Saturday, October 30, 2004

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

SmilingColl: i'm gonna write wendy's a letter based on tonight
SmilingColl: i'm waiting to c if it ruined my shirt

SmilingColl: we ordered
SmilingColl: they took 15 min
SmilingColl: then it was messed up
SmilingColl: but we pulled away
SmilingColl: we tried to tell them through the lobby but doors were locked and they ignored our knocking
SmilingColl: but when i looked to c if it was messed up the triple pb got wasn't really wrapped and slightly counting the burgers made it go all over my shirt
SmilingColl: mustard
SmilingColl: and then we tried to walk aroudn to tell them from wehre we parked
SmilingColl: well first the bag tore a little
SmilingColl: then walked aroudn it broke
SmilingColl: so pb had to scoop the stuff up
SmilingColl: they yelled at him and was like "i'm not remaking your stuff"
SmilingColl: and he tried to tell them our order and he kept walkign away
SmilingColl: then he got mad when pb didn't say the whole order at one time
SmilingColl: then we got it
SmilingColl: but they did give us the dropped burgers back cuz u can tell how the side is flattened and stuff
SmilingColl: but i didnt' go back to the window w/ pb butt hen they also messed up the guys order behind us
SmilingColl: then we went to taco bell and they were all good
SmilingColl: and ordered 24 bucks worth at taco bell
SmilingColl: and it took like 2 min
i should be studying
pb switched majors. people always switch majors with 2 semesters left.

Monday, October 25, 2004

i switched back to keeping my bills in my wallet face first.  it is too hard to deal with it since the rest of the world doesn't do ti that way. it would take forever to put it back in my wallet after i got change somewhere. silly society. i dont know how pap-pap did it all those years.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

i'm starting to get sick.

this is not good
i wish it wasn't sleepy time every modeling and control class. i wish he didnt have this awful accent so it was easier to pay attention. it's crazy. my notes r so horrible they dont help me.
10 hours of sleep and i'm tired


i havent' slept as late as i did today sincd the beginning of the summer. and granted  i only woke up today at about 12:15pm.  today was the first day i got to sleep in forever.  well the first day i didnt have to wake up for something.  but now i only have about 13 hours to do homework today.  i have a lot more than that to do.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

last night at duncan donuts we ordered 25 munchkins and gave the guy a 5.  he gave us 6 bucks and some odd cents change.  so we gave him teh 5 back and he was all confused.


today i was happy cuz my jeans were just washed and nice and not loose but then after wearing them for 2 hours they became huge.  now i'm not happy.  stupid stretch jeans.  they annoy me.  now i need a belt.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

MASS MoCA was actually pretty interesting today. The mountains were so pretty on our way. On the way back i fell asleep.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i'm mad at rpi. they blocked port 80 connections so now you can't host a web server from your room.
today was pretty interesting.

updated links for those not on RPI campus:

I finally updated but I dont even write down all the times I weigh myself now. The graphs just aren't as pretty.

TENroaches: your legs looked skinnier than ever yesterday

update: word is those links won't work and those pictures won't load unless you are on campus. I will fix it as soon as I remember my other password to put it on a different server.
update at 1:53 on Friday the 15th
i dont want to  do homework.

it's funny i was told a story yesterday about a girl flirting by saying she pulled her groin muscle and it needed massaging.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


ok right now my belt is on the 4th hole (from the end) but i started today on the next to the last (2nd). it's so weird. did i tighten it each time i went to the bathroom or something. I remember at dinner looking down and noticing it was on the third hole.
so far in modeling and control i have a 16.32% (out of a possible 20%)
o and today in thermal lab 2 they told us that they realized they have graded too harshly on the quizzes and if we think we should get more points back to see them. ha i thought they were brutal.
now i have a 28.8% so far in EI but on their grade sheet i have a 67.58 but they assume i would ge tthe same thing on the next tests that i got on the prev one and also that iwould get the same hw average throughout.

so far i have a 9.04% (out of a possible 12)
someone mentioned me in their live journal (and linked me) and now i feel bad for beign a posting slacker lately.

so last night i was up till 2 doing work and wasn't tired but it was late so i figured i better go to sleep then i couldn't fall asleep and all i kept thinking about was that i should be doing homework instead and that i was wasting time. what a nerd i am.

i'm hungry. i wish my jeans that were 20 bucks were as tight as the ones from teh same store in the same size that weren't on sale as much.

i should probably call pizza hut to find out when i work but i dont really want to know becuase then i will know for sure that i will be working all weekend.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

since i bought new jeans am i allowed to throw out my old ones that are very worn out?
you should hear these speakers.

sp691        the r benwin traditions they are " a simple, compact, affordable, great-sounding USB powered multimedia sound system" 

they are pb's and they were never out of the plastic  yet they look so old

Sunday, October 10, 2004

i'm stupid

well i just realized that t he reason my jaw hurts is that i've eatten nothign but hoagies for liek the past 3 days (except the pizza and fries) but i'm not supposed to eat hoagies cuz of my jaw. and also pizza crust is bad for me too.

so sad

earlier something happened and i was like "i definitely have to post about this in my live journal and now i can't remember what it was at all!

about my outfit yesterday

daddy bigfoo: you're just a walking traffic accident foo, you'd better watch out


before we went today pb said "what if someone recognizes us?" i told him nobody would. i was referring to employees there. but then someone there today told us he saw us eating there last night and that it can be addicting. then he said he was going to turn on fox news for us so we could keep in trouch with what is going on in the world.
haha pb thinks the shirt i'm wearing is new. but he picked out this shirt in about august. it might have been july. i will check on that.


i'm wearing 2 new things today

update: make that three new things

Saturday, October 9, 2004

o and at pepboys today, while we were there for 3 hours, i slept for a little bit. pb yelled at me and told me i wasn't allowed to sleep.
it hurts to eat.

all these ulcers or whatever in my mouth. now it's like i'm always biting myself. now it's my left side inside my mouth that's worse but last week it was the right side. sometimes i flinch weird like cuz bites are hard to take. this snickers is so hard to eat.

i have soooooooooo much homework and i can't do it. i am stuck in thermal. and i need other group member's stuff before i can do my EI. also it's too dark in here so i can't see to look up stuff for thermal. when i try to work on it my eyes hurt.
last night was such a horrible debate watching. i am never watching a debate again with a Bush brainwashed person that is too stubborn to even listen to things.

the webct grades are not real like anymore. they trick you saying your quiz average is what u got on the first one. before they avaraged with zeros for the other tests and same with homeworks and experiments so it was your true grade so far. so now i have to add EI to my excel file grade sheet that i have so far.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

the lady on CNN says "if you aren't watching tv now then turn it on"

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

i'm stupid

i'm so stupid

i just put a big handful of goldfish in my mouth before i closed up the bag
i was starving and tired
so i opted to eat then sleep
now i ate a bunch of goldfish and am still really tired
and i still keep eating even tho i fill like i'm going to throw up or something and also my tongue and check hurt from these ulcers or what ever u would call them
and now my stomach just growled a bunch

i'm confused

but at least i have a 22.8% in Electronic Instrumentation so far
so far i have a 16% in thermal 2 but in thermal lab i have 5.6% cuz we haven't gotten some stuff back yet.
time to start my nerdiness and start grade sheets for my classes.
i bought clothes at express. i used my gift card that pb got me for my birthday and i also spent lots on my own. great sales. i amost bout 2 of the things on saturday when i was there (or maybe it was sunday but i think saturday) and then i heard about the sale. and boy am i glad i didn't buy them then. they were cheaper today. ooo what excitement. now i have to decide what to wear tomorrow. I bought jeans that r a size smaller than the ones I bought in the summer.
sanitary gloves are pointless if you are going to wear htem and go on break and smoke a cigarette while still wearing them

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Monday, October 4, 2004

my politics professor thinks that Bush won the debate


i took a nap. it lasted forever. i did not want to wake up. i went crazy and thought itwas friday when waking up. it sucks to realize it was only monday.


last night i noticed i have a gut again. i guess that's from 2 days of eating normal food.

i thought of something i wanted to tell jesse that i didn't tell him this morning then i tried to sign on aim and it wouldnt work (still won't work) but now i totally forget what ti was. and i thought of something i wanted to tell pb too and can't remember what that was either.

i got voicemail well the voicemail e-mail at 9:47am this morning and now i want to know who it was.
so tired after more than 8.5 hours of sleep.  also this morning i turned over and was gettig all situated and looked at the clock and it said 8:44 and i thought "o that's mean" and  boom alarm went off

Saturday, October 2, 2004

tonight was fun.  i took some pictures.  i'm glad we went.  gravester and jcal paid for my dinner! that was very nice of them.  olive garden would hvae been way too long of a wait.  so we went to friday's.  i think olive garden would have been better. but next time. there is always next time
right now all my homework is done for monday, tues, and wed.  go me
TENroaches: my roommate just came back and asked me to delete that entry from my livejournal
SmilinColleen: haha

i'll copy it here
Drunks [02 Oct 2004|04:18am]
My roommate came back tonight so drunk, he couldn't do much of anything, not even keep his eyes facing toward the same direction. He had to have someone help him pick out his stuff to take a shower, and when he came back, he dropped his keys outside the door, when the door was unloocked. When I went to go to the bathroom, I found his dirty underwear lying outside the door on the floor and kicked them in, and in the bathroom, I saw his bath towel still hanging in there (he's sleeping at this point), and when I came back, I saw a puddle coming under the door from the inside, so I opened to see what it was, and I couldn't tell where it came from, ut i know my bath towel ended up soaking in it. So I went to the bathroom and wrung it out. The puddle wasn't there when I left to the bathroom, and my towel wasn't on the floor when I left, so maybe my roommate woke up, peed on the door, and threw my towel on it (since he left his in the bathroom), and got back in bed, since his position in bed was different when I returned from when I left. And now that I'm looking for his underwear to think if I should kick them back out to teach him not to come back here all drunk to mess stuff up, his underwear aren't on the floor anymore, so he HAD to have awakened. So I probably have his pee on my hands right now from my towel.

I just went to wash my hands, and on the way out, I took note that the door is wet from about crotch-level down. Then when I returned, my roommate started talking in his sleep, but the words weren't real words. 


ok like all week i've been saying we should all do something tonight for my birthday and been askign gravester  but he said he had plans or "temporary plans"  then today  i told kate to find out what is up cuz i was leaving to the career fair. then at the career fair he was like "are you guys doing somethign tonight?  " i sai d"yea buti dotn know what" Then he said "well if u decide not to do somethign then u can do somethign with us . we were thinkign out to dinner and  movie or something" 
what's up with him inviting me when i started it but now he's the one thinking like "o a godfather movie or somethign after dinner"

kate and maggie were in on something tonight from liek end of last week or way beginning of this week.i dont know how gravester figured  when i referred to doing somethign that it wasnt' all of us.  and that i wasn't goign to do somethign w/ them    well actually them with us ... craziness
i went to the career fair and gave out 10 resumes

Friday, October 1, 2004

OreoFuchi: go drinking yet?
SmilinColleen: nope

i totalled up teh max i think i can get on my test i had today and  if they give me pity points for attempting qeustions i think i can get a 54 (out of 150)