Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:42:33 AM - i'm now 3 cubed. now @mikecherepko can feel young because he's only 1 number older than me.
10:54:55 AM - You want to be 3 cubed? RT @mikecherepko: @smilincolleen it's not working. I don't feel young. My younger sister is the age I want to be!
12:29:36 PM - I went to Zumba today. I hated it.
12:33:12 PM - before zumba I got a compliment on my shoes. after zumba i got 2 compliments on my skirt.
12:39:44 PM - "you are probably just a little bit older than half my age" -- he's write. 2 years older than half his age.
01:04:56 PM - Also Zumba had more people in the class than like ever before. Some of it was easy. some hard. decent workout though.
04:02:18 PM - don't forget to start color rotation tomorrow:
04:31:08 PM - just started an exercise contest with a coworker. who can exercise the longest duration each week. after 10 weeks, most wins = free smoothie
05:26:05 PM - oops time to leave work and my desk is a mess. I mean it's cleaner than normal but a mess
07:21:13 PM - Is this my check engine light?
07:46:26 PM - In different colors? RT @mikecherepko: I own 5 I <3 NY shirts
07:48:25 PM - Ate 3/4 rack of rub and fries for dinner. Then 3 donuts.
08:27:57 PM - Poor kitty RT @_Poly_Kitty: @polahbea came over and half kicked the bag I'm in. He was joking asking if I was in it. But I am.
11:53:57 PM - Do red and brown go together? I've been seeing it, but I don't know.

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Run - September 17

I added a little side street running to increase my normal 2.5 mile loop. I still wanted to do it twice.  My knee started hurting on Ambassador Ct. I think that was around 2.75 miles into the run.  I was very disappointed.

This was one of the few times I didn't get a split right on the mile. I was paying too much attention to all the traffic.

(PS It says 3.08 mi above yet on my screen shot of iMapMyRun it ended with 3.11.)

9.27.10 - Monday

Sunday before bed, Poly looked this cute (it was after midnight so I'm counting it as Monday)

Cardigan: Express
Cami: Express
Pants: Express
Belt: Target
Necklace: I temporarily forget :(  I can't remember if it was Target, Charlotte Russe, or Forever 21. --- I think I got it with Brie....I'm thinking here.  Charlotte Rusee I think. She got jewelry at the same place the same day so maybe she'll update me on this.
Shoes: Famous Footwear

The Cami was a little long. I tried to fold it up so it didn't go so long. I don't think it worked so well.

I felt like my pants were too big all day.  I think it is really hard for me to find pants that are snug enough in the thighs that I don't think they are huge.

If you look at my background in these pictures, you can see that I took my picture in three different locations within my house.  I almost didn't put all three but I liked to show that I was trying out different placing.
At work I literally handled my emails the entire day. i could not keep up. I ended the day with 100 more emails than I had when I left on Friday.

I went to Body Pump. I lifted less than half my weights for squats and no weight and then 1/3 of my weight for lunges.
I got home and we had dinner. After dinner it was time to watch TV. or if you are Poly, it was time to play in and under the bag.
You could barely see her without the flash. I'd look over and the bag would be moved. That is how I figured out she was under it. I thought she was like those people who pretend they are a bush so they can hide and scare or attack you.


Shirt: Express
Skirt: Express
Shoes: Macy's
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

I finally ironed this shirt so I could wear it.  I was unsure if the necklace went.  I've noticed that the shoes sometimes look blue instead of purple and the same thing with the shirt so I thought they would go perfectly together.

I worked, went to Body Pump, worked some more. I went to leave work and realized it was dark. Oops.  Dave wasn't coming home because he was playing poker with my dad and his coworkers so I didn't have to think about others.  So then I got home from work after 8PM.  Poly was so excited to see me that I sat on the floor and petted her for an hour and then I ate dinner.  After that I did Skype with my mom and kept moving the netbook so it showed Poly.

I definitely think I look a lot better in skirts than in most of my pants.

Exciting Day x2

Today is exciting because it's my birthday and because it's the last day before my challenge starts.
Oh and I'm 3 cubed now.

Please join me in this challenge. Details.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter 9.29.10

08:53:50 AM - I wish I brought a coordinating sweater today. I'm freezing.
03:10:06 PM - Why am I tired at work but wide awake at home?
08:10:14 PM - We couldn't find @_Poly_Kitty and it turned out she was sleeping in her canvas bag.
08:14:02 PM - @DaizyCh come visit. She wants so much attention.
08:19:01 PM - Now @_Poly_Kitty keeps tickling my feet when I don't throw the ponytail holder right away.
10:28:13 PM - today's exercise consisted of 14 minutes on the arc trainer and 16 minutes on an elliptical.
10:28:28 PM - today I wore my boots to work and got a compliment on them.

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9.19.10 - Sunday

Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (2007 or so.  The day I thought I discovered the store. I didn't even realize I already owned things from there.  Also the first day in my life when an employee at a store asked if I needed help, I said yes. I asked what they had to match the skirt. I bought 2 things that day. One color she suggested I already bought.)
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft (2008) - First time I wore it with the skirt
Shoes: Famous Footwear (Spring 2009)
These pictures were taken on my good camera. I used my remote. You an see it in my left hand.

We bought food Saturday so Dave asked if we wanted to invite people over. If he asks I definitely have to take him up on it. I almost thought he was sick.  People coming over on Saturday didn't happen. But Sunday my parents came over. We cooked for them. We ate. We watched the Steelers.  Poly discovered canvas bags and how she hides in them.

I already made a post with the muffins we served for an appetizer and then a dessert.  The other food was hot dogs, corn (from corn on the cob but cut off and cooked with diced jalapeƱo peppers, herb potatoes (frozen kind), green beans (canned), pasta with mozzarella and tomatoes (from McGuinnis Sisters).

During the game my mom and I went to Target and Costco. It was so empty, it was great. I guess I would start going shopping during games if I wasn't watching them.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:34:16 AM - Only hit snooze for 50 minutes today.
08:51:30 AM - my allergies are so bad today.
11:00:56 AM - Did something go on there? RT @briecs: I hope everyone is okay at the University of Texas. :(
11:01:14 AM - Stats sound cool. RT @mikecherepko: @SmilinColleen Instead of hitting snooze, get the sleep cycle alarm clock app. It gives you statistics.
12:51:37 PM - Computer won't reboot.
03:27:00 PM - i'm tired. someone told me they liked the shade of green i wore on me. i have on multiple layers because I got cold.
05:16:55 PM - I did yoga. My joints kept cracking. i'm old.
08:11:29 PM - I just had a throw up burp.
11:36:27 PM - scheduled blog posts are awesome. 3 ready to go for the rest of this week.
11:49:02 PM - Poly keeps jumping up with her front paws on my chair and then hitting me. over and over.

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9.23.10 - Basic

Dress: Target (2010)
Shoes: Payless (2005)
Necklace: Sears (2010)

Previously I wore this dress with white shoes. I don't know how well I liked these shoes.  I'm not sure what else to wear.
I think I could also wear this dress throughout the winter with a cardigan.

What didn't work: The lining of the dress would ride up as I walked.  I don't know how to fix this. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
Poly continues to play in her bag
I had a normal busy day at work. It was rest day for exercise.. well it was rest knee day so I rested everything.  I watched a lot of the season premiere's at home. I even stayed up later watching ones that Dave doesn't watch like Private Practice.

A plumber finally called me back so we may get a hose bib (I say may because until he actually shows up I have little faith due to the fertilizer guys not actually showing up.)  Why is it that you want stuff done around your house and you can't even pay people to do it?  You can't even get them to call you back.

The last time I wore this dress was July 6 and I tied the bow on the other side.

Help - Boots

I need some help guys. I don't know what to wear with my new brown boots.
So far all I've done is the same khaki skirt and then different brown shirts.  I was trying to go with a color shirt and just wasn't sure if it went or not. What would you wear? What color skirt? What color shirt? Links to things online would be fine if you have them or know of them.

Pretty much all the clothes I wear can be found on my calendar site scrolling a few months.  Please provide me with some suggestions.  Also, I want to buy a skirt that is a print with brown in it or even a solid brown skirt. I'm 90% sure that would work but I couldn't find brown in the stores. I feel like I wear brown in the fall but then I can't buy brown in the fall. I fell into this problem before when trying to buy brown pants a few years ago.

Update: I know stuff matches based on Stampin' Up colors but they don't have a khaki.  Earth Elements had brown. Now it's Elements but I wouldn't use that... it's all neutrals.  I also thought that a dark blue would go because my parents family room has a brown wall, khaki almost colored carpet, and blue couches. (The shade of blue is almost the same one in the Earth Elements and I have a shirt that color..hmmm. Oh and I wore that with khakis and brown shoes before or I wear it with a khaki skirt.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:17:54 AM - wow all my posts on here made it to my blog. i did 20 yesterday and only 20 will go to my blog.
09:42:54 AM - I get comments when I wear mine. still wear them with pride RT @kendieveryday: I'm wearing red pants today. Let the coworker comments begin!
09:43:42 AM - hahaRT @TENroaches: This is how my pants look every night after brushing my teeth. Pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.
11:31:34 AM - who? send me the link RT @mikecherepko: I just watched my friend from high school vogueing on Youtube.
06:30:47 PM - I'll try to find the official rules. RT @briecs: @SmilinColleen I love the Forgotten Five thing. I am going to see if I can do it too!
09:02:25 PM - I couldn't find poly and then I notice her bag moving across the floor.
10:34:40 PM - I can't help myself but watch more TV.

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9.24.10 - Friday

I wore one of my new necklaces.
Shirt: VS
Pants: New York & Co
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace: Forever 21

I liked the necklaces. I decided I hated my hair. It had too many fly-aways.  As the day went on my hair looked worse. I didn't realize how bad it looked before work until I saw these pictures.
My hair
Don' forget to try my Color Rotation.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

10:47:23 AM - I had to walk. Asthma and side cramp.
11:21:47 AM - I don't know what direction to walk to get to my car.
11:29:28 AM - I'm at market square. I shouldn't be.
11:38:07 AM - I found it but not the right entrance.
11:42:13 AM - @kendieveryday it is rough to try to keep up with all the shows.
01:16:18 PM - Oooh thanks for telling me they are on. RT @mikecherepko: Watching the Steelers with Dylan and @Sean_Lodge. Eat your heart out, @tenroaches
01:18:09 PM - my breathing is still bad even though I took my inhaler (which is why you are supposed to take it 1st). but my body feels like it could run.
01:21:53 PM - Touchdown. Good thing @mikecherepko told me the game was on by tweeting about it.
01:43:44 PM - These black jerseys seem to be screwing the steelers in the heat.
01:46:37 PM - Picked up 24. Impressive. RT @mikecherepko: Steelers should have been playing Charlie Batch all along.
01:54:44 PM - Oh during the race I sent about 6 texts and read about 15.
01:57:50 PM - Omg. Steelers
01:58:57 PM - 35 on that other team assisted our TD
02:19:12 PM - "the old man does it again" - steelers TD pass
02:22:19 PM - @mikecherepko Batch is 4th string?
03:14:15 PM - Keisel. Nice interception and TD
03:16:41 PM - 6'5 285 and 32 yrs old RT @SmilinColleen: Keisel. Nice interception and TD
04:05:48 PM - Our cable went out.
07:02:55 PM - I love @_Poly_Kitty. She sits on my lap. She's the best.
07:03:38 PM - bombed my last race as a 26 year old

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Great Race 2010

I ran the Great Race today. It's a 10k.  It's my second 10 of my life.  The first 10k was last year's Great Race. I don't have a blog post about it last year, but here's the twitter from it. I just dug up old emails to get more details. I left my house at 7:38.  I wanted to leave earlier but I couldn't find my bus pass. The race started at 9:41 last year. I got to the start only shortly before that because I was in line for the shuttle so long. I took pictures last year. I just uploaded them.

I didn't want to get in the same situation as last year so I planned to leave my house at 6:30.  I left at 6:20 instead of the 7:30 that I left last year (mentioned above).  That extra hour helped. I ended up at the race 2.5 hours earlier than last year. I left the parking garage at 7 to walk to the shuttle. I didn't have to wait in line. I might have even had more than 2.5 hours to kill.   Oh I left the parking garage and while looking at a map I walked the wrong way. Then I realized I forgot my shuttle pass, so I had to go back. I got money when I went back too. Too bad I didn't remember my inhaler.
On the shuttle I talked to some lady. She was nice. I don't know her name or her number.

I went to the bathroom in a portapotty today. It was not fun to wait in line.
In line some guy gave me a garbage bag (a new one) to wear as a poncho to keep warm.  I ended up using it later.

Then I wasted time. I found a curb to sit on. I sat there for a long time. A coworker found me and we talked. So that made killing time better. My butt hurt and then got numb from sitting on the cement. When I stood up 20 minutes before the race started, I could barely move my butt.
It got packed within seconds and there wasn't a spot to warm-up. I jogged in place. I stretched.  It got warmer so a few minutes before the race I was able to take my long sleeve shirt off and tie it around my waist.

It took over 4 minutes to cross the start line.
There were entirely too many people. I had to weave the entire run. I thought it would spread out eventually. It didn't. It was the worst. I had to hold back so many times because there was nowhere to go.
I got a side cramp about 1:30 in.
After mile 4, I walked. It was the first race I walked in ever.

Oh 15 minutes in and 30 minutes in, I sent text messages.
My breathing was incredibly bad because I forgot to take my inhaler.  A coworker caught up to me at one point. We talked a little. She noted my awful breathing.

I had a goal time.
I updated that goal time based on things sucking
I hit the 5k point and updated the goal time based on that.
I missed all my goal times.

I had to battle to get a stupid banana after the race. I also had to battle to get water. It's the worst thing ever. Too many people.

People from the gym at work met and we took a group picture. It wasn't on my camera this year but I will post it when I get it.
Me about a half hour after running
I use the stopwatch on my phone. 5:53 in was when I passed Little. 
All my mile splits were awful. 
Last year I took water at every water stop and I did better. Last year I crossed the starting line earlier after the gun so I think I ended up around faster people. 
Here's the official race thing from the Great Race Website. It has my 5k split 2 minutes too fast.  I wonder if they will update that. I'll have to check tomorrow. 

After the group shot, I had to find my way back to the parking garage. Walk back to the garage, I had difficulty walking. It just felt like my shoes were digging into my ankles. They were. When I got home I had bruises and dents.
I found it. That's a different entrance but it worked.  Getting out of the garage took 2 minutes to get my card and money, 1 minute to pay, and 3 minutes to get out of the garage. It was not like last year. Also, it was about a minute before getting onto 279 (or ramp for 579 then 279 or whatever it is). That garage was THE BEST.  If I were to do the great race again, I'd park there, but I'm not doing it again unless they limit the number of participants to 2,000 less than they had this year. 
Side by side with last year so you can see how poorly I ran.

Overall this year the weather was better. Last year it rained. But last year there were a lot more bands and people playing musical instruments on the course. 

Well too bad I had to end my last race as a 26 year old on such a bad note.

Shopping - The Waterfront (9/25/10)

I had to go pickup my race packet and then I was meeting friends for dinner. I didn't get lost so then I had to kill time shopping.
After dinner I also shopped more.  Then during shopping, our power was out at home, so I shopped extra long.

I started off at VS
I used my other birthday coupon. I got more thigh highs (same as the other day so if I get a runner in one i'll have identical ones to swap out
$14 - $10 birthday coupon = $4
Express: Clutch
22.90 but I used my birthday coupon $15 off and it prorated it. so it cost me $18.18  but plus tax = 18.18+1.27 = 19.45

I also bought a sweater just like my red sweater. I realized I never washing the other one yet so I hope it turns out ok.
$49.95 - 10.28 for birthday coupon ration = 39.62.

Then it was time for dinner.
Green belt - AE outfitters
$24.50 (It is 19.50 online today. I'm mad about this.)
I haven't been in this store for years.  They had other cooler belts that were on sale even but of course none of them were in a small. The green belt goes an extra 1/4 around my body. But I figure I can make it work with a ponytail holder or rubber band.

2 belts = Wet Seal. It was the first time I went in Wet Seal since freshman year of college.
$10.50 each.  I don' like so much how the center of it is stretchy instead of the belt looking thing.
I went in more stores but didn't buy anything.

Then I went to Macy's and had to putz around for about 30 minutes to get a makeup person to be free. I wasn't even going to be particular on what brand because it was taking forever.  I ended up with Lancome.
Lipstick: Macy's $22 plus tax = 23.54.  It was my first non drugstore type makeup. My husband wants light pink and every time I buy it, it is a sucky light pink and it just sits in my drawer. I'm still not sure how much I like this. It also isn't the all day wear type. We shall see.

Wearing lipstick (and no other makeup)
I also got Chang's Spicy Chicken and PF Chang's and I got vanilla ice cream with peanut butter sauce at the place where Coldstone used to be.
Total non-food purchases: $132.11

What do you think of my purchases? Did I spend too much on lipstick and the green belt?  I kind of think I did.

Updated with links to the things online.