Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tuesday-Thursday (April 27-29)

Tuesday was the same as always except I decided to go to the track to run so I came home from work.  We made hot dogs.  Then instead of going for a run I spied on the neighbors. There were 4 cop cars next door. I am guessing domestic violence. They have a 4 month old. I didn't get any details. I did 

I had pictures I wanted to crop and get ordered to make sure I can pick them up before the deadline but Dave told me to rearrange my craft room so that's what I started to do.
Before: I'm pretty sure I should clean up before moving things.
Close to After
The mess in the hallway
More Mess
Messy desk that will end a foot to the left.
I didn't finish rearranging.  I typed with the keyboard all tilted like it is above. I also moved the desk a foot to the left with all that junk on it.

Wednesday was the same old stuff at work.  I got McD's on the way home.  I went to the track to run but there was a huge track meet going on so I came back home and ran.
Mars Middle School
I did run about 3 miles at home. I felt like I was going in slow motion. I ran an average of 9:10 per mile so I guess it wasn't slow motion after all.

I didn't watch much TV. I don't really know what I did. I know I spent hours trying to catch up on facebook status updates.  I did very little cropping.   I stayed up too late though.

Thursday was busy at work. I stayed working a little too long. I went to the gym and ran 2 miles on the treadmill. Then I hurried and showered and went to meet JD and Dave for dinner.  JD was 25 minutes late.  I was 2 minutes late but he didn't notice.   Then around 9 we got home and go to watch TV to learn none of it taped again. So Dave had to spend time downloading it and I just played on the computer all night. I didn't even bring home my work laptop today.

Future Plans:
Friday - work, Costco, start SU class planning (need 15 hours total of planning and prepping at a minimum)
Saturday - Lunch with my parents, open house at my dad's work, SU class planning
Sunday - Half marathon, resting
Monday - work, Body Pump, SU class prep
Tuesday - work, run, SU class prep, watch American Idol
Wednesday - work, run, SU class
Thursday - work, Body Pump, run, allergy shot in Monroeville
Friday - work, SU class
Saturday - pack, run
Sunday - Leave for DC
Monday-Thursday - DC tours and vacationing
Friday - drive home
Saturday - leave for San Francisco (7am flight)
Sunday - Tuesday - in SF
Wednesday - fly home (arrive home after midnight into Thursday)
Thursday - work, Body Pump, run, clean
Friday - work, clean
Saturday - 5k, picnic
Also I have to find time to run and exercise while out of town.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pantyhose or not

That is the debate... with myself.
I like pantyhose but then nobody else under 60 wears pantyhose in the summer.  Everyone wears hose in the winter so I fit in.

I have tried to not wear pantyhose a few times and just didn't like it.  I can't really handle the bare foot in my shoe but I think I am getting used to it.

I am disappointed that my toenails are getting worse with how many are getting screwed up. I think it's from all the running.

Does it look worse to not have pantyhose if you are as pale as me?  How about if your legs are scratched up from scratching them and getting scratched?

In April I didn't wear pantyhose twice. All the rest I wore them.  Can you tell which ones are which?

I found a skirt I wore both ways. I wore the black and white shirt with that skirt often but never those shoes so I didn't go back to when I had the same shirt on.

So should I attempt to go without pantyhose and conform and also end up with less trouble with pantyhose or should I be more comfortable and be different than everyone else?  But also pantyhose aren't comfortable at the same time that they are.  The thigh highs I had always got a runner after 1 time of wearing them. I have the constant stress if I'm going to get a runner. The better/older pantyhose I have, I still stress that I'll get a runner and then also sometimes they don't quite get to my crotch right so then I have that awkwardness.

What does everyone else do? - Regular Run: Regular Run on 04/28/2010 - Regular Run: Regular Run on 04/28/2010

Link above or picture below

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo of the day - Craft room

This is only a few months old but I'm using it for my photo of the day because I'm in the process of reorganizing my craft room.  Also since the picture I removed the TV and got a new desk chair.

I am getting rid of the long table you see here and bought a shorter but deeper table.   I'm sliding the bookshelf down and moving the location of the table that comes out connected from the shelf.  I will move the desk you can barely see in the picture more to the left. I will have an L desk to work with and then will have another desk on the other part of the room. I have to move where I have some things on the shelves and move all the piles of junk that are everywhere.  I have a lot of junk in the hallway now.  I took a lot of pictures today and you can see the current progress.

I think I really need to start taking random pictures of the house because it's so odd how things change and you don't realize that you don't have pictures of a certain stage of the process or you don't even have pictures of a certain room.

Monday (April 26)

Monday was the same as lately except I hit snooze for an hour and didn't even realize it. 
I wore some of my new clothes.  The shirt is slightly big in the hips so I have sort of wings.  Lots of my button down shirts are like this.  The sleeves are also too short just like a lot of my shirts.   I decided my next investment needs to be a sewing machine. I'm sick of clothes not fitting. If clothes fit they look so much better. 

How it could look if I altered the shirt

Wings hidden in this picture.
Work was its normal super busy self.
Then I went to Body Pump at 5.  The room for Body Pump was so hot. I never sweated so much in Body Pump in all the times I've gone.  I was as sweaty as I normally am after a run. I lowered weights on Chest and then was able to finish the workout. I use a heavy amount for lunges and it feels great.  Triceps I made it through the entire workout with more weight than most guys in the room. The last few motions were a little slow but I finished them.

I came home and ate dinner (Taco Bell), then ate chip n dip. Then I ate Reese's Puffs.   The longer I ate, the more time I had before getting work done.

Dave bought me the Reese's Puffs since he remembered that I mentioned that I wanted some.

After eating, I showered.
Then I watched TV and didn't do work (oops).
Finally a little after 10 I went to crop some pictures.  I got barely any cropped. I just decided which ones are worthy of printing and then I have to crop and maybe put 2 on a page and then order them.   I uploaded Laura's wedding pictures to her site. It was slowing down my computer and also taking forever so I just went to sleep leaving the computer on to finish the upload.

I can't find my costco coupon but my parents gave me theirs. I thought that I could use my parents and then use mine and pick up my order at different times. Oh well, I'll just have to pick them all up by Saturday.

The Weekend

Saturday and Sunday involved a lot of restaurants.

I started off Saturday being productive by putting in laundry and ironing. I ironed 15 things.  I did 3 loads of laundry.  I wanted to rearrange my craft room but wanted a deeper table so we decided to go to Ikea to get a table and then go to PF Chang's.
At Ikea we felt like we needed a snack and their meatball thing was only a buck so it was cheaper than just a side. Dave ate all his but I only ate the mashed potatoes on mine.

We bought the table and some junk food.

Then we went to PF Chang's.  We had to wait about a half hour.   The waiter scrambled because he was sat 2 tables at one time.  We were done before the other one even though they sat down first.

Then on our way home I wanted ice cream so we went to DQ and got Blizzards because they are buy one get one for 25 cents. I got a Butterfinger Blizzard for the first time ever. I usually get Reese's Peanut butter cup but always hate it because it is too chocolatey.  I loved the Butterfinger one.
It was so late when we got home that I finished eating mine in bed and then went right to sleep.  Talk about eating too close to bedtime.  (I was supposed to cross train and I never did.)

Now Sunday started with me doing stuff on the computer and then I went for a run.  I planned to run 11 miles. The training plan said to do 10 but I did 10 last week.  I figured if I ran at home I would cut my run short so I decided to go to North Park.  I drive there and so don't want to run. I sit in the car listening to the radio for at least 5 minutes.  The entire time I was running, I didn't want to run.   Then my shin started hurting. I debated in my head if i should do my full workout and have a hurt shin or if I should quit after 5 and maybe make my shin not hurt for my race in a week.  I chose the latter. I quit after 5 miles. I didn't do as well as I wanted to.  Also what I wanted to was based on running 11 miles.  Ugh.

Then we decided we needed to go to Target to buy shampoo so why not go to lunch.
We went to the hot dog place. Then we went to the Pretzel factory. Then target. Then we went to Lowe's to buy grass seed.  We bought dirt and I put the bags in the cart and put them in the trunk. Except 1. It was raining and I couldn't get the last bag in the car. I couldn't find Dave. Finally someone asks if I need help. The cart kept moving and the bag was all wet so I couldn't get a good grip.  So some guy helps me put it in the trunk after I was struggling while my husband is sitting in the car.  It was so annoying.

It annoyed me so much that Dave was willing to let me go to Kohl's to buy another cardigan.  They didn't have them though.
I wanted to go to the Kohl's on Rt 8 since they had a lot on Friday.  He was willing but then said we should call my parents to see if we can go there to get my dad's grass seed and maybe go out to dinner.
We met my parents for dinner at Mad Mex and they gave us the grass seed.
Then we went to Bonnie's Place for ice cream and then to my parents and hung out awhile.
We got home so late I was tired but I wanted to crop pictures since I have less than a week to order them with the coupon.   I stayed up until 1 and ordered 154 4x6 photos.  I still have a my March 5k to crop and print and all of April.    I stayed up until 1AM and I wasn't even tired.

So in summary I went to 3 places to get food on Saturday before returning home and went to 4 places on Sunday.  I don't even know how I didn't get fat from all that.  (PS I'm eating Twizzlers right now while I type this.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday - PFP

I woke up early to go to the gym since Thursday turned from a pump + run day to a nothing day.
I was going to run 5 miles.  I got to work shortly after 6:30.
I ran 1 mile and my left knee started bothering me. I decided not to push it and then I went to a 45 minute spin class.   I planned to lift later that day or Saturday (but I never did).

Then I went to my group meeting at 8:30.  I did a bunch of stuff for my PFP. I put all my good job emails that I saved into 1 PDF. I found my feedback form and also a few other things. I realized I forgot my overall summary so I typed the separately and emailed 1 giant PDF to my manager.

I left at 1:30 to drive to Waltz Mill for my PFP.
I had a 90 minute PFP. It actually went very very well.
I learned that my new director likes MBAs so maybe I should try to get WEC to pay for one for me again. Except I kind of decided against it because I want a family soon and think school plus a baby is a bad idea. Plus then I might want to work part time and why bother with all the schooling. But then I also really want to further my education.

After my PFP I met my family at Johnny Carino's for dinner. Since I was there Monday, I decided I could try the all you can eat pasta with salad instead of something with Italian Chili.  I love the Italian Chili but everything is so good there.

After dinner, I went to the mall to look for bone/ivory shoes. I couldn't find any but I did go in all the stores.  I went to DSW after and then Khol's.

I bought 8 things for a total of $84.94.  I got a nice cardigan at Khol's. It is hard for me to find them that fit right.  At Kohl's I spent 24.47 and saved 29.53.

I bought an extra small shirt at Express and 2 size 0 skirts.  I got thigh highs and free panties at VS.  I bought a medium cardigan and 2 large tank tops at Kohl's.  I had quite the size range there.

It was around 10 when I got home.  I was tired. I may or may not have watched a TV show and then it was time for bed.

I shopped around the mall in a skirt and my bunion was bothering me. I did have these little pad things on my foot... not the normal bunion pads, but it still wasn't perfect.  I hate this bunion. I have so many problems.   I need to be careful with the bunion because the half-marathon is soon and I don't want a messed up bunion being the reason I suck.

*edit: added picture of clothes I bought.

Earth Day

Thursday was Take your Kid to Work Day. I had volunteered to help with that. It started at 7:30AM so I didn't have time to go to Body Pump which ends at 7:30. We were told we would get breakfast. We get there and learn it is just for the kids and parents.  Volunteers didn't know what to do. There weren't clear directions given. Then someone goes to lead an activity and does it wrong. I have a lot of post-job brief type criticisms to bring up. All volunteers wore green because of Earth Day.  One of our activities dealt with Recycling for Earth Day.  It was a recycle relay and it was no good. Kids were bored. It was boring to facilitate. Oh well.  The other activity was an egg drop.

I couldn't stay for the results because I was so busy with work. As soon as my part was done, I left.  When I left there were tons of donuts let. I took 2. These donuts were big. It was really hard to finish that 2nd one.   Then it came to lunch time and I didn't eat my lunch.  Then late I ate 1/6 of it.

I got asked to do 3 separate things on Friday night.  I never get asked to do anything.  I couldn't do anything because I had to go to Waltz Mill for my PFP (Partnering for Performance = performance review).

I had a meeting from 4-5.  It was for my new organization. It was the first Issue Review Meeting.  If you remember my graph I posted before of how many IRs I had left to assign and the time.  Well in NPP, I had roughly 80-100 to assign and this new organization had 13.  (It is 2 full working days later and they aren't assigned.)  Someone else is supposed to do it. We missed the deadline on 6 because I trusted she assigned them.  I assigned 3 today so they wouldn't miss our metric but already 6 of 13 are going to miss it for April. That's a bad percentage.

Since the meeting went until 5 I couldn't go to Body Pump.  I was 0 for 2.  I was going to run but decided to make it a rest day.

Wednesday I had asked Haley if she wanted to come over for hot dogs after work since we were roughly leaving at the same time and I know she likes hot dogs.  She asked how about Thursday so that is what we did. Well during the work day she invited Jason.  So it was the 4 of us.   I should have left work earlier to clean up or whatever.

I was cooking when they arrived. Then I forgot about the french fries in the broiler. I always set the timer but forgot.  I realized when the smoke alarm went off.  I have never burnt fries before.  So far I've burnt 2 things ever and both were when Jason and Haley were over.

Jason ate the burnt fries anyway.  Only the ones in the center of the tray were burnt. The other ones were very nice and crispy.  I also made a Spanish rice steamfresh and a mixed vegetable steamfresh.   Haley bought pineapple and cantaloupe on her way to our house and cut that up.    It was nice and quick.  I had to think of quick things since I was going to be at work so late.   I worked until roughly 6:15.  Haley arrived at 6:50.  Jason at 7.  We ate a little bit later.   They left around 8:15 and then it was back to doing work.

Haley said next time she'll bring the meat.

I don't think I've gone to a single friends house for dinner since I started at Westinghouse.  I've gone out to eat with people but not to their house for dinner.   I've had people over a lot for dinner.  Maybe I do something wrong to not get invited there or maybe I rarely get invited but those days that I do, I am unavailable to go. I'm not 100% sure which it is.  I'm pretty sure Dave and I don't get invited.  But that could also be that Dave hates going anywhere and especially now with his awful class, he doesn't have any free time at all.

Before I left work I had worked over 45 hours so far for the week. I definitely worked too much.

Wednesday, April 21

I only wore the blazer as my jacket into work. Then I wore it if I was cold during the day.  I need spring/fall jackets. I've been saying that since I started at Westinghouse.

Wednesday was busy as always. I worked a lot of hours. Did a lot of things.

I ran 3 miles at the track. Dave walked while I ran.

I did work. I stayed up until 1am doing work so I did not end up setting my alarm to go to Body Pump Thursday morning. My notebook is downstairs for how long I worked but I think I had about 10 hours during the workday and then 3 or 4 in the evening.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tuesday - more - Car

I forgot to mention this.  Good thing I take pictures of things or I would totally forget that they happened.

When I got home on Tuesday, I kind of pulled the car up a little too far. Normally I can walk in front of it. Sometimes it is very roomy in front of the car.   Look how far I pulled up on Tuesday.   Note I did not hit anything.

Photo of the day - September 20, 2002

In my room in Barton Hall
On September 20, 2002, Kate, Maggie, and I got our first picture taken together.  I believe Kate's dad came to visit for something and then took our picture.  There were digital shots and also some taken on film cameras.  This was before I started really packing on the freshman 25.

Kate and Maggie were my suite-mates.  My roommate was Jess but we didn't realize socialize with her.

Kate, Maggie, and I stayed friends throughout college and we still email here and there now.

We were all runners. Kate is more of a runner now than she was then. So am I. Maggie was actually on the cross country team so she ran a lot back then.

Look how young we all look. This was taken 10 days before I turned 19.  Maggie was already 19 and Kate only turned 18 3 months earlier.

Kate was my bridesmaid if you remember that photo of the day from the other day.  Maggie was going to be in my wedding party but then said it was too expensive to come down so she didn't.

Tuesday almost a week ago

I'm so behind at this. But a lot happened this week so I want to capture some of it. These posts won't be as long as normal.  I am also behind at reading people's blogs/journals too. 

I wake up really early to go to Body Pump in the morning since my Monday did not allow me to go to Body Pump.   This means that I had to pack my clothes to wear in the morning.  I actually grabbed a 2nd shirt at the last minute and packed 2 pairs of shoes.
I really hate having to pick my clothes out without knowing what they will look like on especially now that it's spring and I'm wearing different clothes than I wore all Winter.   So I pack 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes but only 1 skirt. Well my skirt is too big.  It was hard to capture a picture of it but I did.  I can pinch that much fabric on both sides. The skirt  was so loose that when I walked it looked weird. This skirt fit last year. I haven't worn it in awhile though.

The only good thing from this was that the skirt was lower on my knees than normal. OK I lied. The picture from last year that I just found looks lower. Maybe my hips were bigger back then so it was only loose in the waist.  Below I show the pictures for your comparison. My waist used to be smaller.   Someone at the gym had even commented that my skirt looked big.   People keep thinking clothes being too big is a good thing. It's just as bad as clothes being too small. 
April 2010
July 2009

Oh at Body Pump someone was there that had not been there before. She previously worked at the EC. She was announced to the rest of us as Barb and how she religiously goes to Pump in the mornings.   Well then after class she saw me and told me my weight selection was impressive and deceiving.  Deceiving because I'm so thin. I like her now and I don't even know her. 

I worked 10 hours.  It was the same busy schedule it has been. I was just working a little longer.   I was there so late that I saw the guy driving around on the vacuum.  I snapped a picture since Dave didn't know what I meant.  He steers via steering wheel. It moves pretty fast. I started to get out my camera when he was coming towards me and you see how far away he is in this picture.

Then I had to go run to get my normal Tuesday workout in. I did 3 loops on the loop at work.  I tried to run fast and still didn't do that well. I already made a post about this.

 Then I told Dave I would get him DiBella's on the way home, but I'm so sick of hoagies so I didn't get me anything.  I instead had crackers with cream cheese and then Boston Market macaroni and cheese TV dinner.
Then I had a a snack and kept eating the Twizzlers because I knew as soon as I was done eating, that I had to get out my work.  I think I eventually worked about an hour and a half before I was fully exhausted. I went to sleep "early" for me which was around 11.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo of the Day - 2001

On May 11, 2001, we took track pictures.  The official photographer took our official pictures but, I brought my camera and we took a few group shots.   I scanned this one in.  Most people I don't remember.  They were all in 9th grade and I was in 11th.

Top row: Nikki Jordan, Christina Heck, me, Amanda Moreton
Bottom row: someone, Dana Brutche, Ginny Shields, Christina Balmert, someone, and someone.

I guess I only forget who 3 are. I might have to look some things up.

The corners of the photo are cut because I had it in a frame that didn't have corners.  Too bad we all didn't have and use digital cameras back then. I had one but it was big and I rarely took it places because it was in a case practically bigger than a purse.  Some day I want to go through and scan old photos from my album so I have them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Run Better than Expected

4/21/10 Summary
Today I ran 3 miles on the track and did better than expected. I guess after failing yesterday I deserved it. Oh no my goal is wrong. It should be 9 for all miles and 27 total. oops.  I didn't think I would be close to reaching my reach goal and I beat that.  

I should have ran 1 more lap so I could have gotten a 5k split but I think based on pace it would have been 1:03. That would have been a new best 5k for me I think. I just need to decrease that by another minute in the next month.  After the half maybe I should do intervals or something.   I haven't done intervals in so long. 

Photo of the Day

Since I posted Gram's bridal party photo yesterday I decided to find one of my own for today.  On August 16, 2007, we got married but there weren't any good bridal party pictures. There were maybe 2 pictures and in both Kate had her eyes closed.    But luckily we had another day for the reception.  Above one in which Kate has her eyes opened.  The reception was on August 18, and instead of going to a park for pictures, I changed my mind at the last minute and said to just take them in the backyard.  Too bad in the photo above my full dress isn't in view.  I can't have everything I guess.  I sure hope Kate learned to take pictures w/o closing her eyes for future weddings she might be in.

There were so many good wedding pictures but I specifically wanted a bridal party photo for today.  I have wedding photos in 3 albums on my old picasa.
1. Ceremony
2. More Ceremony
3. Reception

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I failed - April 20 run

I really tried to run "fast" this time and it was slower than 2 times ago when I ran.

I should have updated my Reach goal better but I didn't think it through. I wanted 9:00 min mile pace for loop 1 and figured I wouldn't get 9 again so 9:10 for the next 2... Maybe next time.

Total distance 5:3 mi
1st 1.6 miles I had a 9:11 mile pace.  That was pretty close to my goal.
2nd 1.6 I had 9:25 mile pace. This was worse than I wanted but at least better than last time by a decent amount.
3rd. 1.6 miles was 9:24 mile pace... it was very close to loop but I beat loop 2.  This made me happy  to have my third loop better than 2nd.  I still need to get all 3 loops consistent and get all of them faster.

If I could keep this "pace" I would finish the half in about 2 hours and 2 minutes.  But as you can see, I get worse so who knows.  I really want to beat 2 hours.

I got home and hurt my knee. It hurts to walk. I hurt it trying to carry all my bags from the house to the car.

I hope my knee is better tomorrow. It was my left knee that hurt. I'm not running in the morning to give it more rest time.  I really thought of running at the track today so maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

I wish someone would tape me and critique my form, let me run a few times, and then tape me again.  Or even just doing the critiquing my form part.

Less than 2 weeks until the race.

I will post about the rest of my day soon.

Photo of the Day

Gram and Gedo got married June 25, 1949.  I scanned in this picture recently. An original is hanging on my wall.  From left to right it is Greg Liprando (friend of the groom), Aunt Helen (sister of the groom I think), Uncle Mike Mazock, Aunt Annie Mazock (Sister of the Groom), Uncle Henry Calisti (Brother of the bride), Mary Jane (friend of the bride), Gedo, Gram.   I didn't know who they all were. I called my Gram to find out this past weekend.

This makes me wish I got a better "wedding party" picture but my wedding party was much smaller.

Wall of my craft room.
It appears my bottom row is wedding pictures and my top row is Christmas.  I need more variety.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Photo - My photo of the day

Export Cemetery 2003
On May 17, 2003, Evie visited to plant flowers at the gravestones of her relatives.  She comes once a year with her son on roughly the same weekend.  She drives in from Ohio for the day. She eats at Dick's Diner, goes to the cemetery to take care of 11 graves, and then the family goes to Bella Luna.

Back in 2003, my gram was still able to go.  Evie and Gram argue and try to boss each other around.  They have been friends since they were kids.  In the picture above Gram was shaking her cane at Evie because Evie wouldn't do what she wanted her to do.  It is a great shot.   To this day, Gram still goes to Bella Luna after, along with a lot of the family, and we bring up this picture.

I added another picture for fun.  Here we were leaving Bella Luna on May 16, 2009.  The actual conversation that was going on in the picture above was Gram telling Evie how pretty her coffin is that she picked out. Then I think Evie said she wants to be dumped in Lake Erie.  I switched the camera over to video but it was too hard to pick up and they changed topics.  (Gram hates when I take pictures of her with her mouth open.)

Old pictures are way more fun for my random photos of the day but eventually the photos I take now will be old and then I will like them more.

Awful Monday

I woke up today and such a hard time actually waking up. I kept hitting snooze. I slept way later than I wanted to.  Then I couldn't pick out my clothes. At least my gym bag was ready already.

I didn't have things for my lunch since I forgot my leftovers yesterday.  I took my 2 leftover donuts and a banana in for my lunch.

I was busy all morning with work.   Liza IMed me asking if I wanted to run at lunch. I did pack 2 sets of workout clothes in case something like this came up. Also the plan was to do Body Pump after work so Lunch was the only time left.  But working out at lunch meant I had to get a lot more done a lot quicker.

I ran at lunch. My shins hurt on the treadmill.  I left my cube at 11:28.  I started running at 11:40.  I ran .5 miles at 7.4 mph (4:25 because it takes awhile to speed up).  Then I stretched.
Next I ran 2.0 miles at 7.5 mph (8:17). I stopped to stretch my calves again.
Then I did intervals.  7.0 mph for 2 min, 7.7 mph for 1. 7.0 for 2, 7.7 for 1, 6.5 for 2, 8.0 for 1, 6.5 for 1.  That's 10 minutes and 1.16 miles.  Intervals that I manually changed kept time passing a lot better. I need to keep it up longer I think.
So that's a total of 2.66 miles in 22:42.

Then I went and used the elliptical. I was going to do 20 minutes but did 18 minutes.
I showered and got upstairs.
I was checking my email and getting my ducks in a row for my afternoon.   I had work to do, meeting 2-3, meeting 3-4, presentation to give 4:30-4:40, and Body Pump 5-6 (which I had to get there to change at about 4:45).   It all seemed like it would work perfectly.

Then at 1:05, I discover the meeting is not in the building I was in or even in Cranberry but was at the Energy Center.  I try to call the guy in charge to see if I can present via phone. There is no answer. I tell a coworker of my woes. I get my 2:00 meeting moved to "now" but with no prep.   We meet for an hour starting at 1:11.
I then rush back to the gym to get my clothes. They were in a locker so my ones from running could hang and plus I was going to body pump.

I run back upstairs and pack up and leave.  I eat my banana on the way to the car.
I drive to the EC. While driving, I call Dave to see if he can find me an empty cube with a phone.  He says he'll call me back.  He did.
I get there and go to his cube and then go to a cube 2 down. It was someone's cube but they weren't in.
I was 3 minutes late calling in to the meeting. Then I still had to boot up my computer and get on netmeeting. I got my badge clip caught on the table and broke. It shot pieces all over the cube. A big piece of green plastic is still somewhere in that cube.

That meeting ended at 4:10.  The first 10 minutes of it, I was still stressed and missed a lot of key parts.
Then i checked a few things and shut down my laptop only to realize I should have printed copies of my slides. I had Dave pull them from the public drive and print them for me. That took forever.  I rushed over to the meeting room.

On my way down the elevator some guy who i don't know noted that the other guy is making him look bad by going to the gym and i'm not going to the gym too am I.  Then I tell him no because of my presentation and was supposed to but then the presentation was here.  We talk in the elevator and the entire way to the cafeteria.   Then I get to my meeting at 4:24  but they were talking secret stuff so i couldn't go in early. Finally I could go in. The director in charge was waiting for some other people to join so then I finally reviewed my slides that I created Sunday night at 1am. it was 4:29...I had until 4:30 until it started.
Then my 10 minute presentation that I was trying to keep at 5 minutes lasted a full 30 minutes because they keep beating up the messenger or shooting the messenger depending on how you want to say it

Oh  shortly before 1 I got an email asking when to meet about discussing our answers for the WIN scholarship judging........oops. I didn't start my judging yet. I held off that meeting until Wednesday so hopefully I can get it done. 
And I realize I didn't have on Take Your Kid to Work Day on my calendar....... or the pep the afternoon before. I also didn't know the duration or start time of either thing.

What a day.

After work I went to Johnny Carino's. I got a Turkey and Bacon Panini and Italian Chili.    That was at least good.

I get home and curl up under an afghan. It is almost 8 by this point.  The TV* won't work so while Dave fixes it. I figure why not start my blog posts, so I did.   Now it is 10:16 and I'm about finishing up.  We watched Flash Forward and Fringe. Both are over and I'm ending this post.  I should go to sleep now since I'm heading to body pump for 6:30 AM.

*By TV I mean the recorded TV shows on the computer.  Something was wrong and uses all the processor on shady or something like that. Luckily Dave figured it out and fixed it. 

Other Sunday Details

I woke up and played on the computer. I wanted to crop pictures but I didn't get to that.  I get a call from Liza about directions to North Park and then she tells me she's bringing 2 friends.  This really stressed me out.  I figured I'd be the odd man out.  I was super stressed. Dave kept making me more worried about it telling me they would all be faster than me and I wouldn't be able to keep up.

I got to leave at 11 to get there at 11:30 and it is raining.  What luck. I don't have rain gear.  I also can't find my one glove good for the iphone so I can do splits. I found 0 right gloves and I use the phone in my right hand. I found 2 of those left gloves though.

I got there at 11:25.  Liza got there at 11:35 and that was actually perfect because 10 seconds earlier it stopped raining.

The plan was 10 miles.  That's 2 laps.  After we started at about mile 1 I thought for sure I wouldn't keep up. At 2 I figured there was no way.  Then I sucked it up more, but all of 3 and 4 I figured I would just last until 5 miles and then not be able to keep up with everyone.

At 5 I thought maybe I'll stick it out until 6.  At 6 I thought maybe 7.  At 7 we decided that at mile 9 we would slow down so I figured I didn't have that much more to go. Then we said at 10 we'd speed up again though.

I stayed with them the entire way. I totally impressed myself. I never thought I'd run 10 miles in 90:01... never in a million years.  After I got home I realized it was 10.16 not 10 so I even did better than a 9 min mile pace.

The weather was only 39 degrees so it was good for running.  My face didn't turn that red.

Before I even left the park I sent text messages to what runner friends I could think of to brag about my time.
30 min after run
I got home and emailed other friends about my good time. Too bad more people don't care.   Now I have so much more confidence about this half marathon in less than 2 weeks. My Thursday mile pace was 10:03 so I was getting all depressed about being slow.

My blister foot hurt while running. The skin is weird. The blister is from my orthotic hitting it weird while running.

My toes are so ugly... I painted them so you can't see the discolored nail but you can still tell that the left big toe doesn't grow past half way.  You can almost even tell in this picture that that nail is 4 layers thick.  I'm pretty sure 3 other nails aren't growing anymore either.  My right big toe nail broke and is growing under the nail there.
Also look at that bunion.
Running is ruining my feet.  Dress shoes are also ruining my feet.

I spent time actually typing in my splits. I didn't hit split every time the first few miles because I tried to talk and not seem like a huge numbers person. Then they even commented that I'm really into times so I figured I might as well go all out.

I iced my shins. I did my theraband exercises for my shins.  I iced my hip.

I showered, got dressed quickly, and then it was time to head to dinner for my mom's birthday.  We went to the Hofbrauhaus. It was the first time we were there.  I got smoked porkchops.

I left my leftovers on the table. That made me so mad.
Then we get to the parking garage and Dave's wallet ruined the parking garage ticket. The magnetic strip wouldn't work.  So we ended up having to pay the lost ticket fee of $15.  Signs there said the max on Sunday is $3. Sucks.  Dinner was expensive too.

I got home and we might have watched TV. I made my blog post, then I did work.   I did work until 1:15 am for all this stuff that was to be done for work.  I did not get as much done as I wanted.  Programs were slow so I gave up doing some things.   Since I was up so late, I gave up going to spinning in the morning but I was for sure going to wake up "early" to get to work to get the rest of my work done.

Sunday, April 18, 2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 04/19/2010 - General Road Cycling: General Road Cycling on 04/19/2010

I learned the shortcut is actually a long cut. Guess I did over 10 miles today.

The top link showed cycling... i updated it since to show Running.  and to update the date.   The picture shows the map.

I will make a better post about all these details later but here are my times... at the time I made the file I thought it was 5 miles not 5.08 so I ran even better.

Skipped workout Saturday

Saturday I just had to do some cross training per the training plan. The day started with me catching up on some stuff on the computer.  I knew I had to exercise at some point. I knew I'd be hanging out with Haley at some point.  She said she would call but I like to be ready if someone calls.

Around 10, I start talking to Dave about losing weight and exercising.  Then that conversation ended with us heading to McD's for breakfast.

I couldn't find my jeans so I wore khakis.  I wore khakis I hadn't worn since early 2006. They got too tight in the waist and thighs in 2006. They were a little tight but I wore them anyway.

I only got a hash brown because I don't like their breakfast there. Dave got 2 sausage mcmuffins and a hash brown.  We went through the drive-through because he didn't want to eat in.  I talked him into taking me to Famous Footwear. I bought brown shoes and white shoes. They were buy one get one half off.  The entire store only had 1 pair of white dress shoes that weren't sandals or peep toe.
I picked and awful background.

I never bought a white strap in the back but I didn't have another choice.  I have a pair of white shoes now but they are all scuffed up and then I have the wedding white ones but they are a little too tight. I have been wanting new white shoes since last year.

I have been wanting brown dress shoes for the past few months.  Now all I need are nude/bone colored shoes. I currently have 2 pairs. 2" and 3.5" heels but they are clearly and older style.

I started cropping pictures but I only go through 2 dates worth in January. I didn't get that far. I really want to order pictures though.  The Costco coupon goes until May 1 (or May 2). 9 cents instead of 13 cents for 4x6 prints.  That is a great deal. I have a lot to order.

Haley called and we tried out a new restaurant.  Frescos in Wexford.   Don't ever go there. It was awful.  It make Haley sick.  Dave's pasta was definitely microwaved.  My steak was "medium-well" and squirted blood when I tried to cut it.  Jason's "well-done" steak also squirted blood.

We went to Dunkin Donuts after and they only had like 4 choices. It was the worst selection ever.
Then Dave and I went to McD's so he could get a really dinner. I ended up getting fries.

Haley and Jason came over after. Jason and Dave played some Mario game on Wii for awhile.

Dave and I started a movie. I fell asleep. I always fall asleep.    Dave said the movie was still confusing and made no sense or at least that's what I think he said when he woke me up to go upstairs.

Well by that time it was late and of course I wasn't getting my workout in.  I hate skipping workouts. I really hate when it's 2 days in a row.