentioned going to the bathroom so much with Miles. I feel like it's even worse now. Yet I even complained about having to go more with Ella.

Different from last time:   The overall weight gain was very similar at the halfway point with Ella and Miles (3.9 lb and 3.7 lb but this time I'm only at 0.9 lb) 

20 Weeks with Ella
20 Weeks with Miles

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Festival of Lights Parade 11.25.18

We went to the Festival of Lights Parade in Los Altos that we went to 2 years ago. The kids loved it. I can't believe how much Miles liked it.  This video is long but just listen to Miles throughout it.

It's started at 6. We parked at 5:10 and walked over and got there at 5:30.  It kept getting more and more crowded. I can't believe we managed to get seats on the edge of the sidewalk so it wasn't standing the entire time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

19 Weeks (November)

I took pictures a day late. I weighed myself a day late. I didn't even start the post until 4 days late. I'm really trying to keep up but it's so hard.

My plantar fasciitis is so bad. It's my main problem. Allergies are awful though. We also can't go outside because of the fires and poor air quality. Sometimes just walking to or from the car places having me coughing.
2013 | 2016 | 2018
Ella | Miles | Baby3
I looked up the dates of 19 weeks of past pregnancies to dig up pictures to make this collage. The shirt i wore with Miles was loose so you couldn't tell the pictures as well.  People always give comments like you show earlier or bigger with each pregnancy but look at me when I was pregnant with Ella. I wasn't tiny then. I always say I'm pretty similar with all. I think I expand a lot as the day goes on but I also did back then too. Each time I eat, I just get a lot bigger. 

Size of baby: Mango, 5.5-6 inches long from crown to rump. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I weighed myself a day late because I totally forgot.  I gained 3.2 lbs this week. I'm up 0.5 lbs overall.  

Maternity Clothes:  I wear maternity workout tops often. The other ones are shorter especially when I'm wearing pants that fall down then it's better to wear a long shirt to cover up. Maternity jeans suck. I wear athletic pants but then don't have pockets. If i wear leggings, I have to wear better shoes and my plantar fasciitis is too bad for that. 

Gender: Boy!

Movement: I feel like I'm too busy and never notice at all.

Sleep: My dreams are awful. I have to wake up to pee. I have issues waking up for various reasons and not being able to go back to sleep. 

What I miss: Being able to exercise the way I used to. Being able to function without plantar fasciitis pain.

Cravings: No

Aversions: No

Symptoms: I get lightheaded if I try to function like a human after I eat. Sometimes when I sneeze or cough, my belly will hurt with that.  Having to go to the bathroom constantly. I have to go a million times a day. It was nowhere near this bad when I was pregnant with Ella.  I still have crazy dreams. I also gag when brushing my teeth. 

Best moment this week:  I don't even know.

Looking forward to: Digging out some baby products.

Exercise:  I worked out Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I felt like it was a horrible week but I guess I got 3 in. 

Same this time: I had to pee a million times a day with Miles and I do now. I did not with Ella. 

Different from last time: The past 2 times I already had the anatomy scan by this point but it's a few days later this time so I haven't had it.

19 weeks with Miles
19 Weeks with Ella

Monday, November 19, 2018

Cleaning 11-18-18

I decided to time lapse record myself cleaning up last night. It was an hour and 2 minutes of cleaning. I'm pretty sure the video would have been longer if it was just under an hour.  I didn't quite finish. I wanted to get upstairs and fold the laundry. I spent a half hour folding laundry. I was tired when I started and really tired when I finished.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

5.5.18 Roadtrip Day 5 Auburn Hills

Barking woke us (Guy had dogs in cages in his truck but while walking them there was nonstop barking)

I slept solidly until the barking at least.

I went to the car for something and didn't realize I walked right by the dogs until the head popped out and almost got me.

10:48 left hotel
10:57 super charger

Dave and Miles in Target and I worked out the entire time standing right near the car.
11:41 left super charger

1:45 We got to Aunt Nancy’s. We ate, talked, and did laundry. It was the first time I was ever at their house. I hadn’t seen uncle Huey since 1999. Ella had a blast playing with him and running and jumping and everything. She was great around new people. We had gas station chicken and sides. We were discussing food on the way and I was surprised gas stations had fried chicken.

5:25 left Aunt Nancy’s house. Then I realized she worked on night and hadn’t slept and was supposed to work that night too! Oops.
We got to the super charger in Lansing and Miles was already asleep.
6:09 left super charger.

We drove through Lansing to see the capitol building. There were so many people taking prom pictures.

Freddy’s. We were on our way to Culver’s to try it out and saw Freddy’s. It was very new. We just had to go.   Miles woke up. Ella still slept.

Dave and Ella swam. Miles was still awake when they got back! He was eating. Ella was a wild nut. Late night again.
I expand a lot when I eat and throughout the day. I made a collage to show it.

Our efficiency is not good anymore.  We are bringing too much into hotel rooms. We have tons and don’t use and we wish we had other stuff.  I didn’t find my exercise loops and bands tonight.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

18 Weeks (November)

Time is flying. I'm so busy doing a million things that I will forget I'm pregnant. 

Randomly I sneeze and it's a big pain in my lower abdomen.  Sometimes when I'm just randomly moving it does that too but then it goes away.

After I eat a big meal I can feel various ab muscles pulling. I'm much larger at night than I am in the morning.
I used a collage I made last time comparing 2 pregnancies and now I added the third. I tried to label with the years but it kept not saving but you can figure it out.  I feel like i was just as big with the other pregnancies by this point even though now it seems more pointed and less rounded. 

Size of baby: Bell Pepper, 5 - 5.8 inches long (from crown to rump)

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  I gained 0.7 lb this week so overall I'm at a 2.7 lb loss from the start of pregnancy.  I was already at a gain by 18 weeks with both other pregnancies (.6 lb and 2.3 lb) but my actual weight is about halfway between the weights I was at with them. I weighed the most when I got pregnant with Ella. I was 10 lbs less than that when I got pregnant with Miles. 

Maternity Clothes:  Some only because I remember pulling them out too late before and some of the workout tanks were too small near the end of pregnancy. I want to get some use out of them. 

Gender: Boy

Movement: I'm so busy I don't notice. 

Sleep:  I often am woken up then awake and unable to fall back to sleep for a couple hours. 

What I miss: Being able to eat lunch meat on a quick sandwich.

Cravings: Nothing yet.  I kind of want some cravings

Aversions: Nothing really

Symptoms: I have crazy pregnancy dreams.

Best moment this week: I don't even know. I've done lots of fun stuff but not baby related. 

Looking forward to: having my feet feel better so I can get back to exercising. 

Exercise:  My plantar fasciitis is so bad that I'm barely working out. I think I did 1 workout video all week. Air quality is so bad too so I'm not running. 

Same this time: Well this time and last time I mentioned time was flying. Sleep sucks too. I also forgot that I was pregnant last time. I never seem to have a best moment of the week.

Different from last time: I seemed to have more pregnancy symptoms when pregnant with Ella still at 18 weeks than I did with Miles or not.

Monday, November 12, 2018

2018 Week 45/52 Photo

Looking through my week of pictures, I thought I could have had a photo of the day. There was one I wanted to use every single day of the week.

I chose this one.  Ella wanted to take pictures with my camera. She was taking pictures of her panda bear. Then I gave her a 2nd panda bear. She was posing them.  Then I turn around and she has Miles sitting there holding the pandas. He was posing for her. I had nothing to do with it.  Too bad it's a little off center but just look at Miles. I can't believe he has some facial expressions besides his blank stare that he always has when I try to get him to pose.    I could have cropped the picture but I wanted to show it just as Ella took it.

Photo Taken November 10, 2018