Tuesday, August 31, 2004


today some guy told me that i was in a lot of his classes  when we were given time to go aroudn and meet people.  i told him i did'nt notice and then he walked away.  i guess that wasn't the appropriate response.  and he was in my next class after that too.  too bad i  won't recognize him w/o his blue tie dye shirt on tomorrow. 


i had a crazy dream last night and i had one  during my nap

Long Nap

i just took a 4 hour nap.  i didn't want to sleep longer than an hour.  actually it started with me doing homework.


Thursday 4-11 production
Saturday 8-4 production
Sunday 4-9:30 server
2nd day of classes done.

Monday, August 30, 2004

o man it's rough waking up so early

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Phone Call

i call the landlrod. 
him "hello"
"oh! hi!  feel like painting?"

what a greeeting
we talked liek 15 minutes.  he's tricky.

first day

i saw dwane twice today. 

my classes aren't gonna be fun.  it seems that they are hard to stay awake in.  or will be hard to.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

today a table told me i was the nicest pizza hut waitress they ever had.  then they actually left me a good tip.  they even told the manager that too.
i had 22 tables today.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

i took a nice nap earlier

Sick, Fan

i almost called in but nobody answered so i went. and tom was late. and i told him my stomach hurt. 

pb just bounced and the fan fell and the base fell off

Friday, August 27, 2004

i think in about 10 hours i will be sick and have to call in to work

Thursday, August 26, 2004

aww man i'm so tired.  i thin today will be a nap day.  it will have to be.

uh o

loud fan noises again
the landlrod was over an hour late.  he was all on edge cuz jesse was there.  he said we have to do a daytime inspection on the apt too.  i mean not we  but him. then he said he will contact us about money.  he noticed things wrong w/ the apt  before we got there  (scratches)  and didn't say anything but i bet he forgets they were there before. he wanted our new addresses. we did meter readings but  did not call the people to switch it over.  i dont know what's going to happen with that since i work.

Moving, Computer issues

i dont think there is any hope for my room.  it's quite sad really.  i do need to work on it.

and there is so much school stuff i still have to do.  there is all kindsa stuff in the wagon.  i spilt water all over me a few minutes ago.  the cup just slipped right out of my hand.  at 7 i will be looking at the apt with the landlord and he will hopefully find no damage or crap like that.  since it's even nicer now than when we got it.

also my fan is crazy loud and i can't leave it on for very long so as soon as i get stuff put away i want to back it up on my desktop.  this week i also need to fix up my resume and write my cover letter.
btw i was sooooo tired today at work and my hair is still damp now from my shower last night
well it appears my dad has cellulitis again
he couldnt' go to work today or do anything
he made 11 calls before he got his lunch delivered. 

his work would pay for me to drive him home and then they would pay for my flight back up here.  or like if mike came to get him by plane and then drove him home they would pay for that too.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

time to pack my heart out.  i wonder if i should just go to pizza hut at somepoint today to see what my schedule is.  also i wonder what the deal is if i have to be here to  turn in my key to the landlord at noon cuz that would be bad since i most likely work 8-4.

Monday, August 23, 2004

april 5 2003 there was lots of snow and ice and coats and hats being worn but then on april 12  2003 shorts and tank tops were worn for a run


last night i averaged 11.68 an hour.  i wish i had that all summer.
i'm so tired.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

the express site is broken. how am i to check if they actually got the on-line bill pay payment.  i forget when it's due but  it was taken out of my checking accoutn 5 days ago.
and now i did it. 

i just forgot to total the cable bill in the daily page.
now it's off by 50 bucks and i didn't mean to change anythign by that much.        so i made a boo boo.


my money file was messed up.  at first off by 35 cents.  the file by transaction compared ot the daily one.  then i went back a month and it was off 50 cents
then i  fixed some stuff and it was off 40 cents.  now it is off 5 and i know it's between 8/3 and 8/8.  time to get to the bottom of this
work was crazy


i just did a few scrapbook pages from may 27, 2003.  i think that's one of the most recent dates i've done.  i had to scrapbook so i couldn't say that i was such a slacker i didn't scrapbook at all here.
i just washed all the dishes.  i'm sorta bored.  i work in less than 2 hours so i dotn want to get into too much. dave is playing game cube.  i dont know what to do or what i can do.


i dont undestand it.  y do people liek shout at me out of their cars.  today some guy did from his motorcycle after i got out of the car.  todya  at work we had an employee meeting but i didn't have to be in uniform.  Dave S (Lyn's brother) told me he didn't recognize me not in uniform.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

ooo myvRA from freshman year is now an RD.  No more RA Holly.  I guess it has to be "RD Holly"
i keep having dreams about pizza hut and i'm sick of it.
apparently the listing is updated and is now a 2 bedroom not a 1 bedroom plus 1 office.  and  it's available on the 27th!

book progress

i'm on page 216.  i have 111 more pages left to read.  so far i've been reading it about a month and a half.... if u extrapolate what i've done so far there's no way i'll be done anytime soon.

i had hoped to be done before school started.    i also wanted to scrapbook this summer and i never really got to that at all either.  now i feel obligated to pack or something instead of scrapbook.
i started packing some books.  it's like crazy to pack stuff i think  but idon't know what to do.  i want to get all this stuff out of here as soon as possible once we're allowed to move back into the dorm. 
the landlord just showed the apartment.
i'm so so so tired.  i can't stay awake.
gas usage went down again and  electric usage went up.  both for the 3rd time in a row.  but the overall cost went up.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Weight - Scale

dave thinks because my weight hasn't changed in the past 3 months that i have to accept the fact that it's stable.  i told him i accept the fact that the scale is broken


dave cooked dinner and dessert and had it ready for me when i got home from work. what a cutie.  he even showered and brushed his hair for me and put on his super sexy white t'shirt. he also shaved too. and he put flowers on the tv screen and played romantic music. i took pictures
outlook is pissing me off.
nobody ims me.

i will be at work in 2 hours.
i just ate my leftovers from last night.
i'm thirsty.
i started packign one small box.  it's almost full.
i'd like to comment that i didn't even lose a whole pound this summer.


i'm starving. i was used to wakeing up early all summer until the past 2 weeks.  and then school will start and i will not like to wake up at 8am for my class anymore. i work at 12:30 today.  what's up with that.  work is crazy.  i'm actually on the desktop and about to switch the chair that i am sitting on.  i just realized that  boom boom boom it's time to move.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

o no....... big brother didnt' tape.
in a week and like 3 days i will most likely be giving my 2 weeks notice.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

everytime i click on a webpage..any webpage i get at least one popup.  i guess my google blocker isn't working anymore.


the landlord came and gave me my money from yesterday and also gave me the knob for the a/c.  it was in his pocket.  after he had me hunting for it for liek half hr that day.  it jumped in his pocket the whole time.  he's crazy.

i learned that the landlord brought the new garbage cans down and that they aren't the new tenants. so now i will use them cuz they aren't disgusting like the broken ones i've been using.
and he wants to know if the neighbors junk in their yard is trash cuz he wants to take it.  the landlord wants to buy that house.  he said cuz of the people coming and going and stuff.  but i think he means cuz they are black and have kids that were putting thigns on a garbage can to try to climb into the window. 

Pizza Hut

i think tom is trying to make everyone quit and have all new people working for him.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

tomorrow is new manager training day.
y do i have a million pop ups now a days?  y doesnt google popup blocker work


i have to go get my phone fixed. i can't take it that people can't hear me and i have to shout and they still can't hear me.

kate's summer address

4 Peter Drive
Wappingers Fall, NY 12590-4993


i had the weirdest dreams last night and woke up in the night and remembered them then.  now i can only remember bits and pieces. mrs hunter, my fifth grade teacher, was in one of my dreams. she was in the lunch room when i went there to find my purse.  in the same dream we had to sit in an auditorium  in alphabetical order for some odd reason  for a picture.  i was in row 5, but the baffling part was that people from high school that i hate were also in the 5th row and sitting all staggered like so i would have had to sit w/ one of them.  but i dont think i acutally got my picture taken cuz there was where i realized about my purse and i tried to go and find it.  that was my dream around 5am or something.  i kept dreaming and right now i can't remember the rest of them at all.

Monday, August 16, 2004

the paycheck i get when my dad is up here i am going to give to him to deposit in pnc.  since i hate first niagara and dont like it that i dont have money in pnc now.

not a one liner post

i did all the dishes. there were tons of them.  i dried 2/3 of them.  now i'm trying to check my discover stuff on-line and the stupid page won't load.  it's raining so i didn't get to work for the landlord.  i need to clean this place up somehow.  i think that requires boxes from kate which she didn't bring yesterday.  but then when i pack up where do i put the boxes so maybe i shouldn't start packing yet and maybe i don't want the boxes yet from kate.  also, my pink tanktop that i love that's spaghetti strap is all messed up in the stitching now.  i guess i shouldn't have been wearing it all summer under work shirts.  so now i shouldnt really wear it unless there's a shirt over it.  i hope my purple one is not ruined too. i should buy more sometime.  maybe. too bad tank tops aren't really in the back to school collection.  my hands feel all weird from doing the dishes.  it was so disgusting.  the sink is just horrible.  and now timmy sent me a convo he had with becca about how she ruined the interact site. she claims she did a good job with it. o man.  she's crazy and i wanna know what help she thought i had when i ran every activity. she might be thinking that when i was vice president i helped the president do all kindsa stuff so he had help.  but i did not have help.  other people planned some events like  "o i'm planning road clean up. ok here's the date and mrs weston u can call penn dot to tell them to pick up the trash"  o wait they didn't even tell her to call she just did cuz they slacked  but then they maybe mentioned it at the meeting or something so it was like they were in charge.  and not only did i spend hours after each meeting and event but hours after film was developed cuz i had to scan stuff in.  i even put together packets for each committe i was sort of in charge with so people that would do it in the future would have an easier time w/ it like they do with pta  but i dont believe mrs weston ever passed those things along.  i think she lost them! it all just makes me mad.  and becca shoulda just left my old pictures on there and stuff instead of delete it all and never add new.  when our rotary even takes off the link to the norwin interact site you know it has to be bad. and becca said she only got like 10 hits a week    most were probably from people showing other people how the site is so horrible now.  i have sheets of how many hits i got on each of my individual pages. i made an excel file. i still have the printout of  it along the way but i lost the soft copy when our computer crashed.  but after an event i would have like 50 hits in one day on the main page.  i do have the data to prove this at home.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

my mom is having a kerry party on august 29. i'm jealous.  jcal says we should have one at rpi. i agree.  my mom ordered all kinds of goodies like bumper stickers, pins, signs, and stuff.  i hope i can have some to decorate my dorm room and pb's car.
taking out the trash is a dirty task.  i'm not doing it anymore.
i was told today that i never post.

o man

i just watched super size me.  it's crazy.  o man everyone should see it.

Saturday, August 14, 2004


i made 9.59 an hr tonight counting the 3.3 an hr wage.  and it was a super slow night

good news?

some would say it is. i say it is not.  they say they are overstaffed tomorrow and therefore told me not to come in.  my hours were already at 33.5 instead of 40 and now i'm losing 4.5 hours.  but now i have another day off.
stupid  stupid stupid

i hate first niagara even more now.


today i got my bank statement in the mail.  o what fun it was to balance my checkbook.  it was all good. 
i also got my phone bill.  i will pay that now.  i've been checking on-line and it was never posted, so i couldnt already have it paid.
i also got internship stuff in the mail from sheila. 
i'm such a slacker at weighing myself
i'm on page 185 in my book.  that's over half way. but i started it about a month and a half ago

Friday, August 13, 2004

i want to go t walmart tomorrow and buy more of those sheet protector things so i can scrapbook. i work at 5.  it's going to make me want to sleep in. i have a lot to do/ that i want to do.  i haven't called the landlord since i got back.  but i sort of have an excuse cuz after work the past 2 days it was pouring.
the sky is pretty now
work sucked.  it's evil.

and i haven't eatten anything all day. but i did have about half a glass of rootbeer.

Thursday, August 12, 2004


i got this from a site and then i went to view sorce to canabalize my horoscope then i had to change stuff because the text was white and whatnot and it had much dead space.
and now i keep playing with it and the colors fo rno apparent reason. i should be in bed.

Horoscope for Libra
12 Aug 2004
Move forward if you want to turn your life around. You'll have great insight. Rely on the one you love for support and affection.
some of my scrapbooking supplies are disappeared.


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and another repeat

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but this one is hte same as last time

i changed my choice of weapon to see what would happen

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old one

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my left hand

is all messed up.  well i cut it yesterday somehow and that's been hurting and i've been keeping a bandaid on it.  it's where my thumb meets my hand sorta.  it's about an inch long. today it started looking purple.  then around 3pm bread stick sauce jumped from the cup to my hand and burnt my thumb. it is still red and  burns.  no wonder they call them burns.  i was using the dispensor thing and trying to fill a to go cup of sauce for breadsticks.  boy was it hot. then i didn't have anythign to wipe it off w/ so i had to use my other hand cuz it hurt so bad.  then i went to wash it.  and  it hurts.  i told everyone at work about it though.  hehe.  later in the day lucas got sauce on his hands too but i dont know if his burn was as bad as mine.  he licked his off.  so i guess it got off quicker.  but he spun around at the same time saying "ow".

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

trip home cost almost 400 bucks
so much to do

timmy says he ran out of friends at home so i talked to him on the phone for a bit earlier.  i gave him permission to throw away my folders from 6th grade.  i guess i don't need them anymore.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

so all weekend i thought i didn't have my camera.  then i got back and was hutnign for it and could not find it.  and then i find it in the backpack i took with me.  even tho i thuroughly looked through it when hunting for the camera on the way home.

back and tired

i'm sooo tired.  just got back.  did about 20 hours of traveling in only a few days.  will tell more of the adventures later


it's hot. but i woke up around 9:30 then a little later left and bought a cheese steak (w/ pepperoni) then went to the dentist with dave. i read in the waiting room and kept falling asleep. he took an hour. then we came home. then left and went to wash the car and then to deposit dave's check and then to dave's grandmom's. we were sorta near her house so i suggested it. she was really glad to see him. then we went to nifty fiftys and i'm soo full. then we came home and it's hot here. shortly dave's dad will return from getting his teeth cleaned and then we will go shoe shopping for dave and justin. dave is using the shoes as his birthday present but justin is mysteriously getting them without having to use a gift. i came over to the computer a while ago and was just going to read some LJs and then post but his dad left open spider solitaire and i had to play quite a few games. i won 2 at 2 suits. one in 168 moves and the next win was in 166 moves. and now dave's dad is home so time to leave.

Monday, August 9, 2004


i got new shoes today.  2 pairs.  and i got my old ones refitted.  the arch pad thing was moved.  no wonder my feet hurt so bad. they pay special attention to you at ponsi's and they took over an hr with me.  but then i was late to the dentist and i didn't get to brush floss before i went.  i did brush this morning and not eat at all but still it's the dentist. 
then i went to the dentist and they made me bleed.  my teeth hurt now.
then i went to gram's and  she kept trying to feed me and  telling me i dont eat and tellign me i lost weight and then  i went to leave and couldnt get the car to start.  the key wouldnt turn. then she brought me home and here i am  with teeth that still hurt. pb's car will be picked up soon.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

"o man they gave us more than we gave them and they had better food" - my mom  in her shocked voice

random conversation

"do you ever read the aim news ticker?  " - my mom
i shake my head
"it's pretty liberal. it never makes me mad" - mom again
i'm so tired.

Saturday, August 7, 2004

i was so tired last night.  i fell asleep on the couch on dave.  then when i was woken up, i was soo confused.  i got my new bank card and activated it.  i signed the card up-side-down.  i wanted to get new shoes today but didn't get a chance. 

still so much to do today and i keep putzing around not doing anything.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

i'm watchign csi.  and  i still have to pack and figure out what i'm going to wear. and get ready for work tomorrow and then i work at 8am tomorrow.

weight graph

in 5 days it will be a yr and 3 months old

i think it's stabalizing becase my scale is broken and doesn't really change.


my foot hurts.  i need to pack. i wanted to have this place clean before i left so when icame back it wouldn't disgust me w/ it's messiness. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2004


so earlier the landlord was checking out what the leak was and he thought it was from the radiator pipes.  but then he decided to check out the air conditioner anyway.  and he confirmed the air conditioner was not leaking and that we could use it.  so then he turned it on and  while it was on decided to take it apart.  and then  he lost the knob that adjusts the degree of coldness.  we then hunted for about 20 minutes for it. 

also yet again he told me about miss albany diner and  that i should go soon to fill out application and have interview and that i could start right away.  and he  wrote out directions for me on how to get there.  he gives me directions everytime he talks to me.  they are only open until 2:15 pm everyday.  he told me the tips would be good and lots of people go there. 

good news for once

sam's club makes prnts from digital camera for 18 cents.  walmart does it for 24.  i'm gonna go to sam's from now on.
it takes so long to uplaod pictures.

y doesn't anywhere have an upright mini freezer?

we had to get new tires today.  i will post a picture later of what the back right tire was looking like.

update: http://colleen.akwire.net/Tire4August2004/August_4_2004_Tire_and_Surroundings_001

o man

ok i just woke up now.  now i have to decide if i should call the landlord to work for him because of my lack of work for about a week.  my throat has been hurting for 3 days now.

i thought i slept in yesterday.  today i slept an hr longer.  i still feel tired. well i did stay up until 12:30 last night.  but i didn't even watch all of clinton's interview.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


i just won w/ score of 3701 and a time of 228.  time is slower than it shoudla been cuz i'm listening to clinton on leterman.
i finally won solitaire and i had a score of 3213 and a time fo 268.  i lost a lot.


i jsut won 2 suits of spider solitaire  in 152 moves.
is it bad to think that if i finish this ice cream then i dont have to put it away so i keep eating?

it's over half left though. 
it's soooo hot in here

o my

i just woke up. i slept so late.  that's crazy.

this is like the fifth fire truck/ ambulence that stormed by outside.          correction another one just went by.

i think i will weigh myself and hope that it doesn't say 123.4. it always says that.            and i am back from the venture to the scale and it said 122.2 the most. the first time i got on it it said 121.8. then i picked up the knife box and weighed myself  then i put down the knives and  i weighed 122.2  then each time after that  that i just weighed myself, it said 122.2

this chair is too low. i must switch it to my computer chair.

Monday, August 2, 2004

i just read some old profiles of mine that i had saved.  i wish i could remember what i was talking about it some of them though.
that's some good bbq pork.  i think the behst thing, besides spaghetti, i made this summer.  spaghetti is better cuz it lasts longer and is easier to cook.

i'm a complainer

argh it's so hot.  my throat hurts to swallow.  all i ate today so far was one cheese stick.  i'm tired.  my foot hurts.  the kitchen is still too small.  the a/c is still not allowed to be used.
i gotta make these onions and peppers not crunchy before i can add the rest of the stuff.


apparently the air conditioner is leaking water somehow to the apt below so now we have to keep it off.  they better fix it soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

my mom's reaction to my LJ is what i thought it would be
if i am not dead after this semester i should  have it pretty easy the last 2 semesters.  i only need 31 more credits after this semester.

pb told me that i all do is post all day. i never say enough imporant stuff though. my posts are always quite short and boring.


in the fall i will have 20 credits but 26 class hours.  that's just crazy.... crazy


27 mines left and i lost on expert because i was forced to guess


i tied my old best time on minesweeper (intermediate) ...yet i guess it's good that i tied it and wasn't a lot slower.
i switched w/ dave so now i work tomorrow and i have wednesday off.  second time i've switched with him.
i'm being a polytechnician
i've been waiting to talk to pb for like 25 minutes now.  so when he read sthis he can learn.  i asked my dad how much oil changes are down there and he said liek 20 to 25 but then  monroe had a discount and he got his for 13.99. 

Pizza Hut Training

i trained the one handed guy today.  he was better than some people with two hands.
my updated schedule file has disappeared.
my back is itchy. i thought it was a mosquito bite.  it's a big red bump.  maybe it is  mosquito bite.