Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Skirt: F21, Shirt: NY&Co, Sandals: Kohl's, Earrings: Gifted
I woke up and felt productive. I didn't plan to run since I did my long run the day before so then I didn't feel guilty for not running.  I did a bunch on my to-do list.  I also played in Photoshop.  Poly admired her own picture on the screen.

Around lunch time I headed out to buy Dave's birthday present. That took awhile.  In the parking garage I was taking my daily picture and some old guy asked if I needed assistance. I ended up answering him just as the timer was going off. Sigh.

I played around in photoshop even though that was not on my to-do list.  Then my day started to not get productive.
Around 2 pm I finally ate lunch then I ate a lot of it. Oops.  I sewed my cherry shorts and broke the needle. I was hand sewing and I broke it!
I went to go move a stack of 2 boxes only to learn Poly was in the bottom box!
Dave wanted to meet at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner so I said OK even though I wasn't hungry.  I ate a lot. As we were leaving my stomach started hurting. Then I just relaxed all evening because of it. I went into bed really early and just played Solitaire.  I was on the couch for awhile relaxing while watching TV and Poly joined me. She knows when I don't feel well and always cuddles with me.
My California driver's license arrived in the mail! It looks as awful as I was expecting.  I also learned my friend Callie won another race.


 I stayed up late and woke up at 9:30. I only slept about 4 hours.  I woke up to start watching more TV. I watched the entire series of One Tree Hill before but when watching it again you realize you forgot so much.  I remembered a lot more from the first season than I did the second.  

I ate cereal while watching TV.  I had to pause TV a few times when Dave wanted to talk to me about different things.
We went to some Chinese Restaurant for dinner.  The entire plaza had everything in Chinese. It was so weird.  We were the only white people in the place.  I had to eat with chop sticks. It caused me to eat even slower than my normal slow self.

We then went for frozen yogurt. We have had it far too often and I ate 2 bites and just couldn't eat any more of it.

I got home and watched more One Tree Hill.   Probably all in all I watched One Tree Hill for 18 hours from the midnight to midnight time frame.   I was tired earlier so I went into bed at 2:15 AM instead of starting yet another episode.

My BodyMedia fit shows that my calorie burn was so low.  I was 500 under my calorie "goal" and lately I've been hundreds over my goal.


They finally paved the area at the top of the steps.  They had it blocked off and caution tape but even with all that someone walked all over it and ruined the cement with foot prints.
Poly likes to hide in the closet behind the vacuum.
I moved the dresser and cedar chest so now drawers don't hit the other dress when they are being opened.  Poly was always trying to help.
I had on my to do list to clean up all the little crap that was on the top of the table. I actually cleaned it off once I added it to my list. Poly then napped on the table.
I finally unwrapped the ficus tree.  It was wrapped for a full month so it took some fiddling to get it to look more normal. Poly was trying to help unwrap it.
We went to Rubio's for dinner. I hated it. Dave didn't really like it.  We went to Panera right after for 2nd dinner.
Overall I had a pretty productive day. I only did 16 of 25 things on my to-do list but I did a lot not on it. Check out some pictures on picasa.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I woke up and knew I had to run right away if I was going to do it. I did it. Then I got home and showered. I was going to be more productive right away but Dave wasn't ready so we used our computers and I did a few other things too until we decided to head to the recycling center.  We got rid of the boxes that were sitting in our tub and we got rid of 3 boxes of paper plus the rest of the broken down boxes. It felt so much more spacious in here already.

We headed home then loaded up the car with more to go to Goodwill.  When we were getting everything out of the car, some lady asked if she could have the bar stool chair. Dave said 5 bucks so she said no then we gave it to her anyway. The guy at Goodwill recognizes us as asked us if we're done going through everything yet.   We went to Safeway to buy some pretzel crisps and bought a few other things. Dave wanted to go up and down every aisle. We already have too much food so I don't want to do that.
We went to In N Out on the way home. We got too much food. I didn't get a milkshake but still couldn't finish all my food.
We got back home and I thought we'd then load up the car with the TV box and the couple other things to go to storage but we didn't.  Dave started to try to get the cable card to work in the computer.  I even took a nap (for 2 hours) and woke up and he was still working.  He had so many problems.   At 9 PM, he finally stopped so we could eat dinner.  I blogged and such while he did this. I was still in half asleep mode.  I should have done other more productive things.
We watched Big Brother. We watched 2 episodes but are still an episode behind. Dave went to sleep after that and I got to blogging and making collages to knock some things off my to-do list.  I also looked for an applied for jobs at different points when I was at my computer.  That always takes up time and I break it up with reading a few blogs or writing a post before I get back to searching.  I found some old artwork I did in high school while cleaning a drawer.

Training - Week 2 (July 23-29)

Well I'm in Week 2 of training. I didn't really look during week 1 but based on when the half marathon is, this is week 2.

I'm looking at a few training plans. I will kind of mesh them.
The Smart Coach plan has me doing 3 mi, 4 mi (speedwork), 2 mi, and 8 mi
Hal Higdon's have me doing 3 mi, 30 min tempo, 3 mi, 3 mi pace, and 6 mi (plus lifting)
The other Hal Higdon one has me doing 3 mi, 2 mi, 3 mi, 30 min cross, and 4 mi

This week I have done 2 mi, 4 mile (speedwork), and 2 mi.   See details below.

On Wednesday I could not get my Garmin to work so I ran and was mad and slow while running. I mapped it out after and I was just shy of completing 2 miles in 21 minutes. Granted I also had to wait for the walk sign twice and forget if that time is included or not. Oh man did that suck.

On Thursday, I did some speed work.  I ran a half mile warmup, ran 1 mile, half mile jog, then ran 1 mile. I thought I had a half mile to go to get to 4 miles but I did the math wrong and had to run a full mile cooldown. I guess I should have done 3/4 mi warmup to even it out.  The training plan said to run them in 8:35 but since I'm a big slacker lately I decided to go with 8:40.  That would mean 2:10 on my Garmin.  Well I know that 2:10.9 would pop up as 2:10 so I went with my goal being 2:09 so that I wasn't going close to over on each split.
I didn't do half bad for my first time out.  My goal for the recovery jog was near 10 minute mile pace and I was a little slow. There's always next time.

I also lifted weights for my legs. It is the first time I've done legs since June 13.

On Friday, I ran a nice easy 2 miles. My goal was 10 minute mile pace even though smart coach said to do it at a 10:41 pace.
When I woke up, my hamstrings were a little sore from lifting.

Saturday I was sore from lifting or maybe running so much in a row so it was good that I was planning Saturday to be a rest day.

Total Miles: 8 (Not good)
Total everything else: weights 1 time
Total suggested by training plans: 17, 18, or 12.

Final Thoughts:
Week 2 of training went better than expected since during Week 1 I didn't realize it was Week 1 and since I have been slacking for a good 2 months.  I do fear an overuse injury and am worried about increasing my mileage too much but if I increased based on what I was doing and only increased 10% a week, I wouldn't even be up to a 5k anytime soon.  How do you increase from 0!?  I didn't end up doing my long run Sunday. I would have had 5-8 more miles.  Skipping the long run helped with not increasing miles too fast but hurt with the long run part of a training plan.


Poly tends to sleep with me.
We went out to breakfast. It was pretty good.  Yelp helps us decide where to eat.
I took my allergy medicine which caused me to nap for 3 hours. That medicine says "may cause drowsiness" but it sure does cause it.
We ate cheesesteaks for dinner  or maybe it was a late lunch.
I watched One Tree Hill.
Then I stayed up far too late watching One Tree Hill.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

6.18 - Outfit

Shirt: F1
Jeans: Express
Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace: Lia Sophia

Lately I haven't been putting outfit photos on all my daily posts. In case you were afraid I wasn't wearing clothes, you can always check out my calendar site.  You may notice in some photos there are numbers. If there is a 2 or a 3 that means if you click to enlarge you actually get 2  or 3 outfits that day.

The shorts I'm wearing in the 2nd and third photo are actually in the bag I'm holding in the first photo. I have on idea why I kept thinking my shorts were from the Gap. My tag is even wrong on all my posts now.


 I forget all the details because it was so stressful.

We woke up close to 4 but maybe earlier.    Poly was cuddled up next to me. She sure didn't know what was coming.   We gave her the medicine that was supposed to relax her on the flight. We headed over to check-in and the lines were INSANELY long. We thought for sure we'd miss the flight.  It was crazy.   We made it through.  We made it through security.   We got to the gate and they had started boarding. We had no extra time.

Poly did not like the bag. She did not like being under the chair. The medicine to relax her made her a little crazy.

After a few hours on the flight, Dave pulled the bag up and put it on his lap on the plane. She was a little better with this.

The medicine only lasts 4-5 hours and we could tell when it was starting to wear off. She was getting more relaxed.

It was the worst flight. I would never recommend flying with a cat. I also would not recommend the medicine to relax a cat unless maybe you try it out first.

At the airport, I went to baggage claim and Dave went to go get the rental car. Then he had to come pick me up.  That took awhile.  Some kids were talking to Poly. Luckily her medicine wore off so she was a pleasant cat. Also while they talked to Poly, I was able to jump up and get our bags as they went around.

Once we got to the rental car, I was so relieved. We still had to get to the temporary housing though. I rode in the back seat with Poly in the car.
On our way to the apartment, Dave was driving. I figured he knew where he was going. As we got closer he told me I needed to tell him where to go. I didn't even have the address handy. That was fun.  Then we found the complex but we couldn't figure out how to get in.  We had a code to type in but it didn't seem to work. We walked all around with Poly trying to figure it all out.

Finally we were in the apartment. Poly explored. She immediately went and hid under the bed.

Dave took a 2 hour nap.
We went to Target.

Poly jumped onto the coffee table and broke a glass. Poor Poly.

I watched some One Tree Hill on Apple TV.
We also went to sleep around 6pm if I remember correctly.

The first half of the day was so awful that I kept postponing writing about it. Now that it's been over a month, it doesn't seem as bad.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


I had intentions of waking up early and getting 3 things done by 10. Well that didn't happen.

We finally left the house at 10:45 and got donuts. We went to a park and ate a couple then we went to storage to put a few things in and take out the empty boxes that we don't need to keep.  At the park this couple was doing weird things. Then other couples joined them. We almost didn't want to leave just so see what they were up to.

We came home and started using our computers. It was some stupid starcraft tournament so Dave couldn't be bothered to be productive.

At 1:30 he said it was snack time and went and got a snack. I tried to inform him it was lunch time but that didn't work.
Around 2, Dave could see I was getting upset that he doesn't want to help with anything. So he decided to get up and do something. He CLAIMED he was helping ME unpack so that made me mad. It is our stuff. We are both home on the weekends. It's not my job to do 100% of everything here. There are things that he does or that we'd both do because they are 2 man jobs. Also there are things that sit around waiting for him so I can get his opinion.  We did clean up the family room a bit. Dave thought everything looks fine and he's cool with how it all is so he doesn't seem motivated but I can't stand it. I used to be messier but after having our house on the market for a month, I learned what it was like to have everything neat and I was just a lot more pleasant. Dave gets to leave the house and be somewhere else where it is nice and neat while I'm  here with the mess. Once I was just complaining about all that we did a few things to make some progress. We hooked up the TV in the bedroom so we can get rid of the big TV box.
I started eating lunch at 3:00 PM.  I was watching the Starcraft thing with Dave but also playing solitaire on my ipad.  Dave fell asleep so then I did. At 5:30 I woke up to find that I had been tagged in a facebook photo and that it was after 5pm so we slept through the hours of the recycling place.  That made me mad. The car has boxes in it that need to be recycled.  The house has more stuff in it to be recycled that would fit in the car still. Then we have stuff in the apartment that has to go to the storage unit but we need to recycle the stuff in the car first.  We also have a box and a vacuum that has to go to Goodwill.  We can't do 2 of the trips until we do the recycle trip. Once we do all three, we will have some walking room in the apartment. I have a stack of boxes up beside the TV full of packing paper. We need to recycle that paper and the boxes.

After I woke up from my nap I continue to play Solitaire in a half asleep state and watch the local news. I like the local news so I can just learn some local things. Then after that I watched 20 minutes of some show all about the Giants. I decided that was enough and went in to my computer.
I talked Dave into going to Baylands Trail (or Bay Trail) with me to see what it is or how it is to try together.  I was scared to go myself first.  We walked .93 miles then turned around.  But we really didn't do the right loop and we did the entire one portion we were on.  I'm not sure if I'll get used to running not on pavement. But I did see a map and they have a 4.5 mile loop so that might be good.
We picked up dinner on the way home from Slice of Italy.  Dave said he read up on them and people raved about the meatballs. I have been looking for replacement meatballs for Aviva. I miss Aviva.  Well we got it and Dave said it was really good but I didn't like it.  At least we also got Pizza so I ate that.  At the restaurant the large box was labeled "Feeds 3-4" and then really small it said "Maybe 5" Well I ate 3/8 of that pizza myself.   We watched a few episode of Hell's Kitchen.

Then Dave went to bed but I decided to try to do some things on my to-do list since I had only done 6/36 and that's my lowest completion raw number and my lowest % completion so I did not want that.  At least one line item was to blog 2 posts and another was to make collages for 2 dates so I could do those before bed.

August Workout Goals

It's been awhile since I made these and for the past 2 months I've basically been on vacation from working out so I figured I needed them again.

Since I don't have access to the same gym/classes I had before the goals are slightly different. I last made goals in May and I made them 1/3 of the way through the month.  I need to buckle down.
  1. Complete 16 cardio workouts (running, exercise bike, elliptical, or workout video)  
  2. Complete 13 core workouts 
  3. Frequency: Run 12 times. 
  4. Distance: Run 60 total miles  (I should make this goal 75 to help make up for June and July or I'll never make my yearly mileage goal)
  5. Workout with Dave 5 times. 
  6. Lift weights 10 times. (This is about 2 times a week. I used to have Body Pump ~4 and weights o
  7. Exercise 5 times that aren't considered cardio above (mainly thinking about walks here that don't fit in anywhere) 
  8. Have 3 double workout days (morning + evening, lunch + evening, etc) 
  9. Stretch for 10 consecutive minutes 2 times  
  10. Do foam roller exercises 3 times 
  11. Do yoga 1 time.
I have a few other goals that are related to exercise but aren't me working out.
  1. Have a photo shoot to get some athletic pictures for at the top of this post. (I need Dave for this one and it might take all month for me to talk him into it.)
  2. No more than 12 rest days all month (stretching or doing foam roller exercises means it is not a rest day)  
  3. No more than 2 consecutive rest days. 
If you are curious how they compare month to month, you can look at old months or I might post my excel file.  I used to put in parenthesis what the old months goals were and if I met them but that cluttered it all up too much.

Photo Credit: Paul Meyer Photography

Friday, July 27, 2012


I started yet another day at my computer.  I was going to go for a run but my allergies were so bad that I wasn't having a fun time breathing. I was also sneezing and kept rubbing my eyes.
I hung up 2 pictures. I decided not to hang back up all my other pictures. I was short on room but I also thought that I should have new pictures on my walls. I compared it to my cube wall and every time I moved cube walls I put up newer pictures.

I met someone to sell our living room tables.  I had them on Craigslist before we moved but in a couple days nobody was interested in them all so we moved them. The guy took 20 minutes to analyze them. Then he called his wife. She said she trusted his judgement.  After all that I didn't want to deal with that again so I took his lower offer.
Then I went to google to eat lunch with Dave. It was pretty nice. We grabbed pizza first and ate that while in the Chinese food line. Other people did the same thing. The food was good but man was my mouth on fire. Dave was even coughing because it was hot for him.  He said it's not usually that spicy.  We needed something to remove the fire from our mouths so we got more food. We got fries and a hot dog. We split the hot dog.  Then I got a peanut butter and jam brownie bar. It had raspberry jam and was pretty good.  Next we went to some smoothie place and got smoothies.

It was practically 2 when I got home and I figured that was bad news bears for completing everything on my to-do list so I sat at my computer and picked the important one... applying for more jobs.
I did a little more organizing in the bedroom and living room but I also made a mess too.
I had leftovers for dinner but know Dave hates the smell of reheated pasta sauce so I ate before he got home. Then I ate some leftover tuna salad. Then I ate some pretzel crisps with pub cheese. I ate for a solid 2 hours.  No wonder my shorts got tighter.
We carried a few boxes down to storage. There is still a stack of more right in our entry way. We need to carry those down plus a mirror, big picture, and table top.
Dave stayed up late on his computer so I stayed up even though I wanted to go to be. I also stayed up but I decided to work on things on my to-do list. I helped greatly increase my % complete by deciding to be productive at the end of the day.  I updated my calendar site so now everyone can see that I just rotate the same 5 things.
Tank: F21, Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters
I actually wore my gladiator sandals when I was out in public but once we got home I changed into more practical shoes for unpacking.


Tank: Express, Shorts: F21
Dave went into work earlier to use the gym prior to work. He was quicker getting ready and was either quieter or I was more tired because I didn't hear him.  So I got to sleep in until a little after 8. Poly was so cute with me that I grabbed my laptop and used that until she decided to get out of bed at 8:50.  My alarm did go off at 8:30 and Poly lifted up her head trying to determine if it was time to wake up. I petted her to let her know she could go back to sleep and she did.  Oh the life of joblessness.

Once Poly got up so did I. I started being productive right away.  I kept starting things and not finishing them. I felt like I was trying to finish many things on my to-do list and be super productive.  It was a good feeling. I feel like every other day I don't feel like accomplishing anything and on the opposite days I want to be productive. I haven't figured it out yet.  The stairs are closed again so I can't take my quick trips down to storage or to the car. I also have 2 bags of garbage to go down the trash chute but that is blocked off since it is right near the stairs. 
I did many things on my to do list at my computer and cleaned off my desk.  Finally it was lunch time and I got to eat at the table. I snacked at the table too. I did have to get up so the remote could work for each commercial.  I put laundry in.  I had on The Talk and was able to be productive without even realizing it.  The good part about this apartment is also the bad part; if you are in one room you can't hear anything from the other room.  This is good because TV or music in another room doesn't impact you but it is bad because you can't even shout to talk to someone in the other room.  It's nice if I'm unpacking in the living room because I can watch TV and it can go quickly but then when I'm anywhere else in the place, I can't hear the TV.
Before the end of The Talk, I walked over to Sprouts. I thought it'd be like McGuinnis sisters.  Maybe 75% of the store was vegetables.  There was a cheese section.  There were meats at a counter but not what I wanted.  There were some prepacked meats.  There were some aisles of normal stuff but there were equally as many aisles of vitamins.  It was a little weird.  Prices seemed to be good for the vegetables I looked at. I took my daily picture in the parking lot. I had the camera balanced on something first too low to the ground so then I moved to a light base. I put the camera there, set it up, and some guy parked right on the other side and sat his his car. He probably thought I was weird.  It was so bright out so I ended up taking another picture at the walkway in my apartment complex.  I took the elevator up because I thought the stairs were still closed but they seemed to be opened. I didn't take my trips to the car or storage because the guy sitting on the edge of the scaffolding half hanging off just scared me too much so I wanted to stay away from  him. 
I finally went through last LR box. Just going through one box seemed to help out with space in our current living room.  Granted I left a little pile sitting there that I was still determining where it should go.
Since our table was finally up, I could cook food that required a table which meant I could cook.  Well I turned on the oven to preheat and put on the water to boil. I just dropped the meat in a pan to cook and the smoke alarm went off.  That was INTERESTING to say the least.  The oven/stove was brand new so it probably had something to do with that.  I had turned off the gas and the oven. The smoke alarm was still going off. It says "Fire. Fire" every couple seconds. Not only that but I could hear out the window that other smoke alarms were going off too. I'm pretty sure mine started it but with boiling water and preheating the oven, it could have been someone else's that started it.   I opened the door for a couple seconds to get the breeze going to get the smoke alarm to shut up. You can't take batteries out of these apartment smoke detectors.  I'm not sure how long all that took but it was fairly quick. Since it was so loud and annoying and stressful it felt like forever. Then I had to find Poly. I shook her treats and looked everywhere for her. I tried to find her hiding spots but I don't know where they all are here.  I shook her treats for a good 5 minutes before she came out. I was worried she went out the front door in the 5 seconds that it was open. She almost gave me a heart attack.   Even after she got her treat she was still scared and hiding under things.
Then after I held her she went and hid again.  This time her tail was sticking out under the ottoman. I took her picture and when I did the flash went off. She was on to me and repositioned so her tail was no longer sticking out.

I didn't start cooking again until Dave got home.  When he got home, Poly didn't even come out of hiding. Once he got home, I started cooking again and this time the smoke detector did not go off. Dave snacked while I was cooking. Apparently he was starving and can't wait an additional 15 minutes! 
After dinner Dave and I went to the storage unit. We did some digging and I saw a box in the corner. I was looking for box 256. I stuck my arm in to use the camera phone and see if I could make out the number and it was 256! I found my missing jewelry.  We also found a family room box and better organized the unit so it wasn't like a ton of boxes were just thrown on top.

The storage place closes daily at 9pm. We got there at 20 til. At 5 til we still had a million things in the hall outside our unit.  At 8:57 someone came on the loudspeaker telling us we had 3 minutes until it closed.  We actually didn't leave until 9:15. I feel like we still need to go back and reorganize again.  Having 8 dining room chairs in there is a little awkward.