Saturday, March 31, 2007

i just spent 5 hours at aunt elaine's visiting w/ relatives. pb didn't go. everyone asked why. it was cuz he didn't feel like it.
oh boy. i haven't gotten dressed yet today.

Friday, March 30, 2007

i foudn my prescription for bloodwork i thought i lost. i had hung it up on my bulliton board so i wouldnt lose it.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

my web browsers won't load LJ it's making me mad. i can't reply to the last comment i got either.

well i didn't shake my cold. i'm out sick today. i hope really really really hope i'm better by sunday. my whole family including my aunt from michigan were going out to lunch somewhere.
can i get rid of a cold by morning that just showed up a few hours ago?

another one

not another body but another article. this one has it so you can click on a video but it's from earlier today so the guy's name wasn't released.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

pb left tons of windows open last night and now it's FREEZING in here.
tonight was a nice anniversary. a bunch of us from work went out to eat then some of us went to a movie.

oh i should mention that the movie sucked.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the guy at the cube across from me wheeled his chair over to me and asked me about pb goign to school. i told him a little and said it's not difenite. then he wondered why. then said the wife always wins those kidns of arguments. (meaning we wouldnt go and we'd save for the wedding) i asked him who todl him and he said he heard birds chirping. then he wouldnt tell me who.

michigan 2

the 2nd night we ate with grad students. the talk was mainly about westinghouse. the talk at lunch when dave ate with different ones was mainly about Westinghouse again. i didn't really have anything good to say about westinghouse and that disturbed me. i wonder if all companies are this way. people at westinghouse seem to think so. grad students have heard from their friends who went to westinghouse that it's boring and no fun. this made me depressed the whole weekend. this compound with teh fact that i don't really like it up there and i dont know how hard it will be to find another job and i dont think the money situation will work itself out and we're trying to save for a wedding.

well i think i might have talked about this and everythign else before so just ask questions if you feel i left something out.

on thursday we looked at restaurants and menus online to see where to go and pb saw the one for carsons and said to not go after noticing nothign was that good on the menu but then when he saw the restaurant he recognized it so we went and he forgot he said no to it earlier. i even told him as we were pulling into the resturant and as we were walking in to the building. he claims to nto have heard me.


the trip to ann arbor was shorter than i thought it would be. it took 5 hours but it's surprising how much shorter 5 feels than 8. we were probably 20 minutes from my dad's cousin and an hour from my aunt but we did not visit either. overall i wasn't as happy with the area as i thought i would be. the roads were nice but getting from point A to point B wasn't as nice. also knowing where point B is is the problem. they don't have nearly enough chain restaurants. the non-chain restaurnts were mainly scary.

the first evening we walked around campus. i felt like an outsider and really old. pb wanted to go in buildings. wait no that was the 2nd day. hte first day i wouldn't even get out of the car. the third day we went to detroit. that was one scary city.

read pb's post. he actually wrote in detail and had a lot more to say than me. this is unusual. but then again i posted daily and didn't want to retell everythign
i went to a nice play tonight at city theator on the south side. Mezzulah, 1946. a girl, Mezzulah, worked at Boeing during the war then all the men come home and try to force her to quit. in the end they realize she is really good.

i never did make my michigan post. too bad i'll forget some of hte details it's been so long. but that will be my next post.

Monday, March 26, 2007


i replenished my candy supply for work. i have a lot of the chewy kind of candy so i only bought hard candy. well i mean that's all i was out of. but then i also bought some mini candybars. i spent 25 bucks. some people donate to the candy fund but from now on i'm going to keep track of how much i get and just won't buy very much new. i think i might have collected 15 bucks for the candy fund. i spent 25 today and 2 weeks ago i spent 15. then i spent maybe a total of 20 the previous 8 months.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


it's a shame that the only person who imed me about my dpressing away message was my ex-bf. my away message was "depressed with life"

busy day update

i didn't do what i wanted to do or said i'd do. o well.


i'm home now. on our way home we explored cranberry. then went to pittsburgh and were mad the point was closed and ppg fountains weren't on. then we went to the waterfront then we visited my parents.

now i'm going through the mail and doing laundry.

busy day

we have to drive 5 hours to get home. we still have to pack up here so we probably won't leave until 11. but then we'll stop to eat somewhere along the way. so we'll get home around 4:30-5 i guess. then i have to do laundry. i have 4 episodes of Y&R to watch but i probably won't get to that. our house is a mess from packing and not packing certain things so i have to go through that. then i have a little bit of work for work to do. and by little bit i mean there is a lot to do and i should have at least some of it started before work tomorrow. i have to find my paper from the doctor for bloodwork (i got it in january from her). i have a feeling i won't find that. i know i didn't throw it away so i don't know where it could be. there's a lot of stuff to do that i always procrastinate doing. i have to update my money file and make a list of the spending this weekend to see how much we actually spent. i need to look at job e-mails and update my resume and make some cover letters. i also have to do some more job research. i wonder when pb finds out how much money michigan will give him each year for his research.

we'll also have to unpack. we need want to get our exercise in for the day but we probably won't. well i should get to packing up so we can leave.
i'd like to mention (i might have already mentioned this) that there were no cookies last night. that's right. i didn't get any fresh cookies during my stay at the hampton inn.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

we went to a pizza place tonight that puts the sauce on top of the cheese. it was easier to scrape teh sauce off this way. the pizza was good. it was gross looking at some of the pieces that weren't mine though.
pb said there is a higher percentage of bangable chicks here (vs RPI)


we slept in too late today that we missed the free hotel breakfast. then we also explored and went to panera for lunch. after that we came home and napped. i thought we might have napped an hour. we woke up at 5:30. but then i just askedp b and we got back to the hotel at 2:30. hmmm. i went right to sleep about 5 minutes after we got home. wow that was a long nap for us both being in jeans. pb's keys weere even hooked to his belt loop on the side that he was laying on.

if we go out to dinner now we'll miss the fresh cookies the hotel offers. i'll be mad if i miss them 3rd night in a row and 3rd night out of 3.

last night

i was so tired last night i didn't post this. last night at like 9:30 we went out to get food. we didn't know where to go but we were going to explore and end up at some fast food place. on the way out pb messed up and got off at hte wrong exit (he got off at the next exti fof the road but we were to wait 2) then we went around and got wendy's. then we camwe home and got off on teh correct exit this time but then somehow pb turned back and got back on teh raod so we had to wait until the next exti to head back. that exti in between where we didnt' want to go ended up being where we went twice. i was laughing so hard my abs hurt. man there was a lot more funny stuff too. i can't remember. perhaps i'll come to me later and i'll update this.

i also had really weird dreams involving jcal. i bet my dreams involved him czu last night i realized i forgot to tell him happy birthday.

Friday, March 23, 2007


food sucks up here. this is the 2nd night in a row i go out to dinner and come back starving. i'm looking for a chain restaruant now to go to dinner #2. i had to pay for my own dinner but pb's dinner was paid for by the school so it's not so bad but i paid 18 bucks for the sucky dinnner and i even got the cheapest thing.

and this is the 2nd night in a row that all the cookies are gone. the hotel has warm cookies well they dont have enough. they suck.

new plan

here's what i'm going to do. i'm going to make a new link to my website of my workouts and when i did them. then i'd feel like people would tell if i was slacking so then i won't slack. i will try to post as many details as possible. would anyone even look at said site? if nobody will look at it that i know maybe i won't post it because people who jsut search for my name on the internet will come up with my site and think i'm crazy/weird with my clothes calendar, my weight graph, and then a workout calendar. well maybe i am weird so everyone should just know that right away. callie made me a workout schedule but then when i got out my scrapbooking it took over my lifting area and i kind of stopped. i need to clean that back up.

give me your input on my new site idea or even workout idea and also ideas for workouts to build back up to get back into shape.
I'm typing the following so i can start the site with a few things of exercising so it doesn't just start with one days worth. i won't get to start making it until Sunday
earlier today:
7 min elliptical sort of thing
8 min on bike

yesterday: half hour walk around north campus (PB speed)

Tuesday: about 3 minutes walk then drove to a park and walked 12-15 minutes (I forget) at Boyce park
wow am i out of shape. i can barely handle anything more than a walk for more than 15 minutes.

it's been a while

in a few days (march 28) dave and i will have been going out for 4 years. we usually forget about it when the day rolls around. i think we missed every year anniversary so far. we should do something (aka go out to eat) but we'll probably forget. last year i remembered the weekend before and then forgot the day of (our 2nd day of work) and then forgot i even missed it until the weekend after. i think the year before we went out on april 2 for the celebratory dinner. what should we do? where should we go? or should we jsut forget about it? it's past one year of dating so it all blends together.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

not home

I'm in Michigan right now. i got here yesterday. i'm about an hour away from Aunt Nancy and i think even closer to my *

i didn't post yesterday. what a slacker i am. i was so close to having my post late Wednesday night be a Thursday post.

i stayed up too late last night. i was playing gameboy. then i woke up super early. it was nice to hear the birds chirping though. it was hard to fall back to sleep since it wasn't wake up time but i did then it was super hard when the alarm went off. i didn't want to wake up. it went off too early because the hotel alarm clock was set a half hour off and i didn't think to check that the time on the clock was correct. i just assumed it was.

pb goes in to poo and as soon as he does the lady from university of michigan calls and then i talk or tell her to call back and i get a message from her the second i hang up pb is washing his hands. then he has questions. sheesh. of all times for him to go to the bathroom.

* update: i forgot to finish my sentence. and even closer to my dad's cousin judy is what i meant to say. the phone interrupted me and i forgot to finish.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


that's all i think about.


i'm addicted to sneding money to pay off my student loans. but i dont have the money to do this. well i have it but i need to save it for the wedding and then i'm behind. i have to tell myself a minimum of 8 times a day that i can't sned a payment in. sometimes i even have my bank website opened ready to do it. i've been able to hold myself back to 2 payments a month for the past couple months but it is hard work. nelnet is the best loan site i've had to deal with. all loans should be through them.
pb's already asleep. he sure stays up late some nights then goes to sleep early other nights. well i'm not saying that i wasnt about ot fall asleep on the couch an hour ago while watching. tomorrow is even a vacation day for us so we dont have to wake up super early.
we went out to dinner with a coworker tonight. fudruckers sure was nice. getting there was not. accident on the parkway so then stopped traffic. it took about a half hour to go the last mile and a half on the parkway.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

that burns my toast

i thought up a good post while i was in the shower. now i can't remember what it idea what the topic was.. grrr
there arent' any parks around here w/ walking paths or a track. or at least that i can find. someone find one and tell me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

i made angel hair for dinner. it was yummy. i never make it because pb doesnt like it well i made it today. he didn't eat any.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i can't even eat 3 girl scout cookies for the calories to equal what i burned off at the gym. but too bad i'll eat a whole sleeve. so i'll eat about 4x that much.


20 min elliptical, 1.5ish miles. 140ish calories

funny story

yesterday i wore a sweater that i normally wear a tank top under. i didn't yesterday. it showed some cleavage. we were at fuddruckers at this lady walks over to the table behind us with 2 plates. she puts one down and takes the other one with her to get ketchup. then a few seconds later this guy walks by totally staring at my chest. he sits at the table behind us (so i know he's w/ that girl) then the girl walks back w/ her ketchup just a few seconds behind him. she sits down and says "jerk" really loud. as i noticed she only got additional ketchup i also noticed that she could see him while she was getting said ketchup. i couldn't hear what was said after the "jerk" but it was still pretty funny.
pb is still asleep. he went to sleep 10 hours ago (about 2 hours before i went to sleep)

for my bracket i wish i would have picked better teams the whole way through instead of just clicking.

Rank Team Name Score Correct Best Score Best Correct Champion
1 Colleen Cherepko 42 35 112 57 Virginia Tech (120)
(tied for first w/ one other person)

22 David McCloskey 35 29 107 52 Florida (78)
he's tied for 22 with a 7 other people
33 John Cherepko (2) 33 28 98 49 Georgetown (153)
tied for 33 with 7 other people
45 John Cherepko (1) 31 26 98 47 North Carolina (153)
(tied for 45 with one other person) out of a total of 49

Report Updated as of: 3/18/07 6:11 AM EST (except i got the e-mail at 5:48

update:i did have tabs in there to make the columns look right but it didn't work. o well
I fixed it -- dave

Saturday, March 17, 2007


i'm not tired. i should go to sleep because if i don't i'll sleep in too much and then my sleep schedule will be messed up for the rest of the week.

pb got mad at me today becuase we were on our 15th or so episode of the office and he didnt' want to watch so many in a row (we had a break in there and went to dinner and a movie). these are only half hour episodes and then without commercials they are like 22 minutes.
i slept about 12 hours last night. i fell asleep around 9. pb was asleep at about 8:30. he wanted to finish his book before TV so i decided to play gameboy. i said "are you sure this isn't beddtime because you've been known to go to sleep this early" he made fun of me and said no. then af ew minutes later he's snoring.

Friday, March 16, 2007

last night

i could mention that last night i was in bed aroudn 11. i was writing in my wedding journal i started and am trying ot backtrack. pb went to sleep already. i kept writing. then i wasn't super tired and i was excited to do my money calculations so i got out of bed. i didn't end up going back into bed until 1:30ish. oops i stayed up too late

Thursday, March 15, 2007


i'm too tired i can't balance my checkbook now with all thes epending trasnactions. i dont think i'm meant to add this late at night anymore. and definitly not subtract. and typing isn't so good either.

i'm baffled

ever since we started going out to eat about 6 nights a week we spend so much less money. we don't even go out to eat at cheap places. maybe we have hidden credit card bills or something but i'm pretty sure this is accurate. or also maybe it's because on top of not going grocery shopping only to throw out food because it went bad but i haven't purchased scrapbooking supplies in awhile.

I need to make a mathy/numbers LJ icon. i also need to make one w/ a TV.
in a week i'll be in michigan. i haven't told my parents. we're looking at the college for pb. if anyone wants to break it to them (my mom will be mad because she'll be afriad i leave) that woudl be great.

work /school related posts and comments lately have me more depressed.


we watched 10 episodes of the office tonight. the shows just seem to end so i want to watch more. but then the next show is not a continuation of the previous one. i get into that one and then have to watch yet another one after that.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mommy said to go since it's only 99.7. she thinks it's from the allergy medicine.


it's so hot. pb claims it's not. since i couldnt sleep and was waking up from being hot, i decided to take my temp. it's up to 99.3. it's still going up. am i supposed to not go to work with a fever?
i took allergy medicine last night. i hope it helps. i'm goign to take it daily.

last night i could't sleep more than an hour at a time. it sucked. i kept waking up. it was awful. i don't know why. i was soo tired last night too. i haven't slept well the past couple nights. or maybe 2 nights ago was good but the one before that wasn't. oi. i'm tired.


the lady at pugliano's gave me a hard time about not having my reception at a church. i kept trying to ask about doing my vows there and she kept saying where else to do it.

i got a bill today from the people i went to PT with and also the guy who is the specialist. the bill is only page 5 of 5. i want the other 4 pages. i can only see how i got to 2.35 of the $267. i want the rest of the pages. now i have to call and complain.

Monday, March 12, 2007

xstasy007: omg u put the aim in there
xstasy007: people are going to think that's a joke u know lol

KBRedXIII: oooh you need to put in more details!

pizza hut

pizza hut is a lot better when they cut the large into 12 pieces vs 8. i have to special request it now since pizza hut changed their policy. i should call them (really go online and fill out a thing) to tell them that i quit buying pizzas for awhile becuase i hate the 8 cut large. the pieces are too big.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

pb wants to go on a cruise for our honeymoon. he's quite excited.


it's kind of nice out. sometimes it was kind of cold. we walked through our plan, then on mt view (up the big hill and down the big hill) then turned onto mcclure then wound around that street until Old Frankstown (or maybe it's New Texas road. it's logan ferry later. the road changes name but it's the same thing) then walked up that street until our plan. 48 min walk with some exploring involved.

it's hobby time. it's almost too cold.


for today:
mop bathroom floors
call Pugliano's
load pictures from my camera to the computer
load pictures from pb's camera to my computer
rename old files on my calendar site
update calendar website pictures
make links to old calendars prettier
put last week's laundry away
unload the dishwasher
visit Pugliano's
go to sam's club to buy candy for work
visit gram
update weight graph
, perhaps make it graph only a specific year at a time.
move all scrapbooking from the den to the scrapbooking room
clean off my desk
vacuum the den and master bedroom
sew pb's coat
sew the button on pb's blue shirt

looks like the rest is for today

Saturday, March 10, 2007

my to do list for today

mop bathroom floors
call Pugliano's
load pictures from my camera to the computer
load pictures from pb's camera to my computer
rename old files on my calendar site
update calendar website pictures
make links to old calendars prettier
put last week's laundry away
update weight graph, perhaps make it graph only a specific year at a time.
move all scrapbooking from the den to the scrapbooking room
clean off my desk
unload the dishwasher
vacuum the den and master bedroom
visit gram
go to sam's club to buy candy for work
laundry -first load is in the washer
sew pb's coat
sew the button on pb's blue shirt
visit Pugliano's

it's in my awqay message. i keep maxing out my characters i'm allowed to use. i add stuff as i come up with it and cross stuff out as i complete them. right now i have the first 8 complete
my calendar site should all work now. i do have a buhch of what i wore on certain days to type out but i'll do that later. according to PB nobody reads that anyway.


i keep forgetting to weigh myself. i mean i keep weihing myself and forgetting to mark it down. i know i weighed myself everyday this week and 3/2 was the last weight i had written down.
my site
pb's new updated one i dont like this one as much because it doesnt use words the days i wrote what i wore. also the pictures in 2005 weren't labeled the same so they dont' work yet. i might rename some. stay tuned.

update: May 2005 works on Dave's new page. i don't know how to magically rename all the files like pb does so i'm waiting until he gets home for that.

Friday, March 9, 2007

dinner 'n 'at

tonight my parents and timmy came over for dinner. we kidn of didn't have time after getting home to actually plan or figure out how logn things would take. the hot dogs got too burnt for me so i put 2 more on. well i forgot about them and they burnt. then the tacos were done and a while later the hash brown were done. then i spent a logn time looking through wedding stuff with my mom. pb sure makes fun of me a lot when timmy is around.

discussion this morning

we were talkign bout money and i said how money wans't everything but you needed it to do fun stuff. pb said we had fun last night. then i said "we went to the gym last night" and thought it was pretty funny. apparently the gym is fun times. i forgot to mention how we watched part of the plum school board meeting on tv (saw a 2nd grader win citizen of the year) and then pb turned on cspan two. aparently that's a fun evening for him.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


elliptical. 2.something miles. i forget now. i think 2.3 and 200 calories. 30 minutes.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

i watched TV all night. it was fun. it's mroe fun when i have multiple episodes of the same show.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

oh no

i have to wait until MAY may MAY for the next veronica mars.

Monday, March 5, 2007

uh o

i seem to have stayed up too late.


i forgot to post about my dreams last night. i didnt' sleep well at all. i kept waking up because cats were attacking me or all over the place. goign back to sleep right away would leave me in the same dream or a very similiar one. then at one point in my dream i was sleeping and cats were all over me. it was not a fun night. i was exhausted this morning.


why are my muscles sore. i only figure that it's from friday night at the gym because what muscles are sore are the ones i focused on on the elliptical machine. but i would think they would have been sore earlier. maybe it's from bowling.

my right leg muscles like all of t hem between my knee and but hurt when i walk. my butt muscles sure hurt a lot. but my left leg muscles don't hurt.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

when i get home from work i have to type about my awful dreams

busy Sunday

it's been so busy that i didn't even get a chance to watch my 5 hours of the Young and the Restless or wash the light loads.

after Bowl for Kids' sake i went to H&M with timmy. he's too fat for that stuff. he's so fat that he wears sweatpants everyday. then he was running late for his dinner for mauri's birthday so he had to drop me off at my parents house. either he would take me home after dinner, my parents would take me home, or pb would come pick me up. well pb was busy working on mywebsite and wasn't hungry so he couldnt decide. finally he decided he'd go out to eat and pick me up as soon as timmy got back to take me home. then we compromised and timmy just met pb at mcd's on 22. he was going to horse's mom's to visit the dogs on the way home. then pb and i went to pugliano's. their parking lot was so packed that we parked in what wasnt' a parking spot. but the dining room was almsot empty. they were having some huge party i guess. the food was good. i ate to much. i only ate about 1/2 my meal. well i ate the angel hair and one piece of chicken. pb ate 2 of my pieces of chicken. neither of us ate the mushrooms or crap mixed with the muschrooms. those vegetables took up about 1/3 the plate. so maybe i only ate 1/3 of my meal or less.

and now i'm home about to change into sweatpants cuz my jeans are too tight.


i did bowl for kids' sake thing today. it was with Big brothers big sisters. i saw jess megliss there. she was helping because that's the charity she works with for her miss pennsylvania contest she's doing this summer. i talked to her for a little while. where she works was also there. i forget. it started with a D (deloitte or something) she does financial/accounting stuff (see she doubled majored in that). it wasn't a fun time driving to mount lebanon. google maps makes it seem easy about "staying on rt 19" well you have to turn turn turn to stay on that.

the first game i came in 2nd. first got 101, i got 100, and third got 99. the 2nd game we got cut off after 8 frames since our 2 hours were up. i had 116 but well i had a spare but i just added 10 to get 116. jason has 116 but had a strike to get that. so he would have won. the rest were like 15+ behind but who knows if they got strikes it might make them win. we got bumpers for the 9 yr old in our lane but i never hit them. kelly was bouncing it off bumpers on purpose to get her spares. she liked it.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

on a side note

i want my long hair back


i had really weird dreams again last night. i can't even remember some of the details because they were so wierd. jesse and sheila were in them. i dont think we were in troy though.


we watched some movie on HBO. i just happened to turn it on when PB was looking through the Dell magazine. then we had tow atch the whole thing. after that we watched world trade center. there's a lot of commentary that i'm more excited to see. it's too close to bedtime so i have to wait for another day to watch all the stuff on the 2nd dvd.

busy Saturday

I woke up today after having weird dreams about Laura (mike's old roommate) and me opening a catering business. She had purchased Pap-Pap's old house and was doing it out of there. it was really weird. really i woke up to PB saying "we should explore Cranberry today" and me saying "ok" then while i was still in bed my dad called saying he was going to gram's and that i should meet him there to get the rest of my stuff out of the house. after a little we decided to do that in an hour. i didn'dt really have much time though. i was on the computer for a little, got dressed, and left. then we did that, came back here and threw the stuff in the garage. Then it was off to exploring cranberry. we drove around housing plans and saw where Westinghouse would build if they decide to move. then we decided to eat. we couldn't decide where. then we ended up at Moe's. then it was time to look at more houses and we went to this park. it was a fun time but it was too cold so we didn't stay long. this morning it was liek 43 degrees and pb only had on his vest for a coat. then on our way there it was sure snowing and it layed on on the grass. it was pretty. i tried to take pictures. then on our way home we went to pittsburgh mills mall since pb promised me yesterday. but the whole reason i wanted to go tot he mall was to use my express coupon and they don't have an express there. i did want to buy brown pants, khaki pants, a pink tank top, and a brown tank top. i only didn't end up with the brown pants. i'm not sure i like the khakis all that well though. we also bought snack tables. it was sooo hot in the mall i was ready to die. we didn't look at everything. timmy was talking about H&M and i couldn't go in the normal circle around hte mall because i had to hurry to check the H&M for him.
now i have to start laundry since i'm doing Bowl for Kids sake tomorrow at a place like an hour away.

Friday, March 2, 2007

i didn't post yesterday because i went to sleep at 8:30 pm. then i got to work earlier. then pb hastled me to leave (after 8 hours of work) but i was still trying to finish something up that i had to send to someone. i couldnt handle working while he was there. i got behidn schedule becuase someone gave me an intro to a program that took a few hours. and like i'll remember it over the weekend. oh and this morning i was all lightheaded and feeling awful.

new hobby

new hobby = working out. pb decided this.
pb and i have added back in the aerobic to our workout plan. my knee hurts after 10 tho. so then i take a break and it's in a lot of pain and then i do 10 more a different way. or i walk really slow and then it's not really aerobic exercise but i can do more than 20 minutes