Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i'm mad. i just calculated my money situation and come march 28 i will be 600 bucks or more short for my bills and this is w/ only paying the min payment on amex cuz i have free interest. also with me workign 40 hours each of the following 2 weeks at chesterfields (that own't happen) .  and payday for those 2 weeks will be march 27 and usually bills should be mailed prior to that cuz they cash them before the 28th. so basically i'm screwed. barb won't let me serve because she says i won't be there long enough. she's crazy. if she even hires anyone knew. i know of 2 other banquet servers who want to be promoted though. but i have actually waitressed before just not with this menu. i could make half a weeks work or more in 1 night in tips. plus if i could just waitress a little even if it was after the payperiod ends i get it right then and i could deposit it in the bank the next day. goosey does owe me $259.15 too. O BOY i just relaized i didnt' account for the $180 gas/electric bill from school.  That is due aroudn the 15th.  grrrrrrr for not getting out of my lease. i've paid 3000 bucks counting rent and gas electric and i still have more gas electric left. 1000 of that is deposit/last months' rent and he's just using deposit to pay the enxt to last month's rent so it's all taken care of already.  right about now foul language would be pouring out if i used it.

my jaw is all sore. this post and the previos math calculations have caused me to grind my teeth.

when i was last at school and there were a bunch of us that went otu to dinner i thought of buyign everyone that helped me move dinner but knew i didnt have money at the time. i'm so glad i didn't do it now. i thought i would have started work by now.

also if i start at westinghouse the pay day is the last of the month.  which is past when all my bills are due.

discover due 3/16, amex 3/19, car insurance and car payment 3/28. also i think about 4/2 i will have a cell bill to pay.  and that gas/electric is due somewhere aroudn when discover is due

**i can't think of the proper mood to describe me now

work tonight

chesterfields is up to their old crap again and i got there and they didn't need me. they had called someone else in. they called off jenn. but i was working for jenn and they forgot.  i was also on their schedule for 11 today . i was never informed of this. i'm also on for 11 tomorrow. i didn't know this. i only learned this when barb  asked me if i could come in early. i said "i'm not scheduled" then she said "it has you on it right here" and showed me and that's where i learned i was on today at 11 too. so now i'm going in at 9 tomorrow and working until 2.  i also asked her about waitressing and she said i wont be there long enough. grrr.


i went and got munchkins. i kept track of how many I ate and counted the rest. I got 51 instead of 50. But then I threw away the paper w/ my tallies. I forget if i ate 18 or 19 or 5 more. but either way i ate way too many.  i could count how many r left in the box but i dont feel like it I just know they were so good and I ate too many.

These would not be part of Felicia's diet.


I finished reading Peyton Place. I read 83 pages today to finish it.

Monday, February 27, 2006


i should probably tell the psych professor about this or delete it. apparently it's a pretty high up search on google.  Shreve searched for "arthur shawcross" "personality traits" and informed me of it. I checked. it's 5th on the google list.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


guy who asked me out was nto at work today. he was scheduled. hsi name is chuck. i learned he also asked out jenn who is a minor and she just started thursday.


today they did this weird communion thing where they bring it to u. but i did it. it's the first time ever i remember doing communion. i might have done it when i was younger and forget but i dunno.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


around 9:37 I went upstairs to take a bath. I probably came back downstairs around 10:10. Then around 11:47 when I talk to my dad about going to church tomorrow he tells me i'll have to take a shower before then. We even spent forever talking about hwo i was going to take a bath to soak. he forgot though.


today i worked from 9:24-6:23. I would have been there sooner if the parents didn't wake up then ask me three million questions.

my first task was to pop about 100 balloons. i did it the way where it doesn't make a pop sound and i puncture it near the knot. Then i had to set up a room for a buffet. then those buffet people didnt' show for awhile so i sorted laundry then polished some buffet stuff.  the funeral party people showed up 2 hours late so when they left it was INSANE to turn the room over for dinner. the dish room held us up. then once it hit 4:30 i kept being told after i finished this oen thing I could leave. well i wouldl be interrupted when i was 9/10 done and be told to do something else and when that was done i could leave... repeat. then finally at 6:23 i was told to leave.

So i've worked about 17.5 hours in 2 days.

my foot is swollen and hurts a lot.
man guy who asked me out said today "u mean you STILL have a boyfried?!"

Friday, February 24, 2006


i dont have to work until 4 on Sunday because I"m going ot church. or  well john said "since you go to church you can't work until the afternoon right? " or something like that and then he asked again so now i'm going to church.

o and i just got up and walked halfway to the stairs and forgot ot post this so i had to walk back. that may not seem like a hard task but i'm so stiff and sore that i could barely walk. it took about 2 minutes i'd say for the round trip. it should take about 15 seconds.


i forgot to write about vinny. he asked me out years ago. he still works there. when i was 18 he was 34. he didn't comment on his prior crush or anything. but he was glad to see me. 

dave r was surprised to see me. he started workign there when chesterfields opened so he's been there awhile. he said he was looking in the obituaries to hear about me.

ok here goes

I started at 4.
I really didnt' get punched in until 4:15 because of putting me in the system and stuff.
There was much to be done for this big Mardi Gras thing. After less than an hour my body was sore.

I was done at 12:36 only because I have to be there at 9am.  I haven't worked this late since last time I worked at chesterfields.

I asked John about serving and he said it only depended on how long I would be staying there. I told him about waiting to here from Westinghouse and then I won't be able to work during the week.

John (manager that I knew from before) said "don't let me leave without giving you a copy of our new menu" but i let him leave w/o doing it because i dont have time to look at one tonight anyway.

I really need to polish up my booze knowledge. Different people kept asking me how old I was. All that asked me were younger but one had a kid so i guess it's not that bad.

Barb got drunk.

I made $4.50 in tips from serving drinks. but one couple left w/o paying their 15.50 tab. Luckily John knew who they were so he's taking care of it then calling them tomorrow. But it means I missed out on getting a tip from them.

John kept trying to tell me it was like riding a bike. it being anything he asked me to do at any particular time.

I forget almost everyone's name except the other manager's name is Rusty. The one girl that started last February is too high and mighty and thinks she's all that.  I really should have quit telling people I used to work there before. I want to get out of doing stuff by pretending I don't know how.  Instead I train people how to do things and they started before tonight. How ironic. Some thigns have changed. Now for lunch and dinner they set 2 forks. A lot of their shelves have been cleaned out or new ones installed where old ones were broken. THere are probably only 20 coke glasses instead of 100. Now they mainly use water glasses.

I did get to eat today. I stole some cheese and crackers. I ate less than everyone else. I asked someone and she said they still yell when they see people eating.
i got asked out. he asked me to go drinking w/ him and his buddy or something. i forget his name but he graduated from Norwin June 2005.


i got my paychecks. they used to old 37 cent stamp but i got it anyway. i had to make phone calls to let them know not to cancel these checks.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

go me

i just lifted some weights. i did crunches and pushups too. then i took pictures of my muscles. we will have to comapre them to my old icon later
I think the pictures might have turned out better of my right arm this time which is always bigger. We will see. I wait a few days until I upload pictures because my card read is on it's last legs.


my weight graph has been updated. Note the style of the Weekly Graph. I like the dates written vertically. I will change that for the daily one. I'm not sure about the vertical lines. It's just too hard to see my weight for a certain date.
Here is a new one for the daily one. It's still not like the weekly one. So there are a few options to compare. I hope people tell me what they think.

Peyton Place

Peyton Place is one good book. I've read all day except when i watched my hour soap, took my shower, ate, and took my two hour nap. i also read while I ate breakfast though.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i'm kind of depressed. my mom has driven me crazy today. she has gotten so excited and keeps blabbing about things. she's gotten happy. i can't stand it. she thinks i dont know what i'm doing. she's insane. i was happier before. now she thinks i will have money*  she is insane. i probably wont even get a paycheck for 4 weekends (3 and a half weeks) because that is probably how the payperiod will end up.

* i went back ot work at chesterfields to cure boredom and have some money but mailnly to get my mom off my back.


i don't understand how they can show Darlene announcing her pregnancy that happened in Disney world then show the Disney world Episodes. here
it shows that they are in the correct number order.


i just did a sudoku puzzle. i haven't done them in so long i've lost my touch. i'm not as quick as i used to be.


pizza hut is reissuing my checks that got lost in the mail. i'm very disappointed i never got to see the card everyone at work signed for me though.  she said the office is slow so give it a week and a half before i start calling Laura to bug her about the checks.

I find it funny I started using tags but I still dont put a mood down most of the time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


the back of my knee was fine a few hours ago. now there is this bruise on it. it feels huge but it doesnt look that big. it's hard to see it becuase of the lack fo full length mirrors in the basement. i had to take pictures of it then look at those. but it is really swollen. i wonder what happened. Luckily timmy isn't here or he'd be pushing on it and it'd never go away. It just started hurting though. i dont know what i did. it touches when i sit on the bar stools when i'm scrapbooking. i seemed to be hitting the spot when i'd back up and hit the stool when i was standing. maybe it will be bigger tomorrow. maybe the swelling will go down.

i feel like this almost. i say almost because i was starting to feel better in this picture. notice the smile.

go me

i just did 9 scrapbook pages (except i'm missing 2 titles but i have yet to come up with good ones and of course i'm missing the journaling).

so now that makes 41 pages of 12x12 and 1 page of 8x8 done for January 2006. I know i have 2 pages to do that i dont have the pictures from jan 19 and jan 22. Then I have the pictures of Felicia's house on Jan 29.  Then I'm done with January.

a question

who can tell me how to set LJ memories?


I brought some old icons back, because Dave got me a paid account for Valentine's Day solely for the icon use.

I've tried to use the pictures but my gallery on akwire is so much better. http://pics.livejournal.com/smilincolleen I haven't added much yet. It is slow and it wasn't letting me click on more than one picture at a time to upload.


PB told me my shirt made me look gutty yesterday.

See I dont think the shirt makes me look gutty. I think I am just gutty.

o and I added a new album with new scrapbooking supplies.

I need more friends with photo galleries. well i need the ones that have galleries now to actually upload new pictures to them. once every 6 months doesn't count.


K-mart this time.  I bought pb 2 hoodies. one green and one gray with a lining. 6 and 7 bucks, respectively, i bought him 2 long sleeve shirts like the orange one i got him yesterday, one is blue and one is red , 4 bucks each. i got him a t shirt that is probably too short but it was only a buck. i got him blue athletic pants for 5 bucks. i got my dad a dark gray long sleeve shirt for 4 bucks. he asked yesterday y we didnt get him any so i got him one today.  total = 31 bucks. that lined hoodie was so heavy i was dying walking around the place.

monroeville k-mart has way more big sizes on sale. they have at least 3x the racks as the North Versailles one. They had S, M, L on sale for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bucks so it's a good deal all around.

update: i calculated and it would have cost 114.93 regular price and these regular prices were even good deals.

last night

me: you're shirt's on inside out.
dad: it is? no wonder the hole is on the wrong side.

i laughed so hard

Monday, February 20, 2006


jackie is addicted to the internet in this episode.

Valentine's Day pictures

check out this gallery and note pb's face before the present and then when he sees the present.


today i bought 4 articles of clothing. a skirt for 3.50, a matchign shirt for 3.50, a sweater/scarf/hat/mittens combo for 5, and a hooded sweater for 3.50. not on sale i would have spent 140 (sweater set 40, sweater 30, and i'm not sure if the skirt was 36 or 34 but the matching shirt was whatever the skirt wasn't. mommy yelled at me when i showed her what i bought. good thing i didn't tell her about the shoes i bought for 13.45. I forget if the original price was 60 or 50.  Oh and I got 15% off of all of this because of using the Kohl's charge card.  so did i get some good deals?


so Jo-Ann Fabrics in Monroeville is out of the page refills I need. I bought the last one at the other Jo-Ann Fabrics. Brand silliness.  At least i got to use my 50% off coupon on a $20 item. I looked for the most expensive thing that I usually look at and got it.


the shirt i'm wearing now i remember wearing in 10th grade. the shirt wasn't new then either. i think i got it near the end of winter in 9th grade. that's 1999. this is probably why i have so many clothes.  nowadays they make hiphuggers instead of pants at your waist so now my midriff shows.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Did I mention I called Pizza Hut and told them I haven't gotten the checks that were mailed Monday. Then I asked about reissuing them. She said give it until Tuesday (no mail Monday) then give her a call and let her know if I didn't get it and then Pizza Hut will reissue the checks.

(i did 40 pushups today and 200 crunches)


i wonder if they still sell a sunday paper tomorrow. i want to get another set of Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics coupons.


our internet is awful. i haven't been able to get on since last night. everyone else was able to but theirs would disconnect shortly after. i'm the only one on wireless. we changed the router settings a few times.

I'm reading peyton place now. i'm not very far. i can't read this book as fast.

i have a sinus headache this morning. i also had a headache a little last night. it is no fun

Friday, February 17, 2006


i started and finished a book yesterday. Daddy's Little Girl. I dont think it was as good as the last one i read by Mary Higgins Clark but it was still pretty good. 291 pages.


i'm mad. ftp wont work. i dont know why. i tried a few things to debug it. it just makes me angry. in the process of trying something i deleted the file that was already uploaded. now when you click on the link it's a 1 page blank word document. i just dont understand.

i'm working on this page. timmy said they learned about shawcross today so i decided to try to make this look good. I wanted to get out all the last names of my group members in the papers but i'm failing miserably. I think one of the papers is fixed. Gein doesn't work at all.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

weights 'n 'at

the more i lift the worse i am. well i lift almost every other day and i used to be able to do 3 sets of 10 w/ 15 lb weights and now i can't even get past 5 on the first set. last week i could do 8. what is going on here?

i can do more pushups than before. i never do more than 10 at a time unless i do the cheating knee ones. i am also better at doing more crunches before feeling it. i dont like that, though, becuase i have to keep doing more.

i've been wanting a ceaser salad since i was at Giant Eagle tonight, but I dont like ceaser dressing or croutons. the only ingredients to a ceaser salad is the romaine lettuce, cheese, dressing, and croutons. maybe i want to start liking it. i do not know. 

i have so much reading to do now I dont seem to be reading at all.

Today at the meat market some lady came up to my mom and asked her how she's doing and then later my mom asked me if i had any idea who that lady was. Neither of us did.

Please note I need a better picture of my muscles but it's really hard to take one of myself I learned. This picture was taken October 19, 2005. That is my left arm. It was smaller back then. Nowadays it can handle more than my right arm. Note first paragraph to note that it's not that my left arm is getting way better it's that my right arm is getting worse. i want to join a real gym but i dont have the money and then at westinghouse they have a gym on site and it's pretty cheap so i'd want to wait.
i have way too much fun with this
  I've made a few others too. This is my first one that shares another person.

update: apparently i forgot about one i had in black and white with me and pb. so this makes the 2nd one that is with another person.

compare Novembers

2002: 2003 2004 2005


i got donuts today then i bought dunkin' sticks tonight. i think i'm sick of donuts and sweets. but i didnt finish eating all of what i bought yet.

i think i'm too bored.

new icon page

one more

I'm making a webpage that shows all the pictures.

today's walk

today we had to do a quick walk because of WoW so it was only going ot be 5 min or so. i wore my hoodie. halfway through the walk i told dave the only reason i was wearing it was becuase my shirt and pants didnt' reach. then i took it off and walked with him. about a min later when we were walking back up this car full of teenagers (3 guys and 1 girl) were all looking at me. i decided to look off to the side of the road but those 2 in the back seat definitely turned their heads fully to look at me.  then dave asked if i was making and LJ post about it so now i am. i love this weather. right as the car was coming down the hill i was looking at dave and he looked so cute i locked my arm in his and walked with him. that's waht i was doing when those teenagers saw me.

the full story

SmilinColleen: i just vacuumed the whole upstairs
SmilinColleen: i went up to get my book
SmilinColleen: then i thought man i just clenaed my room i'll vacuum it. so i went down got the vacuum then went back up
SmilinColleen: then i did my room and thought how nice it was
SmilinColleen: so then i did mommy's room
SmilinColleen: and then the hallway looked bad
SmilinColleen: so i did timmy's room since it's only a few sq feet and did teh hallway. then i thought  can't leave mikey's room out
SmilinColleen: so i did that
SmilinColleen: then i thought  well i gotta take this back downstiars so i might as well do the steps
SmilinColleen: then i put it away
Polah Bea: ur crazy like al kayne
SmilinColleen:  well i did the steps but then i had to go back up to unplug it
SmilinColleen: so i did
SmilinColleen: and then i came back down
SmilinColleen: and put it away
SmilinColleen: then i came down here
SmilinColleen: realizing as i opened the basement door i forgot my book
SmilinColleen: so i came down to tell u
SmilinColleen: now it's time to go back up
SmilinColleen: o when i was doing timmy's room the doorbell rang
SmilinColleen: so i ran and checked
SmilinColleen: ups
SmilinColleen: so then i ran down to see what it was
SmilinColleen: then i showed mommmy
SmilinColleen: and then i went back upstiars

I told mommy the story she laughed.  I finally got my book 2 minutes ago.


it's too hot in this house. well i wasn't hot before i vacuumed the whole upstairs. well timmy's room only got about 1/20 of the acutal carpet done because he has too much junk all over the place. i even did the stairs. now i'm dying. i'm also starving.


Sheila told me she mailed my checks. She told me at 4AM monday morning. That would mean she mailed them sometime before that. I still have not gotten them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i love it

except it's not as noticable small. so maybe i wont make it a permanent icon.

Notice my eyes
  (oi i uploaded this to the icons folder. tsk tsk. i dont feel like redoing it.


OI I think this was teh first icon I ever made for real. It was either in 1999 or 2000. I might be able to find the original to get the exact date. It's not even perfectly square.

Who knows who this is?

4 more

here are 2 I always wanted to use as icons but I could never bare to get rid of any of the ones i had. I just resized them now to the correct dimensions.

In september of freshman year i found that elephant and drew it and colored it and hung it on my wall. I called it my happy little elephant.  My roommate thought i was insane.

these next 2 were my old buddy icons and possibly on LJ but i forget


look waht I found in one of my folders. it was a pop up that I got on August 18 before the election

I only saved it because look how nice they make Bush look and then look how scary Kerry looks.

one more

I keep finding more, but I think you might not go back and look at the old post. Well now you don't have to. I will post new icons as their own post.

http://colleen.akwire.net/oldicons/ and there's the link where I am uploading them.

for callie

well i thought of it becasue she missed my old icons.

You can tell which ones were last saved as a buddy icon. They are smaller.


I want sugar. I want Dunkin Donuts glazed chocolate and marble frosted. I want some type of donut. Isaly's would also be good. There are no sweets in this house. I had to settle with maple and brown sugar oatmeal a little bit ago.

sad face

now i have an icon to use when i am not happy. russ pointed this out.

I used to have the smile as my original smilincolleen buddy icon. then i made it a frown with just a line for frownincolleen sn. but today I used photoshop to make a better frown and there it is. maybe i can work on making my own that doesn't look so ghetto. I turned the smile upside down but then I also made the image size larger. it was only 48x48 and i made it 100x100 then I fixed up some of the transitions between colors.


It's been two weeks since my Pizza Hut paycheck was at the Hut. I still don't have it. Someone was mailing it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

o no i realized what i wore friday.  It wasnt' pink or red.  There went my trend. I went upstairs to find out adn then realized that I slept on the couch Friday night in my clothes and then got a shower Sat morning so they were in the hamper a few feet from me teh whole time.


I cant' remember waht I wore Friday. I know what I wore all other days this week. I'm ready to go upstairs and look at all my clothes on the floor to figure it out by process of elimination. I know it was pink or red becuase I have been trying to see how long I could go wearing pink or red but I only started a week ago. I might stop and go to orange next.

the subject is sad because this is sad not because I am sad

so ashamed

I ate 1 double cheeseburger plain and i'm so full. I did drink about half of a medium milkshake. i'm so ashamed. i eat worse than a little bird. I ate more than this when I was 6. I cant' remember before that so I dont know how old I was when i started eating more. I know when i was 10 i used to eat 2 super size fries and 9 chicken mcnuggets and a drink.

on a side note we fed 3 for dinner only spending $6.35. that's my kind of dinner. I dont think PB got full though.


I read over 260 pages last night. My book kept me in such suspense i had to finish it. I finisehd it at 6am. I woke up at 10:30 ish. But I kept waking up dreaming about it. Good thing I napped so much yesterday.  I still want to go to the library but i think i'm going to read The Davinci Code first.


an e-mail i got from westinghouse today:


We are happy that you have decided to accept the offer of employment with Westinghouse Electric Company LLC. This is an exciting time to be joining our organization, and we are happy to have you as a part of our team. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the conditions of the general offer that you have accepted:

• You have accepted an offer to be an employee at will.
• You have accepted a general offer, which means you can be placed place anywhere within our organization that has current openings. While it has been communicated that most of the current open positions are in Pittsburgh and Windsor, business needs are arising for our other locations, and it is possible that you will be assigned to one of these locations. It is also possible that you may be relocated to another location during your career at Westinghouse.
• Accordingly, there is no guarantee or promise that you will be placed in a work location according to your preferences that you listed. While we do take your stated preferences into consideration, we place our employees based on the positions that are available and the needs of our business.
• We can not give you a timeline for when you will be placed within a specific group. Thus, it is not possible at this time to tell you exactly when your first day of work will be. We give priority in placing our December graduates, and then placing May graduates as the open needs are identified. We will communicate a specific date as soon as we are able to do so.
• If you decline to begin work because of the work location to which you are assigned or otherwise, you will have rejected our offer of employment, and, unfortunately, you will not be able to work for Westinghouse.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or wish to discuss anything. We look forward to having you aboard!

.... I need a job.

Monday, February 13, 2006


today i woek up at 10:30 then decided to just lay there for a second and only use one cover a little. then i woke up at 11. then at 3:30ish I fell asleep. Then I woke up at 8:11.

today I only got dressed for my day at 3. silly me. napping in jeans is so not as comfrotable.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I just read 5 away messages and 2 were in reference to tonight's Grey's Anadamy and neither actually mentioned the name of the show. This is sad. It is sad that I know and sad that so many other people are so into it too.  Usually I watch the shows at week late or at least a few days late so I might not have caught  the away messages. Well both had hints that anyone could get from other episodes I guess.


I should have shoveled around my car today. That snow is going to turn into ice by tomorrow probably.  And by shovel I mean push the one-ish inch of snow to the side. It would have probably taken me 5 minutes max to complete.


i ate every 2 hours today. i'm so full. i was still full when i'd have my next meal. i need to quit that.


i consciously didnt turn on lifetime today until 5pm for this movie i'm watching now. so then i actually did stuff earlier in the day. i did my taxes. not my state just my federal.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


i'm lifting weights now.  I always check my LJ to see if it's my day to lift or not so now I have to keep it up.

I'm on my 2nd lifetime movie for the night.


i went to dunkin' donuts and to be nice i got everybody some. That meant I got less. Well my dad left to go play poker. Now that's not fair.  He'll have 3 donuts to eat tomorrow and we'll all have none. I wish I was hungrier to eat all his right now just for spite. He didnt tell me he was leaving he just told me what kinds he likes.

Friday, February 10, 2006


i already scrapbooked 3 pages today. I need to write the stories for those days. I wanted to keep up the stories as I went. It's harder here becuse I dont like my mom's laser printer as much as mine so maybe I will just type up stories and then print them out and insert them after I move.  My plans for tonight include scrapbooking and reading. I should probably add something interesting in there. I really wish I'd hear back from Westinghouse.  This is so not fair. If I was still in school I wouldnt be worrying about money at all. I'd have plenty to do. Granted I'd be wishing I didn't have all that homework.
Today we went to Cafe Supreme for lunch. My pepperoni pleaser stromboli was nice. I ordered mine without sauce. Dave got one but with sauce and he was actually saying there was too much sauce.  Usually he likes extra. They even gave him a cup of sauce on the side.

Thursday, February 9, 2006


I finished my book and now I'll lift weights. I know I should have done it yesterday but I got confused and didn't.

Good book but a sad book. Those True Crimes get to me. I think i shoudl watch some lifetime movies this weekend.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


What book should I read next? I have 55 pages left in the one I'm on but the book has 317 pages and I just started ti last night.
all i did was read today. i didnt even lift weights. Well I guess I did watch a little TV in the past hour and eat a bit but still.


I went to the bank and deposited cash. I also went to sam's club to pick up my one set of pictures. I never thougth the 2nd set woudl be ready that i ordered feb 6 at 11pm with the 2-3 day service. But it was. Lucky me. I've been reading a lot today. This book is pretty good. I need to read happier books though.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006


I reread Mr. Popper's Penguins today. It was a pretty nice book. I forgot everything that happened in the book. I bought it in 3rd grade and then Miss Sivonek went and started reading it to us when I showed her my copy. So this was the first time this copy was ever read.

a find

o what a find. i forgot about my envelope of cash i had kept at school. i would put waitressing money in there to not carry it all in my wallet. most of the time i ended up selling most of it to timmy. but i had old 20s and an old5 and a $2 bill in there. Also i kept one of each kind of 20 just for kicks. So it ended up beign 108. Then I looked in my piggy banks that I thought had about $4 total in and i have 19. Now i can pay my gas/electric bill. See but I dont want to go to the bank or I will lose these old 20s forever. I want to ask my dad if he can give me the money for them and hold onto them for me.

This find is the same feeling as finding a dollar in your coat from last year that you just put on the first time for the winter. Now i'm older so a dollar doesn't mean the same thing but this sure is tehs ame feeling.


i vacuumed the floor in the basement just now. i wasn't asked to. i just did. then i asked pb "how much do you wanna bet that i'll get yelled at for missing spots?" but then he wouldn't bet because he thinks i'll get yelled at too. I only did 4 of the steps but she won't notice on the way down. That was the heaviest vacuum I ever used. but really it's not because it's teh same one i always use at home. I guess the one i had at school just spoiled me. But i haven't had a workout liek that inforever and i even lifted weights all semester and stuff.

My mood is weird because i am in a cleaning mood. I'm going upstiars to clean my room before i get out of this mood. i just have to sneek upstairs so mommy doesnt see me.


so yesterday i didnt get dressed at all. so today i did and i put on make-up and painted my  nails to match my shirt. i'm not going anywhere today either though. but at least i can look nice on my calendar picture for the day. most days i haven't taken my picture becuase i've been in pjs. yesterday i decided i can still put those up. so i took a pic.

Monday, February 6, 2006


i ordered another set of pictures from sam's club. ig et them from there for 14 cents. this set was 6.02+tax.  My last one was 9something. I can get the same service at walmart for a penny more. THeir webiste is a little better to use.  OOOO i just realized i forgot to red eye reduction a few pictures. grrr.  Well i used to get walmart 19 cent prints for 1 hour. so now i'm saving 5 cents a picture. I just did the math and i'm saving 5.30+ tax so far on just these two orders. That's like I can make another order and be even.


i added a new album. I got excited when I leanred about adding summaries and descriptions to the pictures and how they show up in different places.


I lifted them today, Monday. That is all.


I can't believe nobody commented on my sentence a few posts ago mentioning that I went to church. I might let it slide since everyone might not be caught up on their LJ reading because of the game.


i plan to lift every other day. but i can never remember when i actually lift. that's the bad part about having no life and no consistent schedule. i had this same dilema the other day ( i do nto remember which day) and i decided to lift. ia lmost posted in my LJ that i lifted so i coudl refer to it later but i thought "nah i'll remember" well i don't.  I dont know if I should lift today or not again. Next time I do i'll post it so I know. OI

Sunday, February 5, 2006


i jsut read the away message of all the buddies on my buddy list. there are over 100 away. all of the people on there that i met in pittsburgh have things about the steelers and congratulating them. RPI people only 4 had game related away messages  and only 2 were congratulating the steelers. one was about his football pool and losing. 
note the following away message from an intern where I worked in the summer. He's from Philly and goes to Penn State:
Auto response from PatMcPSU: Superbowl XL MVP: The Officiating Crew

Pittsburgh fans:  I really hope you all get drunk and cheer your ass off tonight because tomorrow you're going to wake up and remember that you came from the biggest shithole on earth.


i woke up and got yelled at for having to put stuff away. My mom wants me to put my scrapbooking away. It's all out and nice. It takes forever ot get out and organized. I guess i have to scrapbook 24/7 so i dont have to put it away.  I started putting other stuff away. I went to church today with my parents. It was very weird.

Friday, February 3, 2006


was fun. i took some pictures. pb's camera battery is way too old and slow and dies too quickly. i missed a lot of good shots becuase it took over 10 seconds to take. bowling was from 11-1. we got there 11:30 and left 3:23.  THe bowling place was bring your own booze. THere weren't too many people there. There were 6 of us in our group. i only met 2 before. I only talked to one before. They were all drunk. I had to drive. I broght home the bowling score sheets. I did not add them. It's so funny. They are added so poorly.
Giant Eagle was PACKED today.I waited in line for over 10 minutes and I was in the express aisle/ aisle where you also scan your own stuff and bag it yourself through the store.

phone call

Westinghouse called me today. I thought this would be good news.  But i was offered a position with a lot of travel and i said it wasnt' a good match for me. i guess now i'll have to wait weeks again to hear from them.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

a waste

I went to Gram's to get my scrapbooking stuff that I didn't have. I couldnt find it there.  Then we went for a ride to look at these one townhouses that we are considering and we couldnt find them.

guests beware

i'm sending my scanned copies of the scrapbooks i made for kate and maggie to my laptop so it's easier to force guests coming to the house to look at them


so far since i've been home i've had 2 dreams about living near sheila and jesse, but different than we actually did last semester.  last night we were across the street but somehow shared a garage and laundry  and both were in their house.  the last time we were moving and it was just slightly different.

i've also had 2 dreams about Pizza Hut.

I might have had more I can't remember. I've been home 7 nights.  At least one of the Pizza Hut dreams and one of the living near them dreams was actually a bad dream.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006


apparently it needed a third restart and i should have tried that before the last post
well the votes were in and I changed my default picture.  but for some reason even after exiting semagic twice it still has my old picture as the default.


i specifically went upstairs and took pictures for Russ. Then i come down and cant' find the cardreader.  mommy didnt offer me hers and i dont see hers anywhere so i'd have to ask. she usually yells when i want to use hers. grrr.  it's around here somewhere. i havent moved it since i used it on my laptop jan 29 when i was sititng on the couch