Saturday, October 31, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:20! It was probably because she was up late.

I read her books and she said "again" to read her favorite book again. I asked if she wanted me to read it again and she said "yea."  We read it 3.2ish times then I stopped.

I had onesie painting where other moms and babies came. I had it scheduled 9-3. The first first showed up at 9:50. The last person left around 5:30. It was a long and tiring day but Ella was behaved and so were all the babies. That has not happened yet and I've hosted a few of these.  Overall I made 3 onesies. I had to trace and cut out the images too. I also helped someone new to this make 4. I think the others made 3 - 4 each so that's pretty impressive.  A few cancelled last minute so maybe it was good to have fewer.

Ella napped for 2.5 hours starting at 9:45 but then didn't nap again at all!  She was even yawning but I didn't just put her in her crib. If people are over, she just wants to socialize and won't go to sleep.  So as soon as everyone left she nursed a lot and went to sleep for the night.

Dave and I "worked" on my website. After 2.5 hours we accomplished nothing! We were trying to switch it over to Java and start over but gave up on that when Android Studio would never even work. Then we tried fixing the old site since I can't upload pictures anymore.

After giving up we decided to watch 1 TV show. We watched the Daily Show and when I woke up, the show was over and Dave was also asleep on the couch.


Ella woke up before 4. I wasn't having any parts of that! I nursed her a little bit and put her back in the crib awake. She fell asleep after just a couple minutes. YAY! Then she slept all the way until 6:20. I didn't have a solid sleep myself but 6:20 is much better than 4 or even better than what she has been doing (4:20, 4:30, and 5).

We did the same ol'.   Then she went for a nap a little after 9 AM. Crazy to nap at that hour.  I almost ran with Beth but didn't because of my back.  She slept an hour and a half.

Ella was so pleasant that I went to Trader Joe's.  I never know what all to get there besides the couple things that I specifically go for.  We got home and she was still pleasant. Then all of a sudden she was awful.  We tried to eat lunch and she was not having any of that. I even got out her favorites and she still had issues. It was a struggle to finish my lunch while dealing with her.

I tried to nurse or see if she'd nap. Nothing.  Then I finally decided to head to the park for our meetup. I did think of skipping.  It started at 2 and we got there right then. Ella had fun there. She is rougher with other babies than some babies are. None of the kids are phased but some parents start to freak out about it. (Ella isn't that bad. The description might seem bad. She might pull on a shoulder or grab a shirt or go in for a hug.)

We left at 3:02. I hadn't been watching the clock and said I'd leave at 3 and then Ella started getting cranky so I said we were leaving. I didn't try to make her less fussy and we just left. I looked at my phone as we were leaving and it was 3:02. I guess 3 was her limit too!   She fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep in her stroller almost 2 hours! I finally got to go through my phone pictures and delete crappy ones so then I could pick pictures for my groovebook. Usually deleting crappy pictures is a couple minutes here or there but I got a month behind and that month included A LOT of pictures while traveling so it took almost the entire 2 hours!

We had fajitas for dinner. Ella was super fussy again.

Ella had issues going to sleep. Finally we realized she was teething. I sort of thought but didn't know how bad it was.  We finally gave her Tylenol around 9 PM. I try to use it as a last resort.  We were hanging out on our bed.  Ella started rolling around like crazy. She was having fun. You could tell it was starting to work.  She wouldn't let go of the syringe or the bottle of Tylenol though.   She finally fell asleep around 10. That is way past her bedtime. She used to go to sleep near 7:30 but lately with the clock change and with traveling she was going to sleep even earlier!

Dave and I watched 1 episode of TV and snacked and then went right to sleep.

Friday, October 30, 2015


Ella woke up near 7:30. Then we went running at 8:30 with Robin.   At 9:30 Marie came over to lift weights. I was rushing doing some stuff so probably only lifted for about 15 minutes of that hour. Clara managed to lose her shoe while she was here. They were headed right to her 18 month doctor visit so I let them borrow some of Ella's.   (I found the shoe later in the covers on the bed. I just didn't think to look there.)

There was a container of grapes on the table. I turned around and then it was on the floor and Ella was picking up all the grapes. I didn't say anything and then she put the container back on the table.

I spent so much time trying to clean up and prepping for a stampin' up party. At first Ella was good but then she didn't want me to be cleaning. It was rough.

Ella fights napping all the time so she had a late nap.  I was able to clean a lot and finish prepping during her nap.

After nap we opened some packages. My parents ordered Ella some presents so she had fun opening them. She was using them right away. She was able to figure out a sit n spin without showing her anything.  She would carrying it around and then use it again.

I made a bunch of frozen food for dinner. Quick and easy.

My stampin' up class was supposed to start at 6:30 but the person was a no show. I kind of felt like she would be but I had to be ready just in case.

Ella was up entirely too late again. She stalls. Then she stays awake for a long time in her crib just falling asleep.   Dave and I watched some TV then we went to bed.

It's so funny how writing this just 1 day later it seems like it was all fun and games but I distinctly remember lots of parts of it being pretty awful and being so tired and frustrated with Ella.

If I would have seen this picture, I would have noticed the shoe not on her foot!

2nd Gymnastics Class (10.7.15)

Ella went to her 2nd gymnastics class. It was much different. The first obstacle course involved a lot of jumping from one thing to the next or jumping in and out. This is hard for someone who can't jump! Most of the class can't jump.

The second course had a lot of different stuff that sort of teaches cartwheels and forward rolls and hand stands. But again if you can't jump, it just doesn't work out so well.

When we got to the bars, then Ella could do what the instructor suggested and she did much better. She did have trouble actually letting go of the bar though.

I just love seeing how happy she gets. She's not happy some of the times when she can't jump but she's improving. I wish I could photograph it or video it better. It's too hard when I'm up so close.  I just try the best I can because I love showing her the videos and pictures and plan to keep showing her.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


 Where's Ella?
 We got our new king mattress
I took Ella to vote.
 I was explaining it all to her.
We went to a meetup at Beth's house. It was called preschool playdate. There were about a dozen friends there. Ella was the youngest.

I love when I'm taking a picture and someone gets a picture of me taking it. That's 2 days in a row this happened!

For some reason they think the dog cage is a toy every time.

We had to buy sheets for our King bed. Ella helped.

Testing them out!


Ella woke up at 4:20.  It was freezing in the living room. The thermometer said 66 but it was cold. Ella's hands were blocks of ice. Eventually I went and turned the thermostat up 3 degrees.

She started her first nap by 7.    We went to run at 9.  We got home at 11:30.

We had a google+ hangout with my mom.  Ella and I napped 2-4ish.

We had a google+ hangout with my parents, picked Dave up, got In N Out, ate dinner, got Ella to bed.  She stayed up until 7:40.

Ella was actually quite pleasant the entire time we were at the park so she had so much fun with Gio. Usually she ends up giving a little cry over something or other and isn't happy.