Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I woke up a few times in the night because my throat hurt SO bad. I couldn't handle it. I even dug up throat spray. It might have helped some but not much. Ella woke up once too.

Then Ella slept until 8 so we all slept until 8.

I woke up with absolutely no voice. Ella was kind of scared of me when I tried to talk.   Dave left for work at 9.

The entire day was really long for me. I even tried TV and music videos and stuff to distract Ella but it did not work.  I did give her a bath and let her play for a bit.   I talked Dave into coming home "early" so he got home around 5:20.  Then he worked from home for hours and hours after work though.   He also didn't provide that much assistance with Ella since he was working BUT she was better behaved with both of us here.

Ella nursed about 20 times throughout the day. If she nursed less than a minute I wasn't even marking it down. It's been rough.  She won't really eat. She won't drink water. She won't drink milk out of a cup. Then changing her diaper before bed I saw that her wet diaper was tinted yellow. Poor Ella is a bit dehydrated.

While nursing, she stopped and was squirming. I asked her if she was one or wanted more. She signed more. Then nursed more. Then squirmed again. I asked again and she signed all done. I put her in her crib and she was asleep within 2 minutes.  I think she should have nursed more though. She's barely getting anything.


I was sick. Ella was sick. Dave worked.  It was rough.

Getting Ella to nap was tough because she'd almost be asleep and I'd cough and it would mess everything up.

Before Ella went to bed I asked her if she wanted more or was all done. She signed all done and then I put her in the crib. She was asleep within 2 minutes.  I had been trying to ask her if she wanted to go to sleep but she would never acknowledge it so I started asking questions referring to the nursing and that seemed to help. I thought for sure she was not done but then she went to sleep and slept for many hours so I guess she was. (She woke up near 3 am)

 Ella took my shirt. Then she tried and tried to get it on. She did it!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Outfits February 16-28



I leave the house about 6 days a week normally but was sick for a bit in here. I just really slack at taking daily pictures now that my remotes are all broken.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eating Challenge

peanut butter and banana shakeology
I just finished participating in a 5 day clean eating challenging. There were few focuses. They were exercises everyday, eating clean, and eating 5 meals a day. It was via a facebook group. There was daily discussion. We had daily posts with homework to do which we mostly had to read some article and talk about things we learned. There were usually 4 or so things to answer and when I answered them I had the longest comments by far so really everyone didn't answer everything.

Some articles were Ask the Expert: Are Cheat Meals OK?, 85 Tips and Strategies for Dining Out, 10 Ways to Eat Clean. There were also images shared of recipes and stuff.

The challenge was free except for the purchase of Shakeology for the 5 days. I actually only joined the challenge for the shakeology because I was sick of skipping so many meals with Ella and not eating anything at all until 4 or 5 PM far too often. Up front I told the group I didn't plan to do all the clean eating. That wasn't appreciated.  So I did a little.

Overall I had 4 meals a day instead of 5 which is better than my normal 2 plus a late night snack. I only used 2 of my shakeologies! I did like the vanilla one mixed with peanut butter and banana. I started the week sick so for 3 of the 5 days I had a really bad sore throat every time I swallowed.  That sucked.  I cooked healthy dinner twice. I ate bananas for a snack during the day instead of junk food.  I had Dave buy me food the day before the challenge started since I was too sick to shop and I didn't even get to it all. I was eating smaller meals than suggested but bigger than my normal. I ended up lightheaded 4 of 5 days but believe that was from being sick and not the diet.

I felt like I barely did anything I should have for the week and it was only a week but both my hips and my waist list a half inch. (Well maybe slightly over a quarter inch but with rounding it's hard to tell/remember). I lost weight too but I don't believe the scale. Even with a second day after. I would say I lost 2 lbs. But the scale says 5 but my weight went up 3 lbs just for the start of the challenge.  My jeans were falling off me by the end.  I took progress pictures but won't share them because I don't post pictures of myself in only a sports bra and shorts. I made a collage with the before and after and analyzed the pictures and can't tell anything anyway.

I didn't even mention exercise because I do that anyway. We were told to schedule it in so we don't skip but mine are scheduled anyway since I run with others. I did do a bonus weight lifting session  one day but that was only because I got Ella to nap in the crib and after I did a million things I started to lift. I only got 10 minutes in before Ella woke up though.

The coach wants me to do a 21 day challenge now. I don't want to because the most stress and pressure during this challenge weren't from trying to eat or exercise but were from trying to respond to the homework posts. Then there was even more pressure with how I answered.  I also felt like response comments were more of a here's what you are still doing wrong instead of actually motivational which is what they should have been. For example the one day I wrote about how I had breakfast before I ran. Later in my response I put how later I was lightheaded since I was still sick. Instead of saying "good job on finally eating breakfast before a run for the first time ever she said "sounds like you aren't eating enough. You need to eat x, y, z 60-90 min before you run." And yes I did note that I never eat breakfast before I run not even when I ran my 50k.  So that all kinda made me mad.

What's better than any of this was that I got Ella to nap in her crib 3 of the 5 days. I probably only got her to sleep in her crib 3 times the previous month! I think the crib naps are why my mood was so good and it had nothing to do with the success at the challenge.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I was starting to get sick. I took Ella for a walk to try to get her to sleep and she also wanted to go out. I came home and felt like I was going to die. I only walked a mile too. Luckily Dave was home.

Dave didn't play his game at all to help deal with me/Ella. He didn't do that much but anything helped.

Dave made baked potato soup and it was so good. While he cooked, I took Ella for a ride to get her to fall asleep. She always falls asleep on 101 when I take her for a ride. If you try to stay on back roads, she never falls asleep because she doesn't like red lights or stop signs.

Ella's selfie