Sunday, November 30, 2014


I ran a 5k in the morning.

I left the house at 7:25. I hoped Ella would sleep until 9:30 like she did the previous day. I was wrong. She woke up at 7:35.  It was not a happy time for her.

She was happy after I got home!

We hung out a long time with Jen. Ella did some jamming and I got some video of it. (That's my mom's favorite video of her and I think all the views are her or when she shows people.) Then Ella napped while I held her.  Dave went with Timmy and my dad to go to lunch somewhere.  Then we all went to my aunts. Ella slept long so we were later getting there.   My cousin's 2 sons were there. My aunt was watching them. They are 6 and 2 (I think) and seemed to like Ella. The 6 year old liked to hang out with her.   But what surprised me more was I walked in with Jason sitting on the couch next to Dave. They were hanging out together. Dave said they were playing minecraft but I didn't even believe it until he elaborated.

I thought I only took 62 pictures all day because that's what my picasa shows! And that counts 4 of my garmin and counts 8 videos. But then my auto backup has way way more pictures. I don't get it or understand. The folder on my computer seems to have them all but picasa only shows 1 in 5. This is not cool!

There are a ton of pictures below. I took even more. They are sort of in order by what we did but then the "event" isn't in order.


Dave worked. Some friends visited earlier in the day. We did a lot of hanging out. We went out to dinner. I took over 200 pictures which is actually a low day for me. Well I took even less than that because Timmy took 58 of those pictures!

 We went to Kohl's and tried to find Ella her first shoes. We ended up finding sandals. They barely had any in size 4 and then some were still hard to get on her wide foot.
Her jumper is a little short. It's 6 month size but it fits great in the width. Because it's so short though it's easier for her to crawl in.
She often "talks" with her hand up in the air like this.

 Ella loved talking into empty cups.