Monday, June 30, 2014

June Exercise

I made my June goal even with the bad start to the month and the bad end. (The beginning had no excuse. The end had my surgery.)  I ran 31.7 miles this month which put my total at 100.86 mi for the year. The only 2 runs without pushing a stroller were June 2 and the 1.08 mi on June 15 (label says June 14 but didn't change it)

I had 2 really good runs there near the end. I'm running further at runs now. It feels hard but manageable. Also it's warmer now when I'm running. If I run when it's cool it's so much nicer.

So far this is the first month that I didn't fill out my workouts on a printed out calendar. I also felt less accomplished this month. I think there is a correlation. I used strava on walks. I use nexercise to track my exercising too but I never check that log.

From now until the end of the year each month my goal is 30 miles. If I sign up for a half marathon that will change. I almost was signed up for one but I did not make the Nike Half Marathon Lottery.
Update: Should say 2014 not 2013


Way back I posted 1 picture from the park and said I'd post more later. I sure took a long time to post more!  Here's about the rest of the day too.

It was Mike's last day in PA. We hung out and went to Dick's Diner.  Ella didn't want to sit in her Bumbo at Dick's Diner so she was held.

Jen came over later and showed Ella pictures of her previous visit.
Some of us went to Oak Hallow Park to get some pictures. Ella rode on a swing sitting on a lap for the second time ever. Then rode a baby swing for the first time ever. She liked it more than I would have guessed. Then we walked down over the hill and took pictures by the lake. Ella had a fun time posing and then looking at pictures that were taken of her.  Timmy was an excellent photographer!  He ran out of space on the memory card or maybe he would have taken more.

Ella would not sleep so we hung out with Timmy while Ella wore his do rag.  (She did not sleep at all and we had to "wake up" at 3:30 AM to go to the airport but we were still up.)



 I woke up when Ella was awake but hadn't cried yet. It was nice to greet her.

Ella napped at 8 for a half hour. 

At 9:30 she wanted to nurse but cried.

She took a long nap in the afternoon. I mean a really really long nap. She napped 3 hours.  But then she wouldn't go to sleep later.

I already posted about some photos I took of Ella.
It was Bike to Work Day so instead of going to work from the dentist, Dave came home and biked in.
Ella drank from the cup. She liked it because she was teething.
She wanted more!