Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:20:54 AM - Kitty is afraid of everything.
08:59:45 AM - How is my iPod battery so close to dead? It is going to be hot by the end of my run.
10:07:19 AM - my ipod battery is so dead because the thing won't turn off.
10:07:21 AM - ran 5.64 mi on 5/31/2010 at 8:59 AM with a pace of 7'56"/mi
10:09:03 AM - my shins hurt during my run today. i almost quit 4 minutes in. then they felt ok. now i'm done and they hurt.
01:00:57 PM - I don't like my new midrise jeans. They are more like get in your gut's way jeans.
01:02:09 PM - @iamoddd It's all lies. it was 5.15 not 5.64 mi. I hate that when you calibrate it, it doesn't show up as a run and so i don' wanna fix it
01:05:08 PM - @iamoddd that's what it was for me on Saturday. It took about 300 tries for my data to upload. what it should show.
01:07:22 PM - @iamoddd I just tested the link & it took me right to it but it also remembered that it was me so I can't decipher it. reason #12 to hate it
01:27:11 PM - so i misplaced my cell phone. I kept thinking it was in the other room. i realize i forgot to put laundry in the on the dryer
02:17:59 PM - One neighbor tells the other party at her house all invited. Doesn't tell us though. We also don't know her.
02:59:42 PM - Dave said kitty wants her privacy when using the litterbox but I took video anyway
09:28:04 PM - Too bad I didn't get video of Jason peeing on the bedroom floor. RT @mikecherepko: You better never have kids
10:36:27 PM - 4 string cheeses = good bedtime snack.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:58:49 AM - We were at Arby's about 12 hours ago. RT @mikecherepko: !!! (@ Arby's)
10:45:17 AM - working on too many excel files at once that I keep confusing myself and don't accomplish anything. i'm easily distracted.
01:36:43 PM - Our new cat.
01:55:09 PM - @mikecherepko the shelter said it's name is Joules. Dave says it nickname is Kitty.
02:00:40 PM - @mikecherepko I don't know things about Patty Williams.
02:02:35 PM - We were told we had the fastes adoption. We choose quickly. We were the first cat adoption of the day.
03:29:14 PM - u picked out 17 RT @briecs: @smilincolleen for your outfits this month, my favorites are: May 2, 15, 17, 21, and 28. See, I do pay attention
03:29:43 PM - niece. we need to rename it. dave says joules is a boys name RT @mikecherepko: @smilincolleen do I have a nephewcat or a niececat?
03:32:14 PM - kitty is 7 months old. we didn't want a kitty. oops. She is scared here. and scared of us now unless we sit on the floor.
03:34:11 PM - I caved to let Dave get a cat so that I could tweet I have a cat to see how long until people saw. (I texted Haley and Jen and tweeted)
03:39:48 PM - I'm hungry. I tell Dave I will heat up nacho cheese. Then I leave his office and immediately totally forgot.
06:00:39 PM - They spelled it Joules at the place. Other spellings are more fiminine RT @TENroaches: @SmilinColleen Jules.
06:17:17 PM - @DaizyCh She is fixed. Fido is a boy's name. We named her Poly short for Polytechnician :)
08:32:16 PM - @DaizyCh Polly is how you normally would spell it I would think if it wasn't short for Polytechnician.

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Wednesday, May 26

I wanted to get to work early so I could leave "early" to run with Haley.  I accidentally turned off my alarm instead of hitting snooze.  I still make it to work by 7:50 though.
Most of my work day was spent trying to accomplish my backlog of emails.

I ran with Melissa at lunch. That didn't go as planned. It was entirely too hot. We only did 1 lap instead of 2 and we walked parts of it.  It was an odd run.

I was supposed to run with Haley after work but due to the heat we rescheduled for Saturday morning. The weather is getting to hot to run after work. I need to run in the mornings or in the evenings.

I came home and we were indecisive about dinner. We made burgers but a new way and had veggies and baked beans.

At 8:30 after watching lots of TV shows, I went to the track for a run.  I did an interval workout since I've been dreaming about doing one. I did 400 repeats even though in my dream i did 400, 800, 1200, 800, 400.
 I jogged the lap between. There were no breaks besides when i stretched. My goal was to get 1:45 on the first 4. Then the last one was supposed to be an 800 with a 4:00 time but I got a bad side cramp so I finished the 1 lap and then jogged. It was getting pretty dark by this point.  My recovery lap kept taking longer each time. I assume that's normal but I don't want it to be normal.

After I got home I took a picture of my sweat marks since Haley and I talked about sweat marks like that earlier in the day. After I took the picture I emailed it to her.  
I really need to start taking pictures where I look nice instead of where I look gross.

It was 9:15 or so by the time I got back from my run.  I just had enough time to type in my numbers and shower before it was time to get ready for bed.  I thought of working out Thursday morning but I just showered and what would be the point especially since I showered at lunch so that would have resulted in 3 showers in less than 24 hours so I decided against it.

Pillow in the bed

My husband always makes his half of the bed but he never moves lumps of covers or pillows in the bed.  This morning I woke up to that big lump on his side of the bed.  It looked like it could have been 2 pillows but it was one mostly standing up.

I guess at least he makes an attempt at the bed.

Photo of the Day - New LJ Icon

I made a new LJ Icon quickly. I have wanted a leg muscle one for ages.  I don't even use LJ anymore but just in case I still made it.   This icon is nowhere near as good as Callie's though but it's a start. Callie's muscles look much cooler than mine. Also it wasn't bright and sunny for mine but it was rainy.

This was taken May 22, 2010 during my 5k.

Callie's icon

Tuesday, May 25

I stayed up late on Monday so I wasn't sure if I would run in the morning.  I even set my alarm and still wasn't sure.  I hit snooze a few times. I got up and sat in bed and still wasn't sure if I would run. The final decision was made because I put on my running socks Monday night to sleep in and then wear to run and I would hate to take them off to get dressed for work without exercising in them. I never have enough socks so that made my decision for me.  I didn't end up leaving the house to get to work until about 6:40. That is later than normal for a morning class at the gym but for running it's OK.

I ran the opposite way around the loop today because the pump and run goes the opposite way I've been going. It was much easier this way and also my time was a lot better.  I was in the crosswalk on my 2nd loop and reset my timer by mistake. Boy was I mad. I was ready to just quit.  I need my data.  I hurried and sent myself an email of what I remembered. I knew my total lap 1 time. I knew each split up to that point on loop 1 up to that point because I just compared and I knew I was 4 seconds behind.  I'm pretty confident in the overall times below but the splits that I guessed may be slightly off.
I had a normal work day at work. Then since I already ran I got to go home after work instead of going to the gym. Plus I had plans to run with 2 people the following day so I wanted to be well rested.

I ordered a Nike+ and a pouch for my shoes since I don't have Nike shoes.

I picked up DiBella's cheesesteak for Dave for dinner and got cookies for me. I can't handle their hoagies anymore. I am so sick of them. I ate 7 cookies during my drive home so I was no longer really that hungry. I had PB&J for dinner when I got home. The bread was so good.  I had 2 sandwiches.

We watched Lost but I was so tired that I slept through an hour of the finale. Then Dave deleted it. It annoys me when he does that. He knows Lost is OVER so he can just ignore it and leave it there for me.

I realized I forgot my daily picture after I already had on my yoga pants. I took a picture that just showed my upper body to make up for it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:00:24 AM - About to run with Haley. My gas tank is at E.
10:55:08 AM - My face feels salty. I should have had a sip of water before run/walking 10.5 miles
11:01:44 AM - This gas station is so stressful
11:19:35 AM - I have recalibrated my Nike+ and it is still off. but by less. now i ran 4.75 and it says 5.01.
11:44:05 AM - loop 1 at North Park w/ Haley(ran 3.25ish), recalibrated my Nike+ by running .25 mi, then did the loop again (ran 4.5, walked .75)=10.5 mi
11:44:15 AM - and I could post my Nike+ data if the stupid thing would upload but it keeps giving me errors.
12:54:31 PM - i mean the calibration said 5.01 and it was 4.5 miles. .25 was during calibration so it was not accounted for there.
02:31:49 PM - my Nike+ still will not upload. This is very sad for me.
10:52:50 PM - ran 5.01 mi on 5/29/2010 at 9:49 AM with a pace of 8'12"/mi
11:14:57 PM - @iamoddd I haven't seen a magic eye sterogram either.
11:16:20 PM - look at May 13th

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Saturday, May 29 - Run Only (rest in another post)

Saturday morning I had plans to run with Haley at North Park at 8am so I had to set my alarm bright and early.  Dave and I went to sleep around 9pm the night before but I still needed an alarm.

I woke up to an email from Haley wanting to run/walk the 5 mile loop.  I left to meet her and I thought I'd be late but I was early.
She was there a minute early too.
The plan was to walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2 for a total of 5 miles.  We both used the Nike+ distances and I knew it was off but we followed them anyway.  Her Nike+ said she went 5.7 miles even though it was 5.15.   Mine said we ran 3.7 and we ended up with an extra half to run at the end.  I wanted to use the posts to run but they are missing every now and then and conveniently missing at our first marker.

Haley had joked that once I was done with her I would run after because running with her wasn't a real workout.  I laughed but then it sort of came true.  Too bad I didn't have any water with me.  It got hot.  Haley and I talked for about a half hour so then my 2nd loop started around 10 and so by the time I was done it was pretty hot and sunny.
Data from Runs Only (Was probably only 3.2 mi)

Data from run and walk (except it was 5.15 not 5.72)
The run didn't seem like that much of a workout so I decided to run again. I hate now Nike+ makes it out like it was a workout.
2nd loop Run only portion - was 4.5 mi

not is off. i didn't time the calibration. missing .25 of run.
I walked for .75 out of 5.5 for the 2nd loop but I missed timing the first .25 where I calibrated.  I forgot to note that when I was totally things.  The only time the Nike+ was calibrated right was during the .25 stretch that I actually calibrated it at. Going up hill it was way off.

It's funny how I used to run 10:34 with running the entire 5th mile.

After the run I really wanted water. I touched my face and it felt salty. Oops. That has never happened before.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

06:59:39 AM - I hit snooze for an hour I left my donuts at home. Brought the food for Haley. But not a bag for it.
08:12:25 AM - I cut my run short (again). my nike+ is calibrated for a track run not a loop at Westinghouse so I got mad and quit. I will recalibrate.
08:38:07 AM - today i ran with my gowear fit arm band, my iphone (for timer), & my ipod (for my Nike+). I think I'm nuts. I still don't have enough data.
10:40:31 AM - No my iphone is too old. Dave's iPhone would work. RT @Shouperman: @SmilinColleen You can't use your iphone for Nike+?
03:37:28 PM - I love how Twitter tells me these things. Your tweet about it was the 4th i read. RT @briecs: Holy crap, Gary Coleman died. :(
06:34:22 PM - ran 2.31 mi on 5/28/2010 at 7:01 AM with a pace of 8'05"/mi

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:59:37 AM - I need an alternate route to work.
11:06:32 AM - reason for traffic: accident
11:08:25 AM - more details. i left my house and it wasn't closed. then it was so i left at almost just the wrong time.
11:22:24 AM - just overheard: are we going to that bridge i can jump off? then i heard: the windows don't open I tried
11:52:44 AM - everything goes wrong today
03:45:14 PM - @iamoddd and @mikecherepko I just had to do some research as to waht simple present tense is.
06:17:04 PM - I overheard the cashier at the drivethrough say nobody even checks if there order is right. I do though.
08:12:45 PM - I got hacked. The Nike+ doesn't work with my iPhone. Sucks.
10:53:12 PM - set a goal to run 15 runs under the avg pace of 9'09"/mi in a month
10:53:37 PM - set a goal to complete 30 mi in 4 weeks
10:53:55 PM - set a goal to workout 18 times in 4 weeks
11:10:03 PM - My Nike+ works with my old iPod but now I have to use the old thing. But guess I can carry it and my phone.
11:15:32 PM - Probably shouldn't need these alarms plus a regular one for tomorrow.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:47:22 AM - watching the finale of biggest loser by fast forwarding a lot
08:05:11 AM - i slept later than i wanted to. i turned off my alarm at one point instead of hitting snooze. sad times.
08:32:47 AM - I still made it to work by 7:50 but I wanted to get here early. RT @fmeissner359: @SmilinColleen I did the same thing this morning!
09:48:26 AM - Yes. I want to go to the beach. RT @mikecherepko: It's going to be so hot today. Should I go to the beach?
12:39:59 PM - i'm so into numbers that i had to go back from the basement to the third floor to get my phone so i could have it to run.
09:05:16 PM - Just ran 400 repeats jogging between. 3 miles total. Now I really have to tinkle.
10:01:06 PM - worked out twice today and still 13 minutes shy of my physical activity duration for the day.

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Sunday, May 9 - Day 1 in DC

Our plan was to leave at 9am. I ended up logging into work to finish some stuff up at 8:30 so then that delayed us.  We left at 9:15.  I drove first.  We got to the first rest stop at 10:30.  I need lots of little rests so I can drive longer. Plus on the turnpike there are not that many rest stops so you have to stop when you see them.

We found a Wawa and went there for lunch around 12:45. Dave got 2 hoagies for variety. I got one but was tricked and ended up getting a new kind and didn't like it. I got orange drink. it was nice.  

A few minutes after 2 we arrived at the hotel.  Dave drove from Wawa to our hotel.   The room was not ready for us so they took our luggage and we had a little over an hour to kill.  We decided to head to the white house. We walked there. Instead of just killing an hour we decided to do more things.
First we went to the White House
 Then we walked through a park and saw this guy just sitting there on the bench.
Then we saw the capitol and took some pictures.  We did even more walking to the Washington Monument.

We went to the Lincoln Memorial.  I had to get my picture in front of Lincoln just like I did in 1993. I need to get the ones from 1993 and scan them in.

 Then it became dinner time. We had trouble picking a place to eat. Some places people had on suits so we got scared away.  We found this pizza place.
In the corner of the pizza place there were 2 guys eating with 2 people filming them for class or something.

Then we walked home and we were super tired.  We did a ton of walking so I wanted to see what my gowear fit had to say.  The software was upgraded a few months ago and now I can't get it to upload on any of my computers besides my one desktop.  I spent an hour battling with it and trying to get Dave to get it to work on his laptop too. Nothing worked.  This made me sad because I want to know details based on how stressful and athletic I am on vacation.  The hotel wireless also gave us trouble.  Nothing worked right and I wasted so much of my day.  We went to sleep around 11.

There are more pictures from Day 1 in DC.

Monday, May 24

I wore a skirt I don't normally wear to work. It is a little short because of my long legs. This is the skirt that I bought 2 years ago and other people at work had the same exact skirt and it went to their knees. Darn my long legs.

Anyway on my way in to my desk in the morning I got a compliment and was told that green is my color.   Then a few minutes later someone complimented me.  She was funny because her compliment was, "I am not hitting on you, but you look absolutely fabulous today."   Then a little later a third person told me they loved my skirt.  I usually don't get any compliments or I might get 1 so it was awesome to get multiple compliments.  I'm still unsure if I should have worn the skirt to work though.

Work was really busy but I didn't actually have many meetings so that was good. I still couldn't get caught up on everything.  I wanted to work hard to reading my unread emails but that didn't go so well.

I went to Body Pump at 5:00 after 2 weeks of missing it. I knew I would be sore but I did not back down on any weights besides triceps. We did a mix of old releases and the tricep one we did was harder so I am glad that I backed down on that one.  I really only backed down because on back, I was shaking before we even did the clean and press so I figured I needed a little rest and triceps was the next track after back.

I thought about going to the track after lifting to run intervals since I had a dream about running intervals.  Instead immediately after I went to MedExpress to show them my rash.  2 of the 3 rashes had gone away and the only one left was on my wrist.  I have a cream I am to put on twice a day for 2 weeks now. Hopefully it goes away. She thought it was some sort of contact dermatitis or something else that I can't remember the name.

I went to Target after to get the prescription for the cream and figured I had a Target shopping list anyway.  It was 7:00 on the button when I arrived and the pharmacist was in a super hurry and told me she was already closed but said she would take care of me.  She even turned off the light before she filled my prescription. I'm glad she was able to do it.  I ran into one coworker and heard another talking to the eye exam people.  I got toothpaste, bounce, and soap on my list (maybe more), but then I also bought a little makeup. Since Dave wasn't there I had time to look.

After that I went to Target I was still debating going to the track to run.  At the last second I decided that I would go.  Then I get to the track and some baseball game is going on and nobody is walking on the track so I got scared and left.

I got home and had leftovers while watching TV.  Then we watched TV the entire night but for 2 hours of that I dealt with work emails.  We watched a few episodes of Lost but weren't caught up yet.  I couldn't listen to the radio because they ruin things.  That's the worst part about being behind.   I have to watch a ton all at once even though all summer I will be out of TV.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:29:09 AM - I stayed up way too late but I did get my 5k blog post done.
06:27:47 AM - I'm up but debating not running. But it'll be hot to run after work. Ugh. I guess I should still run.
06:57:11 AM - Boy am I sore from body pump yesterday.
08:21:58 AM - And my tweets about debating. RT @mikecherepko: When you wake up early, nothing is going on except @foursquare check-ins.
08:31:20 AM - reset my timer while running today. so mad. stupid having to wait to cross the street in a cross walk ruining me.
08:20:32 PM - I slept for an hour during Lost.
08:26:52 PM - my time wouldn't even have placed in my age group last year at the mars band 5k
08:48:23 PM - Oh no I forgot my daily picture!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

The rest of Saturday, May 22

As soon as the 5k was over, we headed back to my house for a picnic.  A few people ended up not coming but it was still a decent turnout. There were 12 people total.  Some things were a little hectic with the planning since people came over right away after the race and it was only 11:30 and I didn't have time to get ready so I had to rely on my family.  They did a good job.  We had too much food like I knew we would but the leftovers are great so it's ok.

During the picnic but near the end my family left to go to a geenhouse to buy some flowers. My mom said I needed them. 

After they got back only 2 people were left and we sat in the family for a little while and talked. 

Then I went with my family to the green house and bought more flowers and a plant for the missing spot where one died last year. 

I wanted to load the race pictures on my computer before we started planting the stuff, but in that time it started raining. As soon as it stopped raining, my mom and I headed outside to do some planting.  We rushed and literally while I was washing my hands after we were done, it started to rain again. Our luck never ends up that way.  Well all the "dirt" was actually clay so we don't know if the flowers will even last. 
A shrub had poison ivy!

Headed to plant the tree.

At one point while we were planting Dave came out and asked how we were doing.  I told him to go get the camera and take pictures or our planting things never really happened.  My mom thought I was nuts.  He went and got pictures while we were on the last flowers and then for the tree. Boy am I glad.

My parents stayed until it was pretty late. We even had leftovers for dinner with them.

After they left, Dave and I watched a show and then decided we wanted Donuts because we read Melissa's facebook status from a little while ago.  (Her car smelled like donuts.)  We went to Dunkin Donuts and they didn't have any kinds we wanted so then we headed down the road to Krispy Kreme.   We ate donuts and watched more TV.  We are still so far behind though.   We went to sleep early.  I think I was in bed by 11:30.  Dave was asleep before that.

Mars Band 5k Run

 On May 22, I ran a 5k at my school district's high school.  It supported the band.  It was my "home course" because about 2.5 of the 3.1 miles I run all the time. I just start around the .9 mile mark instead of at 0. The race coordinators had a photographer at the finish and I didn't know it.
 Before the race I took a picture with Emily right before I put my camera and jacket in my car.

It was raining when I parked around 8am.  Then it stopped. I registered and there was no line. It was great.  I had time to hang out for a little while. It stopped raining by the time we started to line up to start the race.  The directors announced things and we were about to start running and then it started raining. It started raining just after I said I hoped it rained during our run so that people will do worse but my team wouldn't because we are hardcore.

My family was observing the race from the end of my street. That was just before the 1 mile mark. Maybe the .9 or .95 mile mark.  I already look like i'm dying.  Perhaps because that's the fastest mile split I had yet.  I've hit 7:40 a few times but this time I hit the it at 7:30. The first mile was just after turning onto Butler Street Extension.

My mom, brother, and husband were all taking pictures.  My goal has been to get a nice leg muscle picture ever since I saw Callie's LJ icon years ago. I'm pretty close. There are a few. My leg muscles just need to look better.  I wore crazy colors so that I could easily be picked out in the crowd except that my husband didn't tell this idea to my family so they had to keep looking for everyone.
Nice Leg Muscle - Bad upper body form
Butler Street Extension was all muddy. We were warned about this.  They are replacing the sewer lines and with all the rain it washed down all the mud onto the road.  It was slippery but I managed.  Everyone ended up with muddy legs and some people with the back of their shirts/shorts all muddy.  I hate when that happens.

I hit mile 2 at 16:00 (that's 8:30).
Then I finished at 25:59.7 (that's 10:00 for 1.1 miles).  I really thought I would hit 25. I felt like I was so much better than in March and the course was so much easier.

I really need to work on getting my mile 2 and 3 faster.   When I ran the half marathon I hit 3 miles in under 27 minutes so you'd think I'd be a lot faster for a race that ends after 3.1. 

My team + Emily and minus Nick.
There were quite a few Westinghouse people there but I didn't get my picture taken with all of them.
My team consisted of Nate, Nick, Tyler, Melissa and myself. We were sitting around killing time then someone informed us how the results were posted.  I went and checked with Emily.  I did not believe my eyes. I made her double check.   I won my age group.  Melissa came in 2nd.  Melissa should have been faster than me but I'll take the win.  Nate won his age group and Nick came in 2nd.  Poor Tyler only got 4th in his age group. He came in 4th by 9 seconds.

A guy in the 70+ age group beat me.  An 81 yr old lady ran it in a little over 32 minutes.  I was very impressed.
Four out of five team members.

Then after doing all the age group awards, they did the team awards.   My team WON the coed division.
So not only did I get 1 medal and achieve my running goal but I got 2 medals.  Now I need a new running goal.

It was around 11:00 by the time awards were done.  The race started at 9.  January was the first time I suck around for awards. I don't know why I never did before that. That is what gave me more inspiration.  This race was the best because so many people I knew placed.  I guess it pays to only have about 400 people run a race instead of thousands.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

11:51:36 AM - a coworker to me: "i'm not hitting on you but you look absolutely stunning today"
12:07:25 PM - and earlier someone else complimented my skirt. It's this outfit but that was a year ago.
12:07:53 PM - oh and another person said green is my color and I look great in green. I forget who said that though but i had my purse at that time.
06:32:56 PM - RIP Billy's mom.
07:56:36 PM - Just went to the track to run a weird baseball game going on with fielder on the track and the ball being hir there so I got scared and left
11:22:26 PM - @iamoddd's race on June 12 has a detour so they are adding 6.5 miles to the race because of the detour. I guess 70.5 compared to 77 not bad

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5k Race Summaries

I put together a summary of all the 5k Races that I ran.  These are since knee surgery.  The first race it took about 30 seconds to cross the start line. August 30 was the only race with a chip time.
10/11 was at Highland park and was pretty hilly and involved steps.  March 20 was the worst with hills. That one was at Norwin.  August 30 was probably the flattest with that being the Steelers 5k.

I should have definitely done better this last time.
May 22 was the only race with rain.
January 2 was the coldest I ever ran outside and also the course was snow covered and extremely hard to get good footing and I could not open my stride.

My next 5k is on July 4 with the same course as above unless I do one in a few weeks in Valencia called the Middlesex Mad Dash.  I looked up the results from last year and only about 80 people ran it. I kind of what to do it now.  They say there are awards for the top 3 in each age bracket.  My bracket would be 20-29 instead of the normal 25-29.  I learned about this one based on a flyer in my race packet from this Saturday.   I see I missed the mail in registration. They sure make you have it mailed in a lot in advance. It would cost me $20 instead of $15 so that makes me not want to do it.  I don't even want the T-shirt. I hate all these T-shirts.

Oh I forgot about the 5k on June 26 at work. It's a pump and run.  I won't be any good at that one. Maybe I shouldn't even do it.

There are too many races.  Yet there are not enough races.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:13:38 AM - In the last 28 days I only averaged 6:18 of sleep. I need to work on that.
05:21:19 PM - Just bought replacement jeans for the pair I lost a month and a half ago
09:24:18 PM - Team results are posted Not many teams
09:24:51 PM - I mowed while @polahbea weedwacked. The mower almost ran out of power by the end. electric mower. took 1 hour
11:08:33 PM - @TracyMorganLove haha
11:25:05 PM - I'm not tired. I feel like I should get out of bed and be productive.

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Friday, May 21

I again had a hard time waking up.  I was originally going to try to get to work early hoping I'd get out early but then I realized I wouldn't get out early no matter what so I just hit snooze like I usually do.
I got to work at 8:10 and parked in the back lot.

Work was super busy as always. I ate lunch at my desk. I brought in 3 pieces of pizza.  One was so big that I didn't want it and threw it away so I just ate 2.   I didn't even get to work on the backlog of unread emails.

I was going to leave work at 4 but that didn't happen.

At one point I said I wouldn't leave until I got down to under 140 emails.  That was not a good idea. I didn't get to leave until 4.

I was wearing a skirt but didn't have a change of shoes so I went home, changed, and then headed back out to go grocery shopping.  I had to buy food for my picnic.  I also brought food for dinner.  I was going to go with pasta with meat sauce but then Dave also wanted Sweet Sausage.   All that took awhile then I had to get home and cook.

My dinner
The bread looked so good that I kept some as bread instead of making it into toast.  It was delicious.  It was really hard to make spaghetti sandwiches with rigatoni. You couldn't get enough on the bread.  Good thing we don't normally have that.

I vacuumed and cleaned up a little.  I didn't do nearly as much as I wanted to and it became 11:00 PM before I knew it.  I figured I should start getting my stuff ready for the race instead of cleaning.   I'm also watched some TV in the evening so I guess that took up a lot of time too.

I can't wait until I have a Friday where I'm not getting ready for something.   I was too busy doing things that I couldn't go to Krinin's Partylite party.  Maybe I'll get to make it to the next one.  She lives so far away that it would definitely take up the entire evening.

The first Thursday back to work after traveling

It was extremely hard to wake up.  It's funny how easy it is to get used to West Coast Time but then to switch back to the east coast it is so hard. My feet still hurt from all the walking.  I didn't wear a skirt and just wore pants with my grandma shoes so that my feet could maybe start to feel better.

I got to work at 8:10 which is pretty good considering that I didn't get home until 1am and didn't fall asleep until 2:30 am.
I was going to go to body pump at 5 but didn't make it down. I ended up working until 6.

Work was really busy.  I didn't even get close to catching up on my emails. I think I still had 150 unread emails by the time I left work.   I picked up Pizza Hut on the way home because I wanted greasy food. After all the traveling I figured it was in order.

I meant to clean when I got home and get ready for the picnic but I did some things on the computer and watched 4 episodes of American Idol.  Then it was bedtime for Dave.  I wasn't tired and was in the mood to clean but couldn't vacuum or I would wake him up.  I did clean my craft room floor enough to open and close the door.  I thought that was good so that I could close the door if by chance people ended up going upstairs at the picnic.   I had a long to do list and that wasn't even on it.

Right before going to sleep I noticed that Laura Morton's wedding pictures were linked to her facebook. I checked out that site (would link it here but you have to register to look at them) and all the ones from the ceremony besides the ones from the balcony look about the same as mine.  Some of the shots looked almost identical.  I think I took more of the ceremony, cutting the cake, first dance, mother daughter dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance than the actual photographer took. During just dancing at the reception she took more. I wasn't as interested in that.  The official photographer had a much better flash than I had.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

07:55:21 AM - I came downstairs and it isn't nearly as clean as I thought. Oops.
09:40:41 AM - Finished in 26. 5k
10:43:20 AM - I won my age group.
10:57:25 AM - The guy who won 70 years and older beat me
11:12:25 AM - Our team won.
03:35:02 PM - @iamoddd only 30 seconds faster. And the last one had the awful hill.
03:36:57 PM - @iamoddd I would have to write about it. I'm mad no body came to the finish. Just watche from my street.
03:37:41 PM - @iamoddd also I can't believe how slow people were for this race.
03:39:56 PM - So my team did awesome. For age groups 2 firsts 2 seconds and 1 4th
05:07:35 PM - My team minus a person and plus someone else
07:25:53 PM - race results (by age group)

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Photo of the day - Phone Call

Today I was telling a story about someone on the phone at work.  This is what I looked like during the story.  The person on the phone was shocked to hear someone was a democrat.  Not sure who they were talking about.
I hope this is how the person on the phone looked.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:17:13 AM - just looked at the official pics from Laura's wedding. 1s from the church are like identical to mine but they know how to use their cameras
12:37:24 AM - oops it's late
12:40:07 AM - Left a few lifts on in the bedroom for over an hour while Dave was sleeping. Surprised it didn't wake him up. It usually does.
08:16:48 AM - last night: meant lights. Left a few lifts on in the bedroom for over an hour while Dave was sleeping. Surprised it didn't wake him up.
01:09:15 PM - Wow. Mine has 370. RT @mikecherepko: My gmail inbox is completely empty. No one email me so it stays that way.
02:35:28 PM - for some reason this made me laugh so hard. i'm at work. RT @mikecherepko: Can a squirrel fall out of a tree? If so, that's what happened.
04:08:50 PM - awards at the NAYGN conference
05:07:21 PM - Shoot I'm not parked out front. I knew I would forget.
06:02:05 PM - I thought I needed more strawberries because look how small they look in the cart.
10:00:33 PM - Uh oh. It got late. I should get stuff ready for my race.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:52:01 AM - I'm home.
01:29:17 AM - I want real food. It is hours past my bedtime. Not sure what I should do. I think i'm going downstairs to give it a looksee.
01:58:52 AM - I probably shouldn't still be up. New Blog Post from Today (missing about 10 days in the middle)
08:26:19 AM - Boy am I tired and boy is my computer slow.
09:44:35 AM - I jagged around too long that I decided not to check. RT: @polahbea: @SmilinColleen find anything? [Re: finding food]
06:27:25 PM - I am so stressed. I just got scared thinking I forgot to pick up the pizza. Look to my right and there it is. Also the wings smell spicy.
11:11:52 PM - still jet lagged from the na-ygn conference. I'm not tired at all. I should clean but it's hard to vacuum with a sleeping husband.
11:13:37 PM - so i slept on the plane sitting up and it did not register as sleep per gowear fit. i've been wanting to find that out.
11:33:37 PM - I cleaned up enough in my craft room that I can close the door. Now for the picnic I can close off this mess.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today (well Wednesday)

I am skipping around! I will come back but here is stuff about today actually!

I set my alarm for 7:30. I changed it multiple times.  I sort of got up at 8.  Then I sat at my computer until about 8:40. I kept debating working out. I did some work and checked some emails. Before I knew it, it was 9:40.  I wanted to go to the gym but I hated that it cost 12 bucks to go.  Also I hated treadmill running. And a third reason was I didn’t know when Melanie would be up and ready to go sight-seeing.

I had signed up for late checkout at 2pm and yet the maid comes at 9am to clean my room. It makes no sense.
 The picture is before I had to add the shoes. 

I talked to Jessie and she gave me an idea of getting a workout in my room. I started tha but learned I would meet Melanie at 11.   I only got 15 minutes of a workout in but I figured the Blaster Videos our gym had for awhile were 15 minutes so I was ok.  I did jumping jacks, crunches, squats, lunges, planks, pushups, wall squat hold, and dips.

Then I showered and packed up all my stuff. I was ready early, as always but then I get distracted and almost meet them late. Luckily others were later.  There were 5 of us. Rob, Dan, Melanie, Nicole, and myself.  Rob had gotten a rental car. He was staying a few days and meeting with his girlfriend so I guess it worked out well. I actually almost forgot to pack my shoes since they were still on the floor. I had to really squeeze to get the suitcase to zip.
Pictures looking at the street would look nicer.
We first went to Lombard Street.  Then we went to the Full House house and then the other seen at the park from the opening song. We had someone take our picture like we were having a picnic.  She was angled a little off so it’s not exactly the same.  I still have to get that picture from Nicole. Then it was off to the Golden Gate Bridge.  We crossed the bridge and took picture.  Then we came back and paid 6 bucks for the toll but then the little fast track thing in the car also beeped so we think we got charged 5 bucks for that too. Expensive bridge to cross for us.

Rob says he will photoshop in his friends.
Alamo Square (we got an awesome group shot on Nicole's Camera but I don't have it yet)
Perfect Parallel Parking Job

It was a little later than I wanted to leave for the airport and we still had to get back to the hotel and then get checked out.  Then it there was a ton of traffic and it was taking much longer to get back than it should have.  By the time we got back to the hotel and checked out it was 2:18.  We had to get a taxi to the airport.  I already printed my boarding pass and wasn’t checking a bag. Everyone else checks their bags. I think almost everyone I met all week had checked their luggage. They travel with bigger suitcases or don’t want to deal with things. I’m afraid everyone will lose my luggage so I consolidate and carry everything.
The security line wasn’t long at all. I got in line while Melanie and Nicole checked their luggage. They took awhile but made it to the line. After I was in line for awhile, they opened the 2nd metal detector line and a bunch of people go to go to that so then by the time I was through the line Nicole was only 20 seconds behind me and Melanie a few seconds behind her. We did a little shopping for souvenirs and to see what kinds of snacks to buy. It took so long that by the time we got to the gate, they were boarding my section.

I didn’t buy a sandwich at the airport because I thought it would get warm and gross. Then after I was on the plane 2 minutes I was hungry.  I ate a pack of crackers that I brought from home before we took off.  I wasn’t even tired but then after the plane started up, I got really tired.  We took off a few minutes late.

I slept the first hour on the flight.  Then I ate a bunch of twizzlers that I bought and started typing this blog. Then I continued to blog and type my conference notes.
After typing my blog and notes from yesterday’s conference I’m only down to 22 minutes left on my battery.  I guess I can’t do things like make my gowear graphs, make my training plan, type more notes, and type more blog posts.  I had even turned the screen brightness down a ton.  My netbook would have lasted a log time. Too bad I didn’t have room for 2 laptops in addition to my luggage.

At 6:55 I had to put my laptop to sleep because the battery got too low. I thought my only choices were to read or sleep because I forgot gameboy. Well I opened my bag to get out my book and saw my Ken Ken book so I did that.  
At 7:02 I turned on the light to do Ken Ken and the light sure was bright. The 2 people beside me were watching the movie. I felt like a jerk with my bright light. 
7:14 finished my first puzzle
7:10 I got a sprite "before landing" 
My light keeps going on and off. At first I thought all of the lights were but it is just mine. Sometimes it goes off for a minute and is only on for 10 seconds. 
At 7:20 they announced we will arrive in Pittsburgh in 1 hour 
7:25 finished a puzzle
7:35 finished a puzzle
7:40 finished a puzzle
7:47 finished a puzzle
7:50 someone was playing a game or something and it beeped and it was super annoying.  I was snacking on my goldfish. I dropped one. 

10:58 (or per timeline 7:58) announced 18 minutes until landing (which is early) and that it was 57 degrees in Pittsburgh.  

My ears sure bothered me on this descent. 

It took forever to get to the car or at least felt that way. As soon as I got to the car I had to go to the bathroom. I held it until I got home at least :) 

I got home and Dave woke up to tell me hi.  I started to put a few things away and get my backpack ready for tomorrow. I uploaded my numbers from gowear which are way confusing because of staying up late and then also the 3 hour time difference. 

All pictures on my camera are on here but I took a few on my iPhone so I will upload those in a few days so be sure to check back. 
(I also have a post for yesterday but I may wait for that until I type more conference stuff.)