Monday, April 30, 2018

Bye Bye Car

We sold the Ford Flex today. One more thing done getting ready for the move. We still have to figure out what car to buy when we get to CA.

We went to Kenny Ross Ford to see what they'd pay but then we sold it to because they'd give us 2000 more.
I forgot to take a good bye picture! I meant to take a picture after we had it all cleaned but I forgot. I got this picture as we were driving away. Haha. Bye bye.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Miles 19 Month Update

  • Weight: 28 lb 2 oz  - 89th percentile  
  • Height: 35.75" - 99.7th percentile 
  • Head Circumference: 50.2 cm - 98th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 44% 
  • Diapers: Size 4
  • Clothing: 18 or 24 month pants. 18 mo or 2 T T-shirts.  2T-3T socks 
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Teeth: 16
(stats using WHO)
Miles wakes up between 7:30 and 8:00.  Then he takes 1 nap a day. It’s mostly near 1:30. Sometimes it's a little later. He naps 1-2.5 hours daily. We start bedtime at 7:30 PM and 8:00 PM. He goes to sleep so well and even if he ever wakes up and cries for a second, he puts himself back to sleep. He no longer takes Benadryl before sleeping.

Miles snacks in the morning upstairs while we are getting Ella ready or has breakfast in the car.  He eats a bigger meal at some point before nap.  He likes to eat right after nap. Then we get Ella and they snack in the car on the way home. They start dinner or snack immediately after getting home. The kids eat while I cook. Then they mostly don’t eat the actual dinner.

Sample Schedule:
Start bedtime routine pretty close to 7:45. (We try for 7:30 but I fail at being done with dinner.) Routine is diaper change, change into PJs (or not), read books, put him in his scratch sleeves, sing songs, put in crib. After diaper change, I will put on some ointments if he needs them but mostly he doesn't. He is very particular on which books he wants to read. He takes a book to the crib with him. I either hold him and sway or sit in the chair to sing to him. He always goes into the crib into the corner with his head on the pillow. I cover him with his 1 afghan and the fleece blanket. I put one afghan right beside him so it touches his cheek. Then I turn on his night light elephant and he holds his book and a stuffed animal. He falls asleep within minutes. He sleeps all night. If I happen to hear him make noise in the night he goes back to sleep himself.  He wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 8:00 for the day.  Get Ella ready for school, drop Ella off, and he has a snack in the car.
10 more snack
11:30 lunch
1:30 nap routine starts  (This time keeps getting later.)
2:00-4:00 nap
eat, play, hangout, get Ella, eat, play
then 7:45 bedtime routine again

Special Moments:
On March 12, Miles was pointing at my ears. I said does the teacher have an ear? (The one in brown bear Brown bear.) Then Miles said “two.” Miles has such an issue with getting a diaper change anymore and he does not want to lie down for it.   I asked him if he wanted to start potty training and he nods so then I ask him if he wants to start going pee in the potty and he nods so he wants to start going potty in the bathroom so that he doesn’t get a diaper change let’s see what he thinks about this later. A few hours later Miles cried at the restaurant to go potty. He kept saying potty. I took him but then he got scared and want to go. Then Ella was using the travel party and he pooped in his diaper.
On March 13, I said Miles to him. He repeated. First time saying his name. Miles said iPad.
On March 14, I noticed that Miles has said full sentences today and yesterday.
On March 16, Miles had green fluffy poop twice today. Miles was putting fingers in his ears and not hearing. He loved it.
On March 17, Miles had a mild diaper rash
On March 19, we attempted first nap without sleep sack. It went way better than I thought. I had the freezer open gettin something. And I turn around and Miles has the ice cream. And he walks to the table. Pulls out the chair. Climbs up. And has it at the table. Also earlier I told miles we could go upstairs for a lollipop. He found a book and was showing me the “pop” and I asked if he wanted one. So then I put him down and held his hand and he walked. After about 4 steps he said "jump" and I told him no jumping while on the steps.
On March 20, Miles went to sleep at night on 19th in footie pjs not sleep sack and slept well.
On March 22, Miles did not want to nap. He was playing. Then he had a super late nap. Then I woke him at 5:15 pm to get Ella.
On March 23, I realize Miles is basically repeating all 1 syllable words.
On March 24, we went to the March for Our Lives today. Miles‘s first activism.
On March 24, I was reading five little monkeys to Miles. We were on the last page and the mama was jumping on the bed then I sat ask Miles if she was going to fall off the bed and he said to her “don’t fall.”
On March 27, I was singing to Miles for nap time I got mixed up on words so Miles told me!!!!! Something with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
On March 30, at my parents earlier Miles told us he wanted to go home to nap and he agreed he was ready to nap and he did not want to nap at their house. And just now I told him it was bedtime and he said ”no mama”
On March 31, Miles said “night night” to me before I even said anything to him when I put him in crib.
On April 1, Miles had his first day in over a year where he did not have Benadryl.
On April 2, Miles says "ok google" this morning clear as day when we were talking about clock music and he wanted to do something.
On April 5, I was running down the steps and Miles wanted to come. i picked him up to go down. I start walking down he said "I want to walk" so then I put him down and held his hand and he walked.  After about 4 steps he said "jump" and i told him no jumping while on the steps. Not only says basically every 1 syllable word but he forms sentences and says harder words. He tries to repeat from books. He said elephant the other day.
On April 6, Miles jumped. He got feet off ground!!!
On April 7, Miles went the entire day without bennies. And I forgot to give him the bennies last night. So it's still in the syringe
On April 9, Miles took his first bennies in days. The syringe has been full and I finally used it.
On April 10, Miles fell going from family room to kitchen. He had a bloody nose and bloody mouth. He fell off the step stool later and got a bloody nose and lip again. (This time upper lip.) He's been forming sentences. He said "ate it all."

(I can't think of what to put here.)

Miles talks way more. I took off the categories of new words because he basically just says everything. He repeats. He will say 1 word to let us know what he wants.  He has said sentences too. "Ate it all" is one he says a lot.   He also says "need more."  Most of his words involve food. Its funny when he sees a bottle and you hear him say "Bennies." 

Other Tidbits:
He loves books.
He likes the clocks that sings on the hour.
He loves to slop in the kitchen sink.
He likes to climb up on everything.
He likes to be independent.
He likes to eat!
He likes to run over and try to hug Daddy.
He likes to play.
He likes Ella! He misses her when she's at school. He also can't wait to go in and wake her up in the morning.
He likes to try to get anything that he should not have.
He likes to play outside.
He likes to climb the stairs.
He likes to walk down the stairs.
Ella says he likes to hit and kick and grab stuff out of her hand.

He doesn't like baths.
He doesn't like to sleep anywhere but his crib or his carseat.
He doesn't like attention from people he doesn't know.
He really hates the bath so much that nothing else can compare to that level of hate that it's hard to think of things to put on his dislikes list but I'm sure he dislikes more.
Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 12 hours 24 minutes  (decrease)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: all
Diapers used (from April 1-10): 4 per day   
Time spent sleeping (from April 1-10): 11:59 per day (decrease)  
Doctor Visits: 0
Illnesses: 0

Favorite Toys
little rockets
I can't really think of many toys he actually uses.

Favorite Songs
Open Shut Them
just every song I sing, he likes.

Favorite Books
Good Morning, Good Night
Superhero Me
That's Not My Pirate
Pretty much all books
Favorite Foods
any sort of meat
fruit snacks
chicken nuggets
mac n cheese
ice cream

Random Tidbits
He's less defiant now that we can actually understand what he's saying.  

I made nice collages of the pictures I took but didn't check that they were autobacked up before shutting down my computer. Now I won't have the computer until June. So here are collages google automatically made and a few other pics. 

Kennywood (4-28-18)

We went to Kennywood yesterday. I made a good video and it won't upload to youtube at a good resolution. It keeps failing. Here's a lower resolution version of it. We had so much fun.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kids Say ... (March 2018)

More quotes from the kids.

Miles fell off couch. So much blood. Fat lip
We go upstairs to show daddy
He sees

Daddy: So Miles did you learn anything about how you can get hurt falling off the couch?
Miles: yeah


Miles was throwing food. I yelled at him.
Just as I was doing that, Dave walks in
Daddy: You are a bad baby. You need to be a good baby. (something something about not throwing food) Miles, are you bad or good?
Miles: Bad
Daddy: Miles should you be bad or good?
Miles: Good


This morning Ella was giving Dave a goodbye hug. Miles seemed like he wanted one. So I told Dave Miles wanted one. So once Dave put Ella down he said "OK Miles. Do you want a goodbye hug?" and Miles ran over so fast he bounced off Dave's leg. Dave lifted him up and Miles gave a good hug


I just got jolted alert by Ella crying.
I came in. She said her music turned off

Ella: Can you lay with me for a couple hours?

3-5-15 11:35 pm

I just asked Miles “Do you want to go visit Grandma Lori, Grandpa Neil, and Aunt Magen sometime in the next couple weeks?” and he nodded so vigorously. I said “OK” and he nodded even more


Ella: Daddy are you cooking dinner for tonight?
Dave: I’m cooking dinner for tomorrow
Ella: Daddy, I never heard you say that before.


I point to presidents placemat (Ella is crying btw)
Pointing to Trump: Do you know who this is?
Ella: Donald
Me: yes. Donald Trump. You are right.
Ella pointing to the person next to him:Is this Obama?

Me: let me put on your pants
Miles: no


I told Ella mummaw and pap-pap just left. I said that means I don’t have time to finish my workout. She added: uh oh. we don't have enough time to clean the table.
Ella knows we need to clean the table before they show up or they criticize how messy it is.


We have food out on table still. 
Ella: We made the table messy.
me: Yes. But as soon as we are done eating maybe we can clean it up so it's clean for the rest of the day.
Ella: so then if Mummaw and Pap-Pap come then they won't say "you need to throw this stuff away and wipe the table"


Ella: I don’t want to move back to California.

Me: Why because you like your friends?
Ella: Yea and I like this world. I like to wear a coat and like it cold.


Me: Miles, it’s bedtime.
Miles: No, Mama.


I explain Easter egg hunt to Ella
Me: so do you want to go to an Easter Egg Hunt?
Ella: next year
Me: next year or today?
Ella: next year
Me: ok
Miles: ok


Today she told me "I want 2 slices of bread and...."
Me: and butter

She said "NO" and thought and thought "I don't know what I want " and she'd say I want 2 slices of bread a few times but never with what. Then 5 min later at least she exclaims "I want 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and jelly"

Today she ate 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I have no idea when she started with that because every single other time ever she wouldn't eat it. She ate peanut butter sandwiches when she was little but then even stopped those.


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Kids Say... (Jan/Feb 2018)

I'm hit or miss with documenting.


Ella was mad that her grandparents wouldn't visit.
So Dave asked if she wanted uncle Timmy to visit. She said no

Then asked if she wanted uncle mike to visit and she said yea. And got excited.


As soon as we got to school, Ella's friend Laura said “I’m going over to Ella’s house on Monday”
Then Ella being a little bugger that she is said, “then my mommy said the cleaning lady has to come.”
She remembered that I mentioned something about the cleaning lady this morning except I had said she’s not coming and now I have to clean. And then the teacher started talking about oh yeah before a friend comes over the cleaning lady better come. Oh geeze


We just ate and played a little but still in the kitchen. I asked Miles if it was time for nap. He shakes his head no. I ask what it is time for. He looks at the stove/island and says “cook”.


Ella: it looks like a snow globe in here
Dave: do you know what that is?
Ella: no
Dave: dust


Ella came downstairs when I was working out.

Ella: Mommy why don’t daddies do workouts?

( I forget the rest of our dialogue.)


Ella drew a pic. Then colored the sky gray over her sun and stuff. I asked her why
Ella: I’m drawing Pittsburgh mommy.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

80 Day Obsession Results

I finished 80 day obsession. I'm really behind with my weekly posts but still hope to make them so that the videos are there for years to come.  I did horribly the last week with the stress of moving. I feel like my stomach looked better the week or 2 before. I ate like crap the last week and missed a workout.  I still lost 7.6 lb and 7.5 inches with the program.
Old clothes fit a lot better now than they did. It's been a few days since I finished the program and I haven't worked out since I've been so busy getting the house ready and I can tell my mid section is looking worse and worse.  I need to keep up with it. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Broken Phone

Today, when I was carrying a bunch of cardboard to the recycle bin, my phone fell out of my pocket. It fell and thudded and cracked the screen.  :( :( :( :( :( :(
I feel like the pictures make the cracks look better than they actually are!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


The time zone change is really messing with me. It’s so hard to wake up. It is also so bright so then we sleep with the curtains closed and the blackout curtains really work. Just opening them an inch brightens the entire room. I was up with Miles 4 times in the night so I was so exhausted.

It took us forever to leave. We got hotel breakfast. Ella and Miles liked to eat mine. Dave said it wasn’t good but what I had was OK. Breakfast was served until 10 but we were down there a bit longer. We even saw them taking the food away. We left around 10:30. We decided not to do anything in Amarillo so we could get on the road. We had a longer drive plus Amarillo smelled and there wasn’t much to do anyway.
Ella had my phone and I missed the picture of the leaning water tower in Groom. I was mad. I was telling her to give me back the phone for a good minute and I missed it. Then I got out the road trip book and it mentioned it.  Later Ella felt bad so she pointed out every water tower to me to take a picture of.
Ella ate some of her leftover hoagie in the car.

 In Shamrock we stopped at the super charger. Nothing is open on Sundays so we couldn’t go in but we did get to use the restroom.

 We entered Oklahoma at 1:03. The sign was not like other state signs and I missed it.

We stopped at the next supercharger in Weatherford. We ate at the restaurant right there. It was number 1 on TripAdvisor and also convenient. It was pretty good. I did want to try a different restaurant that had peanut butter pie but convenience won. Dave taught Ella how to write more letters and she wrote LLA then went to add the E and she made the line cross all of the letters so then it didn’t look as good.

We made it to our hotel just before 6 PM. We had everything on the cart and then we got the bedding for the sleeper couch. Dave told Miles to hold it so he did! I had him recreate the hold after we got off the elevator when I could see. Dave said he moved the bedding so Miles didn’t have to hold it anymore so he moved it back for me.

Miles and Ella played in the hotel room so nicely for a bit. Dave printed stuff, signed it, then scanned it at the hotel. Once that was done, we decided to go to the pool. I’ve been wanting to have Ella swim in a hotel pool but we could never fit it in. Once we were about to but Ella wouldn’t wake up from nap. Well we finally got to. Dave dealt with Ella and I held Miles. The water was too deep for Ella to stand. Dave was done in the pool after 30 minutes. Then I held Miles and Ella. Ella splashed Miles so she got a time out. Then she splashed him again so we got out of the pool for good. She was freezing so she didn’t mind. I was about to say it was just another timeout but then she said we were getting out.

I gave Miles a bath in the sink and everyone else took showers. Once we were done with that, Dave got Johnny Carino’s. We weren’t eating until after 9 PM. It was so good!!! Miles even loved it. He was so happy after. He loved the taste of everything. Ella actually ate too. She was loving it. She kept taking more. This is rare for Ella. I don’t think she’s had food at a meal much this entire trip. She always just refuses to eat.

Then it was time to get everyone to bed. I finally had time to use my computer and then I was so exhausted I fell asleep using it.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Albuquerque, NM to Santa Fe, NM to Amarillo, TX.
We drove to Santa Fe for lunch. We went to the Plaza Cafe. Ella was not having a good day at lunch at all. Even the lady behind us with her son tried to cheer Ella up. Then we went for ice cream. Miles needed to get back to the car so I thought I could walk him back and have my ice cream. I was wrong because I didn’t have an extra hand to actually use the spoon. Dave and Ella walked back when she was done eating. She stopped on the bench saying she was tired and that her back hurt.

It felt like we were finally making progress across the United States.

At the supercharger, Dave took Ella in and bought new shoes. She bought the same shoes that Lottie has so she was so excited about them. She needed bigger shoes and her shoes were hurting her ankles too! I couldn’t believe he spent $40 on shoes for her though.

We went to Amarillo. We went to Cadillac Ranch on the way. We got there just before dusk so we were able to get a few pictures.

We got to the hotel and Dave went to charge the car and get dinner. We got Jimmy John’s.