Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mileage - I'm getting better.

A few weeks ago I posted my mileage and here it is again.
My July average is 8.958 which is higher than any week in April, May, or June so I think I am getting back into the swing of things.  Granted having a week of 3.1 miles isn't good either.   The same 5 weeks last year had an average of 6.278.

March 2011, I had an average of 17.19 miles/week which is my best.  I won't mention my lowest month because that was when I was injured.

I'm still averaging 2 runs per week with an occasional week of 3. I need to get my standard up to 3.  Perhaps I need to make a spreadsheet with this information so I can track it better.  I mean I have the data, I just need to add some excel formulas or something.  I wish I did fancier stuff in excel. I Just don't use it enough to learn anything fancy or even to try to figure out what I should learn.

Do you document your workouts? How detailed are you?


Shirt and Jeans: Express, Shoes: Famous Footwear, Belt: Kohl's, Necklace: Sears

The jeans and tank are both a few years old.
I found old dark jeans that fit. I just get a little annoyed that the seams don't stay on the sides. At the ankle they end up 45 degrees off from where they should be.
I got a sudden leg cramp.
I think these jeans are slimming.  I have other jeans that currently fit but I seem to look the thinnest in these.
I ran after hitting snooze.  Then I spent forever analyzing my data.  For lunch I had leftover tuna noodle casserole and pizza. Then I still had more data to analyze. I blogged.
Dave and I went to my parents house so that Dave could see their deck and family room wallpaper.  It was hot but we actually sat out on the deck. We had ice cream and nachos.  We left there at 6:00.  On our way home we decided to stop for dinner. We went to Pittsburgh Mills. We had invited Jason but he wasn't home.  We went to Sears and Lowe's looking for patio furniture. It is too late in the season. Most places don't have anything left or what they have left is crappy.  It is annoying.   Then we went to Steak and Shake for dinner.

When we got home, we watched Pawn Stars and American Restoration. Then I blogged more.  I got a lot of blogging done.  Then I fell asleep reading at midnight.
A few weeks ago I got out the iron when I was sewing.  Now I just pile junk on top of it. It is a bad trend.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:27:02 AM - going on a long run is stressing me out because I feel like I'll quit at the halfway point.
07:27:31 AM - @whoatemyblog I run with 3 different people (separately) and it is awesome. So much more motivating than running alone.
07:56:06 AM - I'm sitting in the car procrastinating my run. I miss running buddies
11:27:04 AM - 10 miles = 1:37:43. Analyzing numbers = longer
11:29:04 AM - @lisafilipek oh boy I'm looking at the graphs now. I've been slacking at tweeting lately (and reading tweets) and this shows it too.
11:29:59 AM - My Klout score is on a steady decline. No good.
01:08:48 PM - I wanted to make a simple peanut butter pie and now it's turning into tons of work making the crust, peanut butter, etc ugh.
01:09:41 PM - I wanted to do it like the kind I remember, but buy crust, make filling. make meringue. Dave doesn't want meringue either.
03:38:09 PM - I thought I hacked Poly but she performed a double hack. She wins.
05:52:33 PM - Scrap and Run: 10 Mile Run (7/31/11) I didn't die. I also didn't quit.

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10 Mile Run (7/31/11)

This weekend I didn't have any running buddies to run with so I had to go on my own.  I constantly tell people that if I wasn't meeting them, I wouldn't go at all. Saturday was a specific example of that.  This 10 mile run should have been on Saturday but I just couldn't bring myself to get out of bed and get moving.  

Since I didn't get my run in on Saturday, I knew I had to today. Then I figured I'd go today and only do 1 loop instead of 2 because nobody was there to push me along. 

Today I made sure I got up and left but I did leave later than I wanted to. Then I got there and sat in the car for a few minutes just thinking about how I should start running but how I'm not meeting anyone so I can just sit there and waste time.

Right before I started running, I decided that my goal time was 47 minutes (just like it was last time). I arrived at that time by 9:00 mile 1 and 9:30 for each additional mile.  The first .25 was the same as last time (2:11). I thought that was crazy and I needed to pick up my pace earlier because last time I was killing myself to make up time at the end to try to hit my goal time. The second split was 2:06 which was 6 seconds faster than last time so I had some seconds banked.   The entire time, I would note how far ahead or behind I was and add it up. Like I had 4 seconds then 9 seconds so that was 13 and I added it up.  But I didn't want to push my goals since I know rounding is involved and sometimes the splits are different at home than what I thought so after mile 1 I made my goal 2:21 instead of 2:22 or 2:23. I was banking seconds that way or coming out even.

About a mile in, I saw a guy in a bright yellow shirt up ahead. He was about 50 yards ahead and I wanted to change him or catch up to him. He gave me a run for my money. I couldn't catch him. The distance between us was growing! I was running faster than I thought I would because of him. I enjoyed it. Then he goes over to the rest room and I can't chase him anymore. I was sad and ended up running 2:31. I guess I needed him for motivating. Also I was pretty tired from running so hard earlier.  Well he caught up to me again. I told him good job running and how I kept trying to catch and he motivated me. He looked at me like I was nuts and said OK and ran off.  He was going even faster after his bathroom break that the distance was widening. Then all of a sudden after I rounded a bend, I didn't see him anymore.  I guess his run was over.  I was on my own now.  At least what was left was all downhill and level (about 1.5 miles)

I decided to push at the end a little more like Kelly pushed me.  Now I didn't go crazy like that time. It was just 2:08.  Also I didn't go crazy because I wasn't done after this. I planned to drink water and run more. I didn't want to get dehydrated so I was forcing myself to drink half the water in my water bottle.  Now normally I hate breaking. If I break after a loop, it feels like cheating. I had enough of a break to catch my breath and not die again. Between loops I also ate some energy chews. I only had about half a package. I have yet to eat an entire package.

Loop 2 I decided to give the ol' run/walk a try. I decided instead of running until I'm dead and having to take walk breaks that I would run 3 minutes and walk 1.  It was my first 10 total miles since my 30k over 4 months ago.  It has been a long time. Recently I have been dying at 5 and 6 mile runs.  I ran 3 minutes and a few seconds. I used the timer on my iPhone for 3 minutes. Then I looked at my Garmin to know when 1 minute was up.  I chose to run 6 or 7 extra seconds a lot. Only once did I walk extra and that was because a water fountain was off the trail by 15 feet and I decided to walk to it instead of run for 15 feet then drink water.

The run/walk thing seemed so easy.  I actually had no idea what to set as my goal times. I also didn't know what pace I'd be going.  After running about .2 I started calculating what I would finish at. I thought I would do 11-12 min miles.  I based that off running speed but also my 2nd loop time previous times at North Park.  My second loop on my first 15 mile run ever was 51:50.  My first 10 mile run ever had a 2nd loop time of 54:23.  I also have had very few runs of 10 or more. Today my mile times were pretty consistent. I'm surprised.   The last mile I ran the entire thing instead of run/walking it so I had an improved time.  I ran for 12 minutes straight at the end. I actually ran a little bit past the corner just to get it to an even number.   I guess I did a pretty good job picking run 3 walk 1 but my pace was slower than what it said. I was also more tired since I already ran 5 first.  (See Jeff Galloway's method for specific suggestions.)  Have you ever used a specific run walk method?  How long are you runs before you get tired and take a walk break if you don't specifically use a run/walk method?

My Sunglasses matched my shirt. My face was redder after the 2nd set of 5 miles
Do you carry a water bottle when you run? How do you stay hydrated?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

7.6 - Poly

I woke up early to run but it was too hot inside the house and I was miserable so going outside to run would be even worse so I did not.  I just worked (and took Poly's picture)
These aren't even all the pictures I took of Poly.

I had wonderful spaghetti for dinner. For dessert, we had banana cream pie. The pie had a cool whip topping. I like meringue better.  The pie filling filled in to the 2 pieces we took out.

I used the exercise bike, stretched, and did abs. I was sweating like crazy. It was a rough workout.

I stayed up too late watching Brothers and Sisters. It's a good show. I watched 6 episodes and got caught up.

Friday, July 29, 2011

7.4 - Sick

July 4 started with the race.  My stomach hurt the entire day.  I napped with Poly in my chair. I watched a lot of TV. Poly hung out with me a lot of the day.  When I napped, she napped. The thing was I woke up before she did. I waited it out though.  I was cold but couldn't get an afghan because then I would have disrupted her.

The holiday did not involve picnics or fireworks. It did involve pausing the TV because the fireworks made it hard to hear.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:21:10 PM - @stinachristina I do have one. I don't always remember to pin stuff but I use it.
06:05:45 PM - Dave is teaching his dad how you can use YouTube to learn how to do anything.
10:05:49 PM - my abs are feeling the ab ripper x workout
10:44:06 PM - I'm tired. I plan to wake up early tomorrow to try to run 10 miles. Who thinks I'll actually do it?
10:47:51 PM - Well I'll be. If I wanted to start training for the Philly marathon I'm already behind since the training plan should have started already.

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Where do you blog from? (FBFF)

The normal Friend Friday questions are happening every other week now and on the opposite week someone else hosts something else...  how vague of me huh.  

Well this week they wanted to know where we blog from.  Instead of digging up old photos that happened to be taken of me I just took a picture last night. You can check where everyone else blogs from too
This is my chair. that i sit in. The notebook in front of the keyboard is my blog notebook. (Note this desk was cleaned off just the day before by throwing most of the junk that was on the desk into a box that is on the floor.)
This is the computer. When I blog, chrome and picasa are always on the left monitor while windows of different folders of photos are on the left monitor.
Then sometimes I sit on that chair and a half and use a laptop to blog. I never edit photos on the laptop though.
This is what usually happens when blogging and then I'm forced (yes forced) to blog with one hand or crop photos with one hand because Poly has my other one.
Sometimes I have to reach over Poly to blog
Or reach under her

Poly also sits on me on my chair downstairs
Where do you blog?

(See below for some other random pictures to prove that it is a common occurrence to sit at my computer with Poly on me.)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

7.15 - Dress, Patio

Dress: Loft (purchased October 2010 and never worn) (~$10)
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie
Belt: Target
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Purse: Kohl's

The first half the day I actually wore the skirt/shirt from the night before.  I thought this dress was shorter. I guess my memory isn't that good.  Next time I'll wear a tank top under it. I didn't like how when I leaned, I showed too much skin.  The dress came with a black belt but I thought that seemed silly. When I was about to put on the outfit, I noticed the belt had a size in it and it was 2 sizes off. I bet before this ended up on clearance someone did some belt swapping.   How else would you style this dress? 

I spent the night at my parents. I set my alarm to wake up early to run but that did not happen.  I decided I wanted to sleep.  Also I wanted to get started getting my work day in. I worked half a day at my parents.  The day started pretty slow because I didn't know the password to my parents wireless  and then my computer needed to be rebooted about three times.

Then went over to Kohl's parking lot. My mom was meeting people there and I stopped to say hi. I saw some elementary school teachers.  We talked for a few minutes then I drove home.
I came home to the patio progress.  They started on another job in the morning so they weren't that far along.
I got home, ate, and then worked the 2nd half of my day.

Dave got home from work at a normal time and then we did normal stuff like eat and watch TV.  I'm pretty sure we left the house to eat dinner but it's been so long that I forget.  I wouldn't have put on a nice outfit just to work at home so I assume I did leave the house.  It must have been a nice date...the fact that I remember so much about it.

 Poly decided right on Dave's book is the best place to sit.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:24:08 AM - Every other week I have yoga (during lunch) on my calendar and each time I get a work meeting to conflict. It makes me mad.
12:17:58 PM - went to yoga at lunch and the one thing she had us do had people's knees cracking. It was kind of funny.
11:35:43 PM - I keep thinking it is Friday
11:45:13 PM - I want to go to bed but Poly is sleeping on me here and is sound asleep that I don't want to disturb her. I already wasted 40 min though.
11:55:32 PM - Hmmm RT @lisafilipek: @SmilinColleen, sign up for Klout (I bet you would like this. It has graphs.)

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I wore my oldie but goodie. I have worn this shirt with this skirt probably a half dozen times.
Skirt: B Moss
Shirt: Loft Outlet
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie
Necklace: Sears
I nap once and stay up too late and then I have to repeat the next day. Well on July 5, I napped with Poly on the couch.  At least the nap only caused me to stay up until 12:30.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

7.27 - Run, Allergy Shot

I went to sleep early last night. I had plans to meet Kelly at North Park at 6:30 AM. All throughout the night I feared that I would not wake up in time. Almost every hour I woke up and had to double check the clock. The first of those was around midnight and clearly midnight isn't time to wakeup. I was just stressing.  Therefore I did not sleep well.

I woke up and got ready to go. I was running 1 minute behind, then I got stuck behind a slow car so ended up arriving 2 minutes late.  I hate being late. I was stressed when I didn't see Kelly.

I texted Kelly that I was there and was asking where she was.  I checked my email and waited.  Then I decided to call her and realized I had the incorrect phone number for her in my phone. The last number was wrong.  Then I spent time digging in my emails looking for her phone number. That took some time. I waited some more.  I texted the correct number. I called. I didn't leave a message though.  I waited some more. I started running 30 minutes late. I ran myself.   I did not run nearly as fast as I thought I might. I didn't have anyone pushing me. I ran with my phone in case Kelly would show up late. I was half distracted.  I reiterated my thoughts that going counter clockwise is better because the last mile is all down hill or level.

At 3.3 miles into it, my right hip started hurting. I don't know why. I stopped to stretch it, then kept going.   The "loop" done by cutting into the boathouse was 5.01 this time. Not cutting through the boathouse it was 4.96 last time.  My goal was 47 minutes and I was so close but did not make it

After the run, I went to save my data. To do that you hold the reset button for 3 seconds. On the third second, something went funky with the screen and I got concerned.  I got concerned with reason. When I got home, the data wouldn't load. The file was corrupt.  

Just as I was done running, Kelly texted me. She slept in. She forgot to set her alarm.  I found that odd because she had confirmed with me about 5 times via email to make sure we were still on to run.
On my way into the house, I went to check if we had to turn on the sprinkler and saw that we have new grass!

I got home and started to work. I couldn't handle my lack of data.  I tried to type my .25 splits based on memory. I also knew my times specifically at certain parts. After typing in my guesses, I was off by 3 seconds.  Not too bad!  Still my data isn't exact though.
Poly hung out with me a little during the work day.

Around 3pm, I decided to give it another try to call the doctor to switch doctors. It was way more difficult than I thought it would be. At least with my old doctor you would get a machine. Here you get hold music and then ringing and then repeat or you get busy signals.  It took 11 tries and 20 minutes before I got through to someone. I really thought about giving up just based on the ability to call the doctors. But it has taken me 6 months just to get this far so I went with it.  They can give me allergy shots but the doctor has to see me first. The earliest appointment I can get is in a month. I'll see the doctor and then be able to get allergy shots from them.  How exciting to finally have a doctor. The female doctor I wanted isn't taking on new patients so I took the guy. This is the same practice Jen goes to and she's happy with them all and you can see other doctors at the practice when you are sick and need a first available appointment.  Yay, I'm finally not doctorless.  I just need to get the records from the old doctors now.   I don't go to the doctors often. I've actually been looking for an excuse to go for awhile now.  I just need one so when I go to a specialist they have someone to send the reports to. I wish they would send everything to me all the time.  Are you happy with your primary care physician?  Have you been going to the same one for awhile?
After work, I went to get an allergy shot. Then I went to Rivertowne for dinner with Timmy.  I took my daily picture when I got home. Poly seemed like she wanted in them.

Now we're watching Master Chef and then it is bed time.  

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:52:02 AM - Just ran 5 miles 47:05. My goal was 47. And my right hip started hurting 3.3 miles into it. Sucks. Still hurts.
09:12:42 AM - We have grass
09:39:57 AM - my garmin file got corrupt and I have no data from my run. I HAVE NO DATA! I'm distraught. I need to run again or something.
06:40:52 PM - In the car with Timmy for less than a minute and he is already giving me a heart attack.
10:54:48 PM - I'm sunburned from my run at 7am that was mostly in the shade.

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Necklace: Gift
Earrings: Target
Skirt: Express
Shirt: VS
Shoes: The Shoe Dept. (2005)
I worked. I went to Body Pump at lunch since I had to be at work anyway (and I'm usually not on a Wednesday) plus I couldn't go on Thursday since I had to head to my parents deck party after work.  I napped. Then after the nap, Dave and I went for a walk. When we were about to leave is when I noticed I had a voice mail. Well what do you know it was from the patio guy. I called him back after the walk and we set it up for him to come the next day. He couldn't start in the morning since I wouldn't be home.
After I napped, I was so wide awake that I stayed up too late. I stayed up until about 2am. Poly was relaxin behind my computer chair. Now tell me she doesn't look super cute.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:28:40 AM - last night I had a dream my teeth were falling out. I also dreamed a great dane was sleeping on me, but I woke up to learn it was Poly.
07:10:12 PM - I got Jen to run today. Her first run in 15 years.
10:33:50 PM - Ever since dinner, I've been watching TV and blogging. Master Chef is a good show. As soon as this is over I'll read. I have to be up early
11:12:55 PM - Today was one of those days that I felt unproductive at work even though now that I think about it, I wasn't.

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Necklace: Target
Shirt, Cardigan, Skirt: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear - Connie
I can't even remember what I did on July 12. I guess that's what happens when I post so late and don't tweet enough to remind myself what I did. I did go to Body Combat after work.

Monday, July 25, 2011

7.10 - Poly and Picnic

Where: Picnic
Skirt and shirt: Loft (2009)
Sandals: Target (2011)
Necklace: Kohl's
I went running in the morning. After the run I went to turn on the sprinkler and see this little kitty looking out my window.
After a few hours of analyzing data, I did some yoga. Poly definitely got in my way. I took her picture a few times. 
Around 3, I went to a picnic for YPE. My date was a 2 year old because Dave wouldn't go.  The 2 year old was the host's son. He liked me.  He was tired by the end and almost took a nap on my lap.   It was very hot and humid. At least around 5:30 the entire back of the house was in the shade so it wasn't so bad.  It was hot and sticky in addition to sunny before that.
Since the picnic was an hour away (by the Meadows), I stayed until it was over. I figured I should make the drive worth it.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

03:59:50 PM - If they had gold stars at work I would have gotten one today! I saw spilled water on the top step a* went and got paper towels & wiped it up
10:43:12 PM - I'm tired. I'll probably be tired tomorrow. I should probably pack my gym bag before work. I should have done laundry this weekend.

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7.21 - Busy Thursday

I had a completed patio so why not take daily photos the first day possible.
Pants: Gap
Shirt: NY&Co
Cardigan: Kohl's
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Filene's basement.

I had issues with what to wear with these pants because I kept thinking my red shirt with the white cardigan but I didn't want to be so patriotic.  I settled on a light blue after a lot of staring at my closet.  What do you normally wear with navy pants?

My white shoes are slingbacks and I couldn't handle my pant leg going under my heel so after 10 seconds I changed into my bone shoes. It is the first time I wore white and bone together.
I said there wouldn't be any more surprises but I walked outside and turned around and saw the steps for the first time. They are pretty nice.

After work, I drove home to load up the car for the Stampin' Up party. I had to put a 6 foot table in the car plus all the Stampin' Up supplies for the party. It was about 98 degrees so I was all sweaty from doing this. Then I drove to Mel's and we had to unload it all. It was a workout because it was so hot.  I do not like the heat.  Then Mel's house was warm and she kept complaining about the A/C not working properly.   We were standing around talking for awhile and at one point, I stepped backwards and my foot went into the vent cover like it has done at home before.  I had to take the grate out of the floor just to get my shoe out. That added a little excitement.
Then there were 9 people plus me for the party.  I thought there would have been 12 but someone had to leave early and left before we even got started making cards. Then someone else got stuck at work late.  Don't you hate it when work gets in the way?
1 of the 3 cards everyone made
I think the party was a success in that everyone handled making the cards and everyone seemed to have fun.
By the time the party was over, I had to load up the car. This time I also had a 4ft table and 4 folding chairs to load in the car. It was far too hot and I was all sweaty after this.  I got home and then had to unload it all. That was also not fun.  I then showered.  I went to bed slightly after.
It was a busy day.  It was about 11pm by the time I got the car unloaded.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:00:15 AM - Poly is cute but makes things difficult
11:37:53 AM - 1st place in my age group was about 40 sec faster than me. 3rd place was 3 min after me.
10:33:34 PM - I should clean for my jewelry party tomorrow. But I'm watching TV
10:34:46 PM - @TracyMorganLove probably my 8th best time. Aka very bad
10:35:24 PM - @TracyMorganLove oh and I only did the music because someone else gave me the idea.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:51:59 AM - race = slower time than last year, worse place, hotter, sunnier
06:09:55 PM - I can't believe at my race today I ran only 10 sec faster than my 5k split on the last 5 mi run I had. I'm still beating myself up over it.
06:13:07 PM - I'm too dumb to handle this macbook air mouse. Clicking is trouble and I click a half inch from where I wanted to click.
07:44:03 PM - I hate having log-ins at places then they say to log-in with facebook but it's not the same. they aren't linked. sad times.
07:45:49 PM - Awful. hot. The race director even commented that we all looked like death. They need to start it earlier th...
07:47:04 PM - @briecs took 357 pictures during today's race. I wonder if the race director wants them.
08:12:54 PM - @briecs you got a pic of the girl throwing up! and a dog peeing AWESOME
10:06:14 PM - The neighbors are playing their sound system. The bass hasn't been this loud in over a month.
11:30:25 PM - I forgot to take my actual daily picture today. I guess my running outfit will have to work.
11:31:29 PM - Scrap and Run: 5k - Rube's Run a photo slideshow included. some fun pics in it.
11:57:11 PM - Poly is cute

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5k - Rube's Run

Brie came and took a ton of  pictures at my race. I made a video with some of the photos. (She took 357!)

It was extremely hot, but I also thought that last year. I think it was worse but who knows. Last year I slept 3 hours the night before. This year I slept 8.  The course was the same as last year.  I wore the same shirt as last year too.   I think the weather was worse because the race director even commented that we all looked like death out there and he asked what happened.  I noticed the winners' times were slower than last year. 

I had a new record for number of spectators today. My old record was 4. Today there were 6... too bad I couldn't have done better.   My arms felt tingly after the first .25 miles so the rest was a bit rough.   The 5k split I had a week ago was only slightly slower and I was running a full 5 miles that day and talking while I was running.
My first .25 was 1:37 and that has got to be a record for me.  Also I don't think I've had a split of 2:28 at a race since my first year and I had that too.

The more I try to run lately in this humidity the more I think I have already peaked and it is all down hill from here.

I want to improve my time and it keeps getting worse. Any suggestions are welcome!

My official time was 27:40.