Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Spotlight - Chrissy

Well it's that time again... that time to spotlight another awesome blogger. For my fifth feature, I thought I'd ask Chrissy some questions. I've emailed Chrissy and she taught me a way to get tabs below my blog header. I love the communication and helpfulness, but I especially love all the running. That's what made it easy to choose her for my next feature. You might remember that I gave Chrissy an award recently and she wrote a guest post on why she runs.

Where did the name of your blog come from?

When I was in high school, I was very quiet and shy. I wanted to change this so I started doing things outside of my comfort zone and declaring that this was “the new me!” I had so many “new me” moments that it became a joke with my friends. When it came time to name my blog, I thought it was perfect. Even though I’m no longer quiet and shy, I’ve always got a new goal on the horizon.

When did you start your blog? Have you ever had any other blogs before?
I started blogging in 2003 while I was studying abroad in Ireland. I thought it would be a neat way to stay in touch with friends and family and document my adventures. When I came home, I kept up with the blogging. I originally blogged at a website called Diaryland, but moved to Blogger in 2005. Since I had graduated college at that point, I didn’t really want my college adventures to be so clearly linked to me, especially while job hunting! 

What is the main goal of your blog?
To write about my life, share my adventures with others, and be a part of a community. I’ve met some amazing people through blogging and made some lifelong friends, which has been the biggest reward. I’ve kept journals since I was nine years old, and writing about my life is just something I need to do.

Did the intent or content of your blog change since you started?
Not really. My blog has gotten a little less personal since I started. I used to be really open when writing about my family and my relationships, and now I find that I prefer to keep certain things off the blog. The more blog traffic I get, the more I tend to censor myself. This is probably why I would never make it as a full time blogger!

How many hours per week would you say you spend blogging?
I probably spend about an hour a day writing entries and editing photos for my posts. So between 5 and 7 hours a week? I would like to spend more time writing posts that are thoughtful and interesting and researched, but working full time doesn’t leave a lot of time for that. 

Do you spend more time reading blogs than you do writing your own blog?
Definitely reading blogs! I spend 40 hours a week at my desk job, and most of my work breaks are for blog reading. Google Reader is a lifesaver in that regard.

How many blogs do you read on a daily basis?
I am currently subscribed to 143 blogs in Google Reader. Each blog goes into a folder (Friends, Fun, Inspiration, Library, Political, Running, and Vegan). I am always up-to-date on the Friend folder, because I like personal blogs the best, and Running, because running blogs help keep me motivated.

Do people email you often because they read your blog?
Once in a while. I think you email me the most! I get more comments than emails, and I try to respond to everyone that comments, especially if they ask a question.

Do you communicate with a lot of your readers via email/IM?
Not really. I’m on Gchat most of the day, but I don’t think anyone has really IMed me. Then again, I usually have the red busy dot up because technically I’m working J. I think I communicate most often through Twitter. I’m a Twitter junkie and have it up on my computer all day long. That’s pretty much the best way to get in touch with me!

What is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by everything! But mostly I’m inspired by people who work hard and play hard. I really admire discipline and productivity, but only when it’s done in the name of something you truly love. If that makes any sense. J

What is your favorite picture (of you, others, or scenery) that you have taken recently?
I take a lot of photos and put most of them on my flickr account. My favorite recent one is here.{also to the right} It’s a fancy drink I had while on vacation in Florida with my sister. I mostly take photos of food and my dogs, but I’m trying to branch out!

What post are you most proud of?  Did it get the most hits?
Two of my most popular posts are my race recap of the Warrior Dash and a recipe for Indian Samosa Casserole. I’m most proud of my guide to submitting work to literary magazines. It’s gotten a lot of views but very few comments, which is interesting. I thought it would get lots of comments since I put so much work into it. That’s okay – I’m glad people are reading it, even if they’re being quiet about it!

How do you juggle all your competing priorities and still have time to blog?
I mostly blog during breaks at work, but I’m also okay with not blogging for a week or skipping days here and there when things get really crazy. I’m usually consistent with my blogging (once a day, Monday through Friday) and don’t beat myself up when blogging takes a back seat. Blogging is a hobby of mine, so when it begins to stress me out I know I need to step back and remember that I’m doing this for fun. Mostly, though, I’m pretty good at managing my time. I’m a fast writer and composing a post is not that time consuming.

What is one interesting fact you’d like to share about yourself?
When I was in college, I had dreadlocks for three years. Most people are very surprised to discover that! I also have a Masters degree in Library Science, even though I’m not currently working as a librarian.

I notice that you post your writing goals and New Y ear’s Resolutions on your blog. Have you found that you stick to your goals/resolutions by posting them?
Oh, definitely. I like to review my New Years’s Resolutions a few times a year and that helps. The writing goals are new, but so far I’m finding that posting them really makes me feel accountable. When I make a plan for my writing, I’m much more likely to complete the goals. Otherwise, I just end up sitting at my desk and writing nonsense for 30 minutes.

What made you decide to run in 2008?
I had recently quit my roller derby team and needed a new fitness outlet, and running was something I’d never done but always admired in others. I liked it because it’s sort of a minimalist sport – all you need is a pair of shoes, really. And I found the Couch to 5K plan online, which seemed very do-able. So I just kind of went for it!

What made you keep going beyond a 5k?
I have a really ambitious personality. I just love goals and doing difficult things – I thrive on feeling accomplished. After the 5K I didn’t run much for a few months and I realized that I needed another goal if I was going to stick with it. I wanted to do a 10K next but there aren’t many races in my area, so I ended up training for a half marathon instead. For now, I’m happy with the marathon distance but I’m toying with the idea of triathlons and maybe an ultra marathon one day.

Does your family ever see you run a race?
No! I didn’t start running until long after I moved to Texas (my family is all in New York). I plan to run the New York City Marathon eventually, and I’m sure they’ll come out and see me run then. They aren’t super active, but they’re definitely proud of my accomplishments. (They also think I’m a little crazy, which is true.)

How do you fit in all of your exercise while still working and cooking so much?
I wake up early and work out before I have to be at my job at 8am. Usually, I am up at 5:15 and running by 5:45. Then I walk my dogs for 30 minutes and then I am barely at work on time. If I put off my exercising until later, it won’t happen. The only exception is my yoga class, which meets at 5:30pm.
I love to cook, but during the week my meals are pretty simple. I save the experiments and involved recipes for the weekend, when I have more time. If I post a recipe on my blog, chances are I made it on a Saturday or a Sunday.

So if you haven't done so already, go check Chrissy out and read her blog daily. 

Friend Friday: Rules of Engagement

A number of bloggers have reached out to Katy recently about how to deal with Tweets, emails, DMs etc… from people who seem to be only pushing their own blog. It got her thinking – for a new blogger the rules of engagement with others in the blogging world is uncharted territory. We learn a lot about how to do it from trial and error.

1. Guest posts are a good way to gain new exposure. What do you think is the appropriate way to go about securing a guest spot?
Wait for someone to ask for guest posts?  Maybe mention it in an email to the person if they ever need a guest post you are willing.  I am not too familiar with guest posting. I think guest posting could drive a lot of traffic to your site but then it can also be really stressful making sure you write what their readers want to read.  I haven't had guest posts besides the "Why I run" ones that I've done. I do spotlight other readers. I wonder how much traffic it generates to their sites.

2. Leaving comments is essential to growing your blog. But how can you leave a comment without coming across as ‘Follow Me. Follow Me!’?
Leave a comment talking about the post or the person and not talking about yourself.

3. We’ve all gotten a mass email at one time or another asking for blog exposure, a link exchange, etc… But the mass emails don’t work. How do you make your email stand out from the crowd?
I haven't figured this out yet. I mean my email isn't a mass email and my emails to people are very specific. If my comments go to the person's email, I sometimes specifically link to 1 blog post instead of my entire blog and that post fits into the context of their post. Sometimes I really do just love an outfit and comment that but I don't have a signature with my blog link on those because I'm so afraid people will think I'm just posting that to get them to look at my blog.

4. In interacting with other bloggers where do you draw the line between seeking support and begging for exposure?
I have never even thought about begging for exposure. I do seek support. I have emailed people asking if clothes matched. (Yes I'm serious.) Once I did suggest to a blogger to feature someone else, but I've never asked to be featured so I don't know how that would be. I ask for support all the time. I'm more for improving myself with or without more readers.  More subscribers are nice but that is not my end game.  I'm not popular enough to get a ton of the "follow me and I'll follow you" type requests. I did get 1 comment like that and 1 or 2 twitter posts like that. Through IFB, I have gotten a ton so that's why I don't even want to use the site.  I never even look at the blog when it is like that.   I do however click on every person's blog who comments (besides the 1 mentioned above).   Oh I did send emails to bloggers when their post requested something like outfits with boots, colorful tights, or jeans for the office, but that is different because they asked. I will be doing a post about nude shoes shortly and will want examples of how people wear them and I hope that people respond to me when I ask so that's why I make sure I respond to others when they ask.

5. What’s one rule of engagement error you made and how have you remedied that?
I don't know. I'm probably still doing all of the errors since I can't come up with an example here.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:24:29 AM - Just spent 20 min sewing a whole in my new skirt. Figured I wouldn't take it back so should just sew. Shouldn't have done it before work tho
07:33:59 AM - I can't leave until Poly gets off my clothes.
08:38:04 AM - this skirt doesn't fit nearly as nice as I thought it did when I bought it. It has a lot of extra fabric.
12:22:46 PM - Just passed my 30k medal around the lunch table
07:39:15 PM - Wow RT @FatGirlvsWorld: This is one shopping habit of mine that will be changing : #babycarrots
07:52:34 PM - @stinachristina training for what?
08:44:16 PM - Realized today I'm uncomfortable when guys want me to take something first or go first because I am a woman. I want equality or something.
09:02:12 PM - @mikecherepko they want me to walk first. They also hold doors for me. I'm more independent than that.
09:20:40 PM - @mikecherepko I want to always hold the doors. But I do hate when people wait a minute to hold a door for me. Don't wait that long
09:59:29 PM - Me: I can't use this computer anymore. It hurts my eyes. Dave: hahaha. You are getting old.

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Day 13 - Green (3.29.11)

I went with my bone shoes since I need replacement brown shoes.
I chose this necklace without consulting my color wheel.
I never wore this combination before. I hate it.  I guess I mainly hate it because the shirt is so tight compared to the loose pants. You can see the outline of my pants through the shirt. You can also see my ribs poking out through the shirt. Also the sleeves are way too short. I pulled them down for the pictures. 

I had an outfit picked out in my head to wear. I wasn't sure if it matched. In the morning, I consulted my pictures from what Brie helped me match. Looking for that, I realized I wore the exact outfit before. My memory is bad. Therefore I chose a new shirt. Then after all that, I couldn't find the skirt so then I went with pants.

I started my morning heading to the gym to run before work. I mean I lifted Monday night and didn't shower so why not get a second workout in before a shower. Two workouts before a shower is like a win.  Zero workouts before a shower is a wasted shower and I hate them.

I worked.  It was too cold and work and my feet were numb.  I sold raffle tickets at lunch through NA-YGN. People could win an iPad2 and the money all goes to the Red Cross to support Japan.  I worked late.   I did take a break from work to go for a 20 minute walk with Dave. I didn't read twitter at all at work.

I spent a half hour reading twitter in bed to try to catch up on reading tweets. Reading twitter in bed is a new routine. The only thing is if people post links then I don't check them out because I'm too tired to read that much. I wish emailing twitter links would work then maybe I could check them out later.
After Dave's shower, Poly went in, so Dave closed the door.

An Old Outfit (1/13/11)

An outfit that never made it onto this blog because I got backed up and then started a challenge is now over at Ashley Getting Dressed as a guest post while she's on vacation. It is more than just my outfit so be sure to go check it out.

It is my outfit from January 13. I thought the snow would be crazy to post now but we got snow yesterday and everyone this snow covered today so it is kind of interesting.

I was going to go to the gym that morning but Poly was sleeping on me plus I knew I didn't account for a long drive that the snow always causes.
When I eventually drove to work, it took me 54 minutes instead of 20.

I went to Body Pump after work so at least sleeping in didn't make me miss my workout all together.

I was ready for bed at 8:00 PM and only remember that much about January 13 because of my tweets for the day.

I am sick of snow. I was sick of snow in January. I was even sick of snow in December. I want spring weather. I want to be able to run outside. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:04:03 AM - @FatGirlvsWorld I have a @BodyMediaFIT armband tan
12:07:27 AM - @BodyMediaFIT at least my tan is pale instead of really pale so not so bad. is there a BMF blog?I want to follow it.
08:17:20 AM - telecommuting day = purring kitty on my lap
10:34:13 AM - some interesting stuff RT @BodyMediaFIT: @SmilinColleen Sure is!
03:34:35 PM - It should not be snowing.
04:00:07 PM - The snow is really coming down now.
04:07:44 PM - @stinachristina It is and me too. I don't remember snow in the forecast either.
04:21:08 PM - @twinmummyshoes it should be pattern day.
04:25:34 PM - @twinmummyshoes well today I'm on blue. Lack of getting dressed this weekend
07:55:55 PM - Stupid stupid snow RT @polahbea: Good ole spring
09:01:35 PM - just spent 45 minutes lifting weights with @polahbea

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 12 - Yellow (3.28.11)

Earrings are from Target. You can't really see them in any pictures.
I liked this outfit in the morning. I looked at these photos after work and hated it.
The picture of me from behind looks like I'm an old grandma versus a 27 year old.
Also I'm so sick of this cold. It should be spring, but instead I'm wearing tights and going numb at work.
To improve on this outfit I would go with a skirt that was a hair above the knee or go with heels.
I might also avoid the tights.
What would you do?

I have only worn this print top once before and I wore it with jeans. (And it appeared Poly watched TV that day.  I forgot about it. But she also slept on me and now she is too busy watching TV to sleep on me.)

 Color Rotation:
  1. Light pick button down shirt (2007)
  2. Red Cardigan (2010)
  3. Orange Tee (2005 or earlier)
  4. Yellow Loft Tee (2009)
  5. Dark Green Express Sweater (2010)
  6. Blue and Red Striped Sweater (2010)
  7. Purple Short Sleeve Loft Tee (2009)
  8. Black and white print skirt (2005)
  9. Pink Express Tee (2009)
  10. Red Express Sweater (2007)
  11. Orange Express Tee (2005 or earlier)
  12. Yellow Print Top (October 2010)
I ran 2 miles after work on the treadmill. Not bad for injured foot/knee. I wanted to do 2 miles to help my go the distance goal.
I got home after 7pm and ate and watched TV. Then I blogged and went to bed.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:37:08 AM - My feet are numb.
05:33:25 PM - The sun is wicked. and they are replacing the blinds by me so it'll be worse. won't be staying at work too much longer.
11:54:43 PM - goodnight. yet another night w/o updating my workout excel files.

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March 27 - Lounging

I woke up at 7am after about 11 hours of sleep. I immediately started blogging and updating excel files.  Around 9am, we ate cereal for breakfast and then it was back to the excel files and blogs. 
Poly decided to fight a bag. I thought for sure the bag would win based on how she was jumping and doing flips.
 But after a long battle. Poly won.
At 3pm, I ordered Pizza Hut for lunch. I missed personal pan pizzas from when I worked there. I also liked to cut my pizza into 6 instead of 4 so I ordered it that way. It was the best pizza.
We also got a real sized pizza. Dave likes toppings and I just like pepperoni. I thought I could pick them off. Well there are too many toppings. It was rough work to pick off all the sausage.  I also hate the large pizzas cut into 8 so I asked them to cut it into 12 or more. they cut it into 16. That was the best width yet. I must request that all the time.  I love skinny pieces. I tend to eat more that way because they are less annoying when you get to the pizza bones.
We also got cheesy breadsticks.
The final count was my entire personal pan pizza, 4 cheesy breadsticks, and 3 pieces of the large pizza.
What is your favorite thing from Pizza Hut?

Then we watched Parks and Recreation. There were cats in the final scene and Poly was sure interested so we rewound it twice for her.
I never got dressed. Dave and I did go for a walk at one point. I used my Garmin and the garmin won't upload for some reason. It keeps saying "uploading" but nothing happens.  It was roughly 1.2 miles in 26 minutes.  We were watching TV but we paused it to go for the walk before it got dark. Look she was watching it when Dave went to turn off the TV.  I think we are wearing off on Poly. She doesn't like to stop in the middle of episodes. Also I paused the TV at one point and she turned and looked at me. Then I unpaused it and she turned and watched the TV again. I tested this 3 times to see if I got the same results and I did.
I came to my computer and did some more using my computer. I got up to go to bed and noticed Poly was not sleeping in the hallway like she usually is. So I looked around for her and found her right behind my computer chair. She was sound asleep.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

05:50:22 PM - I don't think I will meet my #gothedist goal. shins last week. huge blister on foot now. @FatGirlvsWorld I'm sad about this.
05:53:34 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld I'm pretty sure my 70 miles I hit so far is a new max for any month ever.
05:55:34 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld yup it was by more than 5 miles. Also goal of running 30k was hit.
06:00:11 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld if it weren't for injuries my goal almost seems low. But when I made it it was a stretch goal
06:13:02 PM - @twinmummyshoes once I laid out my outfit on the ground for a pic
07:01:18 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld I just ran 2 miles enduring foot blister to help meet my goal.
07:02:20 PM - @twinmummyshoes you can recreate the outfits too and put them on and take pics. In a month nobody will know the difference.
09:11:43 PM - just lifted weights for 40 minutes with @polahbea
10:22:28 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld Here I was thinking I only had 2 more days left in March but I have 3. That extra day will help with #gothedist
10:42:59 PM - time for bed. my plan is to workout in the morning. my backup plan is to sleep in. Which will win?
10:56:03 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld didn't try body glide. The blister isn't puffy but is agitated. It is from my orthotic rubbing.
10:57:41 PM - @BodyMedia I was so addicted to finding out diff exercises calorie burn when I got mine that I worked out a ton extra
10:59:21 PM - @BodyMediaFIT set achievable but also challenging goals. Start small if you need to. I started at 5 min on elliptical and now ran 19 mikes.
11:00:21 PM - @FashionMomma22 I'm arty this is happening to you. I'd probably have had a nervous breakdown.
11:00:42 PM - @TheNewChrissy sounds fun.
11:01:32 PM - @BodyMedia they should all do it.
11:05:25 PM - @wwanw I have crafts on 5 bookshelves in my craft room plus 4 books. The books are lonely.
11:08:19 PM - @briecs wow. Nice.
11:09:38 PM - @FashionMomma22 tears would have also happened for me.

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Day 11 - Orange (3.25.11)

 I forgot the arrow to my shirt. With 3 upper body arrows I thought I was covered. It is from Express in college at some point. Please forgive me.
I haven't worn this skirt since the Fall 30 for 30 and once I put it on, I remembered how I loved it. I can't believe I took so much time off from it. The only bad part is after my cat lies on it trying to stop me from going to work, I end up with cat hair on it.
The skirt is brown and black and I don't mix those colors. Also since it is both colors some stuff goes with brown and not black and vice versa and it makes my matching job harder.   I thought it was the only animal print thing I owned but I was wrong. I also have some animal print shoes. Well I mixed both of those. See the close-up shot. But from a distance both look brown in my opinion.
I wanted to wear my new orange earrings that I bought a week before but I can't find them. Yet another thing I've lost in the house.

I picked up Luchiano's pizza on the way home. I ate 6 pieces minus the pizza bones. 
 We watched American Idol. And when I say we, I mean Poly too.  Do your cats watch TV?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

30k Race (3.26.11) - Just a Short Run

I ran a 30k race. It was my first run longer than 15 miles. It was actually my first continuous run longer than 13.1 miles.
I finished in 3:19:14. It was cold. I felt awful. One interesting fact is that my pace was exactly the same for the first 15 miles of this race as it was for the 15 miles that I ran last time (10:21); this  is totally crazy in my mind.  Last time I was talking during 10 of that 15 and last time I stopped after each 5. This leads me to believe that I improve if I do it more, which is why I need more longer runs and more runs in general.

The official results show just how close to the end I was, because only hardcore runners would be insane enough to run a 30k.

Day 10 - Red (3.24.11)

 Well it appears I wore my Gap pants with both red outfits. I have worn my Gap pants 3 or 4 times total.
It was windy. Then it wasn't but my hair was messed up. Not good pictures.

It snowed. It was cold out.

Daily Details:
I got up and just put on lipstick and eyeshadow (and not even my normal eye shadow. My plan was to attend my 9:00 meeting then go run at the gym at 10. Therefore only about 3 people would see me so who cares (oh except I did take my outfit pictures so that means all my readers see me too... so maybe 3 more)

I get to work at 8:10. I get out of my car and head over to the passenger side to get out my gym bag, backpack with work laptop in it, and my purse. Just as I was about to pull the handle, I hear the doors lock. Therefore all my stuff was in my car... all my stuff that I needed.   I had to call my husband, who was home telecommuting, and have him bring me my keys. He was not happy but he did it anyway. He had to hurry so he could be back home for his 9:00 meeting.
During my 9:00, I thought about how since I wasted 20 minutes getting my keys, that I would have to work too late if I took the time to hit the gym. Also I forgot I had to get my badge picture taken. There is always a line with those so that is why I hadn't gotten mine taken so far. Also previously they only offered them at certain times and never when I was over in that building.   So therefore badge picture day = day my makeup and hair weren't good. Oh well.

So I really wanted to go to yoga at lunch. I couldn't because I had a conflicting meeting.  Well then that meeting didn't happen and was canceled 6 minutes after it should have started. Boy was I mad.

I stayed at work too late. I could have worked out based on how late I stayed.  I picked up Luchiano's on the way home.  Then we watched TV.

Color Rotation:
  1. Light pick button down shirt (2007)
  2. Red Cardigan (2010)
  3. Orange Tee (2005 or earlier)
  4. Yellow Loft Tee (2009)
  5. Dark Green Express Sweater (2010)
  6. Blue and Red Striped Sweater (2010)
  7. Purple Short Sleeve Loft Tee (2009)
  8. Black and white print skirt (2005)
  9. Pink Express Tee (2009)
  10. Red Express Sweater (2007)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:35:28 AM - @BodyMedia that's my third one that the velcro tab fell off.
06:42:11 AM - I'm tired. I want to hit snooze a little bit longer.
12:04:41 PM - I did not die. Look for long blog post later
05:28:01 PM - my left knee hurts pretty bad. like it did after the Great Race.
05:44:24 PM - @wrkngmomscloset had to get to a race and be able to park before it got busy. probably only 500 parking spots for 2000 runners
09:08:27 PM - @SydneyLiann just buy more.
09:09:23 PM - @wrkngmomscloset not sure. Didn't read a single post today. Also didn't post myself

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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:06:05 AM - I should do this RT @FashionMomma22: PLEASE back up your blog content, or you'll end up in a frenzy when it's gone!
01:02:59 PM - my stomach is in knots... stressed out about my 30k race tomorrow.
04:06:18 PM - @FatGirlvsWorld oh not for me. I burn 50% more running than on the elliptical (using arms on elliptical)
04:57:07 PM - @TheNewChrissy I think that because my cat hogs. I can't even imagine with 2 dogs.
06:47:53 PM - She is still watching. Only stops when she thinks she has to pose for pic RT @_Poly_Kitty: I'm watching American Idol
08:41:36 PM - I do not want to race tomorrow in 15 degree weather.
09:05:19 PM - @BodyMediaFIT @BodyMedia my armband broke again. Is this common?
09:29:20 PM - Poly watches TV all night. Now she is watching Kitchen Nightmares
09:43:37 PM - Vote pencil skirt (or animal print)
09:46:28 PM - Forgot pic RT @SmilinColleen: @BodyMediaFIT @BodyMedia my armband broke again. Is this common?
10:39:01 PM - @DaizyCh I think we wear off on her. She sat in the middle of the floor for hrs watching TV.Next we'll get her sitting on the couch to watch
10:40:13 PM - @DaizyCh mist pics of her watching TV were hard to get because she hears the camera and turns and looms at the camera.
10:44:36 PM - @TheNewChrissy you camp out before a race?

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Day 9 - Pink (3.23.11) - Dr Appt, Stampin' Up

There was probably something going on for me to put my arms out but I can't remember what. I do remember my husband was outside but wouldn't take the pictures so I still used the tripod+remote.
Some pictures were taken before the school bus and some after.  I hurried back inside after about 4 pictures. I snapped the picture of the bus. Then I went back out a few seconds later.  The bus stopped 2 doors up the street but I didn't check who all got off the bus.

Telecommuting usually = stay in yoga pants day but I had things going on so I had to get dressed.
When you are home all day, do you get dressed in a normal outfit or do you wear clothes just for lounging?
Poly enjoys telecommuting day. She is such a model. She basically begs me to take her picture.
Life Flight taking off
I had to go to Allegheny General Hospital for a doctor appointment. I didn't know I'd end up waiting almost 2 hours before seeing the doctors. I originally planned to eat lunch before heading to my appointment but I forgot. By the time I got home at 2:45, I was starving.
The doctor appointment results in the same thing each year. I hate having to waste my time just for that.  I spend about a minute with the doctor and maybe 3 minutes with the physicians assistant first just to hear "no change" and to see him again in a year.
If you look closely you can my pituitary adenoma.
After work, I had a Stampin' Up class. Only two people could make it so we swapped what class I was doing. I didn't clean up the main floor. I figured everyone has seen the house and no need to make it clean. I forgot that Meaghan had never been here before.
So I made cookies and they were done just after Meaghan arrived. They had to cool for 3 minutes.  Well about 35 minutes later, I remembered about them. At least I finally remembered. Everyone enjoyed them but me. They were too chocolatey.
She won
Dave and I only watched 1 TV show and then it was bedtime. I needed to catch up on sleep because I stayed up past 1:00 the previous two nights. It wasn't actually that early either. I still only went to sleep with getting a maximum of 7 hours of sleep.
Color Rotation:
  1. Light pick button down shirt
  2. Red Cardigan
  3. Orange Tee
  4. Yellow Loft Tee
  5. Dark Green Express Sweater
  6. Blue and Red Striped Sweater
  7. Purple Short Sleeve Loft Tee
  8. Black and white print skirt
  9. Pink Express Tee
(Does anyone know how to get blogger to quit overlapping my numbers from my list with my picture?)