Wednesday, June 30, 2004

what's for dinner?
didn't get to deposit my check today.  makes me mad.

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i have some mosquito bites.  It's easier when i'm getting ready myself in the morning instead of getting ready together. 

also i'm on page 40.  and livejornal is broken so it won't post.  i started to try to post at 7:24 am.  if it doesnt post before i go to wokr it won't get posted for another 9 hours.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

i've spent double my income this summer so far.    last summer around this time i spent less than half my income.
my foot hurts sooo bad.  not from plantar fasciitis but on the outside of it.
page 33

Monday, June 28, 2004

page 19 in "the lies of george w. bush"
pb informed me that when he bought me this book he didn't realize bush was a horrible president.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

o the progress

page 8.  on page 6 there was a quote from george orwell the author of 1984. how ironic


i finished 1984 and am on page 2 of The Lies of George W. Bush.
i cleaned up some stuff now.  still not happy w/ how/where things are organized.  probably will start likign thing sand get thigns more organized right when it's time to move out.  usually it takes me a semester at school before things are the way i want them.
i just put some more purple electrical tape on my power cord for the laptop.  i took off the black that kept falling off and put purple in that place. and then i put more purple on the other spot because it was sliding and exposing the wire.

i'm mad

that is all

Friday, June 25, 2004

i hate first niagara

the bank opens at 9.  i work at 10.  should i go to the bank and order checks before work?  i do not know becuase i do not know what i do to order checks and that place is evil so i dont want to go there.


i just tried to order checks on-line but the gayness had "prices not available" so i'm not doing that.  it had all these things added up but they all had prices not available... well that was ordering for me.  i guess i do have to go to the bank to order them.
i want a checkbook from my new bank (well new that my money just got available but not new in that i opened the account 12 days ago)
i just paid some bills.  i used niagara mohawk's on-line thing to pay my gas/electric  out of my first niagara checking account.  ok that was one bill.  last night i set up to pay verizon from my pnc account and also set up to pay discover on first niagara.
it's cold and nobody is on aim.
well i went to take a nap at 7:00 last night and ended up sleeping until this morning.
how can we possibly have a fridge full of food and cupboards full of food and yet not have anythign to eat?


i finally have access to my money i deposited in first niagara on june 14.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

o the foot pain is unreal.  just got back from grocery shopping.
my foot hurts.  my toe hurts.  i'm tired.  i'm icing my foot now.  maybe i willl do my toe next. i stay up too late cuz i can't stand the cliffhangers on alias.  and i can't post this cuz i cannot contact server.  so it is now 4.29.  check the posting time when it actually posts.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

gravester's one day of work is more than half my whole paycheck

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

at 7 i was on page 248 now i'm on 261
i just sewed my apron. 

when my dad and brother come up in july, i have to remember to tell them to bring some of my old aprons. 

my mom is funny

Daizy Ch: darn.  I wanted to nap and daisy took the couch.
i want a freezer

pay no attention to the trend line

laundry is done but not put away.  it's raining so most likely will not be working for the landlord later


i slept until a little after 10 today. so now tonight i wont be tired.  i have to do laundry.  i wish i had more work shirts.  then from liek 3pm - 6pm i'm working with the landlord again.  I have to eat somewhere along the way.  I'm at a good part in 1984 and I want to read that.  I think this place needs cleaned up a bit.  i have too many shoes laying around.  i also want to disassemble pb's chair so later we can throw it away easier.  it's just here taking up space.  i also have to pay bills or get ready to.  i need to order checks, but my money hasn't cleared yet. well it says it's cleared but i have 0 available balance.  too bad the bank closes each day when i'm done w/ work.  so i can't get there in time. and usually i dont leave work early even though i probably could because i need the money.  i think we also need to go food shopping.  we never seem to end up with meals to be cooked. 

Monday, June 21, 2004

gravester left a few minutes ago.  he was here for awhile.  he played counter strike with dave and we watched tv.  pb kept yelling when me and gravester would talk about stuff.

o no

my collage that pb made me and my picture of a hamster glued together that i had on the wall at school are ruined.

still more to come

so far i added 11 new albums to my website.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

on the day i get to sleep in, there are workers outside playing w/ jackhammers.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

maybe i will shower before work tomorrow.  nobody notices if i am late.  but also if i get there10 minutes early everday i rack up a few bucks
correction.  they are back to digging.  i guess they were on break earlier


they finally stopped digging.

gravester was late to the movie. that slacker.  we had to fight people off to keep saving his seats.  then afterward me and pb went to denny's cuz i hadn't eaten dinner yet.  gravester didnt' want to go.  gravester stopped at cvs on the way into the movie too.  kate was going to stop over but that all didn't happen when i wanted dinner.  the prices on our denny's bill were different than on the menu. we didn't say anything, but it still makes me mad. 

today i learned how they estimate how many bags of dough to do on a given day.  i can estimate the same as them with their computers.  I could run the place.  My hours got cut a little.  Next week I only work 35 hours.

it's getting to be about bedtime.

i have a lot of bills.  it's almost fun to have stuff to worry about and keep track of.  shows i'm not a little kid anymore.  but at the same time i would rather be saving 800ish bucks a month and live at home with them paying for that an dthen i would end up with 2000 bucks more at the end of the summer than i would have now.  Originally i thought that over the whole summer me and PB would be spending like 3,000 bucks on room and board and stuff and already we almost spent that much and we're only 1/3 of the way into it.  i guess my prices weren't as accurate and well i didn't expect to get $110 phone bill for a real line.

that reminds me.  my cell phone will not last anymore. it likes to die die die after only a short period of time.  I am considering looking into the phoen battery and having another one but I would not buy it yet.  I would just keep it in mind for later.  I also want to scrapbook and get pictures made at walmart but I dont have the money to spare yet.  I can start doing stuff though.  Maybe Monday and Tuesday I will scrapbook. Or maybe I should finish 1984 first.  I'm on page 226 if my memory serves me correctly.  There are a little over 100 pages left. 

I seem to be in a talkitive mood tonight

while i was at work

there was a watermain break in the street right in front of the apt.  actually where we always park we cannot park.  i had to park 3 ish blocks away cuz the road is blocked

also at work i bruised my arm/elbow somehow.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

my manager at work put in her 2 weeks notice yesterday. 

i worked 11 hours today

Monday, June 14, 2004


i'm on page 200 in 1984, but i was on page 20 over Thanksgiving break.

fun stuff

pb informed me i just did that math while that 70's show was on

ok weekly
may 13-15 - $17
may 16-22 - $191
may 23 - 29 - $53
May 30- june 5 - $137
June 6 - june 12 - $101
June 13- so far today on june 14 - $6 (yes never know what is still to come in the day)

pb just saw my calendar and called me a nerd

i'm a loser even tho i told pb i wasn't

i just figured this out and i made a calendar. i should have done it on the ocmputer so i could share it but it's only on paper.

from may 13 to june 14 (so far today) we spent $197 out to eat and $308 at price chopper and other grocery places. keep in mind this is not exact since i only wrote down dollar amounts rounded to the whole dollar.

uh o

argh and a half


i'm a slacker at putting those in and then my journal isn't colorful
i just woke up. it's my day off. even though last night i went to sleep before 11:30. I also took a nap around 7 for an hr and a half. And yesterday i got to sleep in because i didn't work until 9. this scares me for my classes next semester. but i do seem to require more sleep nowadays.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

grocery shopping. went in every aisle. got liek 19 things, including 6+ yogurts counted in the 19 things.
couldnt think of what we want.
now i talked on the phone for 43 more minutes to mom and dad. had to call and say how funny gram is.
gram is insane. she talked to me on the phone then realized it was too long cuz of the hair dye she had in and then she kept talking to me.

gram told me my dad worries about me but i'm not allowed to tell him she said that and also she said that he did'n't tell her and that she can just tell cuz he's quiet.

i did not mention booze when i told her mommy wanted to kick mike out of the house.

we talked on the phoen for 45 mintues. before that she was on the phoen w/ my aunt for over 15 she said. the hair dye is supposed to be in her hair for 30-35 minutes she said.

Friday, June 11, 2004

my head hurts when i move. i'm hungry. i dont know what to eat.
my laptop wouldtn connect to the internet the whole time gravester was here.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


7 solid hours of sleep last night
2.5 hr nap today
i'm so tired right now.

i just ate almost a whole sandwich
i feel lightheaded. i was starving when i ate it. i was lightheaded last night for 5 hours then i went to sleep, then i was lightheaded until noon today at work. yes that's 4 hours of working and lifting stuff while lightheaded. it wasn't fun. i was leaning over and stuff to hold myself up. the other workers probably thought i was insane. i almost ate half an oatmeal cream pie for breakfast today.

i'm allergic to somethign in the apartment. i dont know what. i was sneezing up a storm this morning. i almost didn't go to wok. well not really cuz i dont skip out on stuff. i didn't sneeze at all at work. then when i got home, i sneezed forever and ever.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

we're back from the pool. people were actually there. most that i've never seen before. some diving people were there too. pb doesn't have to tred water , he can just hold his breath and he floats. it was amazing.

Monday, June 7, 2004


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the oven won't close. i hope the brownies turn out alright


Daizy Ch (8:42:25 PM): HELP! I'LL KILL MYSELF!
Polah Bea (8:43:24 PM): it. makes. me. want. to. kill. myself.
TENroaches (9:58:11 PM): i'll probably kill myself
aparently when i get 10 hours of sleep i require a 2 hour nap

breakfast at 1:30PM

i just ate 4 waffles and pb ate 6
i didn't post yesterday about this

the mandatory meeting at pizza hut one girl brought her snake and she had on an rpi sweatshirt and shorts. so i guess she goes here. 2 other girls had on russel sage sweatshirts. geeze are they just sporting all their college wear.

Sunday, June 6, 2004

take the "what's your dark secret?" quiz
| courtesy of where darkness and secrecy abound.

oven cake sleep

landlord's son came and did some stuff and got it closed and said the spring is probably broken and the landlord would come tomorrow to take it apart and figure out how the spring stuff works. i ate a piece of cake after he left. i'm soo tired. it's always healthy to eat right before bed.
i just fell dead asleep on the couch sitting at the computer
i'm tired. tell the landlord's whoever to get here quick so i can go to sleep
ok well i e-mailed the landlord about the oven. e-mail sent at 11:20. i just got off the phoen with him. he yelled at me for not calling. and he's sending someone over now to fix it.
ok so the oven is broken. well the door is. the hinges do not work. it's stuck open at the moment. 3 or so inches open. we had to take the door off to get the food out. it took a hammer, spoon handle, dish towel, 3 oven mits, and two people to get the food out and get the door back on.
i can't believe what the world is coming to

little debbie outmeal cream pies are 9 isntead of 12 and starcrunch are 8 instead of 12 (i think)

Saturday, June 5, 2004

also all the females had visors and males had the baseball hat type thing and lyn had a baseball cap

am i obsessed?

now y would a guy be named lyn i've never seen a girl spell her name that way though. o man i've seen this kid in people clothes too and they seem to be male clothes and a male watch. but this kid is so short that guys dont tend to be that way.........

i keep wanting to give in and accept that it's a she but i can't accept until i know for sure
i was going to post yesterday saying i was sure lyn was male but today i'm even more confused than ever.
but lyn has nice eye brows and guys dont have nice ones like that. he/she likes to talk and guys dont seem to talk that much. but he/she wears a male watch. his/her hair is soo short but some lesbians have hair that short. he/she was tlaking to rachel (waitress) about how he/she doenst like to tlak in bed at night...but i came over in the middle of the conversation so i didn't hear who he/she was talking about. everyone refers to him/her as her or she in coversation and someone said "little miss register worker" today ... now if i was male and someone said that i would straighten them out

Thursday, June 3, 2004

i wanna know

this "lyn" at work.. i've talked to lyn and thought it was a guy and i've seen him and stuff but everyoen refers to lyn as "she" so i'm all confused
i work with lyn tomorrow maybe i can figure it out. i know he/she went to a bar until 4am the other night and that he/she is livng w/ megan and bob starting in august. and it's not an all girl house or an all guy house so it could go either way. lyn knew bob and that's how they are getting the place.
the voice is not deep but it was not a girly voice. the hair is really short like a guys cut. but why does everyone say she.
i'm so tired. i want to go somewhere though. i also want to take nap. but i dont wnat a nap becuase i have to work at 8am again tomrorow.
i'm on my laptop

Tuesday, June 1, 2004


pb doesnt do any work. he expects me to be the one doing everythign and fixing everything. lots of it is my stuff but not all and stuff like sweeping and cleaning the floors is general and could be done by him and he isnt even working anywhere no so he should be doing it instead of relying on me when i get home from work to make dinner or decide what dinner is and then to clean up and let him play his computer game all day. and he thinks stuff is clean when it isn't. and i cleaned the stove today and then he just made a mess on it right after cutting his bagel w/o having anythign to catch the crumbs underneath.he always thinks none of it is his so he doesnt have to put it away but a lot of the times most of it is his.

i need a job that will give me hours. or i need a few jobs. i want to work at least 40 hours a week. i'm not making any money. i dont know where to apply. the landlord didn't contact me all weekend when i wasn't working. pb needs a job too. he's been hunting too. stupid troy not having jobs. they need more stuff close by so then all the jobs aren't taken.

the post office at the union needs to be open more and quit closing for those 15 minute intervals.

my foot needs to get better so that i can get into shape again. i think that would help to make me happier. i miss running. but then again i'm not sure if i want to run in troy anywhere. maybe i will have to find some park somewhere and run there. i also need new/better shoes for running even tho my running shoes are quite new. they didnt' seem to work last time. but i dont have the money to buy new shoes yet. i'm not sure if i will have the spare money at all this summer.

today we did laundry but it started to rain really hard after we got in the car after leaving the laundramat. some of the laundry is still in the car, including my apron because it was raining so hard when we returned. i didnt want to get all the dry clothes wet. i brought in the clothes that were on hangers cuz i didnt want them to get all wrinkled.

whenever i eat my stomach gets all upset. at least today it did not. but it did every meal for the past week or so. it makes me scared to eat. sometimes it gets more upset than others but it always hurts.
i finshed my scarf. it's 70 inches long plus the fringe
ouch i just broke the couch more
i made hot dogs and baked beans for dinner. pb ate sandwiches though. i think i might add a hot dog to the leftovers.

when i ate lunch/breakfast i didn't get sick to my stomach today.
stupid shower. won 't stay hot for a full shower
i'm actually on my desktop.