Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I was sick with a cold!

Miles woke up too early. Then he wouldn't go back to sleep. I was not ready for so early. I was so tired.  We played in the spare room and I rested on the bed. 

Miles woke Ella up early too. He woke her up before 7:45.  He kept going into her room trying to talk to her and going to her at the bed. I would run in to get him but it woke Ella up. 

This is how I looked most of the day.
Ella and Miles did play well together. Ella even ended up closing the door when they got loud. She didn't want to wake Daddy. I thought it was good to not wake him so later when I was super tired, he could be refreshed and I could nap.
Miles was up so early, he went down for an early nap. 
Then I went and napped. Dave and Ella went to go buy propane and get donuts. They got cupakes too. Ella ate one with blue icing.

Dave was cooking ribs on the grill.  Smoking them takes a long time. 
Miles wasn't a fan of the donut so much so I reheated him some chicken. He liked it. 
Dave went to the grocery store. He put me in charge of the grill. I had to make sure it didn't get too low or too high and if the propane ran out, I had to swap the tanks.   I turned on Trolls and watched that with Ella while Miles played. 
I fell asleep for about a minute and Miles stole my kleenex box and sat on the floor and took out all the kleenexes from the box. 

The grill got too low so I went out to check to see if the propane was out. Miles pushed his face on the sliding glass door. He wanted out too. 

 Dave got home and made Cheesesteaks for lunch.
Miles likes to take cups and bowls out of the drawer. 
 The mess when I am sick and don't constantly clean up.

 The ribs
 I booted up our very very old Thinkpad to see if it'd work. It did.

 Dave cooked dinner. He made coleslaw, potato salad, ribs, and garlic bread.
Shockingly Ella was willing to try everything. 
 More shockingly she wanted even more coleslaw. She ate a lot of it.

Ella liked to eat the coleslaw with her hands instead of a fork.

Miles woke up from nap just time to get some ribs. 

 They had popsicles for dessert.

Ella did her reading lesson. She always starts out so well but before it's over she loses interest and is easily distracted.

Another pic that shows how I went through the day.