Thursday, January 30, 2020

Liam 9 Month Update

I never even took his stats but he did get them taken 2 days late at the doctors office. I just used those even though they tend to measure shorter than I do at home.  I was just too sick to do it all. Usually at the doctors they measure him shorter than I do at home. Also the head circumference is a mm or 2 smaller at the doctor than when I do it.

  • Weight: 19 lb 6.4 oz - 45th percentile
  • Height: 31" - 99.8th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 45.6 cm - 67th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 3%
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothing: Mostly 12 month clothing. Some 18 month onesies. 12 mo pants
  • Shoe Size: 5 but he never wears them
  • Teeth: 3 definitely grown in that it makes the others that just barely cut and did nothing seem nonexistent. 
(stats using WHO)

Sleep is awful. I thought sleep was awful before but then he got sick. There was a 16 day stretch that I only slept in my bed 12 TOTAL hours. I held him while he slept the rest.
For weeks this month, he would only sleep on me. At least when Dave was home, I could hold him longer and he'd get a long nap.   Even over night he wouldn't sleep straight through. He'd cry and squirm every 30-60 min and I'd have to bounce or nurse him to get him back to sleep.

Rereading the above it doesn't even sound as bad as it feels. It's been a ROUGH time since Dec 27.

Liam mostly nurses. He will eat 2 times in the high chair everyday.  I wish I had more things to feed him. I won't be ready and will try to start him with a cracker and he started just smashing it or throwing it right on the floor. He's actually pretty picky with his food. There are times he will refuse to eat or try something.
Sample Schedule:
It's still insane to have a sample schedule.  He nurses every time before he falls asleep and when he wakes up unless we are out. He will have food when I eat lunch and when I eat dinner.  He maybe takes 2 naps a day but only one is a decent nap.

Special Moments:
On December 21, his top right tooth is actually sticking out of his gums. (First tooth)
On December 22, his 2nd top tooth is sure popping now.
On December 23, 2 awful nights sleep. Then now he won’t go to sleep 1:45 trying so far
On December 24, Liam was leaning for reaching and 1 leg ready to crawl.
On December 25, I put him in bed to go bathroom.  He thudded in floor. Guess he's more mobile than I thought.
On December 27, Liam got a slight cold. He is snotty nursing.   Later that night he has a 100.4 fever.  I gave tylenol and the fever went down. He only slept on me. He woke periodically and cried and I’d get him back down.
On December 29, Liam slept on me ALL night. Not a single crib transfer.   Many tries. Cries right away   Gave Motrin 7am.   At 7 PM he had his first bath in the big tub. It was with Miles.
On December 30, he napped on me. Then when waking he felt warm. 100.5. Then I try to give him meds. He spits it up. Then spits it up more. It smelled. I gave him a bath.
On December 31, Liam was wheezing. The doctor prescribed an inhaler.  He also had ear infection so got amoxicillin.  I took to him urgent care with an appointment. (The non pediatric urgent care had a 3 hour wait!)
On January 1, Liam rolled over in his crib and then woke up crying.
On January 2, his temp was  99.7 temp in right ear. He waved to Dave.
On January 3,  Liam is still sick. His cough is worse. It sucks. His sleep sucks.
On January 4, I tried CIO for 20 min. At 10:51 PM, 2nd failed crib attempt.  And I want to snack! Last time in crib I did dishes.  My ankles are so swollen. He won’t sleep not on me.
On January 5, Liam spit up his milk and meds
On January 11, Liam has a bottom right tooth now (3rd tooth)
On January 12, Liam is still sick. But then got sick again. (his runny nose wasn't gone but then he got a cough again.) I got sick again.
He can sit up for even longer periods of time! He will sit and play for a decent amount of time.  He goes from lying down to sitting up. He will go from sitting to leaning forward to almost crawling. He can actually hit the buttons or play with the toy appropriately.

He has said a few words here or there that we have understood. Hi, yeah, Ella, Dada, Mama he has said a bit. He will babble as a response. He mostly only says Mama when in the crib and he woke up.

Other Tidbits:
He likes to feed himself!
He likes to smile and watch other people. 
He likes to meet new people and will try to lean with open arms to get them to hold him. 
He likes to swing.
He likes it when people make him laugh.
He likes to touch and feel Daddy's hair.
He likes to eat butternut squash soup.
He likes to sit on the floor and play.
He likes his cube activity thing.
He likes to grab for wipes and medicine bottles.
He likes to take kleenexes and rip them apart.

He especially doesn't like to nurse if I'm talking.
He doesn't like to be put in his car seat if he wants to go to sleep.
He doesn't like to be in a car after dark and he cries the entire time.
He doesn't want to be held by anyone but me if he's tired. You also better not put him down.
He doesn't like Ella to hold him.
He doesn't like to nap besides in his crib.
He doesn't like to go into his crib at night.
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 8 hours 35 minutes
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 14 (lower than last month)  These are a little deceiving because they are actually worse. If he was asleep on me sometimes I'd nurse in the middle and not really mark that he woke up.
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 11
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 4
Diapers used (from January 1-19): 5 per day
Time spent nursing (from January 1-19): 4 hours 34 minutes per day
Time spent sleeping (from January 1-19): 12 hours 38 minutes per day
Doctor Visits: 1
Illnesses: 1 (but it started Dec 27 and lasted all the way past when he turned 9 months on January 14)

Favorite Toys
Toy house
Cube activity thing
Just random toys he can grab and hold
Things that are not toys!
hair brush
Favorite Songs
He doesn't react so much to songs one way or the other.
He will cry in the car until I turn on Coffee House and then he will sigh and like it. (He does not like when I listen to politics.)

Favorite Books
none yet (He's liked books but doesn't seem to have a favorite)
Other Tidbits
He will still be asleep and cry even while I hold him. I can sometimes pat him and get him to stop crying all while asleep. Other times I get him to nurse and then he stops crying. All while still asleep. He doesn't just lie down for a diaper change anymore. He will sit up and reach and try to grab medicine or saline. He really likes to hold the Tylenol. He got the child proof cap off once so I need to be more careful. 
My Recovery
I got sick but still got steps in daily. I didn't lose weight. I caught the flu just before he turned 9 months and it was rough.  I'm not running nearly what I want because I'm sick or someone else is sick and I just can't pull it off. I'm not even making myself look presentable. I didn't even do that for these photos. I'm just so run down.

Halloween Fun Run and Festival (10.19.19)

Little Acorn had their 2nd Annual Halloween Fun Run and Festival!  They ran in 2 heats but it seems most of my pictures are of the 2nd heat. Ella ran with Miles's group in addition to running with her own.
Miles did have his costume on but then took it off after 5 minutes of being there. Ella brought her costume in a bag and never wore it. 
The course was better this year. There was even a lemonade stand on the course for the kids. Teacher were stationed at each turn taking photos with the school ipads so we got so many pictures.  I only have a couple here but I have over a thousand in the google album.

Here I am with Ms. Dana. There were a few of them dressed as crayons!

I organized this event 2 years in a row but still have to make a post about what all to do. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Poly (8.26.19)

Poly decided to hop up and check out Liam. Look how close she got to him. Look at how Liam is watching Poly.

Photo Taken August 26, 2019

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Miles 10.10.19

Miles swiped my airpods and put them in. He was so excited.  Funny he didn't put them in his ears right.
Photo Taken October 10, 2019

Monday, January 27, 2020

Banana Pancakes 10.8.19

Miles and I tried to make pancakes like so many others make. These just had eggs and bananas. Miles cracked the eggs and also smashed the bananas. If I remember correctly, Miles didn't really like them but Ella did.

Photo Taken October 8, 2019

Sunday, January 26, 2020

2019 Week 42/52 Photo

I was at preschool preparing for the fun run. Liam needed to nurse and nap. I was able to do some stuff on the computer while he slept a little.  I had so many good pictures from the week but I decided to use these here. Just look at that little sleeping face.  I like that you see me using a laptop. It's not often I get pictures of my multitasking.

Photo Taken October 17, 2019.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

2019 Week 41/52 Photo

While Ella was at school, I played with Miles instead of trying to clean like I always feel like I have an obligation to do.  Miles loves when we play blocks together.  Miles always likes to start playing "square blocks" then he asks to play rectangle blocks.  Sometimes we use them both (pic below) and also sometimes we get some cars or dinosaurs to use too.

Photo Taken October 10, 2019.

Then we played with playdough. I tried to prop my camera and have it take some pictures as evidence we had fun playing together. Uncle Mike got Miles this play dough set that has construction vehicles.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Kids Say ... (November and December 2019)

Here are another 2 months of documented quotes.


I was reading to the kids and heard from upstairs and said. “Oh no the baby is awake” and Miles said “was that in the story? They doesn’t make sense."

Baby monitor wasn’t working so I didn’t hear it via phone. He had to get so loud to hear him


Ella: Hey google tell us a joke

Google didn’t respond

Miles: a cow jumped over the pig


Me: When Liam wakes up do you want to the dollar store?

Miles: When Liam wakes up you will need to feed him

He’s right!


I came downstairs after failed nap crib transfer failed redo

And I see poop in the potty. I ask Miles if I need to wipe him he said “no I wiped myself with a Kleenex”

I rewiped. I like how he tries to be a big boy.


This pump it up is dark and has glow sticks. Miles is scared of it all. Says “I thought this party would have fun stuff for me to do”



Miles: you can leave now mommy

Such a great preschool drop off


Miles: why are you wearing such pretty things?

Miles: Why are you so beautiful?

Miles: Oh I get it girls like to be beautiful

I said things between like I had to wear blue for baby sprinkle

I was dressed for Georgia’s sprinkle


Dave was learning how to put hair in a ponytail better. And then how to part hair. I gave lessons before but he needs it a few times

Then Dave said “too bad one of those other kids isn’t a girl so I could use my skills more”
Ella: trade Liam with Freya!
She’s willing to just drop Liam!


“I have to pee. I have to pee. Get the cup. Get the cup”
Apparently he liked peeing in a cup at the doctors earlier


Miles: Where are we going?
Me: Nowhere
Miles: Then why are you dressed like that?

I’m in what I slept in including green hoodie


I told Miles he is with me tomorrow and no preschool. I thought he’d be happy. He curled in a ball on the floor and cried 

I asked why does he like preschool. He said yeah

Yet today when I picked him up I asked if he had a good day he said " no, because I didn’t have any favorite parts” 


Miles: Mommy can I have Liam’s energy? I said something about how he must hear us say that and I also wish I had Liam's energy.
Miles: What does energy look like?

How do I recharge?
12/5, grocery store parking lot

“I don’t want to watch tv. Why are you trying to turn the tv on?”
Me: I want to shower and don’t want you to bother me


Miles just spit in my water
Miles: do you want some of this spitty water?



Dave: what I’m going to do is cut this is to thirds
Miles: cut it into quarters
Dave: thirds
Me: Miles why did you want him to cut it into quarters
Miles: so we can all have a piece
Dave: that is very smart Miles
Ella: what are quarters!?!?

Dave was cutting ice cream cake. And none for me


Me: Ella do you know what today is?
Ella: Tuesday
Me: I don’t know If it’s Tuesday
Dave: it is Tuesday
Me: Ella do you know what else today is?

I just wanted her to say Christmas Eve


The other night Ella was doing site words. Miles was jealous and wanted to do them too. So Dave showed him one card and told him 2 words. sort of he would remember them

The next night he wanted to do site words again so I got another card out. And then I asked him what the word was and he said "egg" then I turned it over what’s this word and he said "there." I said no those were different words. Then I said "but daddy said those are the words" so he remembered the two words from a whole day later but didn't associate them with what it looks like on the page


Dave: Miles I have important news for you
Miles runs out of bed over to him.
Dave: Next year Christmas Eve will happen again
Miles: With snow?!


Talking about what we need for pancakes. Then we go downstairs and I say OK can we get everything we need. And then Miles says “OK let’s split up.”

Then we split up and he got stuff I got stuff. (We got everything but didn't have a pan. We forgot to list the pan. See quote in a future post for January about how he remembered this.)


I can't wait until Liam starts joining in on these quotes.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Dinner (9.1.19)

We went to Outback for dinner and I ended up with 3 kids on my side and I had to hold Liam. This is pretty common. I'm already a super slow eater but imagine eating soup while holding a baby. I eat really slow then. 

Photo Taken September 1, 2019

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Photos 11.10.19

Here we were trying to get Miles to put his arm on Ella and he was saying that he didn't want to touch her.

After some coaxing, Miles finally got up and threw some leaves.