Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I just got an e-mail with the subject "How much do you like your friends?" I found that comical.

allergy shots

my allergy shots always make my arms so itchy. i just noticed now that when i just scratched my arm i ended up taking off 3 scabs from previous shots. my arms look awful. good thing it's long sleeve weather so nobody sees.
i just looked down at my desk and there are 3 cordless phones on it. one plugged in and 2 i carried from somewhere else in the house. that makes 4 phones right now in this little room.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so yesterday i mailed my parents a thank you card for helping us move furniture and get gram's recliner and rearrange furniture. today my mom got it. then she took it to dinner and showed it to my 2nd grade teacher.
today we left work kind of early. we were gone too long last night. i'm ready for bed already.

we left work a little after 4:30. got home 4:45 and i cooked. then that was done at 5:45. now mind you some of the sauce was frozen and i had it thawed so i didn't have to cut up the sausage or chicken. i forgot about the garlic bread in the oven. it was solid black when i remembered. i made skilletini and fresh steamed green beans with butter for dave and regular angel hair and sauce for me. but the pepper or spices or whatever i used made the sauce so hot that i had to stop eating before i was full. my mouth burned so much.

i've gained a few lbs lately. i ate 5 no bake cookies for my dessert today. i ate 3 w/ my lunch.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I woke up at about 8 today. i got to work at 8:35. i had a club type meeting during lunch. i left at 4:45 to get an allergy shot. i returned to work at 5:30 and worked until 7:32. then went to Kenny Ross and dropped dave's car off. Then we went to Taco Bell ate quickly and went to giant eagle. We went to the North Huntingdon Giant Eagle. Then we came home and got here at 9:40pm. long day. now time to do 8 billion things from my to do list.

we spent 80 bucks at giant eagle. we got barely any food. we really only have enough food for 1 meal..spaghetti. i did buy some spices but i didn't buy the chicken or whatever else we need.

last monday we spent 100 bucks at giant eagle. something is wrong here.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


today we met with a lady from Heartland Homes. I didn't realize what incentives they give. They were giving some pretty nice ones that we coudl afford a way more expensive house. she said they give higher incentives at the end of hte months and each month the incentives change. then we went to the target and walmart in cranberry. they were very nice. i was surprsied that target had different and better stuff there. the walmart had all sane people. i didn't want to go home back to monroeville.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

somehow i think i should have eaten dinner already. also i should have taken the pumpkin pie out of the truck of dave's car.

today dave and i were both dead tired so we skipped westinghouse science honors institute but it was alright because we got an e-mail yesterday saying they were running it yesterday and didn't require our help but we could still go to see what it's like. so really it would have been stupid to go. then we went to sam's club for pumpkin pie and that was just a mess. 22 is awful. then we went to johnny carinos and the bookstore. then we came home and met my parents here. took the seats out of my dad's van and stuck them in our garage. then we went to gram's and got the recliner. and got the kitchen table. we did not take the dresser that we were thinking of taking originally. one drawer is broken. dave and i don't fix things so we figured it would stay broken forever so we aren't taking it. we removed the mirror before we decided against not taking it. then we came home and moved the recliner to the living room and moved the loveseat to the basement. then we rearranged. that was an ordeal. it's odd but interesting. i might be able to put my Christmas tree up now. i'll just have to leave off half of it and make it like a half tree at the bottom few rows. i shouldn't have purchased a 54 inch diameter tree. oh and during all this moving furniture we ended up making a mess just cleaning off the furniture and then my dad gets a bag and starts going through stuff to throw it away so i have to like follow him around and go through it myself for like 20 minutes. that was good though. newspapers on our table got thrown away finally. my dad always forces me to clean up when he's here. i didn't know they were going to do the chair today or i would have cleaned up first.


so i sent an e-mail to the friend who is the one who prompted me to make the post a little while ago about if i expect too much from my friends. i used to get 20+ e-mails from her a day and now i'm getting like 4 a week max and the ones i get are very very short. about as long as my last post. so last night i got up the nerve to e-mail her about this and ask if she meant to be pushing me away and how it was really bothering me. i sat there for like 20 minutes without sending it. i almost didn't send it at all. then i did send it... we'll see if i get a response. it's not that just fewer e-mails but there is no hanging out. she'd even ignore my questions and i never heard anything about her life. it was like they moved (and i helped for many hours) and then slowly she falls off the face of the earth. and it hurts. ugh

i need more friends that i'm close to so that when something happens with one then i might not notice or something.
last night i was dead dtired at 10pm but didn't go to sleep. then i got a second wind. i was so mad. then i stayed up entirely too late.

Friday, October 26, 2007

pb is ready for bed. it's not even 8 pm. he went to sleep at 8pm a few nights ago.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

i'm not even tired. i have tons of stuff left on my to do list but i feel i should go to sleep now.

i watched 3 episodes of dancing with the stars tonight. the mythtv only keeps so many episodes so i missed an episode and just saw teh results show. i think i missed episode 6.

and i forgot to tpost this last night

i tried to go to sleep. it didn't work and also i had an awful time all night sleeping. i woek up about every half hour

Monday, October 22, 2007

do i expect too much out of my friends. i'm beginning to think i do. i don't think i expect that much thought. ugh
i am never going to giant eagle tonight. iv'e had bad experiences but they are nothing compared to tonight.

i was in liek for lunchmeat 20 minutes. i was waiting for the butcher for 8 minutes (maybe more. i didn't look at my watch right away). i waited in line for 32 minutes. there were only 3 people in front of me in line.

i guess i forgot to post that before

Sunday, October 21, 2007

pb had the windows opened last night and i had the worst time sleeping. aka the past hour i couldn't sleep and i kept sneezing and blowing my nose and it's still all stuffy

in one of my dreams, a dog died from eating chocolate. that was an awful dream.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

so there's this spot on my upper arm that i try to scratch and when i rub that area it sends shooting pains into my when you hit your funny bone. so theni tried my right arm. i can do the same thing. it doesn't hurt as bad though.

but i keep wanting to scratch my arm from my allrgy shot and then i keep sneding pains down my arm.

Friday, October 19, 2007

i've been so tired lately. i've been going to sleep so i coudl get about 9 hours of sleep. but i never do. i always wake up after about 4 hours and then keep waking up after that.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wvu != smart kids
tiring day.
probably talked to 100 people
probably talked to only 3 good candidates. i wanted to keep the one intern resume for sue. but then it got mixed in the pile with all the losers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i'm so tired. so very tired.

i did not like my drive down here. i'm at the waterfront hotel now.

i'm scared i'll get lost going to the career fair tomorrow

Monday, October 15, 2007


i hate when you type a bunch of stuff in an e-mail or aim chat and then get a repsonse to only one thing or get no response at all.......hate it hate it hate it
there are pros and cons of e-mail vs face to face talking.

one con is that the other person can ignore you :(

Sunday, October 14, 2007

pb's trying to freeze me out. he also switched our sides of the bed so now he's right by the window and thus his fan is too. it'll just blow the cool air in.
i started reading a book Wednesday. I finished it today. i read almost 300 of the 369 pages of the book today. this is why i never read. i can't handle stopping because i really want to know what happens next and the cliffhangers at the end of the chapters are awful.

so last week i got nothing done because i was working too much and now i got nothing done because i was reading too much.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

bank experience

today i finally went to the bank. it's been between 3 and 4 weeks since i should have gone. i had to change the total on the deposit slip 4 times.

going into the bank i held the door for this old couple. they were shocked. they thanked me. and then since i held it for them they were ahead of me in line. (they kind of signaled for me to go but i signaled for them to go ahead of me). it made me feel so good. granted there was no line. i almost wished there was so i could have signed the checks. so i had to wait all of 30 seconds. they old couple got the last available teller.

Friday, October 12, 2007


i keep working too late so then i get home and don't do a single thing. tonight was no exception. i'm actually going into bed now. i'll read first.

tomorrow i'm helping with WSHI again. i have to be at STC at 8:00AM (my mom told me how that's called the R&D center)

my allergy shots like to give me big bumps on my arm and that bump is really itchy

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i woke up early but dave kept trying to hold me up getting ready so i didnt' get ready too much quicker than him. we got to work at 8. had a less than half hour lunch and left at 6:45. got home made some tuna salad and started watching TV. 5 episodes later i'm here making this post.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


i still have the hive/welt on my back from ragweed from the allergy testing

yesterday we gave jason the kitchen table from gram's house.

my foot hurts.

my knee has been hurting a lot lately.

it's raining and i didn't even realize it was supposed to rain.

i have so much to do but i always want to do other things.

i seem to like cooking and hate it at the same time. i like cooking for other people and then i hate it when they complain. i like trying to cook new things. i tend to not use recipes. i also give people food to take home. i make food and then call people and give it to them (that part is mianly with desserts). i guess all that is the italian in me. or every italian i know is like that. also i cook way too much food when i cook for other people. that is always how italians are. my brother thinks he has the perfect amount of leftovers when it just barely all fits in the fridge.


my kybaord drawer now opens further than it's ever opened. it opens as far as it shoud. it kept slowing opening less and less than you didn't notice until it wouldn't come out at all. today i decided to give it a pull with 2 hands and it kept coming. purely amazing. now my desk doesnt suck so much.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i got allergy tested today. now i'm on more medicines and getting allergy shots. fun times. i am not allergic to dust. i am allergic to ragweed. i am allergic to a bunch of trees and a bunch of weeds. i am not allergic to mold, cats, or dogs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

today i spend forever making a dinner. then everyone is late. some people 20 minutes and one person was an hour late and dave thinks he only showed up after he yelled at him and said his plate was still out. i ran out of pasta.

dinner took me a solid 1.5 hours to prepare. i even cut the vegetables last night. dave did prep almost the entire time too.

it's not worth it. i get thanked but everyone is late. the last 2 times people were late and i have to call and call to try to see waht's up. i'm not inviting anyone over until i get invited there for dinner first.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

today dave and i drove separately so i could work late. or so we said. well i stayed an hour late. i came home. i then went to giant eagle. then on my way home, dave called to say he was leaving work.
i cant' wait until thursday is over. i'm going to rub my eyes out. i'm going to rub wrinkles into my nose.

my knee hurts. it hurt and then i showed pb how my knee caps move and now i'm in severe pain here.

i went grocery shopping sunday and bought 1 meals worth and then odds and ends. 53 bucks. then today i went and bought 1 meals worth and odds and ends (but this time one fo the odds was an extra serving of chicken) and i spent 45 bucks. these odds and ends really add up yet they aren't any food at all.