Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

01:35:18 PM - Being sick sucks.
07:00:20 PM - We had 50 trick-or-treaters so far.
07:18:35 PM - Punk took 2 snickers.
07:58:12 PM - 4 cards planned for Wednesday. I hope I kick this cold soon.
10:46:53 PM - I know RT @TENroaches: Jeff Reed needs to be cut. #JeffReed #Steelers
10:47:46 PM - @kendieveryday we had 65 kids. Last year only 44. My parents got about 5
11:08:31 PM - Turnover. Then turnover. Ugh.

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Making Strides for Breast Cancer

On October 16, I participated in Making Strides for Breast Cancer.  It was a 5k walk in Pittsburgh to support Breast Cancer.  This was the first year Pittsburgh had this walk.   We got a team together for NA-YGN at work and about a dozen of us raised funds and walked. Dave also participated.  I was glad he was finally willing to participate in some event.  Our team raised about $1500.
I already wrote about my outfit awhile ago.
In the summer, I also participate in the Relay for Life.   For my wedding three years ago, we donated money to the American Cancer Society instead of doing party favors that nobody ever keeps anyway. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:39:08 AM - poly has been bothering me all evening. She hits me because I'm busy and not paying attention to her. But now she is good on my lap.
12:42:29 AM - She hits me all the time. RT @_Poly_Kitty: I hit Colleen until she slid out enough for me to sit on her lap. ...
12:54:32 AM - down to 831 unread items in my google reader. I had the 1000+ earlier today though.
01:29:28 AM - I'm so tired and want to go to sleep but I don't want to disrupt Poly and she's on my lap so I keep staying at my computer.
09:19:51 AM - Poly annoys me and won't let me sleep this morning and now she's snoring.
10:55:15 AM - I'm sick. dave is making me breakfast. nice. eggs and toast.
12:37:27 PM - @LaurenMuchko well I am a stampin' up demonstrator but mainly we just happened to order things on the same day.
04:46:06 PM - hahaha RT @SwiftBenjamin: It's weird to see a rally on TV where all the signs use proper grammar and spelling #rallyforsanity
05:41:41 PM - Dave taught me how to use my new remote for my camera (new = had for 1.5 months and never used) but I already forget what he told me.
05:55:38 PM - I wish I had that frozen chicken noodle soup from las week but I didn't make enough to freeze.
08:05:33 PM - Just started watching Hancock.
09:56:42 PM - daily picture. white #colorroration challenge do cover count if I was in bed 90% of the day?
09:58:08 PM - daily picture. white #colorroration challenge do covers count if I was in bed 90% of the day?

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping - Cranberry (10.29.10)

I was going to Ann Taylor Loft and I had good intentions to spend a decent amount of money. I just couldn't find what I wanted. I only spent $10.42.  I thought I was spending $14.88 but everything in the store was 30% off and that included the redlines.
Original Price: $89.50
Paid: $10.42
I just need a cardigan for over this. I would have a pink one but the one at the store just wasn't working for me.
Next I went into Old Navy. I haven't purchased anything there since before college. I only went because other people I know find things there and it is more inexpensive. I decided to give it a try. When walking in an employee gave me a 20% off coupon good on anything except outerwear.  I picked up a bunch of stuff but hated it.  I hate the boyfriend cardigans. I don't like them so loose around my body. Also I don't like the arms not fitting in cardigans this year.  One of the things I tried on was this ruffle tank.  I never even try on ruffles of any sort let alone buy them. I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone. I loved it. I bought the tank originally priced $14.50.  It was on sale for $6 but I got to use the 20% off coupon I got when I walked in.
Original Price: $14.50
Paid: $4.80

Total in purchases today: $15.22
Even though I didn't get what I wanted or as much as I wanted, shopping was a success.

Below are things I did not get
Pink Cardigan because it goes too low and was too tight in the arms.  Ugh about all these boyfriend cardigans.
$10 dress but it was too big.

Skirt and cardigan.  Skirt slightly big so sat lower on hips but still an inch too high above my knee. Also It was dry clean only.  Cardigan because it was too see through in the arms and too tight for my arms.  I bunched up the cardigan for the skirt picture so you could see the top of the skirt.

There were about 10 other things I tried on and didn't get. I never try on that many things but I went with the intentions of buying a lot so I tried on a lot.  I failed.

Where is your favorite place to shop? 

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:53:22 AM - Congrats RT @TENroaches: I got 3rd place in a carnivorous plant photo contest. I win a cupped fly trap!
08:55:46 AM - @TENroaches i like this RT @OldFunnyJoker: My Nan has found a lump in each of her breasts. Turns out it was just her knees.
08:58:07 AM - Wow RT @mashable Mother Pleads Guilty to Murdering Baby For Interrupting Her “FarmVille” Game
08:58:59 AM - It was too long i got sick of it RT @mikecherepko: Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier usually 8 minute youtube cartoons about po...
10:24:27 AM - @briecs too bad I can't tell how many page views she is getting for my post. 1 only got 1 hit with her site as the referring URL
10:28:26 AM - i just ordered a skirt and dress online from a place I haven't even worn their clothes before. hope it all fits.
02:45:19 PM - My arms are too fat for these sweaters I'm trying on.
02:53:12 PM - Should I buy this skirt? Has pockets. Loft $25
03:01:44 PM - I didn't get the skirt. It was 30% off so maybe it was worth the cheaper price.
05:27:12 PM - UPS just delivered our packages. All 5.
05:29:33 PM - Homemade apple sauce. Almost 6 cups. Recipe calls for 1.5 cups. Made a little too much.
07:21:33 PM - Stampin' Up order, envelopes for cards, computer monitor, and 2 things we forget and didn't open yet. RT @LaurenMuchko: Woo what'd ya get?
08:42:39 PM - I just are 52 raviolis. That's about 4/5 the bag. I'm not even full.
09:21:17 PM - Cutie RT @_Poly_Kitty: I got tired sleeping under the dining room table so I decided to be a lapdog.
10:02:07 PM - Oh no. My necklace is missing a stone :(
11:25:07 PM - Oooo bodymedia fit has a nice app

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Shoe Desires

I want these. My friend wore them Thursday. They are super nice. The photograph doesn't do them justice. The color was awesome.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friend Friday: 10 Facts

This week for Friend Friday ModlyChic is doing a few things differently.  Instead of posting 5 questions and answering them, we are writing 10 facts about ourselves that people might be surprised to know.   I find these 10 facts hard to list because I feel I disclose a lot on my blog.

10 random facts about me that you'd be surprised to know.

  1. I never delete a picture. I don't even delete a crappy blurry picture.
  2. My friend in high school said I was the funniest person she knows. [She must not know many people.]
  3. I put on shoes after I take a shower even if I got out of the shower at 10:00 PM.
  4. For three of the years that I ran track in high school, I was the slowest one to continue to run the 400m. [Someone had to be last. Usually the person who is last quits so I was probably holding the team together.]
  5. I was a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz in a play when I was in 7th grade. 
  6. I didn't join cross country in 10th grade because I didn't want to wake up for an 8am practice for 2 weeks prior to the school year starting.
  7. I not only carry my Canon Digital Elph around with me at all times, but carry my spare battery and camera charger. I even carry them around the house with me. 
  8. I was proposed to on AIM. Yes he asked me online. The ring was very pretty and distracting.
  9. The only nightmares I had when I was growing up were about cats. I even had them up until recently. The cats weren't attacking me or anything, they were just there looking at me.
  10. I am not creative
    • My brother had to create my first screen name. My husband had to come up with my current blog name.
    • I cannot make up a story... like a story you would make up to tell a little kid. I cannot do that. I can't pretend dress-up or anything like that. 
Here are 10 facts about me just in case you are new to my blog.
  1. I went to RPI. 
    • My dad went there first. My brother went there after me.
  2. I met my husband at RPI.
    • He lived down the hall from me freshman year.
  3. I love data
    • I like to document details of as much as possible. I love splits when I run so that I can document it in excel.  I keep a weight graph. I keep graphs at work of the number of emails in my inbox, the number of unread emails in my inbox, and the number of flagged items. 
  4. I'm a Stampin' Up Demonstrator
  5. I am obsessed with pictures.
  6. I have long legs.
  7. I am the middle child.
  8. I have 1 cat and 0 kids.
  9. I love to get out of the house and hang out with people but I just tend to stay busy at home. 
  10. In the winter I sleep in yoga pants, a t-shirt, socks, and a hoodie (sometimes my husbands 3xl with the hood up) and then I use an afghan, sheet, and comforter. 
A few random facts
I learned that eating 6 Cheez Itz for breakfast will stop my stomach from growling but eating 5 will not.
I just sneezed so much from my allergies that I scared my cat and she left the room.

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:13:18 AM - Color rotation challenge keeps having gray be on a non workday. This bums me out.
08:45:21 AM - my thigh highs aren't staying up today and normally i have backup but i don't have my gym bag.
08:46:06 AM - i keep forgetting to bring candy in for my coworkers. i have it at home. just forget to grab it. :(
09:53:16 AM - Yes. we need to shop and prepare our 30. RT @kendieveryday: @SmilinColleen I was thinking November 8th! I need to announce something ASAP...
10:03:14 AM - not a good day so far.
10:47:28 AM - @kendieveryday hair is boring. straight down. no style. how it is 90% of the time. i was tired this morning.
10:49:20 AM - is it too early to eat my lunch?
10:51:12 AM - I got new pantyhose but messed up my toe in the process.
11:15:01 AM - Cheap bandaids are no good. They are too stiff. They hurt when put on a toe.
03:34:03 PM - @emilym1988 I scraped my toe by quickly going to target and walking too fast and since it was my bare foot in the shoe it just scraped a lot
03:34:26 PM - Picture? RT @briecs: I wore a skirt today. AND a pin. AND tights. AND booties. Yeah, I'm awesome.
10:11:14 PM - I wrote a guest post on someone else's blog.
10:21:09 PM - I got a compliment on my skirt today. She was glad it wasn't a mini skirt like some people wear to work.
10:46:58 PM - in the process of updating my weight graph:

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Weight Graph

I updated a few of my weight graphs.  Check them out.

My First Guest Post

I wrote a guest post over at Devilishly Pleasurable. Check it out.   It started to just be about shoes and somehow morphed. I'm no expert.  Eek maybe you shouldn't check it

I wrote the final touches today and started it earlier this week. I wrote a lot but then the end result seemed to focus on orthotics.
(I just noticed I had a typo and I emailed her about it. Hope it gets fixed.)

Update: The first comment for my post seems to like it :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

09:03:37 AM - When your phone was stolen, was it listed?RT @mikecherepko: RT: Mugged twice in the same night!
09:30:13 AM - 2 eggs and 4 pieces of toast for breakfast.
09:32:03 AM - @LaurenMuchko well forgot to take the pic right away so I worked and went home first so an hour later. I dries up some. After runs im soaked
11:07:47 AM - Why? RT @SydneyLiann: Whelp. Last night kinda sucked.
04:45:16 PM - Today I wore my PJs until lunch, showered, and am still wearing my robe.
05:45:31 PM - Pizza hut delivery screwed up my order by I'm not calling to complain. I got wings instead of a personal pan. And I don't like wings.
05:48:19 PM - Extra wings are from order 43. My order is 41.
11:45:47 PM - so much for going to sleep early to get to body pump in the morning. gym bag isn't even packed. clothes aren't even picked out.
11:47:04 PM - @kendieveryday are we doing 30 for 30 starting November 1? also happy birthday

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Day 22 - Brown (10.22.10)

Day 22: Brown
This ends round 2 of Color Rotation Challenge.
Shirt: Not sure of store but it is A-Line (the same as my black, yellow, and white shirt) (Probably purchased around 2006)
Jacket: Express (at least purchased before July 2007 - proof)
Pants: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Wet Seal

I think I rocked this outfit.
I wore a big belt over a jacket. That is always my desire but finding a jacket is hard work. This is old.  The sleeves look alright in the picture but when I move they are too short so I just pushed them up slightly and they looked 3/4 length on purpose.

I had to hem these pants. They are the second pair of pants I've had to hem. They are also the 2nd pair of brown pants I've had to hem. Usually I get pants and wash them and then wish they had an inch or two more fabric.  These barely needed hemmed. I could wear them with some heels but not the shorter ones. I wanted more flexibility in heels so I hemmed them.

I went to work and planned on going to the gym after work so I had to take outfit pictures before going to work.  Well I took them.
I had lunch with a friend and two people from her training.  We were talking about exercise and one of the new people asked if I was the person to document all my exercise and asked if I'm the one with the armband.  I'm famous.
Then I go to work and shortly after lunch the intranet dies and this impacts the reboot of my computer, so I go to the gym then. The gym was packed. There were major problems with the network.  Since I went to the gym then, I worked later but went home in my work clothes.  And I got home before dark! I got home and took more outfit pictures :)
Tip: Cover missing buttons with belts and then nobody knows... until you post it on your blog.

10.8.10 Shopping Details

On October 8, I went shopping. I told you I may or may not post details on things I bought. Well I think I wore enough that I'll make my post now.

Forever 21: Tights
Note: One Size does not fit. Walking was awkward all day because the tights don't make it to my crotch. Also if the skirt was 1/2 inch shorter, you would see that the top of the pattern is right at the length of the skirt I'm wearing above.  I will not buy these again.
Forever 21: Gray Cardigan
(Still didn't wash it yet so I'm hoping it goes well.  I wanted to wash it yesterday but it is MIA so I'm not sure when I'll get to wear it next.)
 Sweater dress: H&M
$9.95 (was $19.95 but $10 off dresses)
 Sweater dress: H&M
$9.95 (was $19.95 but $10 off dresses)
didn't wear this yet but almost wore it 11/6
Cardigan: Forever 21
I thought this was navy and white at the store and not black and white but it is still wonderful.

Shirt: Macy's (August Silk)
Shirt: Macy's (A-Line)
$8.99 (on clearance - originally$29.98)
Skirt: Macy's (Calvin Klein)
$35.40 (Originally 59) - I didn't even know it was on sale until I checked out.
 (See how I wore it - soon to be more but I'm behind on posting.)

This post is late but I think it's more fun to see me in the things instead of taking a picture of them displayed on the floor. It was more difficult to go through all my pictures to find them though.  I've been slowly adding labels for different articles of clothing so you can click on them at the bottom and see how else I wore it.  I need to add more back posts before this becomes beneficial.

Body Pump 75 Release

On October 19, I went to Body Pump Release 75 at our gym at work. I read this review before attending class so I knew some of what was coming.

I wouldn't recommend running first or give yourself 5 minutes to decompress. The room was sooo hot that I was dying before we started.  I ran for 15 minutes prior to class. Well I ran for 5, did 2 minutes of stretching, ran for 10, then did 3 minutes of stretching. Then I had less than a minute to get stuff set up for class.

BODYPUMP 75 Track List
1. Fever – OneZeroOne
2. Watcha Say (B-Tastic Remix) – Henry Blank
3. Shut It Down – Pitbull featuring Akon
4. Wherever You Will Go (Handz Up Edit) – Jan Wayne
5. Bad Influence – P!nk
6. Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood
7. I Will Be Here – DJ Lotus
8. Ravers In The UK (Hypasonic Remix) – Manian
9. More – Usher
10. Whataya Want From Me – Adam Lambert

The warmup seemed too easy.

The squats hurt my knee but otherwise I'm not sure how bad they would be. I'm still using lower weights (my chest weight.  5kg and 2.5kg on each side) for things for my legs.

Chest felt easy and then boom hard. It was a GOOD workout. There are pushups at the end and I did all pushups and had my feet up on a bench for them.   I did my normal chest weight (5 and 2.5).

Chest caused me to be fatigued for the back track. I used my chest weight, which is what I always use.  It was easier than normal though. Well I mean it was easier after I was done being fatigued. This track varies from the standard back track because it's not 3 of the same set. The last set only did the easy stuff then clean and press and then it ended. There were no wide rows or triple wides at the end.

Triceps: I did 5 and 1.  not bad.   It felt short and easy.  You use a 2.5 at the end to do kick backs or whatever they are called.

Biceps: I'm awful at singles. I did 2.5, 1, and 1. (so 4.5 instead of 5s)    I can never keep up on singles.
Lunges: I did 5 and 1 (low for me.   then i saw that was more than the trainer had)
The room was cramped so I couldn't stand straight forward like normal and had to angle. I didn't like that.  After lunges, the track ends with squats and they are rough... but rough in a good way.

Then I loved shoulders. It was so challenging, but I liked it.  I did use less than 5 for the bar part of shoulders because i was worried it'd be rough. It was so rough that after the track was over it was difficult to move my bench out of my way for abs.  It is my favorite shoulders track ever.

They said abs was challenging. I felt it in my abs but it was not too hard. I liked it.  Tip: make sure you move your bench and weights out of the way of your feet and arms. I kicked my stuff about 4 times, so I couldn't step as big.   We don't normally step big and they didn't warn us.   Plus it was cramped so hard to make room.

Stretching was so so. I actually don't think I got a good stretch at all.

Oh chest was kind of rough because of my run I was sweating and it was going in my right eye so I did the entire 2nd half the track with my eyes closed except every few seconds I'd open and check if i was on with where i was supposed to be (I was).
The only song I recognized was the last song (cooldown). Also I didn't like the slow songs but I bet I'll get used to them.

I would be able to judge squats and lunges better if I wasn't still babying it because of my knee.

Has anyone done Body Pump 75?  What did you think?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:25:05 AM - the last 2 hours just flew by.
07:29:34 AM - Tights! Tied belt. About to curl hair.
08:11:25 AM - I did a mix of @kendieveryday and @SydneyLiann's hair tutorials.
09:28:08 AM - @briecs What is Fitness with a Twist?
09:28:33 AM - @briecs I stuck with the stylist back when I got my hair highlighted.
10:02:01 AM - Thanks. My problem was I kept re-curling bc the curls fall out. also did you use sculpting gel? RT @kendieveryday: @SmilinColleen beautiful!
11:54:25 AM - Thanks RT @SydneyLiann: @SmilinColleen you look GORGEOUS girl!
04:07:10 PM - my curls are very much lacking. i checked in the mirror.
07:06:09 PM - Post workout hair
07:34:18 PM - I just weighed the rest of my bag of chips and I learned I ate more than 8 oz of chips yesterday.
09:53:29 PM - @mikecherepko are you having a Christmas party this year?

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October Techniques Class

This is my 6th or 7th technique class. I really should look it up to figure out how many I've done.
We made 4 cards and did 4 techniques just like at my last class.  Planning for this one was awful because I had techniques I wanted to use but they didn't look as good as I expected so I wouldn't use them.  Cards had slight variations this time to give some options.
Note Horizontal or Vertical

We did the same cards at both classes.  The class lasted 2.5 hours.

Which card is your favorite?

(Note that if you do something like this you should self check your work first. I hand wrote corrections on 2 different cards.)